Milan and Lazio reach an agreement over Biglia, the Argentine regista will join for €17 million plus bonuses

Lucas Biglia celebrates at the end of Inter-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on January 31, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Lucas Biglia celebrates at the end of Inter-Lazio at Stadio San Siro on January 31, 2017. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

It’s now a done deal: Lucas Biglia will join Milan after a deal has been reached between the clubs on Thursday.

After weeks of negotiations and discussions, a definitive agreement has finally been reached between Milan and Lazio over the Biancocelesti captain Biglia.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia, the white smoke has arrived and the deal is done. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Milan have met Lazio’s evaluation of €20m, agreeing to pay €17 million plus €3m bonuses for Biglia. Di Marzio reports that it’s €17m plus bonuses for Lucas, whose agent Enzo Montepaone confirmed: “It’s done. Biglia’s so happy with this move. He’ll arrive in Milan tomorrow and he can’t wait to get started.”

Biglia will sign a three-year deal with Milan worth €3.5m plus bonuses per season. Today he started pre-season training with Lazio, but it was his first and last day, as he’s ready to leave the camp and head to Milano in order to complete his move to red and black. As reported by LaLazioSiamoNoi earlier today, the Lazio fans called him an ‘unworthy captain’ and told him to ‘go to Milan’.

Biglia is the second reinforcement for the midfield after Franck Kessié arrived from Atalanta for €28m. With talks for the Argentine concluded, Milan can now focus on Leonardo Bonucci and a top striker.

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Don’t wake me uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup (In C.B’s voice)


Ok thats it. Now i really gotta strap my johnson to my belly so no one can notice my everlasting boner. But first, i gotta change my underwear

Manga la figa

My heads about to explode.
Bonucci, Biglia…..who’s next? Why not make it the triple B…belotti!!!


Time for Montolivio to leave. I don’t want him to be ahead of locatelli. Locatelli is our future.


Forza Milan!!!!


This is a dream, but comes true


Forza Milan!!!


Hahaha fantasic news milan keep stealing the show every play want’s to be part of this project ..can someone wake me up from my dream cos am still high on my russia voldka.waiting for bonnuci or abu or belo to make it 100% loaded scutedo for milan come 17/18 season.forza milan

Milan no 1

Great news welcome biglia.. Bonucci loading next 96%……..


Back to Fassione’s comments. He said “there will be suprises”… he later said something like, lets see if we can take a top player from either Juve, Napoli… or something like that if i can remember. these guys know their onions, they are the new dons of italy, little wonder Mino got pissed as he never expected these men to be so ambitious, firm and decisive in their objectives. just bring Bonucci and all our defenders will upgrade automatically. *Bonucci, star signing for defence *Auba/Belotti or both, star signing for attack *star signing for midfield??? Biglia? Nooo! Thank God Boban… Read more »


Comment:i have doubts about bonucci but would be happy if we have him per fassone and mirabelli


The RETURN OF MILAN! One striker to go!!


Comment:This is the type of dream I don’t ever want to wake from.
I just discovered I av started gaining weight due to this kind of news. Forzaaaaaaa…. Milano….!!


Comment:I can’t just wait for the season to start.Milano here we come.


nice one


Beautiful strategy by fassobelli. They sign a bunch of young hungry talented players who want to be a part of a new project, then sign an experienced class leader for our midfield. Then if they pull off bonucci, we have an experienced champion to lead our backline. Top it off with aubameyang and some cheap options for depth and we have a very interesting squad.


Comment:so happy we finally gat Biglia..seal bonucci deal and get Abameyang an fosberg if there is no plan for fosberg pls seal the deal for Gazzel i bet milan will be unstopable in Europe


hahaaaaaa that’s it fossobeli, can’t wait for the season to start. this is what i foresee jare my fellow milanista. ( MILAN VS GENOA) just state it with all your cash HANDICAP-CAP CAP-CAP-CAP


Comment:wahooooo my Milan is back


5m to much, but I guess Milan couldn’t be arsed dragging it any longer and want to get as many players in before the China tour. `flexing financial power 😛

Best team in Seria A again, the title is ours, the cup is ours and europe shall be ours once again!!!


Don’t forget, we are still a disjoint team now. Let’s keep our feet on the ground.

Milan Wins

Aye, Aye…Milan Wins!

Coach Seedorf

Lol, Lazio held out for their 20m and got it cos they know we have cash to spend. Welcome Biglia, we know you are Montella’s choice. Off Topic: Allegri is paying his debt now, good job Coach!! He came to Milan, won the scudetto then gave Juve a gift in our own Pirlo and never won again with us. Now he is with Juve, has won some scudetti and is now giving us Bonucci, lol great job. Now we have an insider to tear and wreck Juve apart. Do the work Galliani sent you to Juve to do okay, lol.… Read more »


Forza Milan
can we beginn
What a great news im was treating an infection hearing my Milan making new signing i began to have strenght
Forzaaaaa Milannnnnn


After this and IF Bonucci signs – it still feels unreal – we are honestly set, dont need to buy a striker now, hold for next summer and see how Belotti does and then sign him, let’s see what Bacca will do with a proper team around him, he can do it!


Bacca is not part of Montella’s plans. He’s already out of Milan and so is Niang and Lapadula.

I expect either Aubameyang or Belotti next.


what Will stop me win seria a or europa.
now we going to see the best of montolivo.


Just crazy. Signal first, just after that i will bei able to believe it.


Still not convinced by Bigila.
Would have preferred Kucka to stay in the team along with Mauri.


Just stop already


Biglia and Bonucci could be done on the same day. If the Bonucci deal hopefully goes on as expected, it will be a turing point in our recent history. We are on the verge of taking the best defender in the world from the best team in Seria A, having already signed a bunch of elite young players. Biglia, one of the best and most experienced registas in Seria A is also joining us. If these 2 signings go through, we’ll be scudetto contenders. Juve would still be the favourites, players like Kessie, Silva, Romagnoli, Conti, and Calhanoglu are great… Read more »


Are you guys not suspicious of this bonucci news…. It could be juve just want to break our excited hearts by saying no at the final minute… After we have imagined how good the squad will look…. Fassobelli please come out and say something…. The suspense is giving me paranoia


If a player wants to leave Juve they will allow him to do so, some rumours say there was a bust up between him and some of his team mates/Allegri, so he wanted to leave.

Aringo brave

Comment:up rosseneri ,one love many thanks to God and Mrs chairman

Rossonero yaw

Biglia and Bonucci will be big characters in the dressing room and will help the young ones. It also gives us a big leap in quality. Forza Fasobelli. Forza Milan


Biglia and bonucci sign in the same day. What other team could’ve done that!? It’s unreal how we’re moving ahead. I bet not one person in this world would have expected milan to have this kind of mercato. Now people are throwing themselves at our team pushing for moves. Thank you to everyone! Even though there hasn’t been a signature and the three man handshake I’m still happy no matter the outcome. They’re already saying meeting scheduled in China for aubameyang. I LOVE THIS CLUB. FORZA MILAN!


I love these coups… Nesta, Biglia from Lazio – Inzaghi, Bonucci from Juventus? Somebody pour a bucket of water over my head I’m dreaming.


Perfect similarities, although I personally see Bonucci as the Nesta signing, far from his elegance of course, but still a current top – if not THE top – CB in the world, although older.


I don’t think auba will come to Milan, though.. Fassobeli said in the previous interview he was considering whether to spend his remaining budget on one blow or divide it for several players. Let’s say Auba’s price is 80 mil. This will also get us bonucci, biglia, and kalinic. If you ask me, then I’d say I prefer the second option. It provides milan with better depth as we are going to compete in three harsh competitions.. the lega, europa, and copa.


Many sources are claiming that Bonucci is a done deal too. Damn guys! Seriously? Are Fassobelli magicians? It’s too unreal. No football fan has experienced such crazy days I guess, not even in their wet dreams.


how will our line-up look?


So either Romagnoli is out (if we play 4-3-3)


Bonnaventura is out (if we play 3-5-2)





Lmao I had to go look at juve supporters comments and they’re furious. They are begging for answers to how they could let go of Bonucci for so little, demanding 70m from it. They are all in protest and here we are getting a top cb for a steal of a price. I hope we drop 433 and move towards different formations. 4231,352,3412 all seem probable.


Right now as we are I’m guessing 3 5 2
Musacchio bonucci romagnoli
Conti Kessie biglia Rodriguez
Andre Silva bacca
What a line up we have and we have amazing subs too


You are missing one player bro




I don’t know – pick one!


3-4-2…. LOLOL


Shhh… dont spoil it. Let him guess which player he’s missing out!!


Lmao my bad, been a long exciting day..


Guys I smile all day today and when i will wake up tomorrow i will smile all day too!Forza Milan


Mmmm…. Who’s gonna be the capitan?

A. Biglia
B. Bonucci
C. Montolivio
D. Zapata

*choose “D” only for primavera team


I was just watching some clips from last season, and Suso is nothing short of brilliant with the ball at his feet. Great passing range and crossing. I hope any of this rumored Tottenham interest doesn’t tempt our management. Suso will be very important next season.


I just don’t know what to write. Just lost for words. Hahahahaha. Enjoying every bit of it.

Man we are back big time.

Welcome biglia.

Who’s next?


Yeees! Cant wait for the season to start.. Hope fassobelli tie bonucci deal and europe title is gonna be calling milan baby here we go!!!!!


I a sum our problems gonna be the coach.
Only reason we’re not gonna celebrate with three trophies


Gilliani is having wet dreams now at home.


We do not have that kind of money, though. And to be honest with you, and to make things worse, at this rate Milan will surpass us in commercial revenue in the next couple of years easily. They are located in Milan, which helps a ton. They have 7 CL trophies already. They are more followed throughout the world than we are. Most of their fans have been silent because of how crappy they have been in recent years. But you will see how much commercial revenue they will get, if they are competitive in the EL and compete for… Read more »


I can’t see us buying a striker after the 40 million bonucci deal. It must have been 1 or the other. If we somehow get auba or belotti this would be a legendary Mercato. Right now without belotti or auba our beat possible formation would be a 3 4 2 1 or 3 4 3

Mussachio bonucci romagnioli
Conti biglia kessie rodriguez
Suso silva calahagolu (bona)


Milan!!!!.my first love and will always be. In the next 3 seasons ,champions league awaits us. Foza Milan.


Milan for life…
bacca is still good enough for the attack. No need for a striker anymore.
Seal bonucci and biglia please.

And if a striker shows up. That’s marvelous.

Tom x

Bonucci coming to Milan is to win the champions league because he knows Milan can’t be in two finals and loose them both unlike juve who are specialist in losing finals.


1 experienced player at the back, 1 experienced player at the middle and 1 experienced player up front, Milan is Back, i wish we get Auba, and let suso stay and will play a 3-5-2 formation Conti—- Bonucci—- Rodrigues Bonaventura——Kiesse————A. Silva Biglia———-Hakan Bacca—————–Aubamiyang I think with dis formation Milan is good to Gooo, FOZA MILAN