Team news: Milan were without the suspended Alessio Romagnoli and Suso as well as without Andrea Conti, Matteo Gabbia and Jose Mauri. Atalanta had to do without the banned José Luis Palomino. Kickoff time of Matchday 18 was 18:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro.

Goals: Cristante (31′), Iličić (71′)

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Gennaro Gattuso
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Ignazio Abate, Mateo Musacchio, Leonardo Bonucci, Ricardo Rodriguez; Franck Kessié, Riccardo Montolivo (83′ Lucas Biglia), Giacomo Bonaventura (76′ Hakan Çalhanoğlu); Fabio Borini, Nikola Kalinić (83′ André Silva), Patrick Cutrone.
Unused: A. Donnarumma, Storari, Paletta, Zapata, Antonelli, Calabria, G. Gomez, Locatelli.

Atalanta B.C. (3-4-1-2) – Gian Piero Gasperini
Etrit Berisha; Rafael Tolói, Mattia Caldara, Andrea Masiello; Hans Hateboer, Marten de Roon, Remo Freuler, Leonardo Spinazzola; Bryan Cristante (80′ Jasmin Kurtić); Andrea Petagna (64′ Josip Iličić), Alejandro Gómez.
Bench: Gollini, Rossi, Castagne, Bastoni, Melegoni, Haas, Vido, Gosens, Ilicic, Orsolini, Schmidt, Kurtic, Cornelius.

Referee: Michael Fabbri.

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oluwa shevy

Mayday Mayday copy copy?12th position certainly certainly Mayday Mayday do u copy do u copy.gattuso must be fired Mayday Mayday hit the target.


@caesar @oluwa shevy – First of all, our problem isn’t with the couch. The problem is with the management of the club.
Secondly, show respect to out legend. No one cares what you say now or later.
This is not how a Milan fan acts in these hard times.
Gatusso is our legend and we support him no matter what.


The fact you paddled a canoe well doesn’t quality you to captain a big ship! Gattuso enjoyed a beautiful career as a player doesn’t make him a potential world class coach! You need to stop brining in sentiments into matters like dis. This team needs a tested and trusted coach not some experimental trial and error coach men!


No doubts about that. But didn’t we have same problems with Montella as well? Things didn’t turn out so well with him either. Same is true with his predecessors.
So don’t blame the coach.


what kind of logic is that? 2 poor coaches do poor job so it must be other factors that cause it, its not their fault their results are similarly poor? so u think if conte or pep coached milan they would be as bad as morontella and gattusuck because its not coach’s fault, its voodoo curse that cause mikan to suck so bad? bs


Reports suggest Montella is being lined up to come back in
Can it get any more embarrassing


What is wrong?! They want to return Montella!


Lmao wat a joke fire gattuso bring back montella. The players r gonna ask wtf is going on


Yep, as crazy as it sounds it’s been reported by several news outlets and what’s even crazier is Montella is keen to take back over?
If Inter beat us which they almost surely will then the story go’s is Guttuso will be fired and Montellas back
Can it genuinely get any more embarrassing than that


galli did very poor job from 2006 – 2016 but not even him wouldve stoop so low as to rehire shit coach he held on for too long and just fired less than 2 months ago because he realized he picked shittier coach as replacement. if the rumours are true that morontella is coming back then its officially new low. just because u realize u just bought a sack of shit and now want to disown it doesnt mean its wise to rebuy less smelly sack of shit that caused all the trouble in the first place. horrible decision. prandelli,… Read more »


Milan10 It’s beyond belief how stupid this whole thing has gotten It just go’s to show how no serious coach is taking this “project” seriously and we laughed at pundits who said it all along, the warning signs were there when former players questioned the whole thing We are now officially a laughing stock and in my mind we’ve lost the right to call ourselves a big club and must get used to mid table mediocrity Unless a top manager wants a serious challenge we are fucked and like others pointed out relegation is no longer something that could never… Read more »


What about Claudio Ranieri?


scary indeed mate, but while it IS mathematically possible for milan to get relegated, i dont think that will happen. not this season anyway.
ranieri is interesting choice considering his history as caretaker at juve, chelsea etc not his success with leicester because that success is once in a blue moon thing i think


prandelli, pellegrini… Van Gaal?

dude u need to think BIG- Mourinho, Laurent Blanc, Conte, Tuchel, Pochettino.


season is already over… in January we should try Guus Hiddink until the end of the season..


We can think big as much as we like but there’s no way Mourinho, Pochettino or Conte would come to Milan and as far as I know Hiddink is retired Claudio Ranieri might not be a bad choice and he’s definitely get-a-bill He’s done a good job in big clubs and had Chelsea in the champions league before the oil money came and what he did at Leicester was nothing short of a miracle He took very average players and won arguably the hardest league of all with them by playing a style of counter attacking football which was outstanding… Read more »


Ranieri is crap whereever he goes, just have that wonder season with Leicester…and Leicester isn’t an average team! at the moment they would beat us 5-0. I don’t care if he’s italian or not.. italians only Conte/Sarri/Allegri the rest is crap and overrated.

Leicester had Mahrez, Kante and even Vardy which are superstars.


Nobody ever even heard of those players before they won the league, how can you say Vardy was a superstar? He was bought for like 300k from Fleetwood in the English lower leagues
And yes Leicester was an average team and a 5000 to 1 outside bet to win that year
Ranieri cannot be considered as crap for what he did that year it was nothing short of a miracle


I just hate it when they call out PL “the hardest league” how would that same Leicester fare in Spanish Primera?
In my opinion they would take at least 20 points less.


It is the hardest league believe it or not –

Leicester wouldn’t do that bad in spanish league… they won against Sevilla… and against Atletico they should have had a penalty.


actually Griezmann first leg goal wasn’t a penalty if I’m not wrong.


I respectively disagree. At. Madrid, Barcelona and R. Madrid would have taken probably 18 points from Lecester games. I didn’t said they would do bad, but I am sure they wouldn’t manage to win Primera with same set of players.


That could obviously happen, thats why La Liga is so boring … only 2 clubs win and since Ronaldo came to Madrid that he only won 2 times the league.

Serie A is even worst atm, only 1 club wins unfortunately..

Atletico is just like Feyenoord of Netherlands or Sporting CP of Portugal..


i mean coach who are available THIS season as morontella’s replacement. theres no way mou or conte and least of all their respective clubs would agree to milan’s proposition served in the middle of the season like this. maybe conte next season.
also, how is blanc BIG? did u pull up his french tartan kilt?


Mourinho is not doing well in Manchester United, if he gets sacked (losing atm against Burnley) we should try him at least.

I said some names of good coaches (free or not)

Tuchel (won german cup against mighty celotti…..offensive football… can persuade Aubameyang or any other ex player..)

Pochetino is hard I know but could be seen as a challenge for him because he won’t win many titles with Tottenham.

Blanc did a very good job before joining PSG… with Bordeuax …. he’s free so why not?

I just hope they are joking with the “Montella return”….


mou is 1) expensive, 2) an ex-inter and 3) most definitely staying at mu, at least for this season. so no, hes not coming. tuchel might be a good idea though im not sure if foreign coach like him can be successful at milan. pocchetino definitely wont come. this guy is building something special at tottenham, why would he abandon the project (his 3-5-2 beat madrid comprehensively, mind u) to go to milan? milan couldnt beat tottenham with ibra (rino DID beat tottenham coach, literally) and milan definitely cant beat tottenham now. blanc is ok, nothing special. id rather have… Read more »


Monaco’s coach is portuguese I know him – Leonardo Jardim he’s great

but Monaco’s project is to develop young players and get a lot of money as they did last season… they sold Mbappe, Bernardo Silva, Bakayoco, Mendy…etc

Lets say its like a better version of Ajax… that sometimes could do great campaign in champions league like last season.

Milan has lots of players with a lot of potential so idk… maybe

– definitely better than Montella and Gattuso combined (not hard lol)


Spot on milan10. If they do that I will then know they are really confused and completely lost.


10 – even the great Pep finished 3rd with 6 lost games in his first year in City, with all those great players, which we lack in our squad.
You can’t expect any coach to voodoo with a new 11 in the first season. But he’s at the top now because they have got a strategy for the club. And that’s what we lack in Milan.


It’s the Premier League… Chelsea also has one of the best squads in the world… they even sold one of the best defensive midfielders in the world – Matic…


fab my dear mate, lets just pretend u didnt just 1) compare pep, a winner wherever he goes, and losing 6 out of 38 games to milan and their silly coaches this season AND 2) write “In general, the players played well and everyone really tried hard to gain something from this game” in the same article shall we? goddamn


So you mean our problem is due to lack of a #1 coach and Milan would be a Great club again only if we had one. Is that what you say?


like i said, galli did very poor job between 2006 – 2016 but they won ucl AND scudetto anyway. why? ance and allegri of course. milan 04/05 shouldve won ucl but milan 06/07 was much worse than lvpool 06/07 but they beat bayern, mu AND lvpool anyway. milan 2010/11 was weaker than both milan 04/05 and 06/07, hell theyre even weaker than treble winning inter, so why did they win scudetto? ibra + ts33 AND allegri of course. dont give me that crap about how allegri just walk on path made by conte. allegri won serie a coach of the… Read more »

soheil balini

Milan tries to solve it’s mistake by another mistake. Mistake: Hiring a management that is unfamiliar with Milan history Mistake: Spending 200M when there is no money Mistake: Let an unproven coach decide which player should be signed and which should go Mistake: Making a rival legend our Captain in his first game for the club Mistake: keeping an unproven coach for too long Mistake: Hiring another unproven coach Mistake: Firing the second unproven coach and resigning the first unproven coach How hard it is to Sign one of Milan previous coaches? Capello? Carleto? Zac? Terim? even Seedorf or Leonardo… Read more »


Totally agree. Former Inter CEO + inability Sport Director + unproven coach. An Epic


signor Gatuso u did not change anything since taking care off team !Bonucci is finish he havent done one good game since his arrival !!Idont understand how the former enemy got captain thats embarrasing for our beloved club .u cant play with him anymore he is not a good defender anymore .most of our new signings chala,silva biglia are in the bench ?????thats crazy !!!abate ,montolivo ,borini ,kalinic ,they have got the chanse and now we are 10th place they cant play anymore…play 4 defender 5 midfielder and 1 attacker in the derby and please sell bonucci kalinic and get… Read more »


Ooo dare dare… Bring back Don Carletto


Whatever just bring Montella back…


January/Next Season

Lucas or Willian
Dembele or Wanyama

but before all of this…. a COACH!

this would be better.


no bendtner no party, literally
no kp boateng (perfect10 hero) no moonlighting, literally


sometimes I miss KP tbh…


Derby della madonnina lineup:
R.R – Roma – Bonu – Cala
Loca – Bigl – Kess
Bona – Kali – Suso