Niang to Torino a done deal: forward to join them on loan plus obligation to buy in a transfer worth €20 million

M'Baye Niang during Bordeaux-Milan at Stade Armandie on July 16, 2016 (NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images)
M’Baye Niang during Bordeaux-Milan at Stade Armandie on July 16, 2016 (NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP/Getty Images)

M’Baye Niang is leaving Milan on a permanent basis to go to Torino in a deal that is said to be worth €20 million plus bonuses; the Rossoneri are not expected to sign a replacement today.

Niang recently rejected a move to Spartak Moscow who had agreed a €22-23m fee with Milan and went on to say that he wants to be the one choosing where to go.

And M’Baye has chosen Torino as he wants to reunite with ex-Milan boss Sinisa Mihajlovic. Contacts between Fassone & Mirabelli and Cairo have taken place over the last few days and today – on the transfer deadline day – an agreement has been reached.

According to Sky Italia, Sportitalia and others, Torino have agreed a loan plus obligation to buy deal for Niang in a transfer that is said to be worth €20m including bonuses. This morning’s La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Niang will earn just over €2m per season with the Granata.

As per Mauro Suma, with Niang gone and assuming Villarreal use their option on Carlos Bacca, Milan will have sold players this summer for around €70m. Yet, and Sky does not expect them to make any more signings, despite links to the likes of Rafinha and Jakub Jankto.

The transfer window shuts done for Italian teams at 23:00 CET tonight: this means they will not be able to sign more players, but they will be able to sell men to countries where the window is open.

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Replacement- Go all in for Forsberg or Deulofeu or El Ghazi or Alezandro Gomez or atleast anyone better that Borini…


finally… good luck Niang, no doubt about your talent, hope u be better player better work ethic better attitude…
lets get Genoa’s wonderkid duo, will be great if they take Palleta too in the deal… G. Riso, we waiting 4 good news from u…
we’ve a week to find Turk buyer 4 Sosa & Gomez even i hope the later gona stay…


No replacement since its a loan deal we wont get those 20mil right away….instead of Kalinic we should have get Lucas from Psg for 30mil or even Draxler who is on the market for some 35mil right now. I think the left wing will be our weakest side and we cant play only thru Suso that will be very predictable game plan, well i hope Montella know what his doing, maybe A Silva can play as a winger instead of a central striker.


rather have silva as a striker so we dont create another niang stright away.. typical milan destroying players by playing them out of position. Then sell them for skrap when they cant perform in their new positions.


We better sign a replacement, or we’re in trouble. The only wingers we have are Borini and Suso. Jack is a LM/CM that can play as a winger when needed, but it’s not his natural position. Same with Hakan. Someone like Jankto, who we were linked to yesterday would be perfect. Young, can play multiple positions. If we don’t sign a replacement, we’re screwed. We have Europa League too, we need depth, with good players. Let’s see what unfolds. But 20m for Niang is incredible, at the start of the transfer campaign I would’ve been happy with 12m.


What are you talking about? Borini was brought in for his masterful control of the ball and exquisite skills on the left wing. That guy puts defenders on their ass for fun. Oh wait, I’m thinking about Donadoni.


I put this guy in the same bracket as that ray of sunshine Balotelli. Bags of potential and yet… Good luck, Niang.


On point. If he had better mentality he could be world class.. but only a few young players have the head for the job.

But also, how can we blame them? Imagine yourself, 16-18 y/o with 1-2m or even 100k/year salary… Shame that football has gone that way…


Couldnt agree more, there is one big different between the two tho, Balotelli actually shines in the big matches, atleast he used to. Not everyone are able to do that. Like Niang who gets shaky legs.


Good bye cancer


Oh well, arrivederci niang. Wishing u best of luck in ur next journey. Ur clearly into football and not into money much because 2m is a lot less than what the russian offered u. While 20m is a lot of money for unproven talent (fassobelli the masters of mercato refused 12m and 15m offers from torino and now theyre finally rewarded for their resilience. Bravo) I really hope this decision wont backfire, let alone become auba 2.0 in near future. Now, if montella is still foolishly hellbent on using 4-3-3 then fassobelli better get him proper winger like draxler (i… Read more »


I see Sosa staying and backing Kessie, because we need wingers more than we need a midfielder, but I wish Paletta could Just leave so we could get at least 1 winger (read Mendes offered El Ghazi to Milan)


Shine prove these people wrong


Hey, some work, some don’t. To get 20m plus bonuses from torino is a huge deal. Wish u the best niang. Maybe you can finally reach your potential


Decent return for the player. Wish it was upfront though, we could use those funds now to find a real wing.


If Milan won’t acquire anymore players. That’s fine because there is the Winter window. Besides, getting a replacement for Niang is not that important because Milan has Calhanoglu and Jack who can cover that position. Plus Milan is not limited to just the 433 formation that needs wingers. Don’t forget that our fullbakcs are wingers in a potential 352. While I’m worried that Milan might not make the top four, yet there is a strong possibility that we could blow Seria away this season only if Montella picks the right players and not rely on Monty or Borini who are… Read more »


Can’t really judge a player mostly played out of his natural position most of the time. Good luck Niang, hope you will reach your potential.

Moving on, Draxler is on the market and is available under €35m and also Forsberg. I would much rather get a CM and change 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2. Since our coach is hellbent on using it, it would be better to sign very good wingers who can get past their opponents and play crosses cause we lack creativity in the centre.


Kalinic and borini should be signed.
Zapata, sosa, paletta should been sold.

Very Easy.. now go ahead and dislike and defend kalinic and borini knowing they are totaly worth milan, especially when we are making ” we are awake now signings” Sorry they were not.. the world laughs at borini signing.


montella is in love with borini and why is the boss playing hakan off his role


montella/allegri are always in love with borini types.. flamini types..poli types… they seem to forget that fighting spirit is not enough to be a fotballer.

Its like .. i buy plane models and really like planes.. and that makes me a pilot. Because i shown a great intrest in planes.. sorry that doenst make me a pilot.. and running maratons and fighting spirit doesnt make borini a footballer. Maybe rugby or something else.


thumbs down = interistas
no milanista would defend borini signing