San Siro, January market and sponsors among the topics discussed by Fassone during Milan’s shareholders meeting

Marco Fassone and Han Li before Chievo-Milan at Stadio Marc'Antonio Bentegodi on October 25, 2017. (
Marco Fassone and Han Li before Chievo-Milan at Stadio Marc’Antonio Bentegodi on October 25, 2017. (

Marco Fassone continued with Milan’s new line of full transparency and answered the questions of the Minority Shareholders during today’s assembly, discussing several interesting topics.

Milan’s shareholders gathered today (Monday) to approve the budget for the first half of 2017 (January to June).

After the general assembly, there was a meeting between CEO Marco Fassone and AC Milan‘s Association for Minority Shareholders (APA). Former Rossoneri VP Adriano Galliani used to completely ignore the questions of the APA, but instead Fassone took the time to answer the questions of the minority shareholders and he touched several points.

According to, Fassone, who has been at Milan since April, noted that ‘the day-to-day management at the club has improved’, saying ‘in these first months data has been very good: there have been improvements in revenue, liabilities, player management and savings on emoluments.’

Fassone also claimed that the club ‘expects to break-even in the third year of the management’ and added that ‘there is satisfaction’ regarding the Voluntary Agreement for the presented plan, which was very detailed. Fassone met with UEFA representatives on Thursday as Milan are hoping that the agreement, which would allow the club more flexibility regarding FFP, can be accepted. Fassone told the APA that there is ‘great confidence’ even though they are aware that they’re the first club to ask for this deal, and the decision, which may not be purely economical, will arrive by Christmas.

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Juventus  at Stadio San Siro on October 28, 2017. (
Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Juventus at Stadio San Siro on October 28, 2017. (

The ex-Inter and Juventus director said that ‘the challenge is bringing Milan into profit and it is necessary to increase revenue. There is an option of listing the club in the Stock Exchange market in 2020.’ Fassone made it clear, however, that Milan’s revenues this year are higher than in the previous year. There are five categories of revenue: TV rights, a commercial part that has a positive trend with six new sponsors, revenues from the stadium, from UEFA with the Europa League and the last part that concerns China is a bit behind due to the fact that bureaucracy is slower there.

Fassone told the APA that while there is nothing new with Adidas and Audi (the partnership with Audi already ended and the one with Adidas, after over 20 years of working together, will cease to exist at the end of the season), ‘new sponsorship deals’ will be announced in the coming months.

An Italy fan outside of San Siro before the Italy-Sweden FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Off second leg on November 13, 2017. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
An Italy fan outside of San Siro before the Italy-Sweden FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Off second leg on November 13, 2017. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Fassone is also said to have confirmed to the APA that Puma, who are the sponsors of Italy NT, will replace Adidas as the club’s kit manufacturers, noting that ‘the new technical sponsor has been found and the contract is already ready. It’s lower economically with respect to the previous one but very satisfying. It is better than Adidas in terms of the variables and bonuses, which are tied to the sporting and commercial results of the club. At the start of 2018, the name will be announced.’

The situation of the stadium was also addressed, with Fassone saying that there is conviction on the part of Milan to have their own stadium ‘in the medium-term’, a stadium that is not shared with Inter. ‘The preference remains [to stay at] San Siro but the Nerazzurri also want it’. Milan are doing research to find the most suitable area, also taking the fan’s preferences into account. In addition to having their own stadium, Milan are also planning to do the TV production for their matches on their own.

Marco Fassone before Sassuolo-Milan at Stadio Città del Tricolore on October 5, 2017. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
Marco Fassone before Sassuolo-Milan at Stadio Città del Tricolore on October 5, 2017. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

Regarding the mercato, Fassone apparently made it known that the club does not intend to make moves, unless it is absolutely required due to injuries. As for the issue of a ‘top player’, in case a player like that is found functional, it will be assessed whether to sell one of the current top men to get another. A top player will therefore not be sold regardless, but instead it’d be a technical call.

Fassone also said that at first it was thought that 71-72 points would be enough for Champions League but now it seems more difficult, even though they are not excluding this possibility.


  1. The five year debt restructuring deal they are working on could give us the financial lifeline we so desperately need; of course, this means an increased debt and probably a weight over all transfers we make until said debt is repaid. Still, the deal allows to arrive to the CL one or two years late.

  2. What a disgrace, get all the old POS out of there now!
    Ventura has to be the most clueless coach ever to coach the men’s NT. Banish him from Italy forever.
    But the problem is all the old, corrupt bastards running the show, pretty much how Italy is ran.
    Can’t believe it but I hope public pressure will cause a revolution in Italy football. Something that will surely benefit Milan down the line.

  3. What just happened to Italy is the same thing that is gonna happen at Milan with Montella still in charge. Then we can forget UCL and say “We gave our all” just like Italy’s Ventura. When your “All” is not enough, you need to be sacked.

    Its hard to accept that Italia won’t be in the WC.

  4. @pray4milan well said Bro we need Montella out he is fucking clueless just like Ventura.. the longer we keep him the harder achieving our goal for the season continues #forzamilan

    • This is just a showcase of what will happen to our team if we keep hold of Montella. The NT was regressing since the early matches of group stages but FIGC neglected the problem was Ventura and didn’t act, now the fans+players of Italy must pay for the incompetence of FIGC.

      It’s time Serie A teams to change their youth policies to all Italian than International. This will boost chances of having more players playing for Italy NT and mostly Serie A.

  5. Where’s good old behind-milan-is-powerful-chinese-businessman-and-li brothers-are-just-his-pawns-hence-no reason-to-worry-about-elliott ck when u need him?
    From adidas to puma, from dolce and gabbana to freaking diesel. Sad.
    Whats even more sad is the fact that morontella is still around. Like i said before, great coaches like lippi, conte, wenger, cruyff and van gaal won league titles in their 1st-2nd seasons at the helm while dismantling old teams they inherited, rebuilding the squads with players fitting their respective styles of play. Hell, conte inherited 6th placed juve which had just been relegated just 5 years earlier and he also had to deal with >10 new players. Morontella has no excuses. He has to leave period because any coach who still hasnt figured out his best starting eleven and formation after 1,5 season doesnt deserve milan

    • The formation has been stable of late Milan10 and as well as player selection aside from zapata….
      I think Montella has finally settled on a formation….

      • Well, with morontella that word ‘late’ in ur comment certainly has double meaning or double entendre doesn’t it? Also, it’s not like Milan are starting to play like we all hoped at the start of the season with this “newfound” formation, which many like urs truly here has been suggesting for months, are they?
        Coach is like a general in a battlefield; ur gonna mess up badly if u have shitty one leading u on

        • the team is improving that’s for sure, the Napoli game will provide more answers to howfar this team have improved tho…
          With bonadinho back, hakan can sit his underperforming 䧧 on bench. Then finally we will see the real Milan.

  6. Milan needs to stop buying players from average clubs in Italy…. seriously..

    Lucas Moura is not playing in PSG…. what are you waiting for?

    but with Montella in charge… Lucas would go to the bench…… lol italian managers…

    did you see Italy? they play with Darmian instead of Insigne… and Candreva instead of El Shaarawy… no Zaza… no Verratti…. 3 CB and they want to win lool

    they should play 442 its simple…

  7. Ac milan and italy national team got used to mediocre … that’s why milan got montella and italy got ventura .
    If you want a great solid team anyone knows you need a great manager .
    Milan could have signd lippi ‘prandelli’ van gaal ‘ guus hiddink
    ‘ carlo ancelotti ‘ luis enrique ‘ mancini ‘ hell even frank rijkaart or to bring back seedorf atleast he saw the problems at milan and wanted to fix them .. but nooo fassone snd mirrabelli and the new owner li wanted rather montella to stay the most clueless coach aftar ventura
    And the same goes to italy national team ventura serious ? Everyone knew he would be a disaster .

  8. Ventura n montella Wu will u guys prefer to be d head coach of our team.ssck sack who will top coach is free for now only ancelloty he is not ready for the job.just so painful Italy crashed out n my money burn out 20k to win 30k just for a win single game.a game I think will b a walk over.well til 8years time



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