Sassuolo-Milan: The Rossoneri squad

Franck Kessié and Ignazio Abate during training at Milanello. (
Franck Kessié and Ignazio Abate during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face U.S. Sassuolo Calcio on Sunday evening when the clock points 20:45 CET / Italy time at Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore for the 12th matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad for this important encounter.

Andrea Conti, Matteo Gabbia, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura and Niccolò Zanellato are out of the match.

Probable XI (Sky): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Cristian Zapata, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli; Davide Calabria, Franck Kessié, Riccardo Montolivo, Fabio Borini; Suso, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Nikola Kalinić.

Antonio DonnarummaIgnazio AbateFabio BoriniPatrick Cutrone
Gianluigi DonnarummaLuca AntonelliHakan ÇalhanoğluNikola Kalinić
Marco StorariLeonardo BonucciFranck KessiéAndré Silva
Davide CalabriaManuel LocatelliSuso
Gustavo GomezJose Mauri
Mateo MusacchioRiccardo Montolivo
Gabriel Paletta
Ricardo Rodriguez
Alessio Romagnoli
Cristian Zapata


  1. Montella will not be fired even though milan lose 3-0 tomorrow. This is NOT a serious project.

    Milan is doomed.. somebody has made a contract with milan which means that the owners are sabotaging the club.

    They think WRONG on purpose.. this is happening milan.. milan is PAYED by other teams to do wrong. Milan club is a slut… they sold their history for money.. i see NO OTHER reason why a club like milan make SO MANY SIMPLE MISSTAKES YEAR AFTER YEAR.. it is SABOTAGE. Milan club is SOLD.

    • Well i doubt the owners are sabotaging the club after spending close to a bilion dolars on it, its not so easy managing a club this big. I agree a lot of mistakes have been done and that goes on the managing back, Fasone and Mirabelli who belive it or not did this exact same mistakes in Inter. It seems they cant learn from there mistakes similar like Monttela who is stuborn as it could be, and that s why we see the same mistakes over and over again, some people can t admit they were wrong and change. The only mistake of the owners is tolerating this kind of people for to long.

      • You know in the past it took years to create a winning team, bring the right players in etc, guess its still the same, just because you splashed money doesnt mean you have to win instantly, you have Chelsea, City, United etc as a perfect example, look how much money they have spend and how much they have won in the last 10 years, Louis van Gaal 250m rings any bells?

  2. I have no faith left in Montella and if a loss against sassullo is what it takes for him to get sacked , then so be it.

    I hate to say this but I hope we loose and get the hell over with montella now. We are going no where with him in charge.

    • Dear Agni,
      You are such a disappointment to everything Ac Milan stands for…
      Just because you want a coach fired doesn’t mean you should actually wish the team you allegedly support to lose…
      But then again, only true friends sticks with you when the going gets tough..

      • Dear +milan,
        feels like you waited for someone to drop this type of comment so you can tell him how much better Milan fan are you. And your comment is not even original. Bunch of guys here is just waiting to react on comments like this.
        I don’t completely agree with Agni, but I sure understand that guy. If somewhere were written that Milan has to loose game tomorrow so he can win Europa league and finish in top four, I would scream with happiness on every Sassuolo goal. As every sane person would do. I would even change that Chievo win with a loss if we would have beaten Juve and AEK after that.

        • @sheva, i wasn’t waiting for anyone to drop it, ppl have been dropping those kind of comments for some time now.
          It’s one thing to want a coach out and other to want the team to lose.
          P.S if my comment wasn’t original enough, i don’t know what is….

        • Except, it isn’t written anywhere.
          A loss is just a loss of three points.
          No sane fan will ever intentionally wish for a loss no matter what.

          • Hypothetically if we have had lost all of our games before Lazio and Montella got sacked, and hypothetically we replaced him with any coach that has any clue. We would not hypothetically but surely be in better position right now. As a really big Milan fan and clearly insane one, I would be much happier regarding position of my favourite club.

      • Dear +Milan,
        I was, am and will always remain a milan fan. I have no doubts about that and I don’t need to justify that to anyone.

        I have seen milan win and dominate world football and had gotten used to it. So watching us in this state is very hurting.

        All I want is for us to move forward and get better which I doubt is possible under montella.

        So for reaching a long-term objective I am willing to take a step back rather than to continue accepting the mediocrity and regressing.

        Rest you are free to have your own opinion.

        • @Agni,
          The coach could still be sacked regardless of a win or not…. This is the kind of time one can change coaches since the next few weeks are international games…
          So my point is, if fasobelli wants to sack montella, sassualo’s game won’t be their point of reference….

        • Except that losing vs sassuolo is another 3 valuable points dropped, which could be proven vital at the end of the season (It doesnt matter if milan lose vs inter or sassuolo, its still the same 3 points). And for what? So fassone can act like a leader for once and sack morontella? If he had the balls he wouldve done that already. So, unless fassone himself make an ultimatum then i suggest we all just sit tight and enjoy the ride, take the good with the bad, like good milanisti. I mean, if u deliberately hoped for ur drug addict brother to overdose first before he could recover then there might not be opportunity to do just that because od’ing could mean no going back at all.

    • i agree new team has to gel together so what does montella do SQUAD ROTATION stupid nobody knows if they are playing then puts BORINI right wing back when they have abate and calibria natural right backs until conti comes back,

  3. I watched Leipzig – Hannover and forsberg set up 2 goals to help Leipzig come from behind (not what ur dirty minds mean). He really reminds me of nedved, they way he effortlessly switches from left to right and vice versa to control the flow and attacking pattern of his team.
    Seriously, forsberg, Auba, ric rod, musa, kessie and one nice (playmaking) cm like moutinho or fab, he’ll even Borja would’ve been suffice for one Mercato. One of pastore, James or hamsik wouldn’t have hurt either. The damnest thing was players like auba, forsberg and even Renato were offering themselves to Milan but they didn’t do a damn thing about it.
    Imagine Donna; abate, Roma, musa, ric rod; moutinho, loca/bonad10nho, kessie; forsberg, auba/bacca, auba/Suso with serious coach like pellegrini or van gaal at the helm. I really don’t understand why fassobelli trusted Montella.
    Oh, and btw Tottenham played beautifully vs Madrid. Just another 3-5-2 win vs 4-3-3 this season like lazio – Juve (twice) and man city – Liverpool I guess, and it’s only early November

    • I dont see a problem with our signings (beside the one asked by Montella). Our team is strong enough to be in top for. we have one of the best goalkeeper in the world. we have probably the best defender in the world. and we have lots of young talented players. The mystery is why they cant play together!!

      • You don’t see a problem? Man…
        Let me try this one last time.
        In the game called football, the match is won and lost in midfield. Not in attack, not in defense, not in goalkeeping.
        Sure, they make things smooth and they are integral parts of the system. But without proper midfield set up that can actually play the ball, your team is worth nothing.
        Milan’s transfer strategy has been – buy classy defenders, buy strikers, midfield….. nah who cares.

        • Biglia was a beast in Lazio. Kessie was good in 4-3-3. Bona was benched for unknown reasons. Hakan was Great in BundesLiga. We Have loca & Montolivo. Show me one team in serie A who has a better squad beside Juve. Napoli, Roma, Inter are at the same class. Nobody not even you said before that Our squad is bad. But right now you think its bad becuase You believe its our problem! its not! we had a great pre season with 4-3-3. we had a great start with that formation but only after one loss! we switched to 3-5-2. sorry but you are blind to oir problems

          • And you are misquoting me. I have always said our squad lacks the class.

            Biglia beast – that’s what a few people says. I have always been skeptical of that, but most of all, we did not need Biglia when we had Loca and then Monto to cover for him, and then Zanellato coming up. We needed someone younger and better. We needed someone creative and who can play forward.

            And what is this Free Kick Kid was great in BuLi bs. Refer to my other comment here. Pasalic scoring a few goals doesn’t make Pasalic useful, not to mention great.

            Kessie was good for half a season at Atalanta. You may thing we should buy all the one season wonders but guess what, not everyone is Mbappe or Donna. If you but hundreds of one season wonders you might get one or two decent consistent players with world beating abilities. Its better to get proven players when we are facing a tough season where we must do well. Not prospects.

            And again, the biggest fault of Fasobelli was not prioritising transfer targets. They stocked up with luxury transfers before addressing the key situation – a world class playmaker.

            And my glasses are working pretty well, not totally blind yet.

          • Er, no milan didnt have great start with 4-3-3. As a matter of fact, milan had been playing like garbage for 2-3 matches before lazio massacre

        • Ironicly the mid was our week point, and yet thats the place we spent the least amount of money, we spent most on the money in deffence even that we were strongest in the deffence….this speaks volumes for Fasone and Mirabelli managment.

      • Well, in and of itself, the squad is indeed strong enough to even be scudetto contenders, at least in the long run, BUT when new mgmt said this’s LONG TIME project and then later claimed that milan must qf for ucl THIS season or else they’re screwed financially then surely there are ready made players like pastore, darmian, ozil, auba, moutinho/fab, jesus navas, cuadrado who are more of a guarantee when it comes to immediate impact and result than young players who are still far away from their prime years like silva, hakan, conti, kessie and especially borini. Not to mention the ‘genius’ that is morontella at the helm. I dont know about u but personally, ive been hoping for his sacking since 2nd part of last season (u can read all those comments i wrote).
        Making mistakes and being wrong are perfectly acceptable as sometimes its the only way u’ll learn but staying wrong is not. The way i see it, its all fassobelli’s fault for their impulsive spending in mercato and refusal to cut the loss short by sacking morontella. Look at bayern, they didnt have slightest bit of hesitation to sack ance, a legendary coach who just won bundesliga, when things went south. Just last night i saw them molested dortmund in their own turf. Thats what u call mgmt

    • @Milan10 exactly. It is painful to watch other teams play beautiful football and us stuttering.
      Our transfer strategy has been a total failure.
      Pastore Hamsik or James would have been great. Or my choice, Eriksen/Pastore. Forsberg for wings, and some back ups in some positions were enough for a top 4 position.
      Now who knows what will happen at the end of this season…

      • I’ll tell u what will happen mate: 7th position or worse at the end of the season if fassobelli cant/wont do necessary things like axing morontella and buying proper players in winter mercato

      • I do not agree with you mate. I mean did a nice et good preseason and we played very well. Look at the game against Bayern. We dominated them a lot and took the ball all the match. So now why it’s not working ? It’s not the players not even the formation. This is a coach problem. Because Montella didn’t planed nothing for this season, no strategy because when we’re loosing nothing changes we loose, he makes changes after 80 min, he doesn’t even try a different play in a game. I am wondering what did he does in training. Maybe he tells to players play the best you can. So i am sure that the problem doesn’t come from the players because they are good players. The problem is Montella he must be sacked and let’s bring us a better coach who has experienced big europe with bigs matches not that second zone coach.

    • This is an ongoing discussion and my feeling is that the teuth is somewhere in the middle – the transfer market could’ve been handled better, but the current squad is worth more than it’s current position. We also had some bad luck to be fair, and this annoying euro-nothing cup to play in.

      But here is an important point that I think Milan10 was also trying to make – if your financial model states that CL qualification is a must in one year, and if you’ve finished two places behind CL qualification last year, than the optimal transfer strategy is not to destroy everything and build from scratch.

      Building from scratch is not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t go well hand in hand with immediate success. Who’s the most to blame for this is an open question for which we might never have an answer.

  4. What annoys me most is I’ve yet to see the same 11 or even close to it for 2 games in a row
    That probable team is not the best avalible to Montella
    Does he want to lose his job?

    • Good morning. The only coach after ancelotti who really didnt wanted to lose his job was seedorf. All others realised what a CRAP manegement milan has.. and they also realised milan was sold like a slut.. so they lost milan games on purpose to get their final big salary and then leave. Montella is doing the same.. collecting the money due a sack

      • i can agree on that.
        milan used for long time under Berlusconi the history
        but never stand for it
        and the new owners}of course
        how can Berlusconi sell to the right direction
        when he was not driving the club in the right directrion
        he just used the club in the end
        im 100 percent shure
        Berlusconi got some delas with the chinese
        and the chinese never buyed milan for the love or the history

      • Right, thats exactly why juve wanted allegri to replace conte; because allegri’s the kind of coach who likes to lose on purpose

        • You dont see the pattern…montella and allegri both LOVED to play players out of positions.. allegri was in live with flamini and poli which at the BEST were sub players… montella is in love with borini.. they both love 433 and was STUBBORNED to the end with it..

          im not going to countinue… im just getting mad.. both can go to hell

  5. Oh come on why Kalinic and why Free Kick Kid (useless). Someone said about his goals and assists in BuLi last article? I got too depressed to check up last couple of days. Well, this is not BuLi, and Pasalic scored a few goals for us, that does not make him any less useless. So, yeah, free kick kid is useless. He makes me miss Sosa and Honda, I cannot forgive that.
    Give Mauri a run.

  6. what is wrong with, donna abate musachio bonucci romagnoli rodrigues monti kessie suso silva kalinic simple we are not scoring goals so put best 2 strikers together silva and kalinic and montella out asap

  7. A must win, like most matches left in the season. And it’s a tough one, like we should expect against all mid table teams in the near future.

    Haken must wake up, as he’s key to taking the creativie load off Suso. People here are forgetting he’s coming back after half a season of not playing football. He definitely has better quality than what he showed so far. Not world class perhaps, but still should be enough to come with seria a mid-to-lower tier teams.

    One plus we can take from Athens match (I know …, I’ reaching) is the clean sheet, and solid performance by Bonucci. That’s something to build upon.

    Without Jack and with Hakan not on form we’re weak in attack, not to mention Kalanic and Silva that haven’t jelled yet. I would play careful and aggressive football in the first half, and then go for 2 strikers if we’re not leading in 70 minutes.

    It’s a tough one; let’s hope for the best.

  8. There is no way in hell I wish to lose this game. To stand any chance this is a must-win! Napoli next is surely a tough game.

  9. Comment:well said Baresi Dream…. I’m still optimistic Milan can turn around… Someone needs to press the right button #Montella

    • Yeah, there’s not much as fans that we can do but keep hoping. It’s also helpful to remember that it can’t really get worst than this.

  10. Toriera is not yet proven, I think taarbat should come back, palacio and Romulu is good replacement for conti. But Mauri and homes should be allowed to play.

    • Taarabt? Hell no to that fat spoilt brat. Have milan sunk THAT low or did some milanisti not know that there were other ballon d’or winners other than messi and cr7 that they begin to rave about monto, abate, seedorf and least of all, taarabt as if theyre something special?
      If anyone should come to milan its pulisic or pastore

  11. To stick a finger in my own turd has more additional value than letting Montella be in charge of this team.

  12. @Ink when seasoned performers and veterans come to your team and play like they ‘ve never kicked a ball before you should stop and think,yes Kessie,Calhanoglu,RicRod etc are not world class but there’s no way in hell you will tell me or anyone here they are this bad,i mean even if we haven’t watched them play before,common sense tells us no player becomes that highly rated and valued by performing this poorly,i mean we even had to fight with other top clubs to sign them,a team lacks cohesion,players seem lost and you blame quality?not even your so much loved and highly rated primavera graduates have been able to perform consistently.Dont let your hatred for Fassobelli blind you.This is a coach problem there’s no twisting it.

    • Only Biglia is an experienced seasoned player in your list my friend; Kiesse was nobody two season ago, and Hakan is really young and hasn’t played for half a season (it would be a small miracle if he was from the start in the more difficult seria a).

      RicRod is experienced, but imo he’s been solid so far, more or less, and a HUGE improvement over MDS.

  13. I have this impression that we are mixing two tactics in one. This 3412. Im no pro manager. But lever heard of a winning team with that. Why not test a 4231 ? Infact could we try a coach that has won something. Or at least a man that vas a faint idea. ..

  14. Nobody talk about the most aggressive defender we have young and good ,ready to play but Montella never gave him just a seconds on the field, Gustavo Gomez , this Li is making me that China people are fake they don’t last how can you call this a project with your mission and sit down there let mirrabel and his partner destroy Milan just like how they destroy inter Milan, where they were in inter they hardly win anything with their stupid style of buying players….. Back at inter bench are a better team ahead of Everton… Inter always changed the squared every season without arching anything….. Buying player without no plan…. If Gomez, donnarumma,romangnoli,lucatelli,calebria,andre silver, cutrone,clhanoglue go Montella, Mirrabel with his partner should go…. Als some bad will happen to them I will. Keep this within me, we need to team up as fans to push Montella out with twitter #Montellamustgo #changemontella

  15. They should have invested in their youth product slowly integrating them in the first team along side the club legends but the management failed when they let go of all their legends befor bringing in new blood.. specially youth product hence the important values were never passed on to new players… its a desaster as there are no legends even in the board of directors/ managent to reinject those values… the damage is huge and will take a lot to mend/ IF they even manage to… the only hope is Milan Youth Products.

  16. By now if he sacked, Gatusso will be replaced it is even worse, but as I heard Conte will be sack if he lose against Manchester, so we can be hopeful he comes after montella, with his maner and courage I think he can inject excitement to players.

  17. Glad to see Montolivo back in the lineup, even if it is in the absence of Biglia. This guy was the club captain, yet fans and management turned their backs on him. I found it extremely distasteful that we broke the tradition of making the longest tenured player captain (Abbiati should have worn the armband). Now we have taken the captaincy away from a player still on the roster and given it to a brand new arrival. This is not the Milan way. However, the players that have Milan in their hearts will always have my respect. Abate and Montolivo will show what they are made of in the coming weeks.

  18. Guys, I understand that we all want to see #montellaout but believe me, no short term failure is a guarantee for long term success. And also I think that if things won’t change real fast we need to put pressure on Fassobelli, they must manage this better.
    There are talks of Gatusso replacing Montella everywhere while there are many free competent coaches whose names are big enough for these lazy ass players to start playing their best. There are even coaches whom can be lured away from their clubs. And all we hear is “we trust in Montella” and “the most probable candidate is Gatusso”. Wtf!

    • Who do you think we can bring in short notice that’s that better than Montella? I really don’t see someone (apart from Lippi, perhaps) which is an obvious improvement.

      There are situations where you should replace the manager no matter what, like when he looses the backing of leading players, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

      If there’s someone better than Montella that’s willing to come, I’ll be the first to welcome him, but I won’t support sacrificing Montella just to appease the fans, with no real plan for the day after.

  19. Meytar doesn’t post his pre game conference crincums again lol

    Montella says we are on right track and I nearly cried. Are we Crotone?

  20. -out of topic-
    On Fifa ’18:
    – Maldini: 94 rated
    – San Marco and gullit: 93 rated
    – nesta: 92 rated (baresi and Rivera were also 92 rated on Fifa ’17)
    – sheva: 91 rated
    – inzaghi, rijkaard, and Rui Costa: 90 rated (I’m pretty sure Cafu, Pirlo, kaka, weah (89 rated on Fifa ’17), il genio, bonadoni and Baggio in their prime would also be at least 90 rated).
    FYI, best players of this generation, cr7, messi and man neu are rated 94, 93 and 92 respectively. In other words, according to Fifa, San Marco and gullit were just as good as messi and man neu is 2nd best gk of all time behind yashin. Yet even in another words, on Fifa, Milan can make classic all star team full of > 90 rated players with San Marco and gullit as reserve players for borini and kalinic.
    I know what ur dirty minds r thinking; hey, it’s only a game. Well yes, it’s just a game but it’s a game developed by prof.

    P..s. Auba scored whooping > 40 goals last season. Why fassobelli and morontella preferred Kalinic or beloverated, God only knows

    • Mirabelli said Dortmund couldn’t let Auba go…..
      that’s not on us….
      And yes i know Dortmund gave a timeframe to any team willing to sign Auba. But it’s definitely not a coincidence none of the top teams signed i.e Dortmund indeed didn’t want to lose him.

      • Er, not exactly. Actually Dortmund DID allow auba to go but, like u just said, they gave deadline for his signing so they could have enough time to find replacement (that’s according to their mgmt). As it was, only club from China interested in signing him while Milan were busy flirting with morata, auba, Kalinic and beloverated. It turned out that morata only wanted epl and by the time Milan finally focused on Auba the deadline had passed. Milan could’ve signed him if they really tried, especially considering the player himself wanted to join

    • Clueless fans is the icon of milan. Im sorry.. but milan has the MOST STUPID fans in the entire sport world. Im not joking, you enter san siro and you see people wearing milan jersey with galliani on the back. Im telling.. Milan became a JOKE because of the their OWN fans.

      Just read the comments here.. milan10 to begin with

      • You want to defend Montella? You & I can argue for hours but believe it after all, the only important thing is the results! A coach who promised a top 4 finish and not delivering…

        • Im not defending anyone atm, was a simple question regarding your comment towards the fans. I simply thought you had a degree cuz you make it sound like it,by indicating that you know more then most fans in general do.

          I myself have class C junior degree and thought maybe somebody else here where working on their coaching degrees.

  21. Ink, I too didnt want Biglia because of the very high fee with just 6 months left on his contract plus not a young player, infact he wouldnt be my first choice even with the right fee but I agree that he can be considered as a proven player and a top one in his role… thats because most football followers believed him to be. There must always be a few not impress with a player, for example I dont rate Pastore as high as you do but because he’s generally termed as world class then he is. My personal opinion no matter how valid shouldnt really change that. Lets just agree that Biglia’s been captured as a star signing and most importantly Montella sees him as a useful player. He got the players he wanted and he was confident of challenging for top 4.

    Montella was one of my favorites coaches around at Fiorentina and was hopeful of him succeeding with Milan but at this point its becoming clear that another man would do the job better. I dont want to go into details but I think its fair to blame him for most of our problems.

  22. Kevin do u have a personal issue with borini ,cos as far as football is concerned that guy has be doing quite well and am sure he has disappointed and surprised lot of us here,so plss do not single out borini like he is the cause of our problems,I tell u something if all Milan players have the same zeal as borini the recent club wud have been far better in a better position ,show some respect to borini ,he defends and support attack well

  23. Buy di Marie and get Tarrant on cheap,why cos we need pace and players who can beat individuals one on one to open space for our strikers.trying to play through middle of teams is slow predictable and rely g on suso is all we have and opponents know this.also a playmaker cos we only have suso who is good on ball

  24. At first I thought there’s a problem in tactics, now I see there are far deeper problems, psychological. And that is Montella’s fault I’m afraid. Players seem lost, without hunger, playing like someone holds a gun to their heads

    • of course.i mean they depend total on the coach
      to be able inplant a tactic and a system over the players
      let them play in their positions
      and motivate them
      the players have ment to play with problems anyway
      as 11 new players dont work after some weeks or months
      nothing great was build over night
      but he way the players are on the field is 100 percent
      the reflection of montellas inability

  25. Comfortable win. I like second half performance. Bonucci is getting better. but what happened with Calha? He seems doesn’t fit with this 3421 or 3412 system. and Kalinic should be replaced at second half. He doesn’t look like a good striker



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