Dear Fassobelli, the mercato has not finished

Marco Fassone, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on the 3rd of August, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Marco Fassone, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on the 3rd of August, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

Fan article by Ayodaygee.

My life as an Engineer has made me believe that design is key. This means that you can get away if you have a great design but poor parts. But you cannot get away with a poor design using the best parts possible. If you don’t put too much emphasis on having a good design, then disaster is not far away. And this is what Milan is heading towards!

Logically, Fassobelli are the Milan’s auto-engineering team. They purchase new parts and designs for the automobile that is Milan. Montella is the driver. He decides how Milan will be driven. A Porsche needs to be driven by a fearless and brave driver for its limits to be seen. Why drive a Sports ride like a City car? This is what Montella is doing with this great automobile.

First and foremost, Fassobelli is the best thing to happen to Milan in recent years. It is clear that both men have Milan’s interest at heart. It is clear that they recognized that the previous management made many erratic decisions. It is clear that to get Milan to the top, we would need a better Engine. What they remain unclear on is if we needed another driver.

I don’t believe in norms. I don’t believe in patterns. I believe in making pragmatic reasonable decisions. To make me a believer, you have to give me facts. When I assess my team’s performance, I don’t look out for the score line. What bothers me is how did we play? What chances did we create? How well did we press? Football is an extremely competitive sport. The best team never always wins, neither the team with the more chances. Sometimes, luck decides winners and losers in top fixtures. But what’s luck, when you have a squad that cannot string 20 passes together.

A squad that keeps you wondering if somehow, they fielded one man short or someone had been awarded a red card during a brief distraction. Why can we not press? Why can’t we keep the opponent at bay? Why can’t we sustain intensity? Yes, we are bound to concede or lose some matches on the way to the top. But really, not like this!

Vincenzo Montella during Lazio-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on the 10th of September, 2017. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)
Vincenzo Montella during Lazio-Milan at Stadio Olimpico on the 10th of September, 2017. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)

Forget the history books, destabilize a team as often as possible by changing the Coach until you know you have gotten it right. If you find out that a Coach is not offering you the style of play you wish, get rid of him. For all the abuse Benitez has received in his managerial career, he still remains a very good Coach. A Coach with his own style. Benitez with Newcastle United right now, has the least qualified players to conjure up anything in the Premiership. Well, guess what, Newcastle United are 7th on the log. When they play they always put up a performance. They either lose or win, but the fight is there. A fight existent because the Coach is good.

Zidane has fielded many youngsters in his two-season campaign. He has fielded more youngsters than the legendary Del Bosque. More youngsters are still to be drafted in. Yes, they are experiencing a deep in form. But who is bothered, they put up a great performance week-in-week-out. Ancelotti, Guardiola and Mourinho are all symbols of Coaches that imbibe a pattern on their teams. Check out Man City last season and now, what’s changed? Certainly not the pattern. I could keep on going on how a great side should play. But we are all Football watchers, we all know deeply what I mean.

A good automobile must be driven to the limits of its capacity. I have never met Montella as a person. I am not a judge of his personality but I am a judge of his performances on the pitch. Milan is too soft, we are too slow. We lack intensity, we lack a style. Forget 3-5-2, 3-4-3 and 4-3-3, those matter less when a team’s performance is analyzed. Not to be puzzled, Guardiola once said what matters is not the formation but how his team is patterned when they are with the ball and when they lose it. This means that a team takes up a lot of different shapes during a match. How do we play in matches? Obviously very static.

Marco Fassone, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli before Milan-Cagliari at Stadio San Siro on August 27, 2017. (

Fassobelli, now that you have gotten us a very good engine, just one more thing… please. Ignore the rules, take away sentiments, make a new shortlist, and run through it. Surely, Montella will not make it on that list. He has won nothing. He was good with Fiorentina and disappointing with Sampdoria. Nothing special. He is just one that drives a city car like a sports car. But now that we have a F1 engine, he cannot take us to our limits.

When done analyzing, please sign off this mercato on the best note ever…. get us a F1 driver as a Coach!


  1. My brother you nailed it, totally got it out of me….. We need a better coach…. This team plays like super chickens of two years ago….. We don’t have a pattern, I don’t see dynamism, no ideas, nothing….. Tired of the mockery my people….. Forza milan

  2. Am really happy such an article like this telling everything about the new milan, just take a look at inter in recent years they have good players but lack a coach with swabbing now inter can challenge for the scudetto with the coming of Spaletti to their team the team just look so wonderful playing they won their first real test against Roma in style. It’s high time for Montella to be shown the exit he is always full of excuses… Forza Milano

  3. Nice article!! Indeed Montella job has already being on the line and would be summarized should we concede defeat against Roma and Inter.. Montella ur dignity would foreveer remain should you sign out peacefully,,thanks for a job welldone!!

  4. Comment:Well Said.. Montella has failed with his tactics against the seria A coaches he’s faced so far this season in the league(except Spal that we couldn’t even break their wall when defending). Cagliari, Lazio, Udinese and Sampdoria coaches showed they are well ahead of him in technical and tactical nous, those coaches don’t even have what he has in his arsenal.. Carlito qot madrid La decima and he was still given the axe the following season. Theres too much at stake

  5. Everyone is overreacting so much.. it’s not to say that we shouldn’t be worried, but don’t go calling off montella’s head when the season has already started. Remember, this is the same montella that got us to europe last year with an underwhelming squad last year. We had a bad game, it’s true, but wait to see how the team reacts and plays in the next, if the team still under performs, then something is definitely wrong and montella is probably the reason. But right now, everyone should be patient and analyze things well. When a world class player like bonucci plays poorly, then there’s something wrong with the players. It’s not always thr coach’s fault, but it is his responsibility to fix these problems. I’d personally like to wait till half the season and assess everything, but if the poor performances and results keep up, then a change in coach is necessary

    • Milan current problem is more related to poor coaching than the players poor form.

      This article explained that perfectly and you are still in denial? Smh.

      This Milan team looked abysmal and clueless against a much weaker opponent especially against Serie A coaches who are tactically proficient.

      We only look good against some bottom tier teams in the Europa league.

      Montella must go. He had the whole summer and 10 games in and still doesn’t know what formation and tactics to use and what his best starting 11 is.


    • Comment:which underwhelming squad…Atlanta and Lazio ended the league ahead of us….jeez….is not like we ended behind juve….Napoli….Roma…and we had average players.that will be starter in Atlanta…and mind you we went to Europe because…juventus and Lazio played the copa final

  6. I just wonder wat montella’s playing style is…. clubs like Atalanta put more effort and play more attractive football than Milan

  7. I find it silly to talk about tactics as the main reason for losing to Samp. It doesn’t matter what the coach does tactically when the players are constantly making amateur mistakes like easily losing the ball, missing easy passes or not being able to control the ball properly. We were plagued by those kinds of mistakes in that match, and it meant that we constantly lost possession for a majority of the game.

    There are fair criticism to be made against Montella for the game, like not making subs earlier when things clearly weren’t working, but there’s just so many random jabs taken at Montella, the formation etc that seem pretty senseless when looking at the way the players performed. No formation would work playing like that. No clever tactics would work playing like that.
    So yes, it’s very reasonable by Montella to talk about the mentality part, because that’s an explanation that seems plausible. Biglia went from hero to zero in a few days, it’s going to be really hard to explain that in a way where Montella gets the majority of the blame. Same can be said about several other players too.

    By all means, Montella can certainly be criticized after this game, but he’s getting way too much of it compared to the players, and people are trying to conclude things that in no way can be concluded based on this game (or a few games).


    • Sir you know how to analysis a foot ball game . I wonder how they didn’t Mention kesse in all this he also was one of the main causes of what happend ,although i understand he played every game and here is where montella did mistake . But the best thing to do is sit and Wait .

  8. Atimes i wonder how Atalanta,,Torino,,Sampdoria even Fiorentina would play nice and beautiful football more than MILAN!! Not even there current starting 11 match our depth players not to talk of our main squad,,it irritates me much that i do not longer have a bragging rights about my team in public upon all the millions we spent on the mercato,, still i do not have confidence we could atleast beat an inferior Seria A opponent in the league!! The question is what has happened to ALMIGHTY MILAN??? #PUTINCOINSANDSAVEMILAN has being done now the management refuses getting rid of the sturbborn Montella!! There are many champion coaches who can drive us perfectly without no potholes on the road,,God save AC.MILAN!! FORZA MILAN!!

  9. Coach problem is, he too afraid to push the player. Hes too soft, in the name of “rotation”, and give everyone chance to play, nor bad or good. But ended with training in trully match. It even show clearly, that hes been make 11 different strategy in 11 match… Smash

  10. This year only Juve has a good squad( atleast 16 good player) like Milan. Other 4/5 teams have good 7/8 players only….But Milan is in 6th pos in the table….its the high time to bring a champion manager before the heart breaking disaster. ….Go Ahead Milan….Best of Luck

  11. “But what’s luck, when you have a squad that cannot string 20 passes together.”

    Stringing 20 passes together is no mean feat, that’s something only the best teams in the world are capable of.

    • And you don’t think we deserve to be among the best? we didn’t sign 11 first team players so we could be second best to a Europa league serie a side.

  12. i dont understand montella last season we put up a good sytle of play n we awere able to beat juve with just less quality players now that we have quality players we are now playing like chickens. i think montella cant handle a top players but average players]\

  13. in another side, Carletto is underfire too… for me it’s too soon to judge… let’s give him till nov/des, oct fixtures is the real test, if he give us good result so he can stay if not i hope Carletto or Lippi, it’s will be sucide to sack Montella now (check the fixture please), i know Montella got too many excuse, but some is make sense… it’s 2mounths old squad in boxing day, even tank need gas & garage cuz he isn’t terminator…
    for the writter… Montella ain’t got a F1 car, he got 11 F1 cars & he has to drive it good in same time every 3 days (even Schumi never did that),
    Coach dealing with human being with feeling & limits…
    i love FM too but here we talk about new team, new board & begining of new season… i spend almost 30yrs as Milanista since i was 5yo & 1st time i watch football @ tv it was semi final CL’89 vs 5-0 Madrid,
    i was here in Tabarez era, i’m here in Terim era & i still here now,
    so i know how it’s feel…

    • I wonder what ur comment would be if a new coach comes in and we start playing really well with good results , then u might probably take them back and say montellas excuses were really absurd and to many. There should be any excuse what ever . Wether it’s a two months old team or formation or what have you.. a good coach would come into milan and fix all this I tell u. The problem is montella bro , believe it or not and not the excuses he keeps being up after every defeat

      • i agree Montella need slap, but this time is worse time to change the Coach, no better replacement & hardest schedule…
        just because now we’ve the money doesn’t mean we can change coach easly, that’s the character of the wrong side of Milan, we’re not blue the fool, we are Red the Devil…

        • it will be suicide to keep montela until roma game, believe in me. We will getting humiliated and losing believe in UCL spot

  14. You literally read my mind and displayed it beautifully here!!! Great analogy, and you got right to the point. One of the best articles that I saw on this blog.
    That’s the thing that I tried to explain in my previous comments. It doesn’t matter what formation are you playing if you can’t make them tick together. And Montella has shown that he can’t do that.
    Coaches like Sarri, Gasperini, Conti, Di Francesco knows how to bring in best elements in the squad and make them work. They know that you should build team around something, and they have clear vision how to execute it.

    Sadly Montella showed us that he simply doesn’t have that and I think it’s the only matter of time when we see him trough the door.

    • the coaches You mention is @ same par with Montella, mean same risk, if we’ve to change to be better, we need Carletto / Capello / Lippi or @least Conte…

      • What the…? how did you manage to put Sarri or Conti in a same box with Montella??? and then again you mention Conti in your list.
        Are you sure that Lippi is suitable coach for Milan right now? I would rather give a chance to any of the other name than to Lippi. Carletto is not coming any soon like almost every name that you and I metioned.
        If we are going to change Montella we would have to invent a new great coach or just find an average one( which is still better than Montella) and wait for the Summer to make a move.

  15. Comment:montella can’t get a starting 11 with this good footballers,and he is always doing wrong Rotation,OUT MONTELLA

  16. To you guys who think it’s too early to sack the coach, everyone would be more than happy to give time to a coach who shows signs of excellence, yet when he shows signs of stupidity… Are you gonna still give him time?
    Let me tell you a few signs of his stupidity.
    1. He tells us that no player can play every 3 days but so far Kessie has played every fucking game and mostly the full 90 minutes, even in his bad days.
    2. He plays Bo”fucking”rini in a position he has never played before while he is not even average in his own position.
    3. The team is playing poorly and we are a goal down, he waits until the game is literally sealed (80th minute) to make his first change.
    4. After a game without a damn shot on target he smiles like an anxious child who has just escaped from a stressful situation.
    And I am not even talking about things like tactics, etc. Now tell me why should I give him time?

    • Montella has been dumb for almost 8 months now but the reason why milan shouldnt sack him now is not due to whether he’s dumb or not but rather due to bad timing. Think about it, october is gonna be hard for milan and if mlan sacked montella, would new coach be good enough to prepare them facing real tests like roma and inter? The way serie a and especially big teams are going, i dont think milan could recover from 9-12 points gap with top four clubs and qf for ucl should they perform badly between oct – dec.

      • Yeah, I know and you are so right that it’s hard to disagree. But I think having a mentally strong coach could improve our results almost instantly because we just have too much quality to struggle against the likes of Cagliari.

  17. I think Coaches like Montella will excel at medium teams….cos he pushes average players to become better.

    “He drives a City car like a Sports car”

    But Milan is with a F1 engine…we need a Coach that can push this Engine to its limits.

    An F1 driver – World class coach.

    Has anyone seen what Mourinho made of Man Utd in his 2nd season?

    Nice write up BTW

    • Totally agree. If you look at Man United, Man City and Chelsea you can clearly see that Mourinho, Guardiola and Conte has done with their teams in 2 seasons.

      They had to adjust the team to a playing style that brings out best in their players.

      Milan played 11 games with an entirely different starting 11 and a different formation.

      So why are we surprised of our poor playing style? We have none!

      With Montella we look like with are going in reverse instead of making forward progress.

  18. How many games did Zantta s mistakes costs us goals and still he is using him playing the lads out of positions. Late changes in games even players are under performing and above all wrong changes. This has been his weakness since last year so he should go

  19. Let’s be sensible here. It is always hard for a manager to incorporate 11 new players. Let’s give him sometime Atleast until year end. He worked well with limited squad last year and he doesn’t have time to coach team due to Europe commitments. Let’s wait for Conte to be available.

  20. The logic is Montella should initiate a formation that suits at least 70 percent of the current squad members natural position, the rest 30 percent can either adapt or go fuck themselves, not excluding Suso….you really can’t please every player… forza milan, Montella ain’t going no where, at least not this season, hahaha

  21. ok guy we know montella will be sacked after Derby…. but who’s your preference for the job …
    my preference will be either Luis Enrique or Thomas Tuchel….

    • Comment: if they are going to bring Luis then Montella should stay….that guy sucked in Roma…..he’s just good because its Barcelona..
      ……if Messi is in our team..we would have challenged for the league

  22. Read somewhere that milan looking for Ancelotti or Conte … this could be perfect ending of our mercado…..

  23. i know everyone mad cuz of bad defeat, we need better coach exactly, it can be better version of Montella or another Coach… let’s be more logic rather than emotional…
    this also happen with Allegri when he’s with us (now we all knew who actually he is @ juve)…
    this is the worse time to change the coach, i’m sure Fasobeli knew it…

    • lets wait until nov, next mounth is judgement days, we’ll see if Montella potential F1 material or just good taxi driver…

  24. First of all, do you remember Montella’s first season here?
    Of course you don’t.
    Remember how everyone was going all crazy after the first couple of matches? Calling for heads?
    It is never, never beneficial for the team. The first 10 matches are the key, no club and fan with common sense in their head will ever put this much pressure on an under fire coach before at least 10 matches have passed and judging what position we are in. Remember Chelsea and Mou?

    Now, Montella is messing up, no denying that. But ever think how the team will perform if this much pressure is put on them and calling them like they are serial killers? What type of effect that puts on the season?
    Fassone’s interview was absolutely ill timed. He could say those exact words to Montella and the team in the dressing room. He did not. He blasted it in front of whole world, and now media is having a heyday with it. Can you even guess what type of distraction that is for the players and the coach?
    For this reason, a team can miss out their goals of reaching the CL.

    And what good does it do by blasting them in the media? Say we fire Montella now, and then a new coach comes, he and the players will definitely need time to get an identity and gel and understand each other. By then, the season is done with, and we are missing out CL and Eliott selling St Donna the Innocent. And say we cannot find a coach till 3/4 more months, and till then Montella has to stay with this pressure. Guess how he will perform?
    So, what purpose does it serve to blast them in front of the world?

    I have no particular love for Montella, I want Don Carletto (and secretly, yes, Gattuso) to be coach in the future. It was a very very amateur move from Fassone to conduct that interview. He should have done that exact same thing, but in private.

    Ink out.

    • I bet if we change the coach and get someone “like” Simone, Mihailovich, Mou or any other hard mentally strong coach the results will get much better.

    • I appreciate what Montella did last season, but the management spent hundreds of millions of dollars and even if we dont win every game, we should always put up a performance that will be worth it…from the first minute to the last, we were mediocres…Fassone’s interview was very timely and perfect. we cant continue putting up excuses…somebody needs to tell him hes not getting the tactics rightly so he can listen, nt me n u, bt the management

  25. Terribly written article. Why did you post this? Grammar is poor and consistently uses the wrong words. Analysis of the game? The guy says absolutely nothing other than, ” I look at performance over results”. I cant believe how many people are calling for the coaches head and we aren’t even out of September. Shame on you all.

  26. Montella has what it takes to lead this team well. We saw what he did last season and his time at fiorentina.
    Coaches play beautifully until they come to Milan I wonder why?
    Monto came took the armband and became useless, immediately he drops the armband, he starts getting himself again gradually. same thing is happening to Bonucci now, is there a curse on the arm band or what?
    Montella can lead this team, maybe coaches have bad spells too and he is just in a period of poor form. Even if we end up sacking Montella, I’ll always k ow that he didn’t fulfill his true potential with us

    • So you would rather go with some kind of curse then the simple fact that Montella is clueless and Montolivo sucks

  27. Excellent article. I would still wait for the next two seria A matches before sacking montella. He’s just not realising the potential of his team or else trying to save energy between seria A and Europa league. He has to figure out what needs to be done asap though

  28. Good article mate. I remember making similar analogy saying milan are ferrari and should always compete for scudetto earlier in preseason, but of course some had to be party crashers and said no. The sad thing about montella is he’s too afraid of crashing that he refuses to hit the gas and reach 250+km/hour. Changing line up every single match hoping the newly assembled teams to perform is like picking (buying/selling) new stocks every day hoping to make quick profits knowing full well there’s almost zero chance of knowing which way the stocks will go, up or down, instead of sticking to bullish stocks that have clearly been performing well for weeks/months. Very bad decision

  29. No dog is taught how to recognize bones. And if you want your cat to befriend your dog you allow them them to play in the same playground. I have never called for Montella to be sacked but until his facial expression does not convince his players to play well I think his sack is inevitable. You build telepathy among players by consistently playing your best 11 together. Look at the best teams around and ask which of them keep playing different starting 11 every match. If he got the results we wouldn’t complain but it’s clear that the driver fixed the F1 Tyres with articulator ones, the team is so heavy, moving slowly and we are static

  30. Last season we do have bunches of mediocre footballers we end up in 6th and now with good 11 new footballers still in 6th,this shows that montella capacity cannot past 6th with Milan or is his house in 6th Lane or 6th Street who knows his,someone should tell him to leave honourably,there are so many things at stake if we don’t qualify for UCL someone should try to remind fasobelli..Forza Milan

  31. Montella has won 9 of 11 games. The team always played well except against Sampdoria. Even again Lazio I thought we were clearly the better side.
    I don’t know why Fassone gave this interview but he shouldn’t have. He created a tense atmosphere and this could really back fire.
    We cannot change the coach before the Inter and Roma games. This would be suicide.

    If Manchester United didn’t win the Europa League they would’ve been out of Europe this year. I didn’t see anyone calling for Mourinho’s head.

    • I respectfully disagree with you Atala.

      Mourinho is a proven coach, a serial winner. He has won league titles, champions league twice and many more trophies including the treble with shinter. He knows what he is doing and has shown it time and again that he knows his job well.
      Montella on the other hand has achieved nothing of note so far. He just stands clueless on the sideline. There is absolutely no comparison between the two.

      So it is much safer to put your trust in someone like Mourinho, pep, carletto, Conte, klopp etc than put your trust in Montella.

      If we had the same start under any top manager , I wouldn’t have asked for his sacking but sadly that is not the case here.

  32. You have analysed the situation perfectly mate.

    We need Conte style coach, who can whip the player’s a**. Smaller teams with lesser budget and players with much smaller salaries like in cagliari and sampdoria show greater determination and grit than these puss*** in milan Jersey. I feel so ashamed to see them strolling on the pitch, when they should be giving their all.

    These pu**y players need not look any far for inspiration. You have fuc***g gattuso in milaniello. Let him spank these boys and show them what it’s like to have some fighting spirit and determination.

  33. @Sheva, following your simple facts: Montella is clueless, Montolivo sucks and Bonucci sucks also. Bonnucci is a mediocre player like Monto and should be sold asap as a dead weight.
    Need I remind you that both Monto and Bonucci play for NT?
    I’m not saying there is a curse, just wondering why it is that when a player takes up the captain armband in recent times, he becomes useless.
    Montella is far from clueless. Go back and see what he did with our team last season. Had ref not cheated, we would have got the better of juve home and away last season

  34. Milan has such good player coaches have been so bad louck thanks to Galiani
    Most idiot which never in 10 years new how to manage Milan
    Milan can’t be big again if inside is not Maldini costacurta Albertini Shevcenko Pirlo. I am not they can coach but they love Milan and they will do everything they can to put that team top one.
    Milan need just strong coach
    I see Montella since last year not idea not strategy not discipline not character not vision.
    He is good guy he has been good player but not too one but he is for fiorentna Sampdoria but not for Milan not close at all.

    Forza Milan



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