Mirabelli: “Milan won’t buy in January, we didn’t overpay for anyone in the summer, Donnarumma and Montella…”

Massimiliano Mirabelli at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli says there are no ‘flops’ in this team and ruled out further investments or big sales in January.

The winter mercato is open but Milan, in sharp contrast from the start of the summer window, have stayed very quiet.

And according to director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli, the Diavolo are not expecting anything big this month as their sole focus is selling unused players.

“Compared to June and July this month has been a holiday so far? Well, so-so, maybe not a holiday,” Mirabelli said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Let’s say that you always work, but on different things. A bringing up to date remains a constant factor and this weekend for example I will be in Germany to watch some matches.

“If there’s therefore a name in my notebook? I’m talking about a bringing up to date, not about the market. We will not do anything, and I tell you this as official information. There could be some movements in sales, but small things. The names are those that are making the rounds and the one that has the most concrete demand is Gustavo Gomez from Boca Juniors.

Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on January 6, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on January 6, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“A Kessié alternative is needed in the squad? The reasoning is there, but I ask you: after having purchased 11 players [in the summer], are we sure that getting a 12th player would be the right choice? In the summer it was an important market, but I don’t miss it, there is time for everything. I think we have the solution at home already [for a Kessié alternative]: for example, Montolivo.

“Our imperative is the enhancement of the existing squad. If in hindsight Milan could’ve saved some money in the summer considering there are some players who underperform despite huge economic investments? The figures do not seem excessive to me. We didn’t overpay for anyone and I’ll tell you more than this: if, in pure theory, we were to put some of the new signings on the market, we’d be making money. If there’s anyone in particular on which I keep betting? André Silva and Çalhanoğlu.

André Silva and Hakan Çalhanoğlu during Austria Wien-Milan at Ernst-Happel-Stadion on the 14th of September, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“If there is any transfer that I wouldn’t do again? No, I consider them all valid players, who form a solid group and give us peace of mind for the future. They are the hard core of Milan and although many of them are not playing according to expectations, there is no ‘flop’. And then we forget a small detail: our management is also made of sales and renewals. From the sales we collected a good amount of money and Donnarumma, Suso, Cutrone, Calabria and Plizzari renewed their contracts.

“If I wouldn’t change anything about my strategy? Perhaps I’d be in less of a hurry about some management choices. Donnarumma? Gigio renewed with great joy and he always expressed his desire to stay at Milan. We’d be very happy if he finished his career here. The moment he no longer wants to stay, which there is no record of, we’d favor the exit. No one will remain reluctantly.

Gianluigi Donnarumma before Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on January 6, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Gianluigi Donnarumma before Milan-Crotone at Stadio San Siro on January 6, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“If I’m worried about the fact that part of the future of the club is linked to the Settlement Agreement with UEFA? We are, and we will be, within the rules and boundaries of UEFA. Our building machine will go forward without concern. UEFA has doubts about Yonghong Li who is thousands of kilometers away from us? The money comes regularly and then there is David Han Li who is very present and is a great connoisseur of Calcio. It also has the advantage of never interfering with the work of others.

“My relationship with Fassone? We are a de-facto couple, two bodies and a soul. Nothing is done unless it’s shared. Anything else is insinuation. If the summer mercato was shared with Montella? We shared everything, starting from an aggressive purchases campaign, so much so that I kept the enthusiastic messages that he sent me, for example during the Bonucci talks. I feel sorry for how it ended, on an emotional and professional level. If it worked as it should have, Milan would’ve been in the Champions League spots and he would’ve been in his place [Milan are 12 points behind 4th].

Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli and Gennaro Gattuso at training center Milanello on January 4, 2018. (@acmilan.com)

“Now there’s Gattuso? We needed to give a strong signal to the young players in terms if Milanista DNA. Rino was chosen. He was not a stopgap solution, I take the responsibility and I’m happy with how he’s working. It was necessary to do hard work to improve, with the aggravating circumstance that it was already December. I found someone who works more than myself.”

The Rossoneri – without any new players – will return to action next week when they take on Cagliari away from home on Sunday at 18:00 CET. They then have two matches in a row with Lazio.


  1. Taking 1 PLAYER doesn’t create further crack to your summer market blunders, every Milan supporter could see that our left front attack was badly planned for during the summer and taking Deulofeu (who had been with us before and knows the environment) at a very good price would only help us more. Even another natural left winger if not Deu would do Gatuso whole lots of good for crying our loud… ONE PLAYER!!!!

    This fool is busy chasing Jankto who is nothing but a complete below average player, he’s ready to offer Gomez (that’s why he said Gomez will not go to Boca Junior) plus cash and was turned down by Udinese. Imagine this guy is ready to pay EUR25M for Jankto yet he’s saying we are not buying because Udinese turned him down on his preferred player.

    Your name should be Dumbelli

    I now see why Maldini and Boban see nothing good in you both.

  2. If Silva is not for sale then he should be put in the starting line up, obviously cutrone and kal.inic did not do better when starting. otherwise Milan should let him go instead of ruining him.

  3. Mirabelli, there’s no way two ways around it – halfway through the season it’s pretty much clear that you’re transfer campaign is a failure. The goal was CL this season and instead we are closer to relagation. AC Milan are the biggest failure in seria a this season – You, Montella, and Bonucci all have big shares in this – own it.

  4. Mirabelli:

    And you expect to get back to the champions league with this players? dude isn’t FIFA or Football Manager – this is real life.

    btw you can forget Europa League.

  5. Not brave enough to feeling guilty and say it.
    Just said that nothing going wrong with the players we takes, but the table say anything.

  6. In all honesty this campaign is going exactly how i expected. A big struggle at the start as making 11 changes to a squad is going to cause difficulties. The way i look at it is Bonucci is starting to play closer to the level he was at in Juve. Calanhoglhu is starting to perform we’ve finally stopped playing 3 in the back and we’ve started to pick ip points. Certainly we’re still having too many shots that aren’t getting converted and we’re at risk of running Kessie into the ground. Also in a perfect world we would sign a pacey left winger. But i do think that this second half we’ll do a lot better and who knows with roma and inter stuttering we could even sneak a 4th place finish. All im saying is just try and be a bit more positive im sick of seeing complete negativity here all the time. Myself included.
    Peace out a massive Milan fan

  7. Of course we’re not going to buy anything. We don’t have money.
    Maybe Rino realizes at a point that Bonaventura, Calhanoglu and RR step on each other foot on the left side and he moves the Turk in the center, and play 4-2-3-1

  8. “…the one that has the most concrete demand is Gustavo Gomez..” Well teams are after him for a reason. A speedy aggressive defender and doesn’t make many mistakes, a full international and young. If you are as well building for the future, you idiots wouldn’t wanna sell him.

  9. What a fool. This man has no idea what he’s doing, no wonder so many Milan legends (Maldini, Boban, Sheva) criticised our transfer campaign. He is seriously gonna let Deulofeu fall to Napoli. The guy was incredible for us last season, if you remember he was far better than Suso at the time they shared at the club. We moved back to a 433 and yet we don’t have a ‘real’ LW. Hakan and Bona are playmakers/mids, they’re not direct like Deulofeu. The only other I think we have is Borini. Deulofeu, who was sensational for us in this position, wants to return, and his club wants to sell him. He loves the club and would force a move through. But this genius says we don’t need him. Pathetic. I know I sound negative but it’s so frustrating. We spent so much this summer with no plan of what formation we’re gonna play or what we actually needed. We have a chance to sign a player who saved our season last time around and we reject it. We need Maldini to come back and work at the club, I understand why he didn’t want to work with Mirabelli now. Maybe Kaka could return too. I’m also sorry for what they’re doing with Gattuso, he’s not ready for this job and should have been given more time in the pramivera. Walter Mazzarri would’ve been better imo, but that’s not my main issue. Mirabelli says he didn’t overpay for anyone? Okay, we spent 65m on two strikers who’ve scored 4 goals in the league. Nothing wrong there! We spent around 70m on our midfielders (Hakan/Kessie/Biglia) yet Bona is still our only creative mid (even though he’s been awful this season) . I think the signings we made in defence will improve, but so far it’s not looking good. But thank you Mirabelli, we only spent around 180m to make the team worse than last season, clearly all the signings have been successful!

  10. I still think we should be playing a 4 2 3 1. Our team suits that formation best. Striker up top with bonaventura calhanoglu and suso the front three is actually very nice. Get calhanoglu in a more central and creative role to play passes and take his deadly shots. Kessie and biglia holding suits their play best and then you have locatelli who can fight for a spot too. That formation suits each players characteristics the best plain and simple.

  11. If we are going to stick with this formation containing wingers then you need to buy wingers.

    The deulofeu acquisition was a big reason we even made it into the Europa league. And we have the balls to “decline” him. Really?

    Play with a proper formation that suits our players or buy the players to suit our formation.

  12. Mirabelli’s REAL new year plans for AC Milan have been leaked to press after being found in the men’s room of Ristorante Cracco in Milan. Here’s an exclusive peek:

    1. Keep Gattuso in charge until we’re five points above the relegation zone. Then reevaluate.
    2. If we must get rid of Gattuso give Abbiati a go. Or bring back Inzaghi.
    3. Convince Kaka to come out of retirement.
    4. Send Locatelli to Spal in January. If a manager doesn’t like young Milan players like him, Cristante, Petanga or Aubameyang etc. there’s no point in hanging on to them.
    5. Offer Zapata a new 5 million contract.
    6. Offer Abate a new 5.5 million contract.
    7. Change phone number and block Berlusconi on Facebook.
    8. Start investment negotiations with some Chinese guys we met on a flight to Monaco: Jin Xi Chen and Ling Lui Someone Or Other.
    9. Try to persuade Gattuso to play Silva a bit more if we’re going to move him on in January. Or at least get more free kicks so Çalhanoğlu has something to do.
    10. Get Borini to take us out to dinner. The shrimps at Ristorante Cracco are fantastic.

  13. Has anyone read the messages Mirabelli sent to Montella during the summer signings? Mirabelli is such a clown, haha.

  14. Montolivo is an alternative to Kessie…. Kucka could be an alternative to Pirlo maybe?

    Funny to see so many people who were loving Fasobelli and their transfer strategy, foul mouthing Maldini and Boban, suddenly bashing Fasobelli 😛
    As I’ve always said, this summer market was a disaster, shinter management will get you shinter results.
    Not prioritising transfers we need, and buying one season wonders is not a smart transfer strategy.

  15. Mirabelli will be in Germany this weekend to watch Ludwig Augustinsson (Bremen), Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig), Max Meyer & Thilo Kehrer (Schalke) [SportItalia]

    Mirabelli will attend Bayer Leverkusen – Bayern Munich and Köln – Borussia Monchengladbach to watch Salih Özcan from Köln, Denis Zakaria and Thorgan Hazard from Borussia and Julian Brandt from Bayer Leverkusen [Calciomercato.com]


    Meyer and Brandt are enough… but like I said…. we need NAMES… big names.. not more youth prospects… 1 or 2 are enough.
    Milan should go all in for Aubameyang (before he goes to Liverpool) and Rakitic for example.

    or at least buy best Porto player of the last 3 seasons:

    Brahimi (LW or CAM)

  16. Not my biggest disappointment with Fassobelli ,as I was not even expecting any purchases since there are financial issues with our league position already decided – Milan won’t finish in top 4 nor in the bottom 3. So management probably dont see much importance in making the squad better for nothing with bills going higher. Despite the financial issues I believe they would’ve act in the market had there been more chances of qualifying for the CL. The board however are still responsible for the hopeless season though after giving Montella that much time to blow all our chances away. Well believe me guys they wont buy anyone maybe a swap of loans or something similar .This management are very direct and when they say something then thats it. Although I dont even like Deulofeu that much he only runs fast with few dribbles no pass or creativity and acting like the main star of our team I’d let Napoli take him while we snatch Younes from Ajax.

  17. Apparently Mirabelli closely monitoring brandt. I tinkering he’s a great young talent and versatile who can be a lw or a midfielder! Interesting to see how that turns out cause I believe he would be great on that side

  18. This has become a loser club ‘ even roma has been performing better for years now than the great milan such a shame … i loved and still love this club but its ruind . They should’ve never appointed mirabella and fassone theire whole transfer saga was pointless they made the team worst than last year . I see no bright future for this club because they always appoint a joke manager
    Maybe if a whealty arab will take over things will change but i don’t see that happening . This club has self destucted itself .

  19. There’s a club in Holland called Fortuna Sittard. Once one of the best clubs in Holland and Europe. It’s also the first club of Van Bommel.
    The last 20 years they won absolutely nothing and reached rock bottom. But in all those years, the supporters kept coming. They never complained, instead they offered a lot of their own income to keep the club alive.
    Couple of years ago they bought a complete new team. First year was very mediocre. Every next year they got better and better.
    This team grew as 1 with their supporters. And tonight after 20 years they won a periodical title. They celebrated as maniacs. But the best thing to see is that they are all as 1!!!! The whole club, supporters, players, technical management and volunteers. THEY ARE 1!!!

    Maybe a lot of you can learn from this. And have some good hopes for the future because Gattuso can bring this uniformed spirit to the club.

      • Oh hell it was. Fortuna Sittard is a combination of Fortuna 54 and Sittardia. In those days, they were one of the best in Holland (finished 2nd, couple of times 3rd and won the KNVB beker).
        Also, they reached the quarter finals (for your information it means the last 8) of an European Tournament.
        They also produced several great players like Faas Wilkes, Jan Notermans and Willy Dullens. This last guy was even far better than Cruyff but got injured really bad. Afterwards, Cruyff admitted that Dullens was much better than him.
        So yeah, Fortuna 54 was big in those days.

        • whoa whoa, just because ur wife said its big doesnt make it so mate.
          “Also, they reached the quarter finals (for your information it means the last 8) of an European Tournament.” hahaha funny. however, reaching 1/8 or 14 finals of european tournaments doesnt make u big club, it makes u arsenal. ex-big clubs like leeds, river plate, parma, nottingham, celtic or even milan did whole lot better than reaching 1/4 finals

          • The whole Fortuna 54 phenomenon is the pride of the region I come from.
            All big clubs then were afraid of them because they were so good. Only problem is, and that’s something you have to put in perspective, is that these were miners, not full-time professional football players like those of England then.

      • PSV got smashed in those days by Fortuna. Also, PSV bought a lot of the youth of Fortuna.
        Hofland, Van Bommel, Steevens.

        Now there’s a new supertalent coming from Fortuna, Per Schuurs. He plays next year for Ajax. But he will be sold within 2 years or so to One of the biggest clubs.

        • u’re dutch aren’t you?

          Tell me about Donny Van de Beek… is he good or another “hyped” player.

          I ask because many people say he’s good but never watched him.

          We all know Ajax has a lot of good youth prospects 😉

          • He’s hyped!!!

            Ajax does not have any super talent at this moment in my opinion. But next year they have Schuurs. That guy is like Baresi as you know what I mean

            Were are you from?

          • Oh I forgot Dolberg but I forgot also Sierhuis too. Check youtube for Kaj Sierhuis. Very good talent

        • Portugal.

          André Silva isn’t bad.. he can improve but nothing special in my opinion.

          lot of talent here… Gelson Martins, João Mário (he’s flopping but he’s good) André Gomes (he can improve too) Bruma (Leipzig) William Carvalho (Sporting CP) Danilo Pereira (Porto) Nelson Semedo.. Cancelo (same about J Mario) Ruben Neves (next Pirlo or Xabi Alonso) and Renato Sanches (well he has some talent but he was overhyped by the portuguese media…)

          hope we can do something in World Cup Russia… we start against Spain… great!!xd

          Hope to see Netherlands back!! 😀

          • Celebrated Christmas in Amsterdam this year. Me and some friends rented a 6 man room, heart of amsterdam hostel. You know where its located? 😀
            Got to love the Netherlands. Going back there for sure

          • Hey man, I’ve been to Portugal twice last year. Where are you actually from?

            Our honeymoon in November started in Lisboa, Porto and then Portimao.

          • Hahahahaha Misund,

            6 guys who are celebrating new years eve in Amsterdam?!

            There’s only one district where that hostel could be hahahahaha.

        • Allright, well I think you are right regarding cities. Porto is one of our favorites.
          I’ve been also to Lavadores just outside Porto and my parents met the whole Porto team in a hotel in Espinho.

          The beaches in the Algarve are one of the best I’ve ever seen. Especially Praia da Rocha, very nice.

  20. so, the li brothers officially pull a latter days berlu on milan here; unwilling to spend due to lack of funds AND uncertainty over their own milan ownership. whatever happened to “continuous investment over 3 years”? if theyre certain that theyre still gonna be milan owners in 10 years, no way in hell they would reject improvements like deulofeu, walcott and other players. dont get me wrong, i think deu is one trick pony but anyone is better than no tricks dead pony borivaldo, who is a marvelous transfer by fassobelli – morontella.
    man, imagine what couldve been done in last summer mercato with those 200m: serious coach like pellegrini, pastore (40m), moutinho (30m), kessie (loan), ric rod (20m), musacchio (15m), darmian (15m), auba (70m). shouldve sold donna the sinner for 60m or swapped him with draxler plus cash as well for good measure and bought perin (10m) and milan would have this line up: perin; darmian, musa, roma, ric rod; mou, kessie, pastore; draxler, bacca, auba. it hurts being right about milan all the time because u know the mgmt cant also be

    • Yep they failed big time. Went crazy in the marked without a plan. draining the bank for each and every penny. Now we are faced with FFP and no money to invest if something should have gone wrong. We have a very caotic squad, that dont realy fit any formation. We have the players for a 4-2-3-1 but then we dont have any backups or someone to come of the bench. We are playing 4-3-3 but we dont realy have a left winger that is good enough to play a role that isolated. Then we could go for 4-3-1-2 but then again some of the key first team players would have to be benched for the season. Like Suso.
      We can go for 3-5-2 but we dont realy have wideplayers that have the pace and work rate to handle it. Its just poorly buildt team without a identity.

      what they should have done was, Montella and the directors should have made a 3 year plan. draw a formation on a paper, put up the best we got on that formation and from there they should have started to replace players that was not good enough or fit in to that formation, and get player that actually do.

      Milan have always been bad at planning. They just buy what ever they can get hold of, and if they dont fit into the formation they just play them out of postion, then resell them later on cheap because they have been under performing.

      • correctamundo mate. milan never have long term plans, unlike juve, bayern or even those nouveaux riches like psg and man city. however, i still think this squad isnt that bad, probably on par with inter and maybe roma. if only milan had hired proper coach last summer mercato

  21. You have to imagine that these guys worked for more than 10 hours a day in the mines of the south of Holland. Afterwards, they trained and played international games.
    Facilities like hotels, perfect pitches and clothing let alone football shoes were not available for them. All the other big clubs in Europe had full-time professional players with good facilities.
    How I know? My grandfather played for them. I know a lot of stories.

  22. Meanwhile, it’s being reported that Turan is leaving to Turkey on a 2.5 year loan. Probably something we could’ve afforded as well. Not a bad option considering the price imo.

  23. Meanwhile Montella lost today to bottom feeders. No surprise here, it’s just a matter of tim before he destroys Sevilla completely. He should have never been a Milan coach, management failed in that aspect.

  24. did any slack jawed milanisti watch lvpool – man city? holy shitballs. thats what good coaches do to ur teams. the coaches’ impacts are clearly visible on both teams.
    bonera and bacca said hi to losers at milan btw. while milan are busy trying to avoid relegation, theyre busy fighting for ucl spot vs madrid. oh, and villareal’s gk is much better than donna. hell, ALL gk whose teams i watched this weekend, except maybe karius, perform better than donna in his average days. yes, including rennes’ gk and of course neuer’s deputy

    • I hear your point haha, but remember when we held Barcelona to a 0-0 draw with BONERA and ANTONINI playing the games of their lives. Bonera was always like that, could produce one monster game which made you believe that he would live up to his old youth promise days, but then he’d just mess it up Zapata-style. Otherwise he has nice traits, good with the ball, leader-ish, agressive. Just doesnt have the continuity for a real top club.

      • bonera was a monster indeed in that game but i dont remember antonini. bonera was a rb and shouldve played as rb. his howlers playing as cb were much worse than zapata’s i think. at least zapata looks like footballer, bonera looked like walmart manager playing in local sunday league matches. but that besides the point. my point is, with good system by the coach anyone can play

        • You dont remember when he denied Alexis 1 v 1 with a Nesta-esque sliding tackle? It was his best moment in our shirt, even better than his goal against Juve. He was a mediocre player but I loved his passion. Lol, yeah but he I think he was the same as rb as cb, as was seen against United at home in our 2-3 loss. Like I said, I see your point regarding anyone can be good if played in the right system,, but Bonera is not a good example;)

          • no i dont remember. i remember the real nesta tackle vs messi though in other match (duh).
            regarding bonera, like i said, he didnt even look like footballer playing as cb; his gestures, body movements, his “tackling”, marking and of course his constant comedic slip ups, akin to a cf playing as makeshift gk. however, he never was a disaster playing as rb. average maybe, but never on “legendary level”. example: when he played in milan derby in 2008. milan coaches made grave mistake by playing reliability like him as cb.
            however, the numbers dont lie; villarreal has much better defensive recs compared to milan since bonera arrived. that means, despite bonera playing and musa leaving, villarreal,has better system than milan

  25. If Milan cannot get a top coach like Conte then we should seriously consider Gasperini this summer.

    Gasperini is our best option this summer because Real Madrid, PSG, Chelsea, Bayern Munich a Arsenal will be looking for a new coach, which means Conte, Ancelotti and Sarri will be sought after by some tops clubs with deep pockets.

    So Conte and Ancelotti maybe out of our reach which means Gasperini might be the man to raise Milan from the dead.

    • Gasperini, Donadoni both good coaches.

      But in this situation I think you need Gattuso more than those two. Give him at least a bit of time. It is not he dropped the level of Montella, I mean Montella hit rock bottom and Gattuso had to pick it up from there. And how unlucky was he against Benevento? That smacked the morality of the players hard!!

      • Agree, let’s see what Gattuso does with the team, thev’ve had some – I wanna say well deserved rest, but yeah… – rest and now a week of hard work awaits!
        After all, for once we have Sacchi’s words with us, after recommending both Sarri and Giampaolo, now he has said that Gattuso is the right choice for us.

        • Vincenzo Montella is “painting a masterpiece” at Milan, according to the club’s esteemed former coach Arrigo Sacchi

          • He was. Then he spilled a bottle of fine prosecco over it.

            @nick, true, i really dont see why we’re not playing with two strikers. I want us to play with a 4-3-1-2, but as long as the result come, I dont really care how we play or other things.
            Lets hope for the best!

        • I see your point. I guess time will tell eventually. I am very concern though that Gattuso seems unwilling to use 2 strikers with Calhanoglu instead of just 1 striker.

          Starting next week we will see what he does for the rest of the season.

          I wish him the very best!

          • Well Nick, I personally think that the 4-3-3 formation is the best possible solution at this moment. I’ll tell you why: the 4-3-3 formation is for the players one of the easiest system to play. Since Milan is a new team that needs to glue, I would prefer an easy system than a hard and dynamic system like 3-5-2. That’s why Montella failed. A new team that needs to cope with each other in a new difficult system…. That would never work.

            The only thing is that it looks like we don’t have wingers to play the 3 in attack. A lot of people think that you need wingers to play this system. Reality is, is that you don’t need 2 wingers. Neymar, Messi and Suarez are all 3 of them non-wingers, so here’s the proof.

            I would place Silva in a winger position, left or right, doesn’t matter. Because I also would like to see Suso on the left. Maybe he is less predictable than.

            From the easy 4-3-3 you can more easily switch to the next step of 4-3-1-2. So for instance when Suso gets injured. The only downside is that the LB and RB have to defend and attack with good passing into the box. Like Serginho and Cafu did 10 years ago.

            With the Backs of the current team, I would not suggest that until Conti gets fit.

          • er, no 4-3-3 is not easy hence milan 2013-2017 and yes messi and neymar ARE wingers, playmaking wingers to be exact, like dinho, figo, rivaldo, ribery

          • Well Milan10, maybe it’s hard for Indonesian people to understand the 4-3-3.

  26. I came across a match on YouTube earlier from October 2013 just over 4 years ago… Milan 1-1 Barcelona consisting on Neymar Messi Sanchez iniesta Pedro xavi mascherano pique Dani alves etc. our starting lineup was as follows… Amelia abate Zapata Mexes constant muntari de jong montolivo birsa kaka Robinho with balotelli on the bench. We held our own against a very good Barca team that night the match could have gone either way granted Barca dominated us but we defending stoutly Robinho missed a sitter early 2nd half. We qualified out of the group and got well beaten by athletico Madrid over 2 legs. What I am getting at is how bad I would consider that line up of players compared to some of the players we have now apparently. None of the back line would get into today’s team would we agree? Muntari birsa and at that stage Kaka was finished. De jong Robinho maybe the only 2 starters would we say in today’s team?! Yet we are so underachieving with this team it’s laughable at this stage. And the main reason I can see from that match to now is the way we were set up tactically by allegri by a GOOD manager with bad players. What would be the result of our season if allegri was with us with this new team. There’s no way we would be where we were. We would be 4th 5th at least. We’d be hard enough to beat anyway. At the time when allegri got sacked I was all for him getting the bullet but little did I know what was coming down the line for us. It wasn’t his fault the club wasn’t spending. The choice of keeping montella at the club has cost us dearly. Poor Gattuso trying to steer us to some sort of consolidation for the season. Any thoughts Milanista would love to hear them.

    • Yeah but be careful with mentioning Allegri’s name here. For some reason they still dont see how great a coach he is. Apparently, two UCL finals in the last three years with Juve isn’t good enough. Conte built the team, but Allegri made it even better – like a really good coach does.



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