Report: Milan made another attempt to sign Belotti yesterday, Aubameyang remains the first choice for the attack

Andrea Belotti at the end of Torino-Pescara at Stadio Olimpico di Torino on February 12, 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Andrea Belotti at the end of Torino-Pescara at Stadio Olimpico di Torino on February 12, 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Milan have not forgotten about Andrea Belotti but the distance from Torino’s demand remains high, as they continue working on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli are working non-stop and they’ve been trying to find the right profile to complete the attack, as despite spending €40m on Andre Silva, Milan boss Vincenzo Montella seems to want one more striker.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, yesterday there was a new contact between Milan and Torino and the Rossoneri made a new bid, offering money plus Gabriel Paletta.

But the offer doesn’t meet the demands of Torino President Urbano Cairo. Di Marzio believes that il Toro would be willing to accept players in a possible deal, but would like M’Baye Niang or Gianluca Lapadula, in addition to a sum of money that is greater than what the Diavolo have offered.

Di Marzio adds that Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is the top target at the moment, while Fiorentina’s Nikola Kalinić is in standby. La Gazzetta dello Sport expects Milan to speak with BVB next week as the clubs face off for a friendly in China on July 18th. The pink newspaper claims Milan are willing to offer €60m to the club and a five-year contract worth €7.5m yearly to Aubameyang.

Fassone and Mirabelli are working on several targets in parallel as they are trying to wrap up the deal for Lucas Biglia and also continue speaking with Leonardo Bonucci’s entourage about a possible move.

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Support montella

Finger cross , either belloti or aubameyang fine with me….


I had a dream of the ItalMilan – B – team:
Bona-Biglia(But veratti for the future)-Benassi/Baselli
Barrecca-Bonucci-Best young italian cB Roma-Beloved Conti
heir of Buffon:Donna


Hope we get one of them


from what i perceive, they are trying to get both.

#1Milan Fan South Africa

Romagnoli should stay as he is the future of Italian football and can only get better if he should play alongside Bonucci.I hope we get belotti over Auba as belotti can even get better under Montella.


correct,although it is fine with me if any of the them arrives


Milan has made an offer of 30million euros and Juve are asking for 45 mill. We might add Deschiglio to lower their asking price.


Firstly it so hard to even dream and see on this blog article after article on this blog after ages..x man Gilliani signing and all ball talks are done for good..loving this moment hope they do it on the pitch


I like both but prefer Auba. He’s more experienced, proven, and I think he’d link up better with Silva than Belotti would. Plus beause Auba is 28 it gives A.Silva the perfect amount of time to develop before leading the attack himself. If we sign Belotti, one thing to think about is will we really play with 2 strikers long term? Would we have to sell one in the future? Aubameyang gives us more flexibility imo, but both are great players and we should be happy with either. If we manage to pull off one of Bonucci, Belotti or Aubameyang…… Read more »

Ross Oneri

Not really, Silva is a winger not a straight striker like Belotti. So then can play together.


Why do people think Silva is a winger? he have played wing two times before. Two matches as a back up. He is a pure striker. He plays as a striker for portugal and he plays as striker for porto. and i guess he will play as a striker for milan.

Ross Oneri

No! he is not a striker but he can play as a striker just like Ronaldo, Messi etc those type of players.


No he is nothing like Ronaldo and Messi. He is much more like belotti then them.


Andre silva is pure striker, not a winger.but the way i see it, he’s all around type striker.he can play prima punta/target man like vieri, dzeko (he play as striker at portuguese NT) but he can roaming freely too at the wing.little bit like torres at his prime and morata for for belotti he is pure striker for me.he more settle as fox in the box like inzaghi,but with better physicallity, techniques and speed. in general, i like the idea of auba-andre silva combination more than belotti-silva.auba will offer pace,agility and good in one on one situation,he is lethal… Read more »


God bless you… i feel i just spoke through you my exact words.
as the season intensifies i strongly feel Sylva would be played more as a winger.
See what Bayern did in the James deal, pure class business… Belotti isnt gonna come cheap, get one year loan with obligation to buy, sign Auba. both can work together.
Our 4 strikers, if no one else arrives (thats if Bacca and Lapa leaves): Auba, Belotti, Sylva and Borini.
three of them apart from Borini can play on the flanks, which gives Montella the versatility to switch formations.
#Aubameyang #Belotti

abdu zanna

Comment:can’t believe i am not dreaming, hope the lads will do better in the field.


Nice move, but prefer Auba over bello


Let’s get Belotti for next season


yes, exactly.more experinced than belotti and already play in the highest level (ucl) for 3 years.
he will bring pace, agility and good in one on one situation and enormous speed at the counter attack situation whereas andre silva brings power,physicality and aerial prowess as fox in the box.


These guys (Fassobelli) are pushing mountains with these expensive targets. At this rate they would spend €250-300m.


Either would be great. I think right now Aubameyang fills a void in the team with his pace and ability to play as a second striker or even winger and compliment Andre Silva. He’s expensive, because he’s in the top 5 strikers in the world right now. We lack pure pace with Bona, Silva and Suso (Bacca too) up top and Aubameyang would solve that. He could play down the middle alone with Suso and Jack either side. Alternatively, in a partnership with Silva or Suso. I think he would propel us to the next level; fighting for the league,… Read more »


Not Kalinic please. He is so overrated


Comment:Auba wil be a gud move 4 de club n de fans as compared to bellotti

Pa ibra

I’m going to be honest, I like Auba alot and think Belotti is a top striker too but if they are planing on a lone striker formation then another striker wont be needed .You dont expect to leave Silva on the bench. You will not need more than 3 first team strikers and I believe any of Bacca Lapadula will provide good depth with Borini as third choice and the youth team strikers too. However if its going to be a 2 striker formation then any of Auba Belotti would be awsome but in this case I think players like… Read more »


Comment:with all the players we have , I am yet to identify a playmaker and a scary striker.
what happened to kjear?
They want to buy Ghezzal for RW
I Just feel somehow with the 433 tactic because Auba and belloti will not want to come and sit down but play.


If I were going to prioritize one of these players it would definitely be Bonnuci! Then Biglia and Auba. Just think of it…
1. A real commander at the back 2. Weakening a direct rival tremendously 3. One of the top 5 defenders in the world strengthening our defense
Anyway it is less probable. Biglia is the most probable one.


If we get all 3 and sell Bacca, Paletta, Lapadula and De Sciglio we’ll have an incredible squad. Jose Mauri is like a new signing (apologies for the Galliani style comment).

15 outfield players worthy of starting positions, milan finally coming back. Proper strength and depth.

Def: Abate, Conti, Rodriguez, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Bonucci,

Mid: Kessie, Mauri, Locatelli, Biglia, Bona, Hakan.

Fwd: Suso, Silva, Aubameyang.


It is very probable mate as it is reported that bonucci and his agent themselves that force this move. Juve have even put a price tag on him, 45m. Could be less if milan include de judas in their offer. Think about it, a star defender who wants to leave juve but cant go abroad because his wife tells him to stay in italy. Deals like this and ibra’s are cold hard proofs that not only does god exist, he’s also a milanista (probably even related to bonad10nho)


Of course mate, he is surely a Milanista. And may I guess he is the father to our savior lord Bonadinho?


could be mate but im not the kind of guy who gossips about family matters of other people


My jaws dropped this morning when i was reading the news about Bunucci. I’m afraid of what will happen to them if we actually sign him. that would go beyond my imagination, and if someone told me a week ago we would maybe sign Bunucci I would have a good laugh, but wtf?


Apparently its a done deal. Holy shitballs

Uncle Tolu

Either of the two is good. I prefer Auba to Belloti for his experience, but belloti for his young age will be a good signing too. I believe with the capture of Bonucci, Biglia, and Auba/Belotti, we’ll rule Europe once again. Forza Milan!!!


Any one knows acmilan summer program


give’em 50m + Paletta, Niang & Lapadula to get Belotti… fine 4 me…


I’d like to know who gave you the thumb down and why.

I think if they accept this deal we should do it immediately.
That would put his price between 75-80M and his salary around 4 millions.


they thumbed him down because some of us dont want bellotti thats why… we need someone who has played top level football for more then a single season thank you especially for 80 to 100 million. thats ridiculous for someone who could easly be a one season wonder not only that belotti is great and all but he is unproven. we need aubameyang that is if milan want to win or atleast challenge for anything next season. for gods sake bellotti hasnt even played a single ueropean compitation before in his entire career how do you expect us to rely… Read more »


@atala, maybe inter &/ juve trolls,

30-35m + MDS = Bonucci also fine 4me…


Milan should keep hold of romangnoli and pair him up with d possible arrival of bonucci…..and as for d attack, fassobeli should offer niang and lapa with some cash money and get belogoal….. making Milan a team to rival…….& plz Milan get backup for suso……..Forza Milan


Call me crazy, but I am starting to believe in the Scudetto if we get the 3B’s Biglia, Bonucci and Belotti!
Montella would have several options and would have the players to change systems. Even during games.
3-5-2: Donnarumma; Musachio-Bonucci-Romagnoli; Conti-Kessie-Biglia-Bonaventura-RR; Silva-Belotti
4-3-3: Donnarumma; Conti-Musachio-Bonucci-RR; Kessie-Biglia-Bonaventura; Suso-Belotti-Hakan
4-4-2: Donnarumma; Conti-Musachio-Bonucci-RR; Suso-Kessie-Biglia-Bonaventura; Silva-Belotti
4-5-1: Donnarumma; Conti-Musachio-Bonucci-RR; Suso-Kessie-Biglia-Montolivo-Bonaventura; Belotti
3-4-3: Donnarumma; Musachio-Bonucci-Romagnoli; Conti-Kessie-Biglia-Bonaventura-RR; Suso-Belotti-Hakan

A Squad of 25 solid players.
Sales/Loans: Paletta, MDS, Bertolacci, Niang, Lapadula, Bacca


We should choose your 343 which is more like 3413 or something .Would be easier to win with 12 players lol




guys why the hell will some of you prefer belotti to a striker(aubameyang) that can be said in the breathe as suarez,lewandoski…..
you want belotti coz he is young and clinical?? guess what you already have one in Andre silva(who is even more experienced than belotti)
but in aubameyang(superstar level), even if we get him for 80m, we going to still recoup it through his jersey sales and others.
please don’t forget men win you trophies not kidz……


80m Auba, no Belotti will be good deal,

50m + Paletta, Niang & Lapa = Belotti, no Auba will be better deal,

100m Belotti, no Auba is worse deal,

60m Auba & 50m + Paletta, Niang, Lapa = Belotti & 30m + MDS = Bonucci, i will call Fasobeli uncle fastest…


Montella is so weak,he doesn’t know what he wants,smh,I do like him yeah,but he really doesn’t have a personality,you don’t let the authority decide your players for you,you don’t agree to whatever the authority says without a fight,smh,you want to play 433 and you don’t have a pure winger,bona is not a pure winger,neither is calhonoglu,suso is the closest thing to a winger that we have,but still yet,he’s not, he’s an inside forward, cuts inside with his left foot and goes for the goal,not necessarily a delivery man,you got Andre Silva for 40mil,you wanna keep him on the bench,don’t get… Read more »


The reason they’re so winger obsessed is they have target men who can play in the box ie: higuain, dzeko, mandzukic(I know plays on the wing too). This is not something we have, or seem to be going for really. Our 433 more matches up w what barca/real line up with which are 3 interchangeable winger/forwards who come inside a lot more for support. Obviously not a complete replication, but that is the feeling i get with the current squad and potential targets if we go with the 433


I really can’t believe what I have been reading lately. Only good knows how deep our pockets are, but boy are we flexing some serious financial muscle.

Love this hunt for big names. It will be instant upgrade. With two top strikers we can play 4-3-1-2. Calhanoglu as trequartista. That would be serious headache for opposition to deal with.

Dean smith

Fassobelli did say there will be a few shocks!! Wow!! Wow!! These two are invited to my wedding !!!!

Milan until my casket

Fassobelli did say there will be a few shocks!! Wow!! Wow!! These two are invited to my wedding !!!!


Bonucci is AC Milan player.


I was having a great week with Costa and even life was good to me… And then.. THIS?! For what ? WHY?! Agnelli… Marotta… Allegri… Leo… Don’t do this… Not Leo… No not Bonnuci !


Will we go with 3 at the back with bonucci romangoli and Musacchio? 2 wing backs conti Rodriguez? 2 holding midfielders kessie biglia? Silva up front with aubameyang or belotti with calhanoglu behind the strikers or jack and Suso as wingers?? If I was having this chat this time last year with ac Milan fans I think the white coats would be after me…


Guys we are going for the wrong players , we should try to get veratti
Midfield is more imported than the attack . I’m fine with auberyang or bellotti but we need a star midfielder someone like veratti or modric or keita from redbull .


Milan trying to give me a heart-attack!!!!
Somebody fast forward the transfer and bring on the season!!!
Forza Milan!!!


Comment: hahahaha, very funny


my dream formation, 3-5-2


Musa – Bonucci – Roma

Conti – Kessie – Biglia – Cano – RR

Auba – Belotti

to be strong squad we need rotation with proper depth, good squad players & flexibelity formation,

Suso to cover Auba, Conti & Cano
Jack can cover all in mid, side & st
silva (still need exp) cover AM & st
Loca & Monty to cover DM, CM
Gomez & Zap cover CB
Calabria, Abate & Antoneli as SB/SM

there’s no 1st11 it’s rotation & injury


This all seems very hard to believe. Gosh, the beginning of the season feels like it’s ages away.


also this is not just a title winning side, this is a side that can get to the champions league final and win it. DAMN me in love with the Chinese!!!

FORZA MILAN! We back babyyyy!!!


rumor has it that the deal could be done later tonight or tomorrow morning, as Juve are looking at Kostas Manolas who will cost around 35m


Why bonucci.. because romagnoli still injured. So no for 3-5-2. Montella still insist 4-3-3

I am pretty sure by now, that Montella is unsure about our formation. I would feel bad for Bona, Suso or Romagnioli to sit on the bench. But whatever a world class team needs alot of Depth and world class players all around the team.


also world class players bring the best out of those around them. Milan players had the ability but never the calmness or confidence to shine. Believe me when i say last years players will look like new this season.


We are definitely playing with 3 in the back and no wingers. Suso will be sold unfortunately. Bona and cala will fight for a midfield spot in a 3 5 2


why don’t keep Suso for the depht. He is pretty versatile