Niang: “I want to choose where I play, I always trained with a smile, the stress is for what’s happening off the field”

Niang during Genoa-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on the 25th of October 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Niang during Genoa-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on the 25th of October 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

M’Baye Niang has spoken about his situation, saying he wants to be the one choosing his next destination.

Milan are trying to send Niang to Spartak Moscow as the Russian club is reportedly offering the Diavolo €22-23m for the services of the French forward.

But Niang is not too keen on going to Russia, despite being offered over €3m in wages and he, along with agent Mino Raiola, seems to be pushing towards a reunion with Sinisa Mihajlovic at Torino, who are offering Milan about €10m less.

Perhaps in attempt to force Fassone and Mirabelli to deal with Urbano Cairo and Torino, Niang submitted the club yesterday with a medical certificate which exempts him from training until the end of the transfer market, citing ‘stress and psychological problems’ as the reasons behind it.

In his presser today, Montella said that he is sorry about the Niang situation and believes that playing for the Diavolo should be a source of joy, and not stress. After the words of the technician, M’Baye was contacted by and he told them his side of what’s going on right now.

“I listened to Montella’s words in the Press conference. I just want to say that football has always been the love of my life and it is my profession,” he said to journalist Antonio Vitiello this evening. “I always trained with a smile on my face, I’ve been at Milan for five years and all my teammates can testify to that. The stress is not tied to a technical situation, but what is happening off the field, the way that things are being dealt with. I just want to choose where I play, not anyone else.

“I have nothing against Milan and the club, I just want to explain the situation.” The Rossoneri will hope to resolve the situation soon so maybe they can sign a player to replace Niang in the squad.

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You think too highly of yourself yet has done too little to earn a place in europes elite teams


At this point I wouldn’t mind selling Niang 10 million less than what the Russians are offering. Heck I feel sorry for Niang, the club needs to move on and I happy that he realizes this. But things need to be resolved quickly before this drags on any longer and starts affecting the harmony of the team like the Gigio saga.


Money is not the main problem here.. it’s Torino (Cairo) who put a 100M price tag for Belotti then offer a measly 12M for Niang. While Niang is definitely worse than Belotti, 88M gap is just hilarious. It is only right that F&M refuse to do business with that kind of club (guy).

From these past 5 years Mbaye’s been with Milan, sadly he follow the path of a certain #45


Go to hell

Baresis Dream

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Milan invested in you, and you need to find a club that is willing to pay a reasonable amount for you. Unfortunately, the less than 12 mil that Torino is offering, in today’s market, and considering the Belotti negotiations, is just too low. I would say at the very least 16 mil.


Niang deserves to go where he feels comfortable and has every right to make the best decision for his career.

Milan on the other hand deserve to get the best deal for their player and its only right they sell him to highest bidder.

I believe both parties would soon find a common ground to reach an agreement soon.


I do not like Niang, but the player is free to choose whether or not to sign with a team. We do not control his life and cannot force him to relocate to Russia. This bit of foolishness with the stress is silly, however, and will not make Milan more eager to accommodate his wishes.

calcio friedo

Anyone but Torino after the way they have been with us, and sick note Niang pulling another stunt should be gone before his sick line ends, hasnt done anything in the jersey and dont deserve to be making anymore demands after the half arsed nature of his work for the club… the sooner hes gone the better it will be good bye and good ridance, we got rid of El Shaarawy for less trouble than this kids been so best to get him gone but Torino can whistle for him as their offer isnt good enough even without their behaviour… Read more »


I can understand he doesn’t want to go to Russia. Would u guys? Not knowing where your future lies is stressful.
He needs to be loaned out with option to buy, I think 15M should be fine. We sold El Sharaawy for 15M who was much better than Niang. If he can’t be loaned he will stay, not play and loose his chances of playing in WC.

Milan Boy

He has little prospect of playing in the world cup except he wants to play for an African nation because I think he is African. i would have loved him to go to Torino but I think their president does not deserve any consideration, so lets keep him for depth since we are not obligated to him, we will not have difficulties keeping him in the bench.


To milan boy, Your comment is racially motivated, there is mo place in this forum for foolush statements such as yours.


Mark my words, Niang will end up in one of seria a lower teams or even seria b. He has potentials but that was how people says about Balotelli few years back.

Where is Balotrouble now ?


Niang is a true professional! At least he is not so much interested about cash like many people would. This is a player who is willing to grow and is seeking the right environment. Not like our dear donnaruma who almost ran to madrid not minding if he’ll be benched or not. U have earned my respect Niang. Choose your destiny and prove to your haters that you are worth more dan what they rate you. They said milan is not the right place for you to grow because u missed a couple of goals which can happen to any… Read more »


do u think Gigio will go to China if they pay bigger than Madrid?
Niang is worse version of Donna…


Just becasue he dont want to play in russia dont mean he does not play for money. If Madrid came knocking for niang he would say yes like every other footballer in our team. There have been times where niang have been cought with Transexual woman etc. I wouldnt be surprised if he is gay. and gay people wont play in russia. Thats for sure.


I think Milan should also sell you (k.caesar) with Niang hopefully to Russia. He is not opting for money only because its Russia. And it was totally fine till it was related to transfers but not showing up for practice is a sick move. On top of that, we have got supporters like you praising this act. No player or individual is bigger than the club.
Best option is to loan him out to torino where he would possibly maintain his current value so that we can sell him next season.


So Torino z offering 10mil less 4 our player BT wants 2 sell belloti as if he z d world best player…Cairo d wise man


send him loan to Toro, if he play lot better, we can use him next season or sell to Toro / whatever club he want, if he play like usual so Belotti goals will drown also his price tag, win win solution… off course Niang want to join our new project, but 1st he need to learn play as team & score goals / assist, he’s too selfish, addicted 4 own glory, he hardly score in easy position but still trying long shot in imposible side rather than pass / cross, that’s why Montella like Borini & Kalinic even Niang… Read more »


Niang played with Bacca last season? For Canada?


he play with Bacca last season b4 january & also also half season b4 last season,
just STFU if u don’t follow Milan…!!!


Damn, the only time I liked him was at Miha’s 3-0 derby. And he’s been a Milan player for 5 years. This is a difficult situation and I guess it’s going to be another drama.


No niang, actually u cant just decide where to play unless u want to robert kiyosaki ur way through life as a self employed, investor or business owner, and that takes a lot of work and dedication. When u grow up i hope u’ll learn not to have such sense of entitlement. Also, i thought u fired mino? Why hire back public enemy #1? No way milan should sell u to torino. Like great saf said, “i wouldnt even sell them a virus”


This guy once made Milan lost by selfishly taken penalty and missed. That penalty supposedly taken by Bacca or Suso and Niang just harshly snatched the ball. I never been a fan of Niang, he had been loaned out couple times and the club that loaned him never made some serious offer to him, that showed his quality. He should be out soon before his fitness decline by missing out training


Watford put forward a offer for niang after his loan spell. But Niang dident want to go there as Mazzarri got sacked right then.


Niang: “I just want to choose where I play, not anyone else.” Reality there is only one offer on the table as one of the clubs have been outbidded by far. If the world was as good as you think niang I for one would have worked at the international space station. But unfortunatly thats not how the world works. He have a contract at Milan and can refuse to leave. but then he wont play. And if he wont play he sure wont get a better deal next year. Best option for niang is to take the deal and… Read more »


He rejected everton,watford,spartak moscow. Where does he want to go,barcelona???
Very selfish and inconsistent player that lacks discipline as well.


Guy go now wetin be ur own now play you no go play dribble you no no how to dribble score na wahala I beg Fassobeli dash this guy to Sieri d side lols

Dulla Zanzibar

Quit soccer brother turn to basketball still have time to be star.


Some of the fans in this chat does talk a lot of cunt cause if it was you all, you all would want to pick where to go. When ses was here and was about to be sold everyone was vex. Now tell me how many of you all miss him? I could bet none. When naing was score a few he was OK now he is this and that. We kept players for worst than him and them get play on the field too.


I will miss him, because I liked him and I trust in his qualities, but he can’t go wherever he wants without the right price ! He can choose to go to real madrid and real offers us 5 mil for him… it’s ok like that ? Just because he has the right to choose ?


El sharaaway scored more goals than niang in half a season. And the whole club where in a copletely different situation. He had partly success here in the worst milan in years. compared to niang. You said it your self he scored a few and than it was ok. Ofc it was. When he cant do it consistantly it wont be good enough. We all had hopes for Niang.


I lost respect for him now. I defended him against sharks here. I believe that he is better to be played as CF an thus, current form is not his best. I won’t defend him anymore.


lukaku went to Everton and proved himself, Niang, went to Genoa and Watford, but still can’t prove himself, so Everton is not good enough, Russian club is not good enough, Niang is like rash that refuses to go away.


There is fundamental difference between Niang and Conti/Kalinic. It’s true that both Conti and Kalinic forced their way out (which is not nice obviously) BUT their teams received really good offers, almost the top in the market. In that case, yes, players have a say and it should be up to them to decide. But Niang cannot force to leave to a specific team which offers 40% lower than market price. He can go wherever he wishes as soon as he brings a good enough offer.

Baresis Dream

Another, more important difference is that Conti and Kalanic didn’t do this nonsense to us, but to a different team.


I liked Niang and I am one of the few people who is seeing quality in Niang and I think that Montella should haven’t said that Niang can stay with us the whole season and creating false hopes to the player, because the reality was that Montella didn’t want him. Buuuuuut, a big BUT, Niang should understand that he can’t go wherever he wants without the right price and the price torino would want to give us is humiliating for AC Milan, especially after Cairo insisted to us with 100 mil for Belotti, which is a totally unfair price. So… Read more »


Maybe,milan must loan him 1season again… He good player but nothav proove… For future..