Official: De Sciglio leaves Milan and joins Juventus on a permanent basis

Mattia De Sciglio signing the Juventus contract (via @juventusfc)
Mattia De Sciglio signing the Juventus contract (via @juventusfc)

Mattia De Sciglio has left Milan after so many years, and joined Juventus on a five-year deal. Milan will get €12m.

Massimiliano Allegri gave De Sciglio his Milan debut in 2011 when he brought him on as a substitute in a UEFA Champions League group stage home game against Viktoria Plzeň. Today, the two reunite.

“Juventus Football Club S.p.A announces that the agreement with Milan for the definitive acquisition of the registration rights of the player Mattia De Sciglio has been finalized for a consideration of €12m payable in 3 financial years,” The Bianconeri wrote in an official statement released on their website Thursday (read more here). “The purchase value may increase of maximum €0.5m on achieving given conditions in the course of the duration of the contract. Juventus and the player have signed a 5-year contract of employment until 30 June 2022.”

Mattia grew up at Milan and was at the club from 2002 to 2017. The 24-year-old, after making over 130 appearances with the red and black jersey, is now joining the reigning Italy champions.

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Fair price since he was on the last year of his contract, but payable in three installments over three years? Umm …

Manga la figa

Yeah they’re doing the same thing to us as we did them lol. Bonucci’s fee is spread over 3 years too. But to spread 12 mil over 3 years?!?! Man morata is some negotiater hahah


The player that never became what we thought. Perfect example of a one hit wonder. First year we praised him to follow in Maldinis path. 4years later of very inconsistent form and injuries and he’s no better than average. To be honest he never looked up to the task at milan, his head was never in it and it was just right to go different ways. See Ya won’t miss ya


And over three instalments is what bonucci is. I think he was always part of the deal but we had to dk separate purchases for financial reasons for juve to say that they pocketed 42m cash. Essentially we got bonucci for 29.5-30m and got rid of some wages. Talk about a deal of the summer.


Gonna miss you ! Wish you had stayed but I guess I’m understand and respect your decision to leave . Ur a real talent and u simply were not happy in Milan even though your a Milanista .. wish u all the best in juve .


i jux wish to see robben play for milan before he calls it quits…….
the feeling jux came up recently really.


So this a lesson for many of us shouting for not giving our academy product playing time this is what always happen when you give them playing time imagine MDS joined juve not bad .but i never liked his style of play though too slow and he mind was not really at milan.ciao

Milan Boy

His move is more of a victory for Milan than defeat, because he will further weaken their defence and if Sandro leaves eventually, his weakness will become more obvious. Good piece of business for milan.


good luck MDS…
maybe someday u can comeback even as backup just like Antonelli,
we Milan never forget family…


Guys he’s never a good player he deliberately gives juve a penalty away last season he deliberately handballed it who Milan not to win trust me


Holy Mary mother of God!


Haha. Hey. U can criticise him as a player. You can label him traitor but to say that he purposely gave Juve a penalty is not right. He is a professional football player


Yeah, and maradona of gk deliberately let dybala scored the resulting spot kick *macho man wink


Milanistas, we are all badass, not even one Goodwill message to MDS on his new adventure! I really feel betrayed by his action but then he did his best n d least we can do is to send him off….wish u well MDS…hope Milan will beat ur juve silly soon


I share your concern..


Kalinic is slightly better than Bacca. In the air, with his control, his finishing and his connection with other team mates. Bacca cant even trap the ball properly, before we talk of 1-2 touches with his team mates. Always trying them unwarranted rabonas


Yes but with a price tag 30M for 30 years old and “ONLY SLIGHTLY BETTER” than bacca its bit too much..If fasobelli really can’t get belotti,, i dont mind milan taking diego costa, World cup its coming soon he didnt want to loss his place in spain..Believe me he will be an upgrade for milan attack..


Spencer, The goal Carlos Bacca scored against Dortmund will take years for Kalinic to score that..


bacca’s Left foot = Kalinic’s Both Legs


problem with Bacca is that Montella doesn’t want him so he will probably be sold

my problem with Bacca is that he wastes so many chances with his showing off with outer foot shots…


I’m waiting for Milan 10 to come and make some funny comments about donnarumma saying he learns from neuer


donna was having a tantrum yesterday saying he wanted to watch neuer in training. So neuer, being flawless gentleman that he’s, allowed him, saying “son, to be half as good as me u have to watch my every move in training, capiche?” later ribery found donna lurking in men’s restroom so he asked,”wtf r u doing here donna?” Donna replied,”sir, der boss neuer asked me to watch his every move in order to be good gk so now im intensely watching him pee”


Finally he’s gone….he’s never gonna be missed!


Well it was about time to get rid that fake Maldini

Aussie Bogan

Sell bacca to psg for 25m n get cavani for another 25m. 50m. Sanches is a done deal. Just sign him


Bye regular player even vangioni was better than you


Bye MDS. Decent deal by fasobelli.

The tag of next maldini was too much to live up to for him.

There was only one maldini ever. Period.
Such legends are born once in a century, I guess.


Guys I just pass by an inter page just to check what’s happening with our rivals and guess what I found LOL Reza Pahlevi 4 hours ago Any player linked with inter i must searching in youtube… because honestly i don’t know who they are.. Wynne Putradana Reza Pahlevi 2 hours ago And get nothing special from them then…. 1 Reply − Avatar Matrix23 40 minutes ago #ausiliout Forza Inter Reply − Avatar harendro 2 hours ago If we buy R. Rodriguez and those Man City’s old FBs like Clichy, Sagna and Zabaleta (they are all free), majority of fans… Read more »


Poor man’s maldini

#1Milan Fan South Africa

Thank God MDS is gone.Now we have Conti(the next big italian Rb)


The begining of his decline.


I kinda feel bad for Juve fans… with that logo, that ugly third kit and now giving Bonucci for DeSciglio…

nooooot. they deserved it, we are back!!!!

#forzaMilan #juveMerda

(guys have you seen Kessie singing juve merda?? its gold!)


He did? Frankie rijkaard jr #79 it is on my new milan jersey.


Horrifically overrated, cannot understand the building up of him to anywhere near the level it became. Not sour grapes either in the sightest, been saying this for years. Playing in a consistently poorer Milan team and was shown to be anything but the ‘star’ some claimed. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Good pls let us use money and anything to get Kalinic instead of bellott we need old and young in our front we add silva already #amnewhere


What if i told u de judas was a brainwashed agent sent by fassobelli to destroy the old lady from the inside? A weak minded trojan horse to destroy fiat’s prancing horse


What if your lying.


This guy had a good break-through season always performed better for Azzurri which kept me wondering… what if this guy just needed a change in scenery, maybe he will perform at Juve even though I hope he won’t cause it will be bitter to swallow


sciglio is good does not just want Milan no more ,now we will see the real lb in this guy in Juventus where he will become a world class

Mamoon Alvi

I wanted him to stay and we would have sold abate because he is young when he played bad whole team played badly secondly he was feeling some psychological pressure even ronaldinho has suffered with such feeling but just for little time that was not his fault and he played gud while whole team played gud football is a team game u can not call him a traitor or whatever allegri liked him alot he liked allegri alot its something natural i wish him very best of luck