Milan and Juve in talks over Bonucci, personal terms have already been agreed, the Bianconeri demand €40 mil

Leonardo Bonucci celebrates during the Euro 2016 Italy-Germany quarter-final match at Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux on July 2, 2016. (VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)
Leonardo Bonucci celebrates during the Euro 2016 Italy-Germany quarter-final match at Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux on July 2, 2016. (VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)

Milan have made significant progress and could be on their way to signing Leonardo Bonucci, in the most shocking transfers of this summer window.

At first it seemed like a made-up rumour, then like a concrete idea and now Bonucci to Milan appears to be a very possible transfer that could be closed very soon.

The Rossoneri have been in contact with Bonucci’s agent Alessandro Lucci for a while and today, Fassone approached Marotta to officially kick off negotiations.

Milan’s offer is believed to be €30 million plus Mattia De Sciglio, while the Bianconeri want €40m and prefer to not include De Sciglio in the deal, and instead talk to Milan about the fullback at a later date. Fassone and Mirabelli would like to conclude the transfer before they leave for China with the rest of the squad tomorrow, so new contacts and maybe a new offer could be happening tonight. meanwhile suggests that Bonucci and Milan have agreed personal terms and that there is a total understanding between the player and the club. If an agreement is reached with Juve, Bonucci would sign a five-year deal worth €6m per season – the same salary earned by Donnarumma.

Leonardo Bonucci at the end of the UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid at National Stadium of Wales on June 3, 2017. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
Leonardo Bonucci at the end of the UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid at National Stadium of Wales on June 3, 2017. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Mediaset claims that that the player is already looking for a new home in Milano. There are currently no other offers (in Italy or abroad) for the 30-year-old Bonucci, who after seven years in Bianconeri, and six consecutive Scudetti, seems to be looking for a new challenge in his career.

The name of Alessio Romagnoli has never been mentioned and he will surely not be included in the deal. There is a “gentleman’s agreement” between the clubs, however, that De Sciglio would join Juventus (reportedly for €10m) if Bonucci, who grew up in Inter’s Youth Sector, joins Milan.

‘Leo’ is widely considered one of the best center backs in the world and his arrival would give Montella even more options and flexibility, as a three-man defense could become a real possibility.

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Wtf seriously wtf I mean in a good awesome way… Milan king of Europe is back the gaint has woken up and how


I am having a phobia that I might wake up and read the news and it is still Berlusconi Galliani running the club.
The headlines read “Torres back at Milan for a loan deal” or “Milan to sell Locatelli, Calabria, Donnarumma, and Romagnoli to Finance the transfer of Ibrahimovic” or “Galliani: Mr. X in August!”

Manga la figa



A 5 year contract for a 30 year old defender is a bit much.


Nope, 6m/year for ungrateful kid is


I don’t know what to say again for am so happy. Milaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan is Back


Whoa calm down mate. Save ur precious endorphins for when milan win serie a


To be fair if Donna deserves the 6m then Bonnuci deserves at least 8m my friend.


Im sure a bonucci is not that greedy mate. Juve offered him lucrative deal last season but he turned it down. talk about a champion who has clear targets



Manga la figa

CB can generally play/last longer as they don’t cover as much ground as a mid or forward.
But with his quality I’ll still take a 35 year old Bonucci over John stones or vigil van dyke


All I can think about at the moment is the Bonucci deal. It’s unbelievable but it looks like it’s really happening and maybe even as soon as tonight or tomorrow. If this goes through, it changes so many things on so many fronts, but I just say this for the moment : If it really goes through, then Fassone and Mirabelli deserve an Oscar for this mercato as I also see Biglia and another big name striker arriving too. There is no Romagnoli in the deal and we might also be able to pass De Siglio for close to 15m… Read more »


3-5-2 *gentleman’s wink


Sure, if Bonucci signs, then common sense will dictate to play 3-5-2. While I believe the main aim was to use 4-3-3 and keep 3-5-2 in mind as an alternative, this opportunity to sign Bonucci changes priorities.

But it will also changes so many other things. I’ll say my piece when it’s official.

Rikimaru Tenchu

Lucky you! Biglia is done deal.

Rikimaru Tenchu

I assumed Gigio was promised the Captain Armband?

Perhaps that clause was removed since he rejected that contract and we managed to remove it in the new deal as I can see that Bonucci has also been promised the Captain band as well.


Well, donna can wear the capt armband on his neck. Like a cute little chihuahua


This is a real knockout Punch.
Milan will absolutely announce themselves with this signing.

UCL virtually guaranteed if this happens.
40 mil, fasobelli plz don’t even negotiate.
Put the captain’s armband on him and take him to China for preseason.


Yes pleasssss!!!!! And next auberyang and biglia


This is the maddest thing I’ve seen, I can’t believe this is even happening


Bonucci…………Loading 90%

Aubameyang… Loading 70%

Belotti……………Loading 50%

Zapata…………..Deleting 10%


Belotti and Auba both isn’t possible nor reasonable. Stop the false hope.

Ali (a different one)

Well if you asked me a week ago, I would say Bonucci isn’t possible.


Bravo yonghong li cheat engine!!!


Believe me … This is the passing of the torch …. 6 years back as champions of Italy, we gave Pirlo to Juve and they started their renaissance …. This time, it is us who will do so with this signing …. With Bonucci, our defence is totally sorted … I guess 3-4-3 / 3-5-2, it is for next season


That is good fasobeli, you deserved to be magicians of transfer….. bunuci to Milan that is incredible…. good luck

Rossonero yaw

Get him already, I will roll over and do the aubameyang celebration if this bonucci deal happens. Forza fasobelli, forza Milan


The thought of having him as Captain is a fantastic premise, given; in all my years of watching Milan, I can barely remember a more insipid, wet lettuce uninspiring ‘Captain’ than our current band holder.


He will only be a captive after next season, cuz Montolivo and abate will be sol or release by after this coming season


Comment:chinese money is balling


OMG this is awesome


Unbelievable. He’s 30 but still has 4/5 years at the top left. Look at Pepe and Barzagli recently! I’ve a feeling we’ll get Aubameyang too, he’s perfect for our strike-force with his speed. We’ll have an incredbile squad if this all comes off

Donnarumma (Gabriel)
Conti – (Abate/Calabria) – Bonucci (Musacchio) – Romagnoli (Gomes) – Rodriguez (Antonelli/Calabria)
Kessie (Locatelli/Sosa) – Biglia (Mauri/Montolivo) – Hakan (Bona)
Suso (Borini) – Andre Silva (Cutrone) – Aubameyang (Bona as LW)


I agree, except Bona should get starting eleven.


Comment:chinese money is balling


Hell yeah from lord boneror to bonuchampion


Rube fans are bashing Bonuccii on twitter and everywhere. LOL. Chelsea fans crying for him to be signed. This cannot get any better. Been years since i felt this excited for a mercato.


“I only want milan because i wanna win ucl at least once in my career and theres no better place to realize it than milan. I also wanna learn from the very best, zapata” – bonucci

If bonucci comes then he’ll arguably be milan’s 2nd best signing of this mercato because the best signing is most definitely fassobelli duo. What a fantastic job theyve done so far


In all honesty, if we land Bonucci and Auba as well as all of our other signings, this may be the best mercato since Berlusconi took over in 1986.


Best mercato since summer of ibra maybe. Best mercato since berlu took over? I’ll believe it when this milan can emulate or even surpass gli immortali + invincibili + meravigliosi’s achievements


I am excited by the news. If this happens Milan will be the team to beat. We just need Biglia and a world class strike after this transfer. Forza Milan Durban S.A

Milan no 1

Great work so far Fassobelli, the joy of seeing this team improving day by day is something that can never be taken away. Gone are those days we see transfer news of aquilani, mesbah, constant even traore. I see Milan back in UCL competing with the best and challenging for honors. I say welcome Bonucci. #forzamilan


Reading those names sent a shiver down my spine.


Wow! The market has merely begun and we’re already surfing the clouds… Thank you Fasobelli! With a management like this you two will be legends soon enough


They are smart enough to know if we spend now and make the CL, we will get the money back with TV and money from the CL right back. Not to mention shirt sales and all of that.


I read that arsenal so far has earned 32m from the sale of lacazette shirts alone. I think milan should target jersey and ticket sales, broadcast rights and ucl prize money in order to become sustainable business model like arsenal


lol, do you really believe that?. Learn about how much money clubs earn from jersey sales. You will be surprised by the low amounts. At least 90-95% goes to the brand(Nike,Adidas), than you have manufacture etc. Clubs gets almost zilch.


I don’t know what to say again for am so happy. Milaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan is back


this is the sort of window you would nock one off, and then do it again because it’s that good!!!!


Are we playing with 3 center backs?
If we are not, why should either or Romagnioli and/or Musacchio should give up their starting spot?
Bonucci is one of the best. But that does not mean Romagnioli and Musacchio does not deserve starting spot, and it would not be wise to lose Romagnioli.

abdu zanna

this year i am counting new signings 1,2,3,,,,,,,,,,
next year by this time i will be counting trophies


If all these signings are dreams i better not wake up again because Biglia’s deal has been concluded too. Dont wake uuuuuuuuuuup


According to Gianluca Di Marzio we took Biglia too.


Forza milan, Hail Fasobelli, Forza Curva sud. Top four is guaranteed even with me as a coach not to talk of an expertise like montella whose definately gonna make milan finish Top 2 and bring the Europa League cup. Have always beleive in this team as i knew one day will rise back to dominate the pace before i grow old and die. Am living the dreams with ya’ll milanistas, let share the greatness. Boban Mulling right now(lol), Maldini fuming(lol). B&G smiling an clapping they pull the right plug.


@Olayiwola. So far it seems like Berlusconi kept his promise about selling Milan to someone who will take us to greater heights.

Baresis Dream

It’s just too good to be true… can it be?
I refuse to get my hopes up, until he signs.

But 40 mil? For arguably the best CB in the world? So what if he’s 30. He has At least 3 good years in him. I don’t know how our budget really looks like,but if we can squeeze him in, then definitely: Sign him!


Comment:it has being a quite long since my fiancee saw me happy as much as today.MILAN is bouncing back once again,I feel like crying obviously. the sleeping Lion is almost awake.


Biglia looks to be official bonucci next. Bonucci is going to be the deal of the season if we land him, he is the best cb in the world. He just turned 30 where defenders get into their prime. He’s got 4 top notch years ahead of him. Not only that we get a born leader and I’m sure players like donnarumma Conti Abate romagnoli will be ten times better with him, and to take him from a direct rival would be the icing on top of the cake. I thought we would be a top 4 competitor, I am… Read more »

Uncle Tolu

It’s a very good signing. Milan back to rule Europe. Fassone should just try and get Biglia and Aubameyang. Forza Milan!!!


Can anyone point me to a 35 year old defender who is still at the top of his game? I know you are all excited about Bonucci’s capture but my point is that most defender’s start going downhill after 33.
That’s why I question the wisdom of tying him to a lucrative deal until he is 35.


Most defenders but not Italian defenders . Italian defenders can go on and on . So he’s still hot like 5years or more .


I dare to say Maldini, Zanetti, Nesta, Costacurta, Baresi, Beppe Bergomi, just to name a few.


Within 3yrs which will make him 33yers Milan must have win trophies and them might decide to sell him to china or MLS for huge amount of money regardless of his age, but i have a feeling he is coming to milan to retire since he is a milanista

Baresis Dream

Just look at those playing by Bonucci’s side.


This is what happens when you hire Allegri. That parasite eats you from the inside, and gets rid of the most vital organs in your body. We should continue to raid them.





The last time Milan signed a Lazio captain (Massimo Oddo) “January 07” we won the UCL…… hahahaha
I hope Biglia will give us good luck


Bonucci would be a great teacher for Romagnoli! And of course awesome addition to Milan while hurting direct rival. Win win.


Post in Bonucci’s instagram is read as
SEASON 2017-2018

and the NEW is MILAN haha


For those of you who may not be familiar with this Bonucci guy, here is useful a link I found to some YouTube videos, displaying his undoubted quality >>



i’m already thinking about our Milan since the take over process succesfully finalized for the investors a.k.a Yong Hong LI and co, they will take shortest route to bring Milan back to they will spend, spend, and spend. at the end, they want Milan back to the league titles contention and back to UCL at the first shot so this mercato seems logical for me. with bonucci, our back line will be stronger for at least 3-4 years ahead and he will be a good teacher for romagnoli.but i think in 4 man back line, musachio must play. bonnie… Read more »


Great news!
However I’m pretty worried about the financial fair play in the future. With Biglia and Auba we’ll be spending about 200 M this season (not including Kessie’s future payment). There might be some issues with team bonding due to too many change in sqad members.

Eka nugraha

WoooW.. its happening..
BONUCCI has Arrive at Casa Milan..

Am i Dreaming..

AC Milan is Coming..

Hope we can get scudetto this season.. amen..




Seriously I’m growing goosebumps here! Somebody slap me through the screen or WHAAAAAT!!!