Team news: AEK Athens were without Dmytro Chygrynskiy and Petros Mantalos while Milan had to do without Luca Antonelli, Davide Calabria, Andrea Conti, Gustavo Gomez, Gabriel Paletta, Matteo Gabbia, Lucas Biglia and Giacomo Bonaventura. Kickoff for Matchday 4 of the EL was 19:00 CET.

AEK Athens (3-4-1-2) – Manolo Jiménez
Giannis Anestis; Ognjen Vranješ, Uroš Ćosić, Michalis Bakakis; Rodrigo Galo, Jakob Johansson, André Simões, Hélder Lopes; Tasos Bakasetas (66′ Konstantinos Galanopoulos); Lazaros Christodoulopoulos (60′ Marko Livaja), Sergio Araujo (79′ Giorgos Giakoumakis).
Unused: Tsintotas, Tzanetopoulos, Giannoutsos, Ajdarević, Vlachomitros.

AC Milan (3-4-1-2) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Mateo Musacchio, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli; Fabio Borini, Riccardo Montolivo, Manuel Locatelli (67′ Franck Kessié), Ricardo Rodriguez; Hakan Çalhanoğlu; Andrè Silva (81′ Nikola Kalinić), Patrick Cutrone (46′ Suso).
Unused: Storari, Abate, Zapata, Mauri.

Referee: Manuel De Sousa (POR).


    • Ok this is getting embarrassing now. Montella says the boys are eager for success and are working hard so what’s the issue? It’s you Montella with your half-assed tactis and lousy substitutions. And he’s had time and the players to make this work but hasn’t so fire him. Fire him ASAP. Bring back Seedorf and I’ll bet this team will play better starting tomorrow. Anyone but this clown.

  1. They took the arm band from monty and gigio for a bitch who is crying out for a yellow card on the last chance to get us 3 point, WTF, where is the fitness? where is the acclaimed ball posesion? disgusting game, two scared teams, closest we got from montolivo a 32 year old that is hated for being slow, sack this idiot now, he lost the dressing room already, I miss Seedorfs’s tactics and Miha’s strong personality, Montella is clueless, he likes to gives excuses so the team know he is a clown, again 7 defenders disgusting

    • Sad but spot on 🙁 I have never seen Milan play this bad, if Monttela has any decency he will resing, thats the best for every one at this moment. But i have a feeling no matter who will be the next coach 3man defence is going hear to stay.

      • Like Montella said its not the tactics, but the approach on the game, and im sorry but this team has a loser mentality, they are so afraid of bad results that no one has the balls to go foward and do something out of the ordinary, for what I can see, there is no trust beteween milan players, broken team its a burden for them tu put milan shirt good players being outplayed by shitty teams, is not only milan’s reputation being lost, what about Bacca, de sciglio and monty for example wanted by madrid when they played at their peak?

    • Lol mate, your 100% correct. I didn’t read your comment before I commented but were on the same wavelength

  2. What on GOD’S earth did I see just now for 90 mins…..absolutely pathetic……trust me guys if we play like this, Napoli will thrash and gives us a beating of our life….first 45 mins each milan players acting like zombies,playing with no purpose and second half Suso comes in it gets a bit better but well then suddenly something happens they all stopped playing some of them didn’t even know what football means at all… fluidity no connectivity amongst themselves and no tactic and game plan……God save us from further embarrassment something is not right with coach neither management…..they bought quantity and class is for everyone to see…..forza milan

  3. Im just tired of Montella at this point, ive been backing no… i’m not tired, i’m exhausted… i thought he could turn this around, but game by game is proving me wrong unfortunately. I cant take more of this football, with all the money spent, we’re actually stagnating? We were a better footballing side last season… appalling.
    But who are we supposed to bring in? Hope for a loss for Chelsea so maybe we can get Conte during the international break.

    • Wow. There is a God after all.. Milanista 121 gave up? That’s two down ( u and Kourosh). Waiting for the third. You know who you are lol

    • What’s crazy is that Guttuso is the most likely person to take over from Montella.

      Sousa and Mazzarri dont seem interested to take over as an interim coach. Milan board also seem determined to get Conte who wont be available until next summer.

      Even if he gets sack from Chelsea now he will want to start fresh at Milan. So he will need the summer to prepare and build his team which is smart.

      We are still paying the price for sacking Seedorf whose team played better football compared to Allegri, Inzaghi, Mihajlovic and Montella.

      • Yeah, but Gattuso isnt showing anything tactically… maybe he can shout and scare the players to perform, and do what they do best…

        Seedorf was a magician tbh, zero coaching experience and made us play so well, even with THAT squad, only reason he was sacked was that he said the thing about 75 % of the team had to be changed, it hadnt to do with Poli, Abate and Monto rumoured to have conspired against him, that was just a cover-up even if that did happen, or that he didnt provide results, because he did, and the football we were playing as well at times. Most memorable games were against Juve, Atleti and Samp, we were playing so fluid football in the last game…

        • Yeah, i agree. I would have really like to see what Seedorf could have done with this squad.

          There are rumors that Paulo Sousa accepted an offer from China to take over from Cannavaro.

          At this point i would offer the job to Walter Mazzari or Prandelli.

          I mean, not my first choice coach but i cant foresee them doing any worst than Montella.

          Maybe Guidolin is an option. Who knows.

          Gattuso is definitely a no go for me. Too much experimenting with inexperience coaches will lead to more problems especially the teams morale.

          • Seedorf has no experience. 4 mediocre months at Milan and 6 horrible months in China. He should work as an assistant or in the lower divisions first.

  4. I never ever imagine in my life milan level would go down like tonight though being a milan supporter since 93 jeez I feel like banging my head in the wall…….

  5. Didn’t get to watch the game, but I read somewhere that Milan had ZERO touches in the opponent’s box in the first half. That just seems incredibly to me. Only one shot on goal for the match, so yet again nothing is being created. Love it or hate it, but Montella will be fired tomorrow. Maybe someone else will get more out of this team – how could it not improve at this point?

    • Milan needs a strong disciplinarian with authority. Bonucci is a head case at Juventus. They fire him. MIlan instead hires him, gives him a huge salary and makes him captain..

  6. I was hoping for the normal ‘ We would have won had Montolivo’s ball not hit the post.
    Guess people are tired of recycling the excuses.
    The team plays as if they don’t train. U can bash the players all you want but besides Borini, all of them were actually good in their previous teams. Did they become shit after just 2 and half months?
    We had to fight for Kessie
    we had to fight for Biglia
    We had to fight for Conti
    we had to fight for Bonucci
    We made a huge effort for Silva
    Hakan was reaaaaally good and everyone knows that
    Rodriguez had the best season on any defender in Buli last season

    But here we are.

    • 1. half a season wonder
      2. not really someone we needed
      3. same as above
      4. definitely not someone we needed
      5. personally i did not want him
      6. he sucks and i have always said that
      7, ricrod is good but not so much better than mds

      • It’s not about who we needed or not. That’s a different discussion. Point is they became worse in Milan and that should raise an eyebrow. We can all subjectively say who we wanted/needed. The list will be endless.
        Personally, there was not a single player signed that was part of those I wanted. I thought a real playmaker would be the first on our list cos I will always bet on Bacca.
        But it still doesn’t beat the fact that all the players we bought have miraculously had a drop in value big time

        • Kessie Conti Silva still were one season wonders. You cannot say that definitively about them three. Fair about Bonucci and apparently Biglia.
          Free Kick Kid never did anything to catch my eye.

          • I agree, Kessie isn’t better than kucka, conti isn’t better than abate, silva isn’t better than bacca, biliga isn’t better than montolivo, freekick boi isnt better than bonaldihno and lord bonucci isn’t improving our defense at all, instead with his long balls he is disrupting our play

          • @ INK . Well the fact that you call him free kick kid and still say he never did anything to catch your eye is a paradox. He got everyone talking about him in BuLi. Before we bouh him he had played 14 matches, 6 goals, 5 assists for Leverkulsen. The season they bought him from Hamburg he had 28 matches,11 goals, 4 assists as a CAM. And how old was he? 19yrs.
            So clearly u don’t know much about him. His game and stats have been consistently better than even Suso who has 12 goals in 62 Milan matches.

          • @Maka, funny how you have to bring up 5 years ago to defend him. Most of those goals and assist are from set pieces. His overall play has never been that impressive. Ask the Leverkusen fans. You only look at stats, not the games.

      • dude u make me laugh

        Hakan sucks…. yea that’s why he played so well in bundesliga…

        in fact anyone who goes to Milan starts playing shit.


        but i laugh even more when people here say Suso and Bonaventura are our best players…. ahhaha

        miss El Shaarawy so bad.

        And ure saying that a RB and LB weren’t needed? So Calabria and Abate and MDS…. Wooooooooooow god full backs…

        • Which LB did I say we did not need?
          I said RicRod is not necessarily a step up. That does not mean I said he wasn’t needed.
          RicRod MDS Antonelli Abate Calabria were my picks for fullbacks.
          Glad to make you laugh.
          And he played so well in BuLi? Better than Gotze Schurrle Reus and all?
          I disagree. All he did was take free kicks.

          • @Ink

            Not a step up? serioulsy? Which LB available on the market then except Ric?

            And why would Milan buy more injured players like Reus or Gotze? yea i agree with you…they are definitely better than Hakan… but they might play just a few games in a season.

            And then u should ask yourself… do they really want to play for Milan?

          • Let’s wait to pass judgement on the players after a real coach arrives. I’m willing to bet Conte can turn this lot into top 4 as they are.

  7. Players are frustrated and not motivated at all. Dunno if they have issues with Montella but there must be something behind the curtain that we don’t know about. Whatever it is they must solve it asap!

    • At this point they must have lost faith in the coach, and a few must be regreting joining milan, I just cant see Montella fixing this, he has a shtty personality full of ego, he will never succed at a big team because of this, Players don’t care about his goalscoring skills at his prime he cares about a good coach wich he is not.

    • All balls needs to go to suso, kalinic pass to suso, bonucci long pass to the opositions center back so suso steal the ball, Suso is crap that’s why liverpool rejected him and miha hated him, he could be our 10 but he think he is 7 come on… Suso could be good if he stop being so selfish, reminds me of bonaldiho of previous seasons

  8. Better 2nd half and Motolivo was good. The only thing I see lacking is that zeal to win. Atimes our players are very lazy..
    For montella he hasto go and we hire Milan quality of a Coach.
    Montella is mid table coach.

    • Yes he did score a good goal. But I recall there is a coach who said Bacca did not fit into his plans because he doesn’t like his style of play and forced him out.
      That was not Mirabelli nor Fassone

      • I remember certain fans as well.
        But as it turned out, Bacca played and scored. He was a professional and he and Lapa both played. I am not talking about any coach. And if the coach is brought into the discussion, how did he ‘force’ him out?

  9. At least we are well positioned in the group. Whoever the next coach is won’t have to focus too much on the EL until the next stage.

  10. If we get a new manager… I think he should rescue Bacca, i don’t like him but he’s better than all we have now.

  11. I agree montella is in a bad position right now and he definitely deserves the sack. But giving him the sack and to appoint gattuso is complete non sense. Who knows he may revitalize the team but hrs been terrible for every team he’s coached and isnt doing anything with the primavera. We’d be in a worse situation. Also history of old legends becoming our managers hasn’t worked to our favour. I never wish for anyone to get fired but if Conte does he needs to join milan asap. Him ancelotti or simeone would change this team but Conte has that special something and his tactics will fit milan perfectly. If we sack montella and appoint gattuso this season is a write off and then next year we’ll be in a bad bad situation

    • I doubt Conte will join Milan now if he gets sacked. It would not be a smart move on his part. Most likely Conte will be Milan’s coach next summer according to rumors.

      I am not a fan of Gattuso or any rookie coach. If thats the case we might as well sell all 11 new players.

      Maybe Gattuso can turn this around but his record says otherwise. Really dont know what will happen.

      • Sucks to say right now we’re in a lose-lose situation. Either two miracles can happen. Montella turns things around or Conte joins before January, if the rumours are true he will be our coach next summer it would give him a nice jump start this year

    • At least Gattuso has a big personality, not like the little porno boy ! Gattuso is so choleric that he can make bonucci fly away if he doesn’t respect what he says !! The only good thing in this moment is that little porno boy be sacked as soon as possible

  12. Yeaaaahhhh go aek !!! Go montella !!! This is not AC Milan anymore this is AC Montella now guys …. if this doesn’t get montella fired i don’t know what will . … what a disgrace

  13. @Ink, when you talk about a season wonder players not Conti, Silva just maybe kessie. These guys have got potentials to be top players just like a season star mbanpe keep shining for psg. Do you watch Man United Fellaini n young before the arrival of Jose, can you compare d new being n belief in those players now not even when fans were against fellaini yet morinho kept playing him and made him belief in himself. Coach has got a lot to do on mentality of players.
    Take it or leave it, Seedorf to me is a better tactician compare to Montella. Montella is too predictable. These present Milan team can be very productive with a better coach. So therefore let stop giving excuses for montella’s failure. I just hope Milan can scout Jardim of Monaco as well. Conte and D.Simeoni are perfect fit for Milan.

  14. So one thing I didn’t quite understand from the comments here – are people happy with Montella’s work or not?

    • im frustrated to see no off the ball movement at all
      the players eather do realy what the coach wants from them
      wait untill the ball kisses their feet
      or they realy have a problem with montella and just dont do anything
      but in the end its the coach who is the one who needs to keep the direction
      and im not happy what has monutella made
      a static team with no hunger
      i mean watching them it hurts realy
      just standing around and waiting
      will never work
      specialy against teams who sit deep or mark tight
      athen has Always looking much more explosiv
      when it was about going forward
      i realy cant agree more then NIELS8
      possesion with no off the ball movement
      zero explosivness

    • perfect ..better no explanation;
      no off the ball movement at all
      as if the coach teaches them
      wait the ball to kiss your feed

  15. One last time. For ink et al, Hakan was never a useless player or free kick kid as you call him. 19 yr old in Hamburg he plays 28 matches, scores 11 with 4 assists.
    Before Milan bought him he had played 14, scored 6, assisted 5. Even Suso has 12 goals in 62 matches for Milan.
    Put Messi in this system of Bonucci long balls and our sideways passing and nothing will change. For the last time it’s not about the players. U need a system. Theirry in his brilliant analysis explained how Guardiola substituted him when he had scored just because he moved from the position he had told him to be in. So to those still blaming players… Keep the fire burning. The joke of the coach comes to every press conference with ” I saw positive Play”
    And if we see Hakan is invisible as u say, why does the coach CONSISTENTLY play him. Is that on Hakan or the coach? Jeeez

  16. Bonucci was incredible. Not only solid in the back but also as the play maker for the team. Where was Hakan ?

  17. Comment: I have this queation. How would Milan have looked if Galliani had transfer kitty of 200million….

    • He would have spent 50m of that 200m, it’s not the players it’s the coach and his tactics especially that 3 man defence.

  18. Milan is so screwed right now. Milan just needs a change of coach now, bring in anyone and release Montella asap. Fassobelli are the real problem here cos they’ve given Montella so much assurance that he practically jokes with every Milan game. You can tell from his press conferences that he is not under any pressure as he seems unconcerned.
    Seedorf won’t want to come back to be treated like scum again by Milan, why should he come to steady the ship for a juventini to come take over?
    Must Fassobelli announce all Milan’s moves to the world? That’s why even Sousa and Mazzari don’t want to come right now. If a coach knows that his performance will be judged by the end of the season, his motivation will be different. But you tell him straight up that be season’s end, he will be replaced and you expect him to come and take up your vacant job?
    Bring on Gattuso as this team has quality. Gattuso may not have good tactical attributes but he will shout the passion back into the boys. Once that passion is there, this team will get results. Its not the coach that goes onto the pitch, its the boys

  19. Hope they don’t get Conte, that guy is not reliable at all. Look at him, acting like a little spoiled brat when things don’t turn his way, threatening to leave. No stability with him

    We need now experience above all and Ancelotti is the man. If he won’t join then at least Cesare Prandelli. Capello and Lippi are past their best

    Persuade Seedorf to be an asistant to any of them experienced coaches, he is a star coach material

    • I think the reason he is doing this is because he misses Italy and just wants a way out. And apparently his players are unhappy with his intense training sessions – spoiled brats, did the same the year after they won the league with Mou as well. Conte woul definitely improve our side, they all need someone, he has the Gattuso grinta but then some tactical know-how, the one thing that speaks against this unholy union is his inability to provide the goods in UCL, this doesnt work with the Milan DNA…
      If we’re waiting til the summer, I hope Ancelotti joins.

      • Conte is exactly the coach we need. I was just reading how he ripped his players after they lost to Roma. That’s what Milan players need, they need to be publicly embarrassed by their coach and called out. We play total garbage and Montella always says he is satisfied – well, if the coach is satisfied, the players won’t put any more effort into their work – why should they? Bring in Conte and make Seedorf or Gattuso assistance (or both). Gattuso won’t have a problem ripping into them, he bleeds red and black. He gave his life for Milan jersey and he won’t take the laziness and lack of motivation from current players.

      • Conte won with that Juventus team in 2011, I was never a fan of his tactics but what he did with that italy team in the euros was absolutely crazy. The guy gets results and knows how to make players perform beyond their expectation, so he turned me from a hater to a believer. I now like Conte and he would be perfect for milan. Ancelotti him and even prandelli Ill take. Tbh we’ve been chasing ancelotti around and he always gives an excuse so seems like he doesn’t want a return So let him be

        • Yes I know, I was also turned into a believer after the euros, but he is still underwhelming when it comes to UCL so far. Ancelotti I think is afraid to ruin his legacy, but with more of a financial backing I think he wouldnt mind returning. We’ll see, just hope that the next coach is someone who will allow us to improve further…

      • I don’t agree at all Ted. Conte is a top coach. Prolly top 3 at the moment.
        Chelsea didn’t reinforce last summer and expect him to win on all 3 fronts.
        They sold Matic against his wishes and brought in a young, inexperienced midfielder who had a good year ina soft league.
        I don’t blame Conte for getting pissy as he’s the one left holding the bag at the end of the day. It’s his rep on the line.

        • Lol, Chelsea didn’t spend? Morata 80m bakayoko 40m drinkwater 40m rudiger 35m musonda and Christensen back from loan. There is no excuse and atop over rating Matic.

  20. we don’t have a world class player apart from bonnuci n he as drop form any coach dat come will still perform poorly even if he tries we Av mediocre players in d squad elshawary is far better Dan 90percent of our players am certain if he was a Milan player he would start n carry d team along bcoz he as done it before we just wasted money on dis transfer without buying a name or quality players not quantity what is Wot doing is wot doing well. d management should av Atlist buy quality players in each department of d squad.forza milan

  21. Stop blaming our players guys. As far as i am concern, our problem is the coach and I’ve also noticed sometinz in ds new milan of some past seasons now, any player we get sucks as soon as they start wearing that milan shirt… ds time, even if we get messi and ronaldo together they will still suck in milan……why ? Am i the only one seeing that ?

  22. What Montolivo said after the match “We need to grow in terms of character, play less long balls, play more balls on the deck and play at a quicker tempo.” I agree with him and exactly the problems I see. About the character, its Montella who’s lack of it is encouraging those long balls from the so-called leader Bonucci. Montella’s style has always been playing the ball on the ground with some creative moves but Bonucci has changed all of that on his own to boring inaccurate long balls that are sent like a shot. All our forwards are marked before anything because Bonucci moves with the ball in such slow motion, looking only up field and even when the midfielders are free, he still sends it to the marked forwards. That’s so stupid and he keeps doing it. Montella cowardly unwilling to address him just not piss him off. Changing formation and playing style just for a single player who’s not as good as he think. For Montella’s dealing with Bonucci alone which shows completely lack of character, he should leave. Not Gattuso but I dont see Sousa or Prandelli doing any worse. There are lot capable coaches but I just wanna keep the list short.

  23. And I’m tired of people saying bonucci is useless and why did we buy him. In the summer teams like Barcelona psg chelsea were watering at the mouth waiting for him and we took the world by surprise by buying him at a DISCOUNT. Stop using him as the scapegoat that he’s the reason we changed formations he’s the reason we have no creativity. Sure hes had a poor start but he’s been getting better. If you guys watch games you’d understand that the team is playing like crap not just bonucci. In 9 games we have not scored a goal in 6 of them, is that bonuccis fault? At this point it’s our attack that’s poor because they don’t score. Bacca may not have fit this style of play but he’s a finisher. I actually miss him cause he knows how to put that ball in the net. It’s montellas job to get their heads back into it and make them perform like they should because this team on paper is a force to be reckoned with. Not many teams can say they have the defence like we do. Name a team that has players of the calibre as bonucci romagnoli musacchio with zapata and paletta as subs and reserves. We get the best out of our players we’re a great team. Unfortunately I thought montella would be able to but he’s proving us wrong. We need a striker and manager who can get these players back to what they should be. It’s been a bad month and half

  24. All the players we bought are mediocre crap
    That would sit on the bench at any decent club, and montella is a mid table coach
    Who has never won anything or coached a top team, his appointment was a mistake.
    The game v aek was a disgrace and
    Napoli will pound the shit out of us.
    We will prob lose v sasoullo and montella will be sacked like allegri was sacked after a loss to sasoullo.

  25. On Thursday I was very disappointed from Milan I am a greek heart-fan of Milan, I took the train from my work on Thursday evening and there were some Italian hooligans in it. Later they saw AEK fans and they started chasing them wearing fullfaces, helmets and other shit and then they destroyed all the station train by smashing and burning everything..and they attacked to us..the civilians and ppl was crying from fear of killing…

  26. Currently, I’m watching Leipzig – Hannover and forsberg’s already set up 2 goals to help Leipzig come from behind (not what ur dirty minds mean). He really reminds me of nedved, they way he effortlessly switches from left to right and vice versa to control the flow and attacking pattern of his team.
    Seriously, forsberg, Auba, ric rod, musa, kessie and one nice (playmaking) cm like moutinho or fab, he’ll even Borja would’ve been suffice for one Mercato. One of pastore, James or hamsik wouldn’t have hurt either. The damnest thing was players like auba, forsberg and even Renato were offering themselves to Milan but they didn’t do a damn thing about it.
    Imagine Donna; abate, Roma, musa, ric rod; moutinho, loca/bonad10nho, kessie; forsberg, auba/bacca, auba/Suso with serious coach like pellegrini or van gaal at the helm.



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