Milan-Genoa: The Rossoneri squad

The squad during training at Milanello. (
The squad during training at Milanello. (

Here is the squad of Milan.

AC Milan face Genoa C.F.C on Sunday afternoon when the clock points 15:00 CET / Italy time at Stadio San Siro for the 9th matchday of the 2017/18 Serie A and the Rossoneri coach Vincenzo Montella has named his squad for this encounter.

Luca Antonelli, Andrea Conti, Gabriel Paletta, Matteo Gabbia and Niccolò Zanellato are out of the squad.

Probable XI: Gianluigi Donnarumma; Mateo Musacchio / Cristian Zapata, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli; Fabio Borini, Franck Kessié, Lucas Biglia, Ricardo Rodriguez; Suso, Giacomo Bonaventura; Nikola Kalinić.

Antonio DonnaurmmaIgnazio AbateLucas BigliaPatrick Cutrone
Gianluigi DonnaurmmaLeonardo BonucciGiacomo BonaventuraNikola Kalinić
Marco StorariDavide CalabriaFabio BoriniAndré Silva
Gustavo GomezHakan ÇalhanoğluSuso
Mateo MusacchioFranck Kessié
Ricardo RodriguezManuel Locatelli
Alessio RomagnoliJose Mauri
Cristian ZapataRiccardo Montolivo


  1. Line up: Calabria, Zapata, Romagnioli, Rodriguez, Biglia, Bonucci(not defense but also not midfield), Bonaventura, Borini, Cahanoglu, Kalinic
    Formation: 2-2-1-1-3-1
    Tactics: Get them long balls forward

    Forza Montella!

  2. With almost a full squad to choose from, Montella, Once again, faces the gargantuous task of picking the right formation FROM THE START.

    Last game around, I gave a bold prediction of a high-scoring match against the lowly AEK Athens and we all know how that ended up.

    As i’ve learned my lesson, I’m refraining from repeating such a mistake and instead will just share my thoughts of how this Milan can take 3 points ( If any ) in this match.

    Starting by the defence:

    Simply, Stop allowing our captain to play long passes when building from the back.

    Bonucci’s long passes is a great asset to any team don’t get me wrong, But only when used the correct and right way.

    Playing wide is the right option here against a crowded middle where defenders can easily clear.


    Regardless of who plays, The regista and his surrounding me’zzali should help both the defence & attack when in possesion by being compact and MOVING CLOSE to the ball.

    Time and time again, I see our midfielders shying away from the ball especially when the opposing team is applying pressure in our third.

    Finally, The attack:

    Having two striksers is a double edged sword.

    Yes, they can cause problems for their markers. But can also turn the whole match into a “Long-ball & run” rendering our tactical setup obsolete.

    I hope Silva ( if he plays ) will act as a false 9 and moves deeper to pick the ball while his partner ( Cutrone/Kalinic ) should make the runs/bully the defence to create more space.

    All in all, I may sound like a Fifa Manager enthusiast, But believe me, I’ve never even played the game.

    Other than watching football from a young age, I have no experience whatsoever.

    So, take my words with a grain of salt.

    And last but not least, Forza Milan !!

  3. Comment:The problem with Milan is the coach,no starting Eleven,different set of players every matches, different formation.. i believe the coach is really confused… all the same wish him best of luck tomorrow..

  4. I’m just astonished by the so many calls for Seedorf. Seriously, I’m lost for words. I mean there should be some logic behind it that I don’t know but the guy was sacked by a team from China’s second tier and out of job since.

    Obviously I love Seedorf as a legend of ours but what has he ever done to deserve all this credit as a coach? He’s done absolutely nothing, his coaching career is almost non-existent and people want him on the bench at the expense of Montella. Are we talking about the same Clarence Seedorf or does he have a brother coach? At this point Pippo has achieved more and is a better candidate! I can’t imagine him and his silly grin on the Milan bench again.

    • Not a long reply: Couple of months under him and I saw Milan that played with more idea and beauty than with any of his successors. Intelligent man = good coach.

    • Seedorf did far better in 6 months than Inzaghi and Mihajlovic did in a year with better players and a whole summer to prepare the team.

      So Seedorf’s bad experience in China is nothing important to discredit his coaching ability.

      I prefer a top manager at milan next summer to give him time to prepare the team but if Montella gets sack now i can 100% assure you that if we go for an interim manager like Gattuso, it will be a disaster.

      Gattuso hasnt even achieve any results to make him a candidate to coach a primavera team.

      Therefore, i personally would prefer Seedorf if we cannot get a quality coach like Conte.

      Zidane did well in Madrid even though he has world class players but i believe Seedorf would have done the same with our young squad if he was given a fair chance and the support that inzaghi and Montella got from the Milan board of directors.

      I am not a fan of Mazarri and Paulo Souza.

      Best case Prandelli, Hiddink or Pelligrini but most top level coaches will not take over a team in mid season. Its a risk that can tarnish their career.

      • Inzaghi is doing great at his new club! he was doing great at youth team! the problem with him in Milan was bad players that were against him. I actually love his style of coaching. did you ever seen his recent games? probably not.

    • I am with you in that Koroush. Seedorf is not going to make this team work, but imo nor is Montella. Only a strong and experienced coach is our way forward.

    • well.
      for me milan must be milan.
      i did not have a problem whoever buyes milan.the chinese or the arabs or italian\
      but who runs milan
      who makes decisions for milan
      who are the faces represent milan.
      and yes when seedorf got sacked
      many maybe all milan fans have been shocked
      the way he got kicked out
      and considering how the team changed to play in such a short time under him
      gave lot os milanista hope
      that he could have been a good man to give trust too
      but greedy succes hungry money business man
      never wanna give trust in man like seedorf or maldini
      becouse this man carry in blood the soul of milan
      when they speak they speak wisdom and truth
      they have been champions on pitch and are man with pride
      they speak where it hurts the greedy becouse they are not for money they are for the love to the colours
      so yes
      i do believe
      if there should be a change in milan now
      should be more drastical and not just on the surface
      fasobelli is inter in blood and money in brain
      milan dont need that to be succesfull
      milan is a club with history
      that does not need to be handled like chelsea or mc city
      we have won it all
      and we have winning in our dna
      but when u cut of the pride
      thats what we have
      my suggestion is
      milan is maldini and all the man who made milan milan
      so give maldini what he wants
      and bring back seedorf
      apologize in the name of milan and let him work with maldini together
      better then sosa mazaratti or any of the other short term solutions to replace montella
      the only thing what would give milan a boost and all its players
      is seeing milan beeing representet by milan
      come on
      having maldini around or a guys like fasobelli
      having seedorf or montella
      i mean thats my opinion
      milan will rise once having his pride restored
      that is not possible made with money
      i could never imagined a milan without maldini after sold
      how can we belive we will get back where we where
      when we disrespect the verry humans who did that work
      the players on the pitch
      so yes again
      fasobelli and montella
      maldini and seedorf
      then we see how the guys run on the field

    • Although I feel and somewhat agree with you, do you remember the six month reign he had when he took over from Allegri?
      Honestly, he did an extraordinary job with an incredibly limited squad. I always wondered what he would do with a squad like the one we have now. And another thing is that he wouldnt be afraid to drop Bonucci if it was needed to as he has the balls to make such a decision. I’m with nick and Sheva on this one, although I would prefer Ancelotti or Conte, as probably anyone would for that matter…

  5. Please don’t be surprised if some of our players decide to play against Montella tomorrow in order to oust him.Reasons is
    1] He is playing most of our best players out of position.
    2] Most of the old player are against Bonucci’s captaincy.
    3] These players have their world cup chances at stake and Montella’s poor tactics is not helping them at all.
    Forza Milan

  6. God, Napoli inter is an advert for Italian football. In other news.I want to ask a question,this 3 5 2 formation is it part of the prerequisite for the elliot fund? Because I don’t understand why we must play it @ all cost..

  7. Ancelotti as coach and Seedorf his assistant. Needless to say more

    In other news Montella plans to deploy 3421/343 against Genoa. I think we’ll see different Milan tomorrow especially with Suso and Jack on their places. What I’m irritated about is Montella plans to put Kalinić up front. I want to see Silva with those two on the wings

  8. Seedorf is an appealing choice any time for me considering his spectacular 6 months on our bench, he is light years ahead of Inzaghi. I don’t wish Montela to be sacked and if Bona is raising a group to work against the progress of the team because he feels he should be captain, then he is not even a captain material and loves his selfish interest more than the team’s interest.

  9. I hope montella can turn things up but in case he doesn’t I nominate “Marco Giampaolo” I know many will be like what the hell .. but this guy got it and soon or later he will be a big name in coaching world at least in Italy when he gets a chance with a better team .

  10. Anyone noticed Valencia in La Liga. Last 5 matches with the following scores:
    5 – 0
    2 – 3
    3 – 2
    3 – 6
    4 – 0
    Total: 21 goals scored in the last 5 games and 10 in the last 2. Impressive considering they beat 5th place Bets by 6 away and 4 again 6th place Sevilla.
    This is the same Valencia that for the last two seasons have been changing coaches and losing. Heck they even got Neville. They were 12th last season. This is Valencia Coach Marcelino’s first season at the club and they are so fearless. 2nd in La Liga. Beating teams with arguably the most impressive football in Spain now.
    Why does Milan alwaaaaaays have an excuse for mediocrity?

  11. Long time guys. Whats happening with milan?Montella has lost the dressing room,thats why no matter how good a manager he is,no matter what tactic he deploys,it just wont work.Same thing happened with Mourinho at chelsea,same with Ancelotti this season.Ask yourself why players that were fantastic at their clubs last season all of a sudden seem to have no zeal,no desire to play,i remember people calling kessie all sorts of names during preseason from tank to beast to bullduzzor to Rjikaard jnr,i also remember people likening Biglia to Pirlo and all of a sudden we label them flops?waste of money?how come this guys go to their national teams and perform,do you know how instrumental biglia is to argentina?No matter how good Montella is,if he cant get the players back on his side starting from genoa’s match then he really has to go. I’m really baffled to see people asking for Simone Inzaghi and Gasperini.These guys were once like Montella,many people forget Montella finished 4th with fiorentina for 3 consecutive seasons,also taking them to the europa league semi finals playing far better footballthan both these coaches,when some milan fans talk these days i begin to wonder when they started supporting milan or even watching football. Some people said we should we should have made Maldini our D.S,and i ask myself who does that?if you own a company do you put your brother who has no experience in charge or do you put someone who has experience of working with top companies?before guardiola was appointed barca coach he had to coach the youth team,same thing with zidane.maldini was offered a position he declined,abbiati was offered a position he accepted same thing with gattuso,no matter what you’ve done for the club you work your way up,tomorrow gattuso might have the opportunity of being the coach,abbiati might also have the opportunity to be the D.S,so lets put sentiments aside and call it as it is.

  12. Montella will win tomorrow but eventually he will be fired,he’s inconsistent and not cut for a top club.

  13. According to Sky Sport Italia and Mediaset Premium, Montella will change to a 3-4-2-1 shape, effectively mirroring that used by Ivan Juric’s Genoa.
    Fabio Borini and Jack Bonaventura retain wide roles, but Suso and Hakan Calhanoglu support centre-forward Kalinic, who returns from the start after a thigh injury on international duty.
    Milan (probable): G Donnarumma; Zapata, Bonucci, Rodriguez; Borini, Kessie, Biglia, Bonaventura; Suso, Calhanoglu; Kalinic

  14. Montella’s last chance. I don’t really see how he can steer this ship around, especially with all this rotation and formation changing.

    Montella days are numbered I believe, but if I were Mr. Li the first guy I fire is Mirabelli. He is the main guy behind our transfer strategy (though Fassone and Montella share a huge part of the blame), and it should be clear to everyone by now that we didn’t get our 200 mil worth.

    Our squad was worth 6th place, and 200 mil should have been enough to get us a top 4 quality squad. This whole “destroy everything and build from scratch approach” of mgmt predictably can’t work in just one season.

    Some of us were skeptical about a lot of the signings, and no I’m not talking about Borini whose cost is insignificant. We spent too much on positions least needed fixing (CB and RB), and not enough reinforcement on the wings which is crucial for 4-3-3 which relativly well throughout most of the season.

    So far this season is a failure, no argument there. But this failure has three names, and Mirabelli’s name is on top.

    • Mirabelli’s strategy is based on Montella’s tactics… I don’t agree with you….Montella asked for a player for a certain position and Mirabelli tried to bring that player, if it wasn’t possible, Montella asked for another player in that position !!! Montella is on top and he is the main culpable for this situation. He asked for Bonucci, he sold Niang, he sold Kucka, he played all the preseason 4-3-3, he could have played in preseason with 3-5-2 trying to find the finest shape of our team, the excuse with Romagnoli injured ( left footed player ) is for kids not for us, and then he made a lot of mistakes during the games, he was passive anytime when the situation asked for a reaction ( except the second half against inter ). Montella is a learning coach, with potential but Milan is a hat too big for him in this moment. He was confuse since the preseason until now. Cesare Prandelli, Antonio Conte, Gasperini, even Paulo Sousa ( Fiorentina did decently with him ) are better solutions than Montella…

    • If montella is a real coach ( but he isn’t ) with a big personality and the leader of the locker room, he can determine Bonucci not to abuse with that long balls and explain him that he is not pirlo, he is just bonucci, a good central defender who has another tasks in the field. another reason to understand that montella is not the right person to coach AC Milan

  15. My oppinion remains that montella should be sacked as soon as possible, because he isn’t the right coach for AC Milan, he was the right coach when AC Milan was out of europe, but now we need an upgrade and this upgrade is not montella. I hope to win tonight, then against chievo, but without montella.

    BTW, we have an excellent prospect at primavera, tiago dias, an excellent wing, with 4 goals scored, it’s time to bring him at the first team. Also, we have an excellent striker at under 17, Riccardo Tonin, let’s play with our young stars

    • tiago dias came from real madrid youth
      and seems to be a good adition
      i dont understand the hype of montella that he claims
      there is not enough wingers in the team to play 433 or 343
      gattuso untill end of season
      he will also give youth players a chance
      then bring back angelotti

      • Tiago Dias came from Benfica and Sergio Sanchez came from Real Madrid, but Tiago is a hot prospect, he can replace Suso if we will be forced to sell him ( i absolutely hope Suso will stay with us for a long time ), he is already the number 10 of Primavera, scored 3 in the league, and 1 in the cup and he is the best player of Primavera right now, I am very optimistic about him. Also, we have a pearl at Primavera, but he plays more often for Under 17, and he is Tonin, he can play all the positions in attack, I like him a lot and I hope we will not lose him, because he will be a star. And I trust a lot in Gabbia, after I saw him against Skhendija in Europa League. We need a coach who can lead AC Milan and also we need very talented young players from Primavera. In my oppinion, Zanellato is not a player for AC Milan in this moment. I hope we will win today and in the next games

  16. Comment:main! this is another day! and fans are watching, what todays ball is upto, lets see what montella would do today, seens he still our coach, i pray he looses and get fired!.

  17. 3421 is what we will play according to reports. It wouldn’t have been a problem if we have had any consistency with Montellas 5 defenders team setup. When we struggled to defend with 5 defenders on the pitch then serious questions need to be asked. Why is Bonucci allowed to ignore the cm and float those useless long balls to destroy our play? I am not a fun of sacking coaches here and there. Montella did quite good last season. I think a 4321 or 4141 suits our players better. Let me ask this– will sari play in insigne out of position? Hell no. Why? His inefficiency will cost his team points. Why then is suso’s efficiency been compromised. Valero is not played out of position, it’s just same the center of the pitch but a bit advanced. This is tactics, the same way a center back fills the position of the cm when a team attack. Get the best out of your best players and the team will perform. Good luck anyways even though I don’t think we will be any good.

  18. Based on latest news Gatusso is the front runner to coach Milan till the season ends. A gamble I guess. but at least we will see Him every week instead of former Rome, Lazio, Inter players as our coach

    • they want a big conte or ancelotti.
      but this coaches dont take teams in middle of season.
      they want pre seoson and transfer decision
      so gatuuso untill end of seoson and then get a big name
      they anyway i believe
      the moment sacking montella
      already plan to sell top players
      and hope for the magic
      that we do it in top 4 or win international

  19. Three points is very important today, but to me it is just as important that we start to actually play well. We have not played well all season, except for that second half against Inter. Hopefully they found something there that they can build on. It’s been disappointing so far, but if the team can start living up to their potential from now on, it could still be a good season. We will know a lot more after today’s game.

  20. Off topic, I think it was so dumb for Fassone to declare that that if we fail to qualify for UCL, we would sell top players.
    Even if that’s the truth, u don’t say that publicly. Now u will have players thinking ‘Ah well, I may not be here next season anyway’. Then other clubs will start getting into their heads.
    One thing about Milan is despite our bad years, players actually do not want to leave. Zlatan didn’t, TS didn’t, Suso didn’t, Balotteli is upset today because Milan didn’t keep him, Flamini didn’t, KPB didn’t and the list goes on.
    Fassone.. it’s only 8 games Into the season and you are giving some players the impression this will be their only or last season with us. Ridiculous

    • agree.
      and with that they drop the price tag of our players.
      becouse we are forced to sell
      now no one will offer the real value of players
      like today
      its claimed totenham will offer 24 mil
      where he has a release clouse of 40
      i belive fasobelli is just business
      and li is together with the inter owner having bigger plans
      lets hope the players and the coach will restore the pride of milan

    • totally agreed !!! fassone looks sometimes like he is working for inter not for us … after his words, players like suso, silva, donnarumma can think about their departure and play without motivation from now on… it’s a chaos in our milan in this moment…we want to build a strong team and then we say that we will sell one or two TOP PLAYERS… it’s enough time to get the fourth place ( without montella, one of the reasons for we can fail is that fassone stand by montella right now ), we have europa league to win, so another chance, you can say at the end of the season that you have to sell something, but not right now… very amateur this fassone

  21. Europa league keep we can’t even smell it do u know d teams dat r dey ordinary Genoa we can’t beat wit a man down look at juventus wit a man down dey won.



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