Marseille interested in signing Bacca, but no official offer has been made yet for the 30-year-old striker

Carkis Bacca before Borussia Dortmund-Milan at University Town Sports Centre Stadium on July 18, 2017 in Guangzhou, China. (
Carkis Bacca before Borussia Dortmund-Milan at University Town Sports Centre Stadium on July 18, 2017 in Guangzhou, China. (

Carlos Bacca is a wanted man in France, but reports of a €15 million bid have been denied on Tuesday evening.

Vincenzo Montella has already stated that he will not play Carlos Bacca on Thursday in the Europa League qualifier against Craiova, as the player is destined to leave.

The interest from France in Bacca has been known for weeks, in particular from Olympique de Marseille. And according to today’s France Football, the Ligue 1 outfit has offered €15m for Bacca and have already agreed terms with Carlos: €3.5m per season., however, claims that as of this time, no offer has arrived in Aldo Rossi 6 for Bacca. The Italian website does not rule out developments in the near future but the current status is that OM, or anyone else, have made an official bid for the 30-year-old striker, who scored 14 goals last year.

The Colombian joined Milan from Sevilla for €30 million in the summer of 2015. With the World Cup coming up, and the Diavolo looking for a starting striker, an exit is just a matter of time.

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Comment:pls don’t sell this man if there is no better offer. At worst, we keep him. He may be useful later on.


Bacca is a very good striker. But he will never be able to play in a possession based team. He would be a great fit for Marseille and for 20M it is a fair price.


well I will all support bacca stay, but to give a channel of excuses from montella; calmly vote him exist, because of montella game play.

he has all to stay. even he accepted milan in time of tears: now that he could shine with new recruits, things turn bad in milan with him, but not for him.
let me sadly say go just for montella.


Bacca played possession football with Sevilla with great success. What he need is a trequartista behind him or 2 striker formation.
Miha understand this, and Motella have also learned this. Montella is tactical stubborn and will not change his system for one player. Evident in this transfer window as we are looking for strikers that are more complete and can play the lone striker role.


Montella is as annoying as allegri at milan


get montella kalinic and let him do his thing……..
then bring me aubameyang so milan can be finally complete after a long time on Pes18.


Haha, you want Milan to buy players so you can play your game?


Real men like ck envisioned play fifa


that’s your biz anyway….
i just wanna compete in the pes league one day…..


Im sorry to hear that mate. I mean, i did prefer konami’s int’ superstar soccer for sega and winning eleven/pes series for ps to pathetic ea sports’s early fifa series but pes 2013’s the last good game from konami and theyve been declining since then


that’s where ur wrong….
have u seen pes16 and pes17 atal….
they have gone beyond the whole concept of pes13 seriously, just check it out and gimme feedback…


Yes i have and i think konami tries too hard to be like fifa; the player stats, the gameplay, online gimmicks etc. very different gameplay was what made konami better than ea sports, but not anymore. Konami’s player rating system is much better than ea sports though, i’ll give them that. Ive noticed it since sega playing days. I mean, in fifa, van basten gets 97 for shot power yet 79 for dribbling. It seems like they only one have specific criteria for a player to be good at particular position. Also, romario gets 90 overall rating while neymar gets… Read more »


couldn’t find the reply button on ur latest post…
Gameplay is exactly what konami has over fifa actually….and i think you can agree with me that when you buy a game, the aim is to play it right…
there are so many online polls that backs this up….
what fifa has is licences and graphics… , and there are patches that can fix those licencing issues on pes.
pes18 has promised a huge jump in terms of graphics(coning this September).


Sad though.
As much as i hate to see him leave it may be good in the long run. Milan should at least break even from his sale (€30MM) than to make a loss. I hope Suso does not leave as well.
I hope we make quality signings upfront that improves the quality of our play and the team in general.

If we sell him and do not get quality signings up front there will be serious problems.


Off topic: who could be the secret travel of fassobelli to London?

Support montella

Harry kane


I don’t see this chinese is embark to look in to gaining from player’s sales now.


Bacca joined us at our low point. Gave up champions league 4 us and this is how we repay loyalty. I don’t care what any 1 says but 4 me give the guy a chance.


I am guessing that he is the one pushing for a move.


Nope. He’s repeatedly said he wants to stay


is a champion n I expect him to stay since we will be having better square compare to last 4 seasons .u still believ in him as striker.


I’m unsure about this one.
He has not done badly at Milan.
But at the same time he is not an absolute top striker to ensure UCL qualification or scudetto push.

As far as I am concerned, he can’t be the man to lead the attack with this milan. We need a step up. A world class striker.


Montella should’ve learned from conte (ance’s lesser version) – Diego Costa saga; if u want to sell a player then never say that said player isn’t in ur plan anymore (I know it was Costa who shared conte’s private text with media but still), instead u should play him in preseason matches, that way u won’t lose ur bargaining power and the price of the player won’t drop significantly due to his unwanted status. It’s simple logic really. With his interviews montella is basically saying that milan are having end season clearance sale, very bad marketing strategy. I’ve always liked… Read more »


100% agreeded . especially the point of Bacca and Niang . give Bacca a year again


I would let him pay for another year instead of signing Kalinic and sell Bacca. He would have support from midfield, good chances from set pieces (thanks to Calhanoglu and Rodriguez), and better supporting wingers, or maybe 2 striker formation. He could score a lot along with the line rotated with Andre Silva/Belotti on a 2 men line, because he is a completely different type of player than him. Players such as Bonaventura, Calhanoglu, Suso, Andre Silva or even Kessié, Biglia and Montolivo would create him chances to became a wisely used wicious poacher. I don’t think Kalinic is any… Read more »


I could remember the Sevilla where Bacca thrived. He was a deadly striker who was linking up pretty well with his team mates then. A Sevilla that played a lovely piece of football. A striker who was only slightly behind Messi and Ronaldo in La Liga. A striker who scored double digit goals even while Milan were faltering. Now he is being treated like he is of no significance.
Please, play a football that creates a lot of chances and see him reward u with a basketful of goal.


The reason why we get little or no cash for our players sales is because we have made our desperation known publicly, I think Milan should not have said bacca is not in their plans, how would they get a team that will be foolish to pay the amount we are asking of, when they know that we are desperate to sell, I feel for bacca cos he never said he wanted to go but Milan are trying any way possible to get rid of him. Kalinic has 27 goals in 68 appearances for fiorentina and bacca has 31 goals… Read more »