Rijeka-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Luca Antonelli during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)
Luca Antonelli during training at Milanello. (@acmilan.com)

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face HNK Rijeka on Thursday evening when the clock points 19:00 CET / Italy time at Stadion HNK Rijeka for the 6th and final matchday of the 17/18 UEFA Europa League group stage and coach Gennaro Gattuso has named his squad.

Andrea Conti, Gustavo Gomez, Jose Mauri and Hakan Çalhanoğlu are unavailable through injuries, while Gianluigi Donnarumma, Ricardo Rodriguez, Giacomo Bonaventura Franck Kessié, Fabio Borini, Suso and Nikola Kalinić have been left out of the squad.

Probable XI (Sky): Marco Storari; Cristian Zapata, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli; Davide Calabria, Niccolò Zanellato, Lucas Biglia, Manuel Locatelli, Luca Antonelli; André Silva, Patrick Cutrone.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaPatrick Cutrone
Alessandro GuarnoneLuca AntonelliMatteo GabbiaRiccardo Forte
Marco StorariLeonardo BonucciManuel LocatelliAndré Silva
Davide CalabriaRiccardo Montolivo
Mateo MusacchioNiccolò Zanellato
Gabriel Paletta
Alessio Romagnoli
Cristiano Zapata


  1. Really good. Give the youngsters some time and others some rest. We have got a game in every 4 days from now.

    Spurs lining a 50 mil bid for Suso. I hope we sell him. Stability is more important right now.

    • Why should we sell Suso? He’s the only quality player we’ve on the left and he’s left footed and we’ve scored some crucial goals thanks to him.

      Suso should stay and be part of Milan in the future.

      • Because 50 mil is a lot more than his worth and according to the news we will need to sell players to balance the books. Also, he’s struggling and apparently only works as a right winger, which means he’s a bad fit for us right now – and IMO in the future too, since I see way more promise in both Cutrone and Silva.
        I hope we go all in for an attacking duo instead of a trio, which would require one of the two to sit or be sold AND we’d have to buy a LW, ’cause we don’t have one.

        If they come with 50 mil, just sell him and don’t look back.

        Oh, and if we have to sell one more player, then sell Donnarumma while he’s still valued. We have Plizzari, who looks great too, but even if he doesn’t pan out, we could still buy another very good GK for a fraction of what we’d get.

        • You can’t be serious about Donnarumma. If it wasn’t for him, we would be in relegation zone, he is one of the very few bright spots on the team. Super young and great goalie – why would be sell off our youth? Fans like you want to sell our young players but then complain we don’t use players from our youth team. SMFH

          • I don’t want to sell our young players, only the overrated ones. C’mon, did you read my whole comment? I mention Cutrone there… I wouldn’t sell him or Loca for any money. They’re for real! And we have another promising young goalie in Plizzari and if he doens’t do well, we could buy another one of Donna’s level for what, 15 mil, 20 mil? So yes, let PSG or whoever wants him pay 60 mil for Donna.

        • no way spurs will pay 50 mil for suso……he is useless at the moment, no form, no scoring….no 50 mil
          but it this really will be offer, take it straight away

  2. Some comments here…. My God what a lack of knowledge and vision about football…. Sell Bonucci?! Sell Suso?! Pfffff…. Stupid…..

    If you have these kind of ideas, please check your urine at the local hospital. You are not competent to give any comments here

    • Hey man,

      The season is gone and I hope you know we need to make up for losses and basic survival in the league.

      50 million for Suso is too out of value and we can get a better fitting right flanker who can actually shoot and deliver crosses as well.

      Suso has just got a good left foot. I admire him but I value 50 million hell lot more.

      And while we’re at it, selling Kalinic would also be a good idea.

    • Although I totally agree with you, maybe they should check their CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid to check for meningitis, etc)? What on earth has urine to do with being stupid?

      • Whahahahahahahahaha when we say ‘go check your urine at the local hospital’ it means there is something wrong with you. Because in urine you can find some illnesses.
        And yes Kalinic needs to be sold or treated only as a substitute in the 70th minute when the others get stuck or something.
        I don’t know if we need to sell Calhanoglu, in my opinion he would fit as a CM, like Pirlo played.
        Suso plays on the right to cut inside and shoot or pass with his left, like Robben does. Same thing goes out to our left, I would position Andre Silva there because he has the shot, speed and insights to play in that position. Cutrone in the middle, with these 3 guys you have a future strong attacking play.

      • Drugs or alcohol? Maybe he meant some people are too stoned/drunk to comment.
        Mathijs is dutch btw, and some of the best stuffs are from amsterdam, if u know what i mean

        • Whahahahahahahahaha

          The best stuff is from the deep south of the Netherlands. Here they try to evolve it to something special. You’ll eat 5 Nasi Rames afterwards without swallowing

    • First of all, replace TOP with TOP PERFORMING players.
      Second, you’d prefer keeping Suso and be on your way to Serie B or would you prefer paying up debts since the season is already out of hands?
      And if people start performing even Suso level, Milan would still be well capable with/without him.

  3. I know most of you are against Selling suso but right now he is the only winger in our squad. if selling Kalinic & Suso can bring Auba or Belloti in, then I’m ok with it.

    Silva, Cutrone, Belotti could be a killer attacking line in a 4-3-1-2 formation. Hakan finally can play in his natural position and Bona in midfield could be our missing flair. Believe me such a team would be better than current clueless team.
    Dona – Conti – Mus – Roma -Ricardo – Loca – Kessie – Bona – Hakan – Belloti – Silva

    An under 30 team full of future stars

    Of course it will not happen because the last coach, current coach and probably next coach (Conte) are all going with 3 man defence and Old players

      • Not if the Arabs take over – then we will buy both Auba and Belotti. Those Arabs have endless supply of cash.

        • And then no player will join us because we will banned from continental competitions as we won’t comply with FFP.

    • Soheil, first of all, are you Iranian?
      Back to the topic, the first rule to become a good team is to never sell your best players unless you have someone better to replace them with. Suso right now is too important to gamble replacing him.

  4. I like this formation a lot. Interesting to see Zanellatto, I hope this is the line up we’ll have. Even though I would ship Biglia away along with Kalinic.

  5. If the Arabs take over and bring in oil money then I would dream of first and foremost to sign ancellotti and then go for
    Conti, rugani/tah, romagnioli, RR
    Barella, goretzka, torriera
    James Rodriguez
    Aubamayeng, morata

    Just my wishful thinking though.

    • Arab money is good only if used in good ways, long term strategies to maintain economic stability. I think everyone agrees that our first property must be owning our stadium, be it San Siro or a new one.

      • I agree with you Ali that owning a stadium is absolutely important for the long term vision. But it will take minimum 3-4 years if all goes smoothly.
        All I was saying was that if we have Arab owners with loads of money then first thing I want would be to hire a top coach like ancellotti and with his influence buy quality players.

  6. Conte, Ancelotti, Aubameyang, James, Rugani … do all these coaches and players want to join Milan? If they want, what’s the reason?

  7. This is exactly the kind of games reserves like mauri, gomez and underperformers like kalinic and hakan should play in so they can get the vibe and the rhythm without destroying overall campaign of milan so why are mauri, gomez always injured (training sessions too rough for them? The goddamn food is too heavy for them?) and why do rino leave kalinic behind as if kalinic is much too important to play in this match?

    Regarding potential arab investors, i already mentioned in april/may that arab sugardaddies are much more suitable for milan than shady elliott-backed li because they are much more loaded AND more of football fanatics. For gods sake, they built their very own custom stairs in indonesian house of representatives just for king salman and the eagle pets of him even had their own seats in their plane. Exuberant, extravagant, flamboyant? For sure but so was ac milan i used to know. They’d treat milan as their own personal possession not just business as usual.

  8. Regarding 50m for suso, yes thats a lot of money for such slow limited winger but if milan sell suso then they’d have to spend at least 80-100m buying at least 3-4 new (quality, unborini like) wingers just to play everyone and their dogs’ favourite formation 4-3-3, which is dumb move. I mean, guys like draxler wont come cheap. Hell, i mentioned him when many were obsessed with kovacic saying draxler couldnt play as cm. Well, duh.
    If anyone should leave while he’s still valuable its mino’s boy toy donna. I watch la ligay and bundesliga (and 4 other leagues) every week like a proper football fan and i can safely say there are much better gk who’ll come for much less than 60-80m madrid/psg are willing to pay for donna. Hell, even neuer’s deputy has been performing better than donna this season (His performance vs psg and dortmund were outstanding, for a reserve). I also believe in plizzari. Lets not let donna become abbiati 2.0 or antonioli 2.0. i love abbiati for his loyal service to ac milan but even dida was able to bench him

  9. Auba scored vs madrid btw, like always. Why morontella and fassobelli courted beloverated and ended up with eric “good link up play” #7 cantonic, god only knows.

  10. Offtopic

    UEFA is reportedly ready to reject Milan’s voluntary agreement what will resolve in harsh sanctions such as exclusion from European competitions and high fines

    It means no spending, selling prized assets and probably also estate assets which were deposited as “mortage” if Yonghong fails to repay Elliott fund

    This club will bankrupt in no time, please prepare to be heart broken

    • I think a rich guy will come to our help. Milan is a great team and every rich Arab wants to have a football team these days.

  11. Way things are going, Gattusu might not even enjoy a single victory. I predict he will get fired by the end of February. Just switch back 4-4-2/ 4-3-1-2 ( some variation with back 4). I do not remember Milan winning a single trophy playing 3 at the back in my 20 years of support. Just because Conte (and others) won leagues, does not mean you can replicate that. Btw, Conte has never won anything in European scene so I am not sure why we blindly playing 3-5-2 or some variation of 3-5-2.

    They cannot even beat Rijeka :)…. Losing to Rijeka would be the ultimate ignominy. I think we fans should prepare the funeral of our beloved Rossoneri.



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