Official: Calabria renews his contract with Milan, new deal to expire in 2022

Marco Fassone, Davide Calabria and Massimiliamo Mirabelli during the  Christmas party of the Rossoneri Youth Sector at Stadio San Siro on December 14, 2017. (
Marco Fassone, Davide Calabria and Massimiliamo Mirabelli during the Christmas party of the Rossoneri Youth Sector at Stadio San Siro on December 14, 2017. (

Davide Calabria’s contract extension is now official as the fullback, who recently turned 21, signed until 2022.

The Christmas party of the Rossoneri Youth Sector took place today at Stadio San Siro and CEO Marco Fassone & director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli used this opportunity to announce a new contract for Calabria, who is a product of the youth system of the Diavolo.

“Milan announces that Davide Calabria has renewed his contract with the club through to 30th June 2022,” a statement on the official website reads this evening.

Calabria, who has been at Milan for over 11 years, made his debut in the red and black jersey in May 2015. He has had an unfortunate luck with injuries, including this season, but the management has complete faith in him and this translated into a new contract, which arrived with no drama.

“This renewal is a source of pride, and then announcing it here at the party of the Youth Sector is incredible,” Calabria told reporters. “My history with this club is something marvelous. I remember all the Christmas parties I had here at Milan, but today will definitely stick with me.

“I hope to see these guys in the first team with me in a few years’ time. Gattuso’s work? We can only thank Gattuso. It’ll take a bit more time to absorb all his tactical ideas, but we all listen to him and he has unique experience with this club. Donnarumma? Gigio is fantastic both on and off the field.

“He’s a great professional and always calm.  We are all with him. The Coppa Italia derby? It will be a good match, but we hope to do well before that, and we’re thinking about the league.”


  1. Awesome news!
    Good luck Calabria, kick Conti out of NT!

    And Donna spoke too, so can we give it a rest and not just fuel rumours – which probably is exactly what Mino wants?
    Just think ahead about the next match and we will be fine.

        • @Kaka22
          “So u want to play the age card?were u not the same person that said Donna is not too young to earn £6m during the contract saga in the summer,so why then is he too young to be booed?”

          When did I ever say that?
          Point that out please. 🙂
          Stop making things up.

          And @Tourist
          Nobody buries me.

          • In ur words “everytime i see a comment saying 6mil is too much for an 18yr old,what flashes on my eyes is ‘6 mil a year is too much for an 18yr old because i did not earn 6mil a year when i was 18’.If you think based on his last two seasons performance he did not earn this then i would suggest u to watch the last two seasons again”….You clearly dont hold your words dear if u forget them so easily.

    • Just WTF? They can both be in NT and Milan players. I am sure that there is not one Barcelona idiot fan that wishes for Sergi Roberto to kick Busquets out of NT.

  2. Awesome news! No fuss, no nothing, just simple and happiness on all parties – like it should be! You are our future, and I hope Conti can alternate on the right and left. I personally prefer Calabria over Conti. Plays with much more tenacity and he is great in 1 v 1 situations. Grande Davide!

    • I think Conti has better instinct in scoring. Hence, i prefer to use Conti as a RM. He has to compete with Kessie and/or Borini for RM role in 4-3-3 formation if Rhino assigns Suso as a RW.
      Like it or not, Borini is one of Milan’s best buy since he has speed, stamina and can adapt quickly in many roles.
      Btw, i like the idea of using Andre Silva as a left or right winger. Let Cutrone to play as the main central striker. The
      About Kalinic, with his dribbling skill and ability to hold the ball, i believe he could play as a winger too.
      On top of that, i hope Rhino could motivate the team and bring the winning mentality, the never give up attitude to the team.

  3. Great. Calabria deserves it. In my opinion, he is the best fullback with potential at Milan. Whatever Conti can do, Calabria can do better. I love watching him dribble the ball with tight ball control a accurate crosses and high intelligence especially in attack. Like I have said before and I will repeat, the team is not at Calabrias or Locatelli’s, Cutrone’s or Donnarumma’s level yet. They are phenomenons and Milan are lucky to have them. If only all of them wee in the starting eleven every sunday, Milan would have been in a better place in the standing.

  4. Good luck Calabria and wish you injury free seasons at Milan to fully express your potentials. We all love and wish you all the best.



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