Spartak Moscow interested in Niang and could offer €18-20m, still no definitive agreement with Fiorentina for Kalinić

M'Baye Niang during Craiova-Milan at Stadionul Municipal (Drobeta-Turnu Severin) on the 27th of July, 2017. (
M’Baye Niang during Craiova-Milan at Stadionul Municipal (Drobeta-Turnu Severin) on the 27th of July, 2017. (

M’Baye Niang has attracted interest from Russia and Spartak want to reach an agreement with the player before making Milan an offer, while Nikola Kalinić has agreed personal terms but Fiorentina are making life hard.

Carlos Bacca will today have his Villarreal medical (loan plus option in a deal worth €18m in total), and it seems that M’Baye Niang could also be on the way out.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, Spartak Moscow have shown interest in the 22-year-old Frenchman. Di Marzio claims Massimo Carrera is ready to offer €18-20m for the services of Niang, but before making an official bid, Spartak want to have a deal with M’Baye.

At the start of the summer it seemed certain that Niang would leave but as the mercato progressed, Niang has found space on Vincenzo Montella’s team and the boss admitted that Niang, who played on loan at Watford last year, can stay as he has changed compared to how he was last season.

Nikola Kalinic during Fiorentina-Cagliari at Stadio Artemio Franchi on March 12, 2017. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Di Marzio also provided an update on Milan’s attempts to sign Fiorentina’s Kalinić. There is still a gap between the Diavolo offer and the demand of the Viola: Fiorentina have an offer from Everton worth €29m and so they want Milan to increase their offer of €25m plus bonuses. The issue of the method of payment also needs to be addressed. The player, however, only wants Milan.

It is said that Kalinić and the Rossoneri have agreed on a contract (most likely for four years) and the 29-year-old, if an agreement is reached with Fiorentina, would earn €3m per season, or €3.5m plus bonuses. It remains to be seen if Kalinić would be the last arrival of the summer.

Without Kalinić and with or without Niang, Milan face Shkëndija tomorrow (20:45 CET), and you can bet on the match online – before placing action make sure to research lines at Sportsbetting ag.

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Sell sell sell!!!


Haha I don’t understand why anyone would give you a thumb down. Niang needs to go and stop being manipulative. He thinks too much of himself yet he only delivers every on 7th game. That is not enough for him to stay. He said no to Wattford and Everton on a permanent deal this summer. And I don’t think it gets any better than the Russian champions last season knocking on his door with a solid intent. Look at the bright side Niang. It’s CL on the stake, so just leave. BTW, just because Montella said that Niang COULD stay… Read more »


agreed, Niang had too many chances, if we want to be on top of the world again “good enough players” are not good enough, we need best of the best on the field and off the field

Baresis Dream

For that price? I would take Niang personally to the airport.


We are not selling spartak moscow oooo!


I would turn green light on for Niang far away from us. It seems a revolution is started in Milan and saving old people is like greetings to bad mentality and psychological aspects. He wasn’t that bad in the last matches but not on a level Milan deserves. You might tell me why the f**k have they bought Borini and I’ll tell you I have no any idea but taking €18-20mio for Niang is what seems the idea for me. There are still some players who should go. This money may help us for singing Kalinic which doesn’t make sense… Read more »


Thank you spartak Moscow, plz make an official bid.

Niang – out
Dolberg – in.

Kalinic – ??????


18m good, Ok Niang you better agree to the move…now give up on Kalinic, yes he is ok but time to shun fiorentina’s excessive demands,they can sell to Everton for all i care,they cant be holding us to ransom over a player thats not even our first or second choice buy for the attack and Aubameyang is still the dream

de guy

Niang should be sold ASAP!!! one thing i cannot forget was Niang miss a chance to score agsinst barca ouch, it still hurts, it would make a lot of sense for milan to buy an experienced winger since montella likes 4 4 3, although more players needs to go, player sosa, monty, abate etc.


He was 17 !!!! Are u Kiddin’?


I think Niang’s time here is over. He still might turn into good player somewhere but certanly not in Milan. On another note, we have only one true winger in the team, Suso, and we target only strikers. I wonder whats Montella’s plan. Is he going for two striker formation? I mean 4-4-2 would suit better than 4-3-3 because both Bonaventura and Hakan would be better as wide-midefielders than attacking wingers. So Suso, Bona and Hakan would be wide options (three wide playmakers) and Biglia, Kessie, Loca, Montolivo, Mauri would share the two CM positions. Problem is that Kessie would… Read more »


please spartak, do us all a favour and buy niang. What a waste of talent/money/time.


20m is a lot of money for unproven youngster like niang but i think milan would regret selling niang 3-4 yrs from now. He’s built for modern football; tall, fast, strong and technical player. In an era where u more often beat ur opponents by outmuscling or outrunning them (if u run pass opponent and he touches u then its a foul, the rules are very different from pele’s or maradona’s era) not by silky baggio-esque dribbling, niang is a rare gem. The reason why madrid are better than barca is because they have players who’s more suitable for modern… Read more »


since when did you start taking niang’s side….


@+Milan I am shocked too..


My allegiance is to logic and reason and milan mate *wink


Solid reasoning btw. Thumbs up.


Who is going to be LW? I hope nobody. Its kinda obvious we are not going to play formation with wingers. Suso can play behind the striker/s. Bonaventura can play in midfield.

We can’t play 2-3 matches a week with only 2-3 wingers in our team.

I hope I’m right cause if we are stuck with Borini in first 11… I can’t even…


Aubameyang 2.0 is loading…


Auba might not have turned out the way he is If he had stayed with us. You guys to undrestand that right?


we used to play player a lot out of position
honda example-the guy could never show what he is
calkanoglu should never be wasted like honda on the wing-honda and calkanoglu are best as CAM
niang was never a winger-he is much more a striker
should have been all this years just trained his finishing and not wasting him on the wing becouse he is fast
a striker can be fast too
these obsession play 433 or any winger system
but do not buy proper wingers
the only one we have is suso

Baresis Dream

Everything is possible in football but I doubt we will regret a 20 mil sale for Niang mate. There’s typically a trade off between physicality and technique, that’s true, but I don’t think his technique passes the threshold necessary for a top player at his position. Terrible first touch and mediocre shot on goal (and crosses for that matter) are not an easy thing to improve upon. He has been given all the possible chances here (and in Watford), and he seems to simply not have what it takes. Why Borini instead of Niang you ask? The answer lies in… Read more »


Well, im not saying niang is gonna be next cr7 but if u remember cr7’s first 2 seasons at mu, he was very bad at shooting, sending crosses, heading and passing. Basically he’s just a better faster mastour, thats why van nistelrooy resented him. But he, with help from saf, got better with time. In fact, he’s very different player now, much less incessant dribbling and much more clinical finishing in his game. I dont see why niang cant improve himself the way cr7 did in his youth. Regarding 15m difference between niang and borini, isnt that the main problem… Read more »


the only thing is wrong emwith him is he got Balotelized him self, too selfish, he kill another prospect develpment, kind of Balo / Bedtner / Bebe…


Haters, like I said !! Niang leaves, ok, and who will play and who will be on the bench regarding also Montella’s vision about his 4-3-3 ???? aaah ??? Montella doesn’t use Bonaventura on the wings, who remains ?? Borini, Silva and Hakan ?? Are u happy with them on the wings ??? Niang go, Niang go, and who the f… will play if all the players should go ???? First you buy the players you need to cover your empty positions and then you sell… In this moment, Niang is needed as a back-up or even as a starter,… Read more »


I think Montella wont use 433, rather 352 or 3421/3412 formation.

It would be stupid for our new management to sell all wingers and not bring a single one (no, Hakan is not a winger)


and Borini isn’t a football player


He is the grand master of Foosball though.
Fasobelli saw his halo.

Baresis Dream

Jack can be used on the wing. Why not?


Niang is too selfish, he got talent but the way he play cost another player progres… he can be the next Aubameyang but surely not in Milan @ present, hope Spartak get him then we get striker & a winger (Dolberg / Fio’s Chiesa / Mahrez / Forsberg / Celtic’s Dembele)…
don’t go above 25m for Kalinic please cuz we still need super striker


They will probably get him for 15. And still that is absolitely fine with me. He can develop in a good striker. But his time in Milan seems over.


sadly but true.
i wonder why we never develped him as a striker

Milano Breed

Comment: If this deal pull through, then it just might be one of my fav for this mercato… Watching niang play is bad for the eyes, he has great physique but he doesn’t make use of it, with his height and strength he can barely keep the ball away from his maker.. Suso doesn’t have the physique niang has, but its difficult to disposes suso of the ball. This niang of a player has nothing to offer Milan, he should just pack his bag and move his sluggish ass to Russia. I Wish him best of lucks with the Russian… Read more »

Super Milan

I Think it’s very hard for Niang to stay in Milan.Milan must buy Andrea Bellotti because Bellotti is the striker that AC Milan need. Milan must win Europe League this season and Nikola Kalinic it’s okay. Milan must get scudetto this season


Goodbye lazy


Damn this Kalinic rumors don’t wanna go away. 18m-20m for Niang is good money.

If Montella is gonna stick with his 4-3-3 then I suggest he declines the move as he’s not targeting any wingers, unless he will play Bonadinho there but we still need some backup which therefore means we need to sign at least good wingers who will make our strikers get more goals cause he doesn’t have a creative Midfielder.
Unless he will abort 4-3-3 and use 4-3-1-2 or 3-5-2 then it will make sense to let go of Niang.


I agree, we need Niang in the current formation. and the fact that we are letting go of Bacca for a 2.5 million loan deal with the option to buy for just over 15 million is crazy. especially in todays market when quality strikers are worth so much.
I am sorry, but I hope Bacca smashes it as he never had the chance to show his worth at Milan and shows how wrong Montella is for letting him go.


*my contribution to sheva a.k.a. Milan10, i mean perfect10’s happiness:
Real madrid rival las palmas terminate Kevin-Prince Boateng contract for ‘irreversible personal reasons’.
Well, i guess some mofos are destined to just ice skate uphill


Sell him now or we’ll be stuck with him forever. Waiting for Niang to blossom is like waiting for the end of the world.

Year after year we are predicting the same thing but keep getting disappointed.

There’s news that Milan made an offer for Vidal that Bayern Munich are strongly considering. Sigh.

Just when I thought it can’t get any better than this Fassone and Maribelli keeps impressing me.

Baresis Dream

Completely agree on Niang, we cannot wait forever. But I think the Vidal thing is fake news – it’s just too good to be true.


Yeah, the Vidal news is so nice to hear I’m really hoping there is some truth to it. We’ll see.


Comment:.Caesar What do you mean by we are not selling? Is Niang a good player, as he ever be a good player to us.


Sell !! Asap !!
Bring Draxler or Pastore on loan with option to buy..cos 2 of them will have a less playing time in psg with arrival neymar..


so many say he can be next Auba, yes maybe… in this current Milan we need imediate result cuz we want go back to the top, any coach come & go, they did try Niang as RW/LW, ST also SS still he can’t deliver, so tell me guys, for how long & how many drop points more we’ve to cost 4 his clumsy finishing to be Auba level? he’s a striker, he suppose to get us points, goals or atleast assists… he’s not good enough, hope someday he’ll be, he got his chances & now is time to say good… Read more »