Negotiations between Spartak and Milan over €20m Niang deal in an advanced stage, player offered €3m per season

M'Baye Niang during training. (
M’Baye Niang during training. (

M’Baye Niang is close to leaving Milan and go to Russia as talks with Spartak are advanced, according to reports.

After Carlos Bacca left Milan to join Villarreal (loan with option to buy in a deal worth €18m) yesterday, it now seems that Niang will soon follow.

The Frenchman did not take part in training yesterday and is not part of the squad to face KF Shkëndija tonight (20:45 CET) as he is on his way out of the club and to Spartak Moscow of Massimo Carrera.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio and La Gazzetta dello Sport, Spartak Moscow are offering Milan €18m plus €2m bonuses for Niang while the 22-year-old is being offered a four-year deal worth €3m per season. The money seems to have convinced Niang to join Luiz Adriano at Spartak.

Talks are an advanced stage and the deal can be concluded today. Niang joined Milan from Caen in 2012 for around €2m, scoring 12 goals in 77 appearances. His time here will soon come to an end.

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don’t sell niang this will be another case of aubamyang


Oh please!.. Aubameyang had no space and was not given the chance cos of proven champions like shevy,inzaghi,tommason,gilardino.

Niang was given all the chances in this world but he threw them away. His character is zero, constistency zero! Let him go already and i dnt see him becoming 10% of aubameyang.


@Pelle80. Your comment nails it. What most Milan fans rarely talk about concerning Niang is his rotten character which is bad for the lucker room apart from the fact that the dude is too inconsistent to be a top player. Abbiati was indirectly referring to Niang and co just after his retirement. I will applaud this move if it happens. If so I will be very impressed by Montella and the management for their intelligent strategy. All the bad apples and mediocres are leaving. It won’t take long before total serenity and professionalism returns. BTW, Calhanoglu can do better than… Read more »


Although Niang leaving is a good thing for us but only for the reason that it brings considerable amount of money. Not because of his rotten character (managers are supposed to deal with a player’s off-field characteristics). I personally think that Niang has got a lot of talent which can bring out the best of him someday provided he gets a good midfield partnership. He has got speed, uses his well built physique to muscle through the defence and also wins free kicks near scoring areas. Obviously if you couple it up with shitty players like Monty or Bertolacci behind… Read more »


Niang will never be half of Auba is. Niang is another headcase like Balotelli – potential is there but brain is not there. Who in the right mind jumps of their roof into the pool? LOL


Couldn’t agree more!


To be honest he was good as a center forward under Miha as a winger under Montela not so good we can even say bad, he have plenty of time to improve i think he should have went in Everton if you ask me, wish him the best any way… for Milan this probably means we will get one more attacker beside Kalinic who seems to be done deal, im just hoping for a natural winger not some one who has to “adopt” playing as a winger, and end up similar to Niang.


niang rottet.
becouse when we buyed him.
should have been trained from the first day as a striker.
and give him everyday extra training in finishing.
today he would have been a more efficient;
sometimes clubs waste players and potential.
by taking them in young age and playing insistingly on wrong position.


spot on. would have loved to see him at everton or west ham. Either way I wish him the best and believe if he plays centerally he will shut up his critics. After all he is the type of player that needs to play game in game out and that too in his preferred position.


We let Aubameyang go when he was a scoring machine in Saint-Etienne mate. Gilardino, Sheva and the like were all long gone (it was the era of Ibra).

I agree that Niang has a very bad attitude and doesn’t deserve more chances, but the way we handled Auba was laughable at best.


Can’t put Gilardinho and Tomasson is same sentence with Sheva end Inzaghi.


Can’t be another Auba until he humbles himself and learn. He’s been given all the opportunities Auba never had


Just put a buyback clause, simple becos he may have failed now, I still see some day of hope for him…


I prefer percentage of profit from next sale

Sylvester wonplue

Niang is not the type of player we need. I am too happy that niang is leaving our team. Milan need quality players to enforce our team.


20m is a lot of money. I hope milan reinvest the money in another mf like kovacic asap (no badelj thank you very much). Raiola offered matuidi to milan but they never actually acted on it and now juve just bought him for mere 15m, what a steal. Also, why would milan sell gomez? If history has taught us anything, its that zapata is disaster waiting to happen. Montella gets rid of quality players like bacca, niang, lapapin, kucka and soon gomez but he brings in borini and makes zapata vice capt. That fag shakespeare was right, something’s very rotten… Read more »


Honestly, I’m suprised by the amount of money we will get for him.. I was hoping for 15m but this is amazing!



#1Milan Fan South Africa

after what ive seen from him in pre season he is far better that borini but anyway bring in the money mbaye.


Goodbye lazy Niangdinho


please accept the offer and go link up with Luiz andriano, Goodluck

Kwabena Adu

At least he’s better than Borini


Milan does not need him,he refused to improve his game all the way from the days of Alex pato till now,he is a player like Walcott who refused to improve,selfish and poor finishing, lack of vision when he has ball with him, I don’t see him better than this cos bonnadinho came after him and so himself, he has a lot of chance than any other players in Milan team but nothing to show for it,as for borini,he is a loan player which can be send back after the loan period if he add nothing to the team.Forza Milan.


20 million? Impressive amount to be honest… it’s been a while since I saw us selling someone – who we didnt desperately need/was integral for us – for over 10 million. If he is being sold, I hope the amount is real. Guys, I was just playing FIFA and looked at the starting eleven as well as the bench, and I mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again, it’s crazy how much this side has improved on paper, in just one summer. Not only with all the mediocres being out, but with quality coming in to replace them. Can… Read more »

Rhema milano

The transfer is kool with amount of money we are getting from him,but I still think we should Insert a particular close on it that will give an edge in the future maybe a %in future sale or buyback clause but am not so happy with the bacca option which is an option to buy it should be obligation to buy and maybe 20e to 25ee for him


Barcelona missing neymar has fast track negotiations with Dortmund for dembele Chelsea seriously now after belotti and Dortmund will not allow both belotti and dembele leave the question now remains who will be our marque signing for the attack please we must act fast to get Auba


After watching Madrid yesterday with modric and kroos in midfield. I strongly suggest we play bona and hakan in midfield with either loca or kessie. Dis midfield will have gid technical abilities and will help us get goals plus support d strikers. What do u tink guys


im confused.
today the papers talk again milan want renato sanches.
if that happens
we will keep on playing hakan calkanoglu on the wing
and locatelli will get less playing time
where for gods sake if we move to 3-5-2
or 3-4-1-2
then we have the best formations and all players can give their best


Comment:am vry glad wit dis deal, gudbye niang


Soon we will all be wishing Niang never left! This is a fact! Only teams with long term goals will understand dis. Niang is still growing. Bought for 2 million a couple of years back, now worth 20million. Everton saw his growth so did spartak yet milan is giving deaf ears because of montella style of play.. I like montella no doubt but let’s be realistic… how long do we think montella will stay in milan before the management starts looking for coaches with beta profiles? And when dat coach arrives we will start seeking to bring back Niang at… Read more »


I do agree with you in some points. Niang has speed and dribling. But lack of consistency and one of his weakness is he will run out of stamina after 60 minutes. I don’t know why last season after several match he really declined. But sometimes potensial talent is not enough you could look hateem ben arfa. He lack undetanding with team mate. or You could see aaron lennon, nani, or other winger when they have pace and technic..but not too exploit in every match. The most dissapointing is alessio cerci in my opinion. So potensial talent is not enough… Read more »


Soon we will all be wishing Niang never left! This is a fact! Only teams with long term goals will understand dis. Niang is still growing. Bought for 2 million a couple of years back, now worth 20million. Everton saw his growth so did spartak yet milan is giving deaf ears because of montella style of play.. I like montella no doubt but let’s be realistic… how long do we think montella will stay in milan before the management starts looking for coaches with beta profiles? And when dat coach arrives we will start seeking to bring back Niang at… Read more »


12 goals lol what a record for a striker, no wonder Ac Milan has not been going forward


How many did suso score?.. Niang was used as a winger under montella and not a striker


he was never used as a striker.mainly as a winger.where he could never develop


Let’s not forget so fast dat Lukaku was 1c Chelsea’s flop


what do you guy think
should we spend our last money on a player like renato sanchez?
or do we need in another position a invesment.
all players i like we buyed.
wish we could have a system where they all can give their best.
with 433-something is missing and something is on a wrong place it feels.
realy do not understand why montella kept training and using 433 when he had enough defence players to be played in pre season
no excuse just bcouse roma is injurryd


The most painful transfer Milan sold out is #Lapadula ,#crociata they have something better to offer than #kalanic….and #borini




He can become Maradonna or Messi but i care less after all the chances he got to develop.

Sell him asap please and bring in a quality replacement.


Of course his gonna grow….he’ll be like Balotelli but with less, much less talent …




Ur destiny is not in Milan……..pls tank 4ur service n don’t make us lose such amount that will help in bringing someone better!


Niang may well become a star in future but right now we need a consistent player which Niang isn’t. Im one of those who feel he should have been used in the centre and not on the wings. But now is not a time to brood on roads not taken, now both parties need to find a solution that works for everyone.


I have 1 name for left wing, if auba feels to expensive, julian draxler.


WE ARE EXTREMELY WEAK ON THE WINGS !!!! This is a real fact ! Without Niang who is a striker but performed decently on the wings and was a solution for that position, we are very very weak on the wings and if we still play 4-3-3 it’s clear for me that Hakan, Silva and Borini will be the only solutions for the left wing. We MUST bring a better CM to free Jack for the left wing or a left winger to keep Jack or Hakan in the midfield. Or when Romagnoli is fit, to switch to the 3-5-2… Read more »


the club cannot risk anything. there fore the best formation to secure a easy return game. we invested more then 200 one ever invested that much in the first year after buying a club. and yes i agree with u. we are useless on the wings specialy on the left if bona keeps on playing in middle my concern is montella seems to stick on 433 as a base formation becouse if he is wanting 352 then there was bo exuse to train and play the 352 just becouse roma is injurryed we have more 3 players who could… Read more »


The only formation we can successfully play with our best players would be a 3-4-1-2.
Think about the players we have got, if all injury-free then we can cover each position with a quality player. Suso behind the strikers would be deadly.


Niang has potential no doubt, but I think his time at milan is coming to an end and rightfully so. He’s had many chances and he has never been consistent and his finishing is poor. He’d have a game where you say he has the potential to be world class followed by 5 mediocre games. Anyways niang wish you all the best, you still have a long career ahead of you! Now niang and bacca sold paletta next, AUBEMAYANG!


Thank you Niangeungol! Now get a winger, btw Deulofeu has 20 millions clause on him


Well deliufou was way way way better than niang for a 20 mil get him back to the team and with suso i ithink our wingers will act Ok but we need a strong FW i wish belotti over aubameyang because of his age which will let him develop with the team and i hope we got mattuidi over sanches he cost juv 20 mil which is reasonable copared to sanches price


Comment: Denis surez is ok


Some reports say Niang might turn down the deal. I hope no.


so many say he can be next Auba, yes maybe… in this current Milan we need imediate result cuz we want go back to the top, any coach come & go, they did try Niang as RW/LW, ST also SS still he can’t deliver, so tell me guys, for how long & how many drop points more we’ve to cost 4 his selfihnes & clumsy finishing to be Auba level? in another side, by selling him, makes real Auba (or Belotti) come to Milan to be more possible… he’s a striker, he suppose to get us points, goals or atleast… Read more »


Comment : the best thing that could happen to Niang is for him to leave. ForZa Milan