Niang decides to say ‘no’ to Spartak Moscow, Torino reportedly ready to offer €12 million for the forward

M'Baye Niang during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on August 3, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
M’Baye Niang during Milan-Craiova at Stadio San Siro on August 3, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

M’Baye Niang was supposed to go to Russia in a deal worth €20 million but changed his mind as he prefers to stay at Milan or join another Serie A side.

Milan have an agreement in place with Spartak Moscow over Niang: €18m + €2m bonuses and it seemed that the deal was heading towards a positive conclusion.

But last night it was reported by and Sky that Niang was having doubts over the move and it is now said that at least at the moment, his decision is to reject Spartak, who are offering him a contract worth €3m per season for four years.

M’Baye therefore returned to training with the squad today and now Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone will have to find a solution. Sky and Premium Sport suggest that Niang’s agent, Mino Raiola, had a meeting with Torino yesterday and they are ready to offer €12 million for Niang.

It’s clear that Vincenzo Montella deems Niang as dispensable but with Giacomo Bonaventura’s injury (he will undergo more tests tomorrow), M’Baye could prove important in the short-term.

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Nooooo. Dude we sent you out on loan with an option to buy but you rejected Watford. We sold you again now to Spartak and still you don’t want and your agent (the one whom you said you fired) is trying to sell you cheap to Torino… I know all players have an attraction towards Milan but Man you’ve gotta go to the Russians and drink Vodka cause you like partying.


What did I say earlier? The dude is manipulative just like Balo. He wants to stay in Milan but he is not consistent enough to earn a stay. So what have we? A sick load of liability.


How is refusing to go to club u dont want manipulative? Milan and niang have contract so both parties have to respect it. If a player dont want to be sold then theres nothing a club can do about it (unless of course the buyer pay buy out clause, like in figo case) because their hands are tied to the contract. When a club agree to give a player 5 yr contract then the club is obliged by law to pay the player’s salary for those 5 yr, even if the player cant play for them due to injury issues… Read more »


Why M’baye, why?
This could have been a very good deal but apparently it’s not possible anymore. But I think we shouldn’t sell him to Torino cheap, remember the Cairo – Belloti circus? Miha had a very good relation with Niang and that’s probably why he is going to join Il Toro.


f… Cairo 100M for 1 player or 70M with 3 player but Niang just 12M, ok… give us 25 and we’ll think about it

Kwabena Adu

Torino should pay the same amount (20M) not a penny less…payback time, if they’re unwilling send him to Geneo on loan


why sell? just let him rot on the bench. You’ll see his 4ss on fire


Why is he playing with us? we want him out, why cant he realise that and go for good!


Cairo wants Niang? Good. He can have him for 50m!


Seems fair considering Cairos way of value players. I rather keep him then sell him cheap to Cairo and toro.


but why….just go already man….Lanzini/Forsberg/keita are waitiñg to take ur place


Fuqktard SOB Niang,please for God sake get your black ass out of Milan you inconsistent party loving k(c)unt.Damn these players.We need money now and these a holes are not moving out.


we better let him rot on the bench than sell him to Torino for 12mil…Torino think themselves very wise and how come other seria clubs get players cheaper than ac Milan ,look at juventus getting matuidi for 18mil…a player of such quality


We have had planty of great deals this summer. Matuidi is 30-32 years? i’d not pay more then 15 for him. But thats me.


And 18M for biglia was a better deal?


Is a great great player Matuidi ! Don’t say stupidities !

kweku tims

Comment: Anytime i see Niang i just remember his famous miss against Barca. Hes been given so many chances but yet to prove. Cant wait to see him movin his black ass away from the team


Racist much?
That was half decade ago. Move on will u


Ugly comment ! With Barca he was 17 ! Every top class player missed some chances in his career… Niang is very useful for AC Milan if he stays ! NOOOO TO CAIRO AND TO TORINO FOR 12 MIL ! NO NO NO !


is not really about his age right now but abt is quality and style of play,he still runs better than some of our youths and more technical than most of our midfielder


If Torino want’s niang they should probably pay 80m + zapacosta…. its pay back time baby…nonsense cairo!


New zacardo, saying no to every club. Relegate him to primavera already. Enough is enough!!!


I glad he did not join


Cairo? Niang is €100m. Simple!


12mill is too small considering his age,our players always cost little like gum


I think 12m is good with 50% sell on fee


100% maybe? LOL
12m is not enough, spartak already to offer us 20m but Niang turned it down


My opinion i don’t need matuidi in my team b/c is not a player that i whent and then is under 32 to 33y

Rikimaru Tenchu

Niang hasn’t accepted the move to Russia yet. He’s thinking about it and the deal is now on stand-by. The former Milan board made him some promises about economic bonuses regarding his future sale. The current management doesn’t want to agree on it though, as there is no written proof of it.


This is blessing in disguise. If torino want niang so much then maybe milan can use him as bargaining chip. 70m + niang for belotti is still too expensive but what the hell, lets seal the deal fassobelli and cairo.

P.s. Under no circumstances should milan sell niang for 12m to any club, let alone torino


70m + Niang & Paletta 4 Belotti,
greedy fuCkairo u’ll get the money, replacement & crazy defender 4 free…


People who say milan have given niang enough opportunities clearly dont watch football. Milan bought niang in 2012 and he’s been out on loan thrice ever since, what opportunities are u blabbering about? Lets face it, u dislike niang because of his antics/car accidents, his older than original sin miss vs barca and penalty miss vs roma. well, dislike him all to hell but theres no way 16-20m rated niang is less valuable player than borini

Rikimaru Tenchu

Lmao I had even forgotten about the accident. I dislike because of his laziness, bad work ethic, bad attitude, and refusal to improve. Every coach says he has massive potential, I can see he does too, but he doesn’t care. This is nothing to do with chances, he has no passion for the team. I felt same way to MDS too.


Well in that case its montella’s job to motivate and fire niang up in trainings and before matches.
Still i gotta say, him saying he’s actually bakaye traore when the cops stopped him was very funny


Its also Montella’s job to discard him if he doesn’t measure up


on fire or water, he waste too many chances, extremly selfish, addicted to own glory, why Montella want Kalinic desperatly is because he play & throw his body for the team, even Borini is half quality of Niang but he put himself to be fouled just to give us free kick…
last season he fail to feed Bacca neither score enough goals, this season again he do to Silva, it’s not about his talent / age / body build, the way he play cost us points…


Agreed, Milan10 ! Haters ! They hate Niang, Borini, Zapata, Montolivo, etc. I’d say something for them but no, it doesn’t worth !

Hamza Ibrahim Wankari

Niang,you better go to anywhere. You are of no use to milan fans and the club itself. I prefer BONAVENTURA playing your wing to you. Useless have been at the club since 2012 but scored only 12 goal. What a shame


Niang is great when his on form and will be better for him to move in the next window.He can still improve and is better since he came back


Good move son…rejecting Moscow to fight for ur slot in Milan. I don’t know u some of d fans here still remember an error of 3years ago as if dey are sai,ts themselves….I read some racist on dis forum telling niang to get out of Milan with his blackass, n I watch admin allowing such racial discrimination when Milan is a global brand…I don’t know who it was but I’m sure d person is not better than niang in any aspect of life n it’s irrespective of skin color. I,hope niang stays n plays well n even if he chooses… Read more »