1. Comment: I don’t know but I feel we can try 3232 due to the fact that some fans want suso, calhanoglu, bonaventura, andre and kalinic as starters
    Mussachio Bonucci Romagnoli
    Kessie Biglia
    Suso Calhanoglu Jack
    Andre Kalinic
    Subs; Rodriguez, Locatelli, Cutrone, Conti (if present)
    What do you think people?
    4231 too can work
    Conti Mussachio Bonucci Rodriguez
    Kessie Biglia
    Suso Calhanoglu Jack
    Andre(EL) Kalinic(Serie A)

    • Sory, but that is the bad idea, if you using 3-2-3-2, there are no wing back or winger who defending our on flank. It will be easy for another team to dominate us on flank.

      It also makes our resource not effective because we have abate, RR, antonelli, calabria and conti who will not play if you using that formation



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