Mirabelli: “We restart with Gattuso and he is not a caretaker, we wanted to give a shock, we need to make up ground”

Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Rijeka at Stadio San Siro on September 28, 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Rijeka at Stadio San Siro on September 28, 2017. (@acmilan.com)

Massimiliano Mirabelli talked about the decision to sack Vincenzo Montella and replace him with Gennaro Gattuso.

Milan took the decision to sack Montella after 14 Serie A matches in which 20 points were won, and the replacement is Primavera boss Rino Gattuso.

“We restart with Gattuso, and I want to take this opportunity to thank Montella and his staff,” director of sport Massimiliano Mirabelli told reporters at a Gran Galà del Calcio AIC event.  “Today was a difficult day, but we wanted to give a shock.

“The decision was taken in the night, after the match we were in contact with China and we decided in this way. Gattuso is our coach, to make him the caretaker would kill him with the group straight away. We’ve given him this great opportunity, we’ll see how he plays it.

“We were a bit unlucky against Torino [0-0 draw], but it’s normal that after losing six games we had to win with a performance worthy of Milan. Time was up for that reason too. Montella said the coach is always at fault? I’ve been working since this morning, so I don’t know what Montella’s said [since].

“January market? We still have some problems, but we’re calm, we need to make up ground. We still believe.” Marco Fassone meanwhile said that Milan aren’t expected to intervene on the market.

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Rino is a shock


Rino will break some legs if Benevento wins the first points of the season!



Best of luck to Rino. He will have one of the toughest and ungrateful jobs ahead of him!


Gattuso will give the meaning of this shirt to new players


…by meaninglessly picking fights with officials and opposing teams like he did vs tottenham


Dude played almost 20 years but no thats not part of his carrier, all he did was fighting vs totenham, ehm yes thats correct he was a fighter there was rare football matches when he actually kicked the ball instead of people.


Just bring milan serious coach like pellegrini or conte and serious players like pastore and auba next summer mercato obelix, if ur still around of course


This is not good news when taking Gattuso’s track record in to consideration. He have not done good with any club he have managed. And all have been far from the standard of milan. I dont belive he can handle this. He is a warrior and a true Milanista, and i love him as a player. but I still dont think he is ready for this nor have the managerial talent to manage a club like milan.


just need shock for our players, Rino is the best caretaker Coach to make explosion spirit to our team


This is a really stupid move. And needless to say risky. He would bring a little aggressive attitude in the team which is good but I don’t think there’s anything else to offer.
Milan has been constantly trying to build a heroic tale where club legends take over the management and do wonders. Hasn’t worked so far.
I’m curious to see his list of favourable players in the team now.


“January market? We still have some problems, but we’re calm, we need to make up ground. We still believe.” — no shit. Believe in me and buy a damn playmaker. How do you claim to be a sporting director and not address the most dire aspects of a sporting team? Creativity and class! I really hope Gattuso will do great. But if he does not, I am sure we will have Ambrosini as coach next season. But no matter how Gattuso does, he is a Milan legend and we will always be a legend. It is really sad that some… Read more »


WORD.maldini in mirabelli OUT.
for me any LEGEND who coaches milan even with no short term succes-
if giving enough time could be a perfect fit.
problem milan is a big club and cant risk give time for coach.
respect our legends
milan is made of legends


Everybody keep saying rubbish about Gattuso’s appointment.You guys know better than him or Montella should be allowed to ruin Milan after investing so much by giving him all the players he requested for???
Please shut the hell and support Milan or fuck off.Forza Gattuso


The comments section is not here to blindly support what all is happening with Milan. By firing Montella and appointing Gattuso, Milan management has again given an example of actions without plans. Just like how we spent 200+ million on players which don’t even complement each other on the pitch. I’m not saying that the signings are bad. But there has to be a process of slowly integrating players one by one. Instead, the coach and management just thrusted 11 new players in the dressing room where each one speaks a different language. You should stop this blind support man!… Read more »


I don’t see anything risky with gattuso’s appointment.

We were going nowhere with montella.

1-We couldn’t have made it to the UCL via serie a, irrespective of who the coach is.
2-Montella for sure couldn’t have won Europa league.
3-big name coaches are not available presently.
4- gattuso for sure wouldn’t get us relegated to serie b.

So what’s the problem. At least gattuso will bring some freshness and we will have double the entertainment now with​ rino on the touchline.

oluwa shevy

d Saga continues.


@Agni you are speaking senses into those who don’t see anything good in Gattuso’s appointment


Sign da Maria January we need pace and sign a playmaker to make chances for strikers.cos at moment doesn’t matter who manager is if these two problems aren’t addressed.id like to see kucka Bk and tarrabt,and seedorf as manager would have been my choice.however good luck rhino u will bring passion and aggression!


Talking about sense, let me tell you that Gattuso has got 30% winning rate in his entire coaching career. All I am saying that firing a coach mid term is not any solution. The manager’s position should be stated as supreme so that players fear and respect it. Going by the past few years, all we know is that Milan doesn’t perform and the coach gets fired. That’s it! Ideally, with all the heavy money backing, Milan directors should have gone for a high profile coach at the start of the season. And right now, we should have kept Montella… Read more »

Ac Fan

How I wish it was given to Seedorf. In d short term he coached Milan he transformed the team. He is exactly what we need. A very attacking minded coach.


Yes your right and he did it with no money,imagine what team he would have built with 200 million.


Some of you in this comment section dont know what you want, few days ago everyone was screaming to sack Morontella, now all of you are complaining why they appointed Gattuso, who else was supposed to be hired according to you geniuses when no good coach is available at the moment, better try luck with gattuso then hire someone that was supposed to be super coach and end up like Montella.


How many slaps, sending off, and arguments we betting on here for the rest of the season? Lol some people back then used to claim gattuso was arrogant disgusting and bad tempered. I love it, he isn’t afraid to shoe his passion and won’t let anyone stop him.


Sack bonaventura, kalinic, zapata, storari and borini. And we are all setup.. you dont even have to replace them.. just let them out of the team