Innaurato officially replaces Marra and joins Montella’s training staff as Milan’s new athletic trainer

Vincenzo Montella and Mario Innaurato at Milanello on November 15, 2017. (@VMontella)
Vincenzo Montella and Mario Innaurato at Milanello on November 15, 2017. (@VMontella)

Vincenzo Montella has welcomed Mario Innaurato on twitter today as the new athletic trainer has finally arrived.

The international break is over and all the players are back in Milanello working ahead of Saturday’s match against Napoli.

In addition to welcoming back his players, coach Montella also welcomed Mario Innaurato as the Belgian, who has clear Italian origins, is his new athletic trainer.

Innaurato is replacing Emanuele Marra, who was fired by Montella almost two months ago for disagreements with the coach over a new athletic plan.

Innaurato’s most recent work was with the Ivory Coast national team, which failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, and so he knows Franck Kessié well. He also used to work for the Belgium national team and worked with Lucas Biglia at Anderlecht.

Montella and Innaurato began their collaboration before today, but now they are both together and will try to get Milan as physically prepared as possible for their matches.

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karunwi taiwo opeyemi

Good dude, hoping for a nice result


He may be very good or may be not so good but anyway physical fitness isn’t going to compensate for poor tactics.


Mario,is very good.Let’s all hope and support our Darling Ac Milan.Forza Montella, Forza Mario,Forza Milan.WEAREACMILAN


what next?
Sasuke join us as coach???


nahh…. Might guy joins instead then Rock lee as his assistant.


lol, why did Naruto references come in to the pictures?? Is it “innaurato”?
Might Guy alongside Rock Lee would be amazing, the youth spirit and motivation would be enough, wouldnt even need any tactics, they’d just open their fifth gates etc and dominate.


@milanista121 ….. you a fan too, sweet!!….

#bidonesia started it, i didn’t even notice the “innaurato” name….. i only chose the best character suitable for the role…
let Guy use “asakujaku” on the entire team maybe then they would wake-up and start performing


yeah man! so annoying with the fillers though damn…or maybe you read the manga so you avoided it lol.
Lol yes! the players seriously needs Mught Guys attitude and they would go far, as we do have the quality in our players imo.


i didn’t read the manga…. most of the fillers were annoying truly…. But some of it were really nice tho….


Make the players run like cafu, so they can play with high tempo and can press well.

If they can achieve this, it would be a positive change.

Anyways, good luck dude.


Too early to judge him. I will give him five matches in league and two remaining Europa cup matches