Paletta’s transfer to Lazio called-off, his agent: “Gabriel will stay at Milan, they won’t reach what we asked for”

Gabriel Paletta during Milan-Borussia Dortmund at University Town Sports Centre Stadium on July 18, 2017 in Guangzhou, China. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)
Gabriel Paletta during Milan-Borussia Dortmund at University Town Sports Centre Stadium on July 18, 2017 in Guangzhou, China. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Gabriel Paletta was supposed to go to Lazio but he changed his mind today and now looks set to stay for another season.

After Gustavo Gomez’s Fenerbahçe move was skipped earlier this week, it seemed certain that Paletta would leave Milan for Lazio, but the mercato is unpredictable, and today the move fell through.

Milan and Lazio already reached an agreement for around €2.5m for the full ownership of Paletta, whose contract with the Diavolo expires in 2018, but the player – after reflections – decided he was unconvinced of the Lazio option so as things stand now, the transfer is completely off the table.

“He will stay at Milan, he’s not going to Lazio,” agent Martin Guastadisegno told Sportitalia. Speaking to, Guastadisegno, who arrived to Italy specifically for this deal, added: “We had talked about it, then got closer to Lazio. Gabriel made his initial request and never moved from that. Unfortunately, we’re a long way off: he would like to go, but Lazio won’t reach what we asked for. He would’ve made an incredible effort to make it happen, but unfortunately it can’t.”

The ‘request’ of Paletta that Lazio wouldn’t meet is regarding the length of his contract as he wanted three years. Unless something changes in the next day, Paletta, 31, will stay and be another option.

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Seriously nobody wants to leave Milan. Players would rather rot in the stands of a World Cup year than leave Milan.

Manga la figa

B&G’s gift that keeps on giving.

Rikimaru Tenchu

The Truth is that they will all get their chances. Our Squad isn’t too large, Just Montella prefers a small Squad.

Three Matches a week and with Musa and Romagnoli’s Injury sheet, Paletta may still have his chance.


They shoot!! I made you look.


Based on his performance last season, Paletta should be our 4th choice defender not Zapata. I honestly don’t understand the disdain Milan fans have for this man. He’s a solid defender who makes countless goal saving interventions. His ball distribution is second only to Bonucci in Serie A. Yes I know he’s a bit slow and he conceded 5 red cards, but at least 2 of those were not his fault. I blame Zapata for the one against Roma. Zap was caught sleeping on the job so Paletta tried to rescue the situation by fouling Salah. Also with the type… Read more »


Smart man! Very clesn and clear analysis

Kwabena Adu

His decision making is the problem, he gives away too many dangerous free kicks and spot kicks.His tackles in the box are reckless.He can easily cost you a game

Pa ibra

With this VAR system he would rather commit more reds and penalttiesss. He’s obviously going to benefit from a good midfield though but then imagine how well a less reckless defender is going to benefit.

Rikimaru Tenchu

I don’t think there is disdain.

However Paletta put is many troubled positions last season. He is a solid defender but he needs to understand Team goals.

Also, you cannot question Zapata’s performances thus far playing alongside Musa and Bonnuci. He has been more than decent


@Rikimaru. Zapata has always been decent and on his day I would rank him in the top 7 in Serie A. Only problem is he gets occassional brain farts and makes costly mistakes. Paletta conceded a penalty and red card trying to clean up Zap’s mess – based on the few games I can remember. There were also times when Donnarumma came to the rescue by rushing out quickly. If we had a less alert keeper we would have conceded more goals because of Zap. You guys keep mentioning that he has been good next to Musa and Bonucci. Now… Read more »


how you get so many dislikes is just funny. There is nothing wrong with what u said, and I would agree with more or less everything you said about the player. A really good CB and Lazio should have offered 3 years to him.


what kind of evil is this? we need money to buy players. All you dead woods want to stay behind and warm bench.. Go home with fat salary without playing anything.. If Milan fail in his goal to qualify for champions league, we know the players to point accusing fingers.. Niang.. Palleta.. Sosa…

So Milan won’t buy a winger before market closes. So sad… No winger.. No mildfilder to cover for Jessie in case of injury


my question is,”why is so hard for Milan to sell our players,does it mean our players doesn’t worth anything to those clubs out their”

Rikimaru Tenchu

ALL of our deals have failed because THE PLAYERS didn’t want to go. We got great deals for Niang, Gomez and Paletta, Sosa (even Simic just rejected Crotone today), but they all refused to agree to terms. Sampdoria wants Niang but he insists on Torino.


becouse we gave them in the b$g time big contacts with big salarys
so they do not accept any club wanting them when they do not recieve the same like in milan
and as just stupid b$g where able to give washed up players years and millions
we stick like this with them
untill their contract expires loan them out with even paying their salary (that we at least can open space for new players)


To be competitive you need depth. Juve had 4 world class central defenders last season and a young highly rated one in Rugani.
Most people here are calling for Montella to deploy a 3-5-2, for which one needs 5 central defenders.
Would you choose Gomes and Zap over Paletta, as backups?
Stefan Simic looks like a good prospect but he is clearly not part of Montella’s plans.


We did get 12M for de sciglio and lapadua. This proves that you can still find precious metals in a scrapyard. Anyway poor de sciglio is finding life tough at Juventus. Unused sub for both matches. WC year. Good luck to him. On the other hand we should thank him as well. If he’s wasn’t so insistent on not renewing his contract, Fassobelli wouldn’t have gotten RR so swiftly and decisively.


wth is going on?
why uneeded players refuse to go?
if any possibility Paletta + Niang = Toro’s Ljajic / Genoa’s Pellegri & Salcedo, we need winger /& DM…


is Tiago Dias officialy join us? anyone??

Gifted Italian

joined 6 days ago


Yes, dias is now a milanista… what a great left footed.


Just play him during friendlies that way when he gets red carded it won’t cost us anything.

The premaviera team also needs someone with experience to show that what it takes to get a red card to help them avoid these silly errors.

So there is still some good use to having him around just don’t put him on the bench or on the field.


You sir, are totally clueless. Paletta is still better than Zapata.


Jomokau you are on point. Quite a solid defender. Though he is a bit erratic. Yes with the kind of midfield we have, the pressure will be lesser. Personally I will keep Gomez. Younger and has a lot of room to improve. Learn from Bonucci, Romagnioli and Mussacchio. I wonder why Milan is not going for Draxler. Think his addition will give us a new dynamic and possibly the title. Forza Milan


with this surplus of CB, we have 1 more reason to start using 352.


I don’t how mirabelli is going to find a way to sell the Deadwood trio of palletta, Sosa and niang. We need money to reinvest in a winger and a mezalla , but these guys are hell-bent on staying here despite not being welcome at milan. Top 4 finish is not going to be easy as some think. Cagliari have showed us how difficult the games will be and if we don’t have a good winger on left, we will struggle to keep up with juve and Napoli. There is Roma, inter too plus Lazio and toro too. These guys… Read more »


Paletta’s salary is less than 1,5m and even if he did go he’d just add 2,5m to milan’s balance, pretty insignificant numbers In grand scheme of things, therefore he’s not gonna cost milan much if he stays and his sale is not gonna add significant number to milan’s budget for transfers so i dont understand why some people think that paletta staying is bad for milan. I mean, i do understand; his reckless red cards. But its not like he’s been sent off > 4 times each season for a decade. last season was more like outlier season for him… Read more »


@Milan10. Absolutely correct. How my fellow Milanista could have missed Paletta’s solid dosplays is beyond me. Some of his goal saving blocks and clearances are as good as a goalkeeper’s saves. I hope someone can get a video clip and share. I am well aware of his limitations so am not asking for him to be in the first choice 11. But am sure as hell that he’s a good backup. We already made an unforgivable mistake by releasing Kucka before getting a backup for Kessie. Perhaps Fassobelli got too over confident in their ability to sign players and thought… Read more »


Correctamundo mate. Finally we have something we both can agree on. Paletta will be perfect starter cb for coppa italia/europa league matches vs minnows, especially in cold november – january weather.
Regarding kucka, his tweet congratulating milan on qf for el group stage kinda made me sad. He still is a true milanista; loyal and never made a fuss when new mgmt kicked him out, unlike niang, even though we could clearly see sadness in his eyes.
Regarding renato, did goddamn swansea really capture him? I highly doubt it, but if its true then Sweet mother of bonad10nho!


Calciomercato is reporting that Juve have sealed the signings of the Genoa youngsters Pellegri and Salcedo for only 20m while Inter were ready to give them 60m and we thought we’d had the best relations with the club. It saddens me to see that we have fallen so bad… We need to re-emerge as a great club as soon as possible or we will lose the chance of singing great prospects in the future.


Yeah, Galliani had great relations with Genoa.

I don’t mind that we don’t have great relations with them. We don’t need Genoa players anymore. I’m more than happy to steal and weaken our direct rivals. (Bonucci – Juve, Biglia – Lazio, Kalinic – Fiorentina) By signing their best players we are getting stronger and they are getting weaker. Much better than Genoa mid table players.


You are almost right. There are only two things I would like to remind. Firstly, you don’t know where the next big thing is going to show up (Dybala was at paler on, Belloti is at Torino, Diawara was at Crotone I guess). And secondly smaller clubs are good places on which we can count as a place for our youngsters to grow without being snatched away.


We should be calling for Zapata, yes Paletta and his numbers of red cards are not to be ignored but he’s defensive abilities are decent for a squad player.


If they want money then milan sould try to sell them to CHina pun them in Chinas marked
paletta sosa zapata even montolivo and Niang…


The biggest question is how the player chose to stay at Milan’s bench, rather than go on another team’s pitch.
Not to mention the team is on Lazio’s calibre..

Milan 2017

Julian Brandt, Draxler or Lucas Moura please!


Kevin kampl is more like it. Too bad krychowiak isnt available anymore.
Btw, i did say milan should look no further than bundesliga for relatively cheap but quality players like bellarabi, dahoud, hakan, ginter, rode, etc when many were screaming for kocavic.


One of the worst CB ever.

How did this guy played for the Azzurri? o.m.f.G

He is simple HORRIBLE!



Milan Boy

Heart breaking that smaller clubs stole Sanches and Krychowiak, hoping for Drazler, Baldelj, Keita or any major surprise.