Bonaventura: “We were all dreaming of a different result, Milan are improving game after game, the formation…”

Giacomo Bonaventura and Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 15, 2017. (
Giacomo Bonaventura and Patrick Cutrone celebrating during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 15, 2017. (

Giacomo Bonaventura thought Milan can win against Inter and insists ‘we need to eliminate individual errors’.

Milan lost 3-2 to Inter last night and are already 7 points behind fourth place and the Champions League zone.

Suso and Jack Bonaventura (56′, 80′) scored for the Diavolo in the second half, but a Mauro Icardi hat-trick (28′, 63′, 90′ pk) won the Derby della Madonnina for the Nerazzurri. Milan did very well in the second half but once again they are staying with compliments – and no points.

“We were all dreaming of a different result, in the second half we played well,” Bonaventura told MilanTV at the end of the match at San Siro. “We are sorry to our fans, but I want to think about the positive aspects of this match. Bouncing back? We have to focus on the next match, it’s not easy to play every three days but we are improving with time. On Sunday we played good football.

“The standings [Milan are in 10th with just 12 points out of 24]? We are behind, but we have changed our system of play and have 11 new players. A false start can happen. The team is improving game after game. But now it’s time to work hard to bounce back and climb the table.”

Giacomo Bonaventura and Borja Valero during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 15, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Giacomo Bonaventura and Borja Valero during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 15, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Speaking to Premium Sport, the 27-year-old said: “We raised the bar in the second half, I thought we were going to win the game. Perhaps we were a little too unbalanced. We are all sorry for the defeat but the team is going to play better after this game. The second half? The coach asked us to get up and press more. We held the ball more and Inter had lowered so it was easier to be dangerous.

“Errors? We need to eliminate individual errors, these matches often are won on those errors. So many new players arrived, we changed the formation and the preparation, so a difficult start can happen. It’s not a complete disaster, we’re back, but we have to lower our head and try to recover.

“The change of formation? It took a while to adapt, now things are better. This year we have played differently, this year the coach tries to field all the quality he has. It’s up to us to adapt and do everything to help the team. The coach cannot turn the team around me and Suso. Last year I played often as a mezz’ala [side midfielder, half-winger], we always played with 4-3-3 and it helped us a lot.

“Montella has so many new players, it’s not easy.” Bonaventura and Suso both thrive on the wings but coach Montella said that since they’re his only wingers, the 4-3-3 is not sustainable this season.


    • I understand why Fassobeli didn’t want to change the manager as well this summer. Simply put, Carlo and Conte weren’t available.
      But with Conte’s issues at Chelsea and Carlo’s dismissals at Bayern we have some choices next year.
      As far as the players are concerned , there’s no confidence amongst the squad. No clear ideas or organization. That’s very obvious as experienced and talented players like Biglia and Leo are running around like chickens without heads.
      It’s total chaos and I doubt Montella can sort it out.
      It’s gonna take a big personality coach that can handle big personality players to get things straighten out.
      I’m willing to bet Conte will make a huge difference in 2 weeks if he took over today.

      • Yeah, for some reason I think its more probable for Conte to take over rather than Ancelotti.
        Unless Juve doesnt win anything this season and they go for Conte again.
        And ofc unless Fassobelli employ their golden boy Mancini, we would be seriously f’d if that would happen.
        Serie A would be interesting as hell next season if Conte took over Juve, Ance Milan, with Spaletti at Inter and Sarri at Napoli. Wow, almost feeling 90’s vibes!

      • Exactly my thoughts mate.
        We have to stay put with montella this year wether we like it or not.

        Hope Conte comes next year. We need a hard task master as our coach. Conte/ simeone/ klopp.

        I don’t think carleto can help us now. He is a coach for world class players who can apply themselves in every game. We don’t have such world beaters right now in our squad.
        This is the time to give team an identity and work ethic. And that’s why a top coach who is a real hard taskmaster would do us good.

  1. King Bona.

    And btw, bench Bonucci and bring Gomez.
    And bench Biglia. And Kessie.

    You might be blind if you failed to notice the enthusiasm and desire of Cutrone and Loca.
    Boys grown up with the club vs mercenaries.

    • that is what i cannot be in peace with.
      ok u buy a team like milan wityh history and soul
      but u dont give it a identity -by giving maldini what he wants
      ansd u loose our identity on the pitch by let players like cutrone and locatelli become subs for big money guy
      all in all
      we need to give loca and cutrone all the trust
      and let the big money guy swet for their shirt
      for me a shame how biglia lost the ball what made icardi sscore his secong goal

    • Amen man, that passion with the mixture of youthful enthusiasm along with quality can not and should not be wasted on the bench!! Cutro and Silva are the way to go up front, and I hope Loca will play more and more in midfield, Biglia is starting because of his name, he isnt warranting a starting spot. He wasnt bad yesterday, but he was far from what is expected. Especially for someone who is a so-called leader.

  2. Montella ia killing this team. Kessie started his career as a central defender and he is faster than Biglia.

    Why not sub Biglia since Kessie had more rest during the international break and play him infront of our poor defence?

    It would make more sense to play Kessie and Locatelli ahead of Biglia who is underperforming.

    Why is Montella using a 3-5-2 and forcing Suso to play as a 2nd striker?

    The moment Suso switch to the wing in the 2nd half he scored. No surprises there.

    Bonaventura, Suso and Kessie were ineffective because the formation.

    Bonucci and Ronagnoli needs to be benched in favor of Paletta and Gomez.

    They have both grossly underperformed and dont deserve to start until they improve drastically.

    Milan formation should be 3-4-3 or a 4-1-3-2 with 2 strikers Kallinic and Silva. Kessie in front of the defence to cover for the overlapping wingbacks.

    • Instead I would prefer a 4-2-3-1…
      Biglia/Loca and Kessie in front of defence and Suso, calhanoglu, Bona behind Silva.

  3. Hi guys its jaaaaaff,

    I will say this again as i have said all seasson long, the teams strength is playing Jack and suso together.
    The formation best suited for this team will always be 4231. This way all the best players play, and just to be clear i dont care about the price tag of bonucci if he preforms like this(3 shit games now) he can be on the bench.
    So let me do my usall frustration on this site:

    1. Bonucci marks space, either he needs to change marking space to man marking or the others mut realise in deffence that bonucci marks space so they have to mark the players in the box.

    2. The formation 352 is a faliure, the best players dont play….. Suso, jack, silva must all play……
    Use 4231, this way all the best players play…..

    3. God damn give Kessie a rest….. give biglia a rest….. u rotate the mother of rotation, but u can rotate the guys that needs the most rest, rest the best players in europa league, give the others a chance……..

    4. Borini what a suprise, i will addmit i am eating my words

    5. What is this VAR BS, why dont the refs use it on curcial points? the penealty was so soft, its amazing the reff fokked that one up.

    6. there is no world class players on this team, only talents….. we do not want to turn into arsenal……..

    7. Bench bonucci, mybe he realise he is not untouchable, and need to step up. there is plenty of competition.

    i promise you once anchelotti comes he will change to 4231, he will understand the same conclusion as me.
    conti/borini—musachi/bonuci–zapata/ramagnoli— rodrigez/antonelli
    ———–biglia/lord monto————–kessie/luccateli—————

  4. I love this Spirit.
    Tha derby hurts alot. I’m sure montella’ll turn things around.
    Buht i think the 3-5-2 should be used to rotate players in the Europa league not the Serie A.
    433,4231 or 3412 with suso behind d strikers i think.

  5. I have always said 4-3-1-2 should be our main formation and 4-3-2-1 as backup if we are short on strikers due to injury or suspension.

    Play hakan or suso as trequartista.



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