Hellas-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

The squad during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)
The squad during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Hellas Verona F.C. on Sunday noon when the clock points 12:30 CET / Italy time at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi for the 17th matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad.

Andrea Conti, Gustavo Gomez, Mattia Gabbia, Jose Mauri, and Niccolò Zanellato are out of the squad for the game.

Probable XI (via Sky.it): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodrigiuez; Franck Kessié, Riccardo Montolivo, Giacomo Bonaventura; Suso, Nikola Kalinić, Fabio Borini.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaPatrick Cutrone
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliGiacomo BonaventuraNikola Kalinić
Marco StorariLeonardo BonucciFabio BoriniAndré Silva
Davide CalabriaHakan ÇalhanoğluSuso
Mateo MusacchioFranck Kessié
Gabriel PalettaManuel Locatelli
Ricardo RodriguezRiccardo Montolivo
Alessio Romagnoli
Cristian Zapata


  1. Ink and Agni the game is tomorrow yet u guys started complaining already?
    The line up is probable line up not official so learn how to be positive and show some respect to Milan.
    Forza Milan forever good or bad

  2. I just read Gattuso interview on football-italia and man I love his words. He was my favourite football player not only cause of Milan but overall as I always admired players with lion heart and will. I always thought he’s a bit short in terms of intelligents but his words and ideas are on spot in that interview

    Forza Rino! Wish you all the best always!

  3. Even if Rino fails, I will always love him and think that he has got the right heart and attitude to be a great coach. Hope he makes it here.

  4. If this line up is true then Gattuso is a joker, there may not be any significanct difference between him and Montela, as they both don’t believe in continuity. Good luck my milan

  5. Milan boy sometimes is not all abt continuity but remember that all players do not have the same strength as they played few days ago,not all players can withstand that some need more rest than others

  6. Why can’t we just go with same 11 who started last game against Verona? I hope Kalinic and Borini show a good performance tomorrow.

    Forza Rossoneri

  7. I do not know why you all complain almost all the time, just because the line up is not the way you want, most of you are already feeling negative about the match. na wa oo
    if he likes, storari should strike and mauri should keep, I don’t care.
    how will you claim you support a team without supporting a player or a coach?
    sometimes, I feel our lost games started on this platform.
    I also have my our line up, but the coach is gattuso not us.
    forza Gattuso
    forza milan

    • I don’t think they are against a player, rather against a player’s inclusion. And that doesn’t mean they are against the coach either, but the particular decision of including that player. I’m sure you wouldn’t be as confident with Storari as with Duna, even though you are saying to us you don’t care who starts..
      … I think you do.

  8. Forza Milan! Beat Verona twice, prove youre worth cause we cant keep loosing points with the bottom

  9. Why kalinic? I won’t even say Silva this time. Cutrone deserves to be there. If anyone should be sold I hope it’s kalinic

  10. Borini has impressed but he’s useless in the forward positions. All his assists came from wing back or right back. He doesn’t have the quality to play upfront . Let’s see cutro there please

  11. Sure sometimes,the way we criticize our players and decision from the coach matters, all I care is winning,I don’t care about the starting 11,forza Milan,forza g&g……

  12. We just need to support all and everything about our team.let we the fans go out there and sign Lucas,pastore,rafinha and Alexi Sanchez……forza Milan

    • Mastour? Do you really want to see a guy who didn’t perform good enough for some Swiss second division team (Zwolle or something) starting a Serie A match? Wow

      • Did I say he should start? I said in the squad. He trained with the first team last week and he was really good and energetic. Just because he didn’t perform good enough at age of 18 in HOLLAND FIRST DIVISION doesn’t mean he is bad. HE IS 19. this kind of thinking is exactly the reason we don’t have Auba & SES in our team right now!

        • Well said Soheil. Don’t mind the critics. Anyone who truly knows Mastour should knows what he is capable of even though he has had some unfortunate seasons behind him. I still havent found a more technical youngster or player than Mastour. I haven’t seen one since Zidane retired.

    • I’m with you Sohiel, he’s too much of a talent to be given up upon so quickly; and he’s exactly in the position we have so little cover for.

    • 15 years ago I was proud of being a Milan fan because we never make fun of one of our own! I guess I should get used to S****D comments that insults players the are loyal to us

  13. morontella’s tenure makes people forget that milan squad is actually not that bad; donna, roma, loca, monto, bonad10nho, suso, cutrone are good players, add 200m worth of players like bonucci, ric rod, kessie et al and u have squad not worse than inter, at least on paper. therefore, win vs clubs like verona are to be expected because those clubs would kill to have one of bonucci, ric rod or donna in their squads. so far gattuso has done admirable job fixing mental aspect of players, single most damaging problem since ibra, ts33 and the senators left and i conglaturate him, good job gattuso. however, i was excited as well when milan appointed rookie leonardo, and fast forward almost a decade and 5 rookies later, i know better than to expect miracles from rookie coaches. rino 2 wins 1 draw and 1 loses so far are ok results for a rookie but milan must get serious and target guys like conte come summer mercato next year.
    regarding donna, i watch many matches every week and i can safely say there are better gk in la ligay, bundesliga and epl than him. he cries like spoilt baby when tifosi are against him but he never mans up saying he wants to stay (no, his latest inet post doesnt say he wants to stay, rather he just looks forward to next game. subtle but cowardly). if kaka, cr7 neymar, pogba,zidane can leave then surely donna can leave too. if those players have high price tag then surely maradona of gk can have that too. i mean, just because donna does. his job preventing the ball from going in (with his weird block forward asking yo be killed on rebounds every single match) doesnt mean no other gk cant do equal or better job. i mean, even neuer’s deputy does it better than donna this season.

    p.s. didnt know there was coppa match in midweek thus didnt watch and discuss it here or other forms of discussion but just now i read some golden nuggets from some of u here and i cant tell which is funniest:
    1) calabria, an injuty prone milan reserve, is better than conti, an italy international
    2) donna is better than dida (iffhs’s south american gk of 21 century and one of the best gk of 21 century, a gk so good that lippi said after THAT ucl final, “5 juve players refused to be penalty taKers out of fear of dida) AND abbiati (key player in 89/99 and 2010/11scudetti winning seasons)
    3) milan shouldnt sell aging kalinic and donna (the only player who clearly wants to leave), they should sell young promising players who can take. milan far 2-5 yrs from now like kessie, hakan, andriy and conti and great defender musa instead.
    do u guys only listen to the match on some a.m. radio freq or something?

    • Dida the first Brazilian keeper to be nominated for the ballon d’or,the first black keeper to break into the Brazilian national team and he did that even before coming to Milan,the best pk saver I’ve ever known.I’ve come to realize people tend to overhype anyone once he’s from our Primavera,imagine Calabria being better than Conti?..Meh.

      • Kaka22, You are TOTALLY WRONG! Calabria is better than Conti. TECHNICALLY (Dribbling ball control, Crossing) and INTELLIGENTLY (Ball management especially upfront). Why don’t you look into this evidence before you start making wrong judgement.

        The Problem is that our youngsters are UNDERRATED. Donna, Loca, Calabria, Cutrone are your evidence.

        Just look at the stability Locatelli gave Milan whenever he took the pitch last season. I believe his absence is what is killing Milan. He could have been that solid rock to improve on last season. Sadly, the stupid Italian mentality which always favours useless old players over pure talent is the reason Locatelli and our youngsters are not playing. These days Football requires dynamism and effectivity regardless of age. But it is mostly youngsters who posses those attributes because they are young, strong and energetic. Look at Man city and their youngsters now. Look at Dortmund over the years, Look at Liverpool now and finally look at PSG. This why Italy failed to reach the World cup because Venture won’t play exceptional Jorginho over old man Rossi. When he finally did it was too late. Rugani, Petagna, Romagnoli were left out. INSIGNE was benched. That says it all. You and Italy need a revolution because you are 10 years behind in Football.

        • I could argue with but ur comment “loca, calabria, donna are too good for milan” or something in that sense stops me.

  14. Must win, although these back-to-backs are always tricky.

    I would like to see Biglia and Monty pair up for a few minutes. And if it were me, I would try Hakan in mid and Jack on the wing. But we must all remember that none of us see these players throughout training.

  15. Even its maybe looks like “montella ways”, but its still have a room for tactics. Who knows??
    Just give time to that boys, to do what Rhino wants. And hopes it will take us for more winning.

  16. There are many things to consider. The players may be a bit tired after wednesday, so he may not want to start Andre or Cutrone off the bat. Also we are paying a significant sum for Kalinic so he better start delivering,

    At least Gatusso doesn’t wait till the 80th minute to make changes. If Kalinic is flopping he’ll be pulled off ASAP.

    The good news is that Milan’s defence is now solid… (teams create fewer and fewer chances against us)… once we start to gel in attack we could hit the top for spots.

    Forza Milan

  17. I agree with you @Terry but my only fear is that it maybe too late by then,I have hope in this squad ,what I feel will create more confidence is when we beat one of the top teams

  18. Comment: Donna. Loca and Cutrone are the only great youngsters that we have,Calabria so far hasn’t done anything to even be mentioned in the same breath as Conti.Our youngsters are great but stop over hyping,leave them to grow in peace,imagine someone comparing Loca to Busquets?how do you even think that?

    “You and Italy need a revolution because you are 10 years behind in football”.Dude what are you even saying? Do you realise Conti is 23yrs or did I mention any old players.



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