Official: UEFA reject Milan’s application for a Voluntary Agreement

Milan’s headquarters Casa Milan on April 14, 2017. MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

It is official UEFA have rejected Milan’s request as ‘there are still uncertainties in relation to the financial guarantees provided by the main shareholder.’

Club CEO Marco Fassone met with UEFA representatives in Nyon last month to present Milan’s dossier and make an official request for a Voluntary Agreement.

Today (Friday), UEFA posted the answer on their website, making it official that the application has been rejected.

“The Investigatory Chamber of the independent UEFA Club Financial Control Body has reviewed the application for a voluntary agreement made by Milan as part of the Financial Fair Play [FFP] regulations,” the statement reads. “After careful examination of all the documentation and explanations provided, the Chamber decided not to conclude a voluntary agreement with Milan.

“In particular, the Chamber considered that, as of today, there are still uncertainties in relation to the refinancing of the loans to be paid back in October 2018 and the financial guarantees provided by the main shareholder [President Yonghong Li, ed.]. Milan will continue to be subject to the ongoing monitoring process and the situation will be assessed again in the first months of 2018.”

Fassone admitted that UEFA’s demands were impossible to satisfy and therefore it is little surprise to see Milan’s application denied. The Diavolo must now negotiate a settlement agreement with UEFA.

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As expected anyways considering the media information since Monday. Fasonne most definitely has his cards on this and has made it clear the worst case scenario should FIFA reject our proposal.


that now makes it shure
milan will have to sell
and who else is right now on the table then dona
all may a huge setup
that milanista can swallow the sell of one of the brightest goalkeeper for the next 20 years


Donnarumma, Silva, Bonucci and Suso are prized assets and two of them will most probably leave if Fassone cannot reach an agreement, moreover if Milan fails to qualify for CL

Maybe they can sacrifice Hakan and Kalinic or Biglia instead of those four


Yea …..

We will have to sell…. then sell Donna, André Silva, Biglia at least (the worthy ones… maybe hakan too (and only Bonucci if it is really that bad…)

We won’t be able to buy won’t we? Gattuso might bring someone from Primavera… maybe Tiago Dias, I’ve heard good things about him.


Lazio wants Gustavo Gomez…. why isn’t he getting any playing time?


It is all because we have screwed up so badly this season and champions league seems 95% impossible to achieve. If we were one of the top 4 teams, their would be less pressure to sell. I don’t know who to really point the finger at. Was it montella who wanted all those players? If so, then it all lies with him. After all certin players were not needed like Kallic. And Donna is probably our only player that will fetch us a lot of money and possibly prevent other sales from having to be made depending on his price… Read more »


Blame goes to Berlusconi for running the club into the ground. It isn’t easy to bring it back up.


that’s what i’m worried about Chinese investor, basicly they don’t have money, they just look for opportunity & loan resource, pure bussiness, hope Arab coming to take over, no American please…
i don’t want to be next Valencia nor Inter, it’s PSG or M.City…


Arabs = infinite $$$$$$



Maybe this is why they set this Duna issue on so the fans would start suggesting the lad be the sacrifice one and be eventually fine with his sales. Shame


Let go of Biglia, Kalinic and Hakan, there we go. I think we can get a hefty sum for them, especially if the rumoured 45 million for Kalinic from China is true…
Although personally I wouldnt really condemn Hakan as he is young and can still adapt to the league, some people need more time.


that would be the sell out of the century. but the problem. players on contract can refuse to be transferred to clubs they *dont like* the problem taking old washed up players and filling their pockets with a good salary they prefer to stay even not wantet we polish the wrong guys ego Always in milan has been since long time our problem missing out the raw diamonts who just needs a little more care that will happen when we final one day ARE RUN BY HUMANS WHO UNDERSTAND TO CARE gatuuso is in spirit realy a rock he could… Read more »

Baresis Dream

It’s impossible to refuse a 45 mil offer for Kalanic, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Apart from that, we have no one with similar characteristics. But you can join the chants against Kalanic if you’re worried about what everyone else here thinks. Don’t see why Musa isn’t on your list, considering that we have 3 CBs that are better than him currently, and he can get us 20-25 million (assuming someone out there is as gullible as us). Conti should be number 1 on this list also, in particular if we’re switching to 4 in the back.… Read more »


Rubbish team….
sell this shitty team already to those Arabians!!!
they have the money

daniel massaro

here comes the real storm..
brace yourselves buddies..

just kiddin’..
Years ago Soros interested to buy roma & every serie A club owner screamin,
really2 hope he still interestin’ in serie A club though.. who knows


So, management now know whats happened when youre late to take decision.
Changing coach needs too long, and that makes us cost our position in the table.
Now Rhino needs to win all the game to save Milan and the valuable player.
Could he ??


50 million plus sczeny in exchange for dollaruma I say it is a fair deal


Hmmm, doesn’t look good.

If need arises, then sell in this order
This should get us approx 110-120 mil, and will help milan breathe easy.

Baresis Dream

Let’s wait and see how this plays out; not a single one here knows the actual numbers, and what are our options.

But if we don’t reinforce than CL will remain out of reach. If selling is the only way to go, well I feel we can manage without many of our “new stars”. Considering the money we can make out of them, I would sell – Hakan, Silva, Conti, Musa, Biglia, and maybe Kiesse, in that order.

oluwa shevy

screw d management and they should f off no good plan and structure always taking tinz to tight corner


I’m gonna say it once more, Berlusconi robbed those Chinese guys really good!


Read the statement again. In no place does it say they’ve rejected Milan’s proposal.