Kalinić: “I want to and I can give more – for the boss, the club, my teammates and more than anything for the fans”

Nikola Kalinić during Milan-Torino at Stadio San Siro on November 26, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Nikola Kalinić during Milan-Torino at Stadio San Siro on November 26, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Nikola Kalinić wrote a message for the fans on Instagram after getting heavily-booed against Torino on Sunday.

Milan failed to score at San Siro for the fourth consecutive Serie A match (it’s only the third time in the history of the club that happens) as they only managed a 0-0 draw against Torino on Matchday 14.

The Rossoneri had a few excellent goal-scoring chances against Sinisa Mihajlovic’s side but were extremely wasteful in front of goal. Andre Silva and especially Nikola Kalinić just couldn’t find the back of the net.

When Kalinić was replaced by Patrick Cutrone in the 76′ minute, the San Siro crowd (nearly 54k fans) showed him what they thought of his performance: the Croatian, who arrived from Fiorentina in the summer, was heavily booed by many of the fans, who did not think he did well to the least.

“Rossoneri fans, don’t stop supporting us,” Kalinić, who scored just 3 goals this season, wrote on his official Instagram page. “A stadium like the one today deserves great happiness. I want to and I can give more – for the boss, the club, my teammates and more than anything for you.”

Leonardo Bonucci giving encouragement to Nikola Kalinić as the striker was replaced during Milan-Torino at Stadio San Siro on November 26, 2017.  (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Leonardo Bonucci giving encouragement to Nikola Kalinić as the striker was replaced during Milan-Torino at Stadio San Siro on November 26, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Coach Montella addressed the Kalinić situation in his post-match interviews. After saying that he liked the performance and the results will come – as he says after every match that Milan don’t win – Montella said: “Kalinić just needs to score a goal and break that drought, but he feels the tension, especially when the chance is at his feet, and I feel a warm embrace from the crowd would help.”

Milan don’t have a mid-week match so the next time they step on the pitch is next Sunday when they take on Benevento away. Despite this performance, it’s hard to imagine that Kalinić will be dropped.

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First things first, Rossoneri fans will never stop supporting Milan; plastic fans who are just interested in the smell of money will. Yes, you know who you are. Now about the last match, we played much better than earlier in the season – that is the truth. Created some really good chances. But Kalinic and Silva both kept missing like kids. It should have been Cutrone-Silva partnership. Actually, it should have been Bacca-Silva partnership, but ah well, that ship has sailed. Kessie is still shit when he has the ball. Free Kick Kid still is free kick kid. Bona is… Read more »

Baresis Dream

I agree mate. The main issue with this season is 200 mil that wasn’t spent well. If the plan was CL in one year, then many transfers raised questions. In particular, spending so much money on a striker that (at the very least you could say) the coach doesn’t trust in the immediate future. And of course the proof is on the pudding, we are far off for CL qualification. But I for one am pretty happy with Bonucci. I think in the last few games he’s back to his old self (forget the silly mishap against Wein), and he… Read more »


I hate Shinter and laughing at their transfer deal for most of the times, but this summer their management show us how to spent money wisely in transfer market.


I agree 100% with you.


A new coach might help your cause kalinic


Totally agree. I feel the same way about Bonucci and Kessie. Montella doesn’t have a clue.


I feel bad for Kalinic and all the Milan players. To be honest, I can’t put “all” the blame on them. There’s a lot of pressurse on them at the moment and the atmosphere is very tense. So we should support the players as much as we can and not boo them. The problem at the moment is Montella and he should take all the blame. Cutrone and Silva had a great performance against Austria Vienna and should have started today over Kalinic. Kalinic played today and that weared heavily on his mind because he hasn’t scored a goal in… Read more »

Baresis Dream

When counting goals, let’s count seria a goals separately. I know Kalanic played far more seria a minutes, but in my book Silva has zero goals so far. It’s clear why Kalanic should be our first striker at the beginning of the season, he’s the more experienced more proven striker out of the three. But I agree that he needs to start feeling the bench a bit; with all his work rate and things he does off the ball, he needs to score goals. And pressure can never be an excuse. Players that cannot handle pressure don’t belong in AC… Read more »


Comment:we wll neva 4 gv u 4 leting bacca go bring useless attaka . we hop him long injury


What joke for management.. the signing of kalinic say it all…hey fassone how about making montella happier..Sign Milan badelj and change name to Fiorentina… joke coach joke management joke curva sud joke fans… Milan is payed by other teams to perform and Sign players like this. Milan is 100% sold, the chinese just use Milan as a cover up… this is why montella is not fired… montella is payed for this just like the management is payed for this.. its all politics


I absolutely feel for Kalinic Of the 54k people in the San Siro today nobody wanted to score a goal more than Kalinic himself When things aren’t going well especially for a striker the last thing he needs is jeers, I’m embarrassed to call myself an A.c. Milan fan when everyone in the stadium thought it was a good idea to boo one of our players in his moment of need The whole team is totally lacking in confidence and it’s obvious by the way there playing, yes Montella is partly responsible for this but for fuc k sake don’t… Read more »

Milan Boy

It is quite a pathetic situation. I just hope that the result will start coming now that we have started playing well.


I am sorry about the boeing Kalinic but you have been given a lot of chances at the expanses of others. I hope you will do more but for now others might better deserve the chances.


Now happy man Montella should goooooo!!! I’m really fed up with the lack of points. Just leave man argh.


He dealt with this very good to be honest. Let’s hope he can deal with it on the pitch too, we support you but we need you to provide the goods as well. Btw, I think that for once, Calhanoglu looked to have some nice ideas when he entered the final third, so maybe, just maybe, he is also finding his feet. And people seem to like to hate on Kessie now, I actually think he had a good performance today, one of his best ones in the shirt so far. Donna – if it werent for his vital saves… Read more »


Kalinic you’re a complete embracement for Milan…..I don’t know why you’re even the chence to be a Milan player. In all ernesty you do not deserved to start ahead of anyone of our young strikers, but I don’t blame you its all Montella falut. F****k kalinic and Montella, this is just the beginning more to come.


I’m still stuck at ’embracement’


same here. got stuck at embracement


I feel for him but I’m sorry, his job is to put that ball in the back of the net and this isn’t the first game where he has had many chances and failed to score. Maybe he doesn’t have confidence but if you’re a top notch striker you finish the opportunities he has had. At the moment cutrone and Silva should be starting. I’m harsh maybe but he costed us three crucial points for us


Beside Montella’s poor game plan, we haver real problem in midfield. Attackers don’t receive many key passes or assists. Milan urgently needs high quality midfielder in winter transfer to spark the team beyond Montella’s plans. That might save Milan second half of the season.

Unfortunately, the management doesn’t seem replacing Montella anytime soon. I guess we have to get used to see Milan playing this way:(


A new 25M rated striker, didn’t score at home game, getting booed by fans -> speak his mind on instagram

that’s professional football these days


He is a striker and should score, that’s what he is supposed to do.
I have no sympathy for him. He needs to step up or pack off. For god sake this is milan.
This is where strikers like van basten, weah, baggio, sheva, pippo, Ronaldo, ibra have played. So he either steps up or gets booed.


Yes, damn, morontella has screwed milan up way beyond and lack of chemistry between st (andriy needs to stop that incessant cr7-like steppvers/dribbling and cutrone needs to pass the ball more; he always plays with exact same tempo and tries to shoot as if he’s cr7) is on him but how was it his fault kalinic missed those sitters? Even lapapin would be ashamed of those horrible misses. Calm and collected st would never botch (let alone twice in one game) easy chances like those and if for all his “serie a experience” this is the best kalinic can do… Read more »


Booing the players is never the answer
Yes he missed a few sitters, hell I think my mother would of scored the chances he missed but when 50 odd thousand fans all boo together it’s a bit much
I’ve no problem with fans gasping at missed chances but the level of boos at his substitution was excessive and won’t do him any good whatsoever
What little confidence he had left is totally shattered now
#montella out


Well, if players like baggio, beckham, figo and goddamn cr7 could be booed by whole stadium when they did awful things on the pitch then surely kalinic the poor man van nistelrooy can be booed too.
“But the level of boos at his substitution was excessive and won’t do him any good whatsoever. What little confidence he had left is totally shattered now” if thats what it only takes to destroy him, a pro football player at highest level, mentally then i recommend changing profession. A librarian maybe? No one criticizes librarian


I don’t give a shit about other players not even “goddamn” cr7
Why do you always try to be funny?
“A librarian”
You seem to be suffering from a classic case of little man syndrome where you try and I use the term “try” loosely here to use humour as a way of blacking out your short comings
I bet you walk around sticking a little pigeon chest out trying to look big


Lemme guess, u have kalinic posters on ur room’s 4 walls? Ah, personal attack, the refuge of all real men with real brains. Baggio got booed by tifosi after he missed his penalty in wc 94 but he answered by winning scudetti back to back, beckham got booed by his own mu fans, let alone other teams’ fans, after his incident with simeone in wc 98 but he answered by being quadruple winner AND ballon d’or nominee. Thats how real world works (theres always people who’ll boo you) and thats how real champions react, not by defending urself on meaningless… Read more »


“blacking out” racist much?
“BLACKing out ur SHORT COMINGS” now ur just being dirty. Just because something is black doesnt mean its always not short u know


It was actually meant to read “blanking” instead of blacking either way how the hell is that racist? Clutching at straws, I couldn’t care less what colour you are, I’ve been called many things but a racist is a first


So uve been called kalinifanatic before? Ever heard of li yongbo? He was a legendary chinese badminton player and coach. This hardass was famous for being harsh on his players, even world champion like lin dan. But he won as a player and even more as a coach. Like i said, even cr7 and whole madrid squad get booed sometimes by madridistas even in their ucl/la liga/ballon d’or winning seasons. Those 2 facts tell us that maybe being harsh critic on marine drill instructor level is not only good but also a necessity to maintain highest standard of excellence of… Read more »


Ever heard of Liverpool FC? No matter what they never boo there players in fact it’s the total opposite They sing you’ll never walk alone even if there being well beaten I’m not saying you can’t express anger and/or disbelief at an underperforming player but what happened to Kalinic was beyond that and is sad to see He’d of scored those easy chances seven days a week and twice on Sundays but for an obvious lack of confidence which booing isn’t going to help Why not support him and maybe he won’t miss them again instead of doubling the pressure… Read more »


Ever heard of mu under sir alex? Now thats much more successful team than modern era liverpool. U know what he did to underperforming players? Thats right, he actually tore them to shred. Remember beckham boots to the head incident? Thats how u win. By having unbroken conviction that ur the best, any lesser standard is unacceptable. Their supporters are also demanding. Even beckham or forlan got booed when underperforming. If the kop want to cheer on garbage st like andy carroll, benteke or heskey thats their problem. No wonder they never win epl. I even read that chelsea players… Read more »


Today was a great day to makeup lost points on lazio and Roma. Thrown out the window. Please play Cutrone as one of the two strikers. Please. From what I have seen so far from him, he has the potential to be our best striker in the very near future. Kalinic/Cutrone or silva/Cutrone. Simply put our players needed to score today and they didn’t. Those chances need to be put away if we want to even think about the UCL let alone compete in it. It’s days like this I have trouble putting most of the blame on the coach… Read more »


I’d rather see silva starting with one of cutrone or kalanic. as Cutrone and kalanic are basicly the same. Silva brings a whole other dimension on the field.


I personally am no longer in the mood to write any long or analytical comment. But what I say is: bombard Milan’s social media with hash tags like #montellaout or #fassobellimustanswer. That is the only way to get something done. from this far, we literally can’t do anything more.


Hi Kalinic,

I’m more than impressed with the way you handle the situation but you know THIS IS FOOTBALL.

Montella should learn how not to put unnecessary pressure on his players like he did to Kalinic. A wise coach would never start him against Torino.


Give this same team to another coach and I believe result will start coming, this Montella has no clue,the last match against Napoli Bonna lost a ball control and you can see frustration on him, that is what you get when you have coach that does not know player with his role on pitch, against Napoli it was obvious Kalinic wasn’t contributing anything to the game and he was on pitch 90minute, striker that didn’t touch ball in opponent box for 90minute and Montella left him on the pitch, I will also boo him, Montella is Kalinic’ problem, so he… Read more »


I don’t want to see Kalinic ever again on the pitch at Milan. Every time he’s playing we play one man down. He’s had his chances so far and proved nothing. He doesn’t fit. I also want Montella and Fassobeli out. This way we are closer to serie B than Europa and all I hear is “I’m pleased with our attitude, our game, etc”. Well yesterday we were lucky to get one point if Monto would have not defended that ball on the line!! Always Forza Milan but these guys are pathetic!! Have honour and go!! Things won’t get better,… Read more »


OFFICIAL: Montella sacked!


as I said earlier Kalinic is shit now it is proved