Milan met Ghezzal and his brother / agent at Casa Milan, the management is considering the free agent winger

Rachid Ghezzal warms up before Lyon-Roma at Parc Olympique Lyonnais on March 9, 2017. (ROMAIN LAFABREGUE/AFP/Getty Images)
Rachid Ghezzal warms up before Lyon-Roma at Parc Olympique Lyonnais on March 9, 2017. (ROMAIN LAFABREGUE/AFP/Getty Images)

Rachid Ghezzal could be an idea for the wing and there was a meeting with him and his brother Abdelkader earlier today.

Milan have signed six players for the starting XI and one for depth, and with more players looking to leave this summer, Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli are considering more profiles to add quality and quantity to the squad.

As reported by and Gianluca Di Marzio, there was a meeting on Wednesday between the Milan management and Rachid Ghezzal, who was accompanied by his brother / agent Abdelkader (ex-Siena and Parma striker). The 25-year-old finished a contract with Lyon and is now a free agent looking for a new team.

Milan heard the demands of Ghezzal, who primarily plays on the right wing, and will soon make a decision whether to try and sign the Algerian and give another option in attack to coach Montella.

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How good is he?


From youtube videos he looks fast and has really good shot, similar to Suso he likes to cut inside and shoot with his left, he will give Suso some competition for the right wing position for sure, i say we should sing him if the salary he is asking is reasonable.


Is Youtube the right place to “scout”?


It was when we signed Mastour 😀


Exactemundo. Hell, even lords of the rings like bonera and bendtner look good on utube


Its a good place to see the style of play of the player and his top qualites if you dont have any other source….but usually you can only see higlights of his performance so you cant see the weakneses, thats exactly why i mentioned its from youtube 🙂 I dont watch French Legue so i cant say how consistend is he or how fast he gets tiered and so on……His stats are better than Niang and Borini our other two reserve wingers at this moment, his average rating is same as Lapadula.If you watch French legue and have better info… Read more »


Who knows


the guy is good…..he plays like Leicester city’s mahrez…….plus he would be a decent backup for mesuso compared to borini.


What’s With suso?

lawal Oluwaseun

Comment:yea he is good.but can we get Dortmund ousmane dembele rather than spending 60 million on aubamayang.think of it the boy is young and got Wat it takes.


ousmane dembele is deadly and a upcoming star talent and i would compare him to bappe. So if Milan get him for 60m over Auba then Hell Yeah. Honestly ousmane dembele and Biglia and I would need to have the doctor on standby. But if Milan manage to get any of the following 2 then mad, mad, mad: dembele, Aubameyang, Biglia, Finally, I think the following formations would be suitable given the current players we have: 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-1-2, 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 which is better for us than 3-5-2 as we can keep more of our offensive players but will… Read more »


honestly do not know nothing about the guy, but if he is good and worth paying his salary then why not, as he will be free to buy.
but if he is not an upgrade, then should pass as we need to trim the squad and only buy non-italians that will increase the profile/quality of milan.

The only good thing is that he plays on the right and we do not have anybody for supporting/subbing on for suso.


Comment: pls get this guy asap


Comment: Bring him on,I can’t just wait to see him in milan colours


have watched him him on youtube and he is so deadly on the right. The problem is the suso is already in that position and I don’t know if he can slot into the left wing.


when there is competition, they will play better and not as if you are the boss if the position… suso needs to be disturbed to make him play eveb better. it is good if one play’s serie a and the other play Europa league..


Comment:the guy is fantastic player let grt him before they snatch him away from us.pls sign him now i always enjoy watching him for club and country


He cant be as bad as Borini and hes a free agent i wouldnt mind taking him but what about Suso cause this guy plays on the wings so the question is are we really keeping Suso or are we going to cash in. On top of that Suso did said he is looking to go back to Spain in the future. Anyways on with the mercato. Forza Milan

Pa ibra

I think Suso and Bona are good enough as starters if they are going to play a formation with wingers ,so they would need 2 more for depth and I think this guy can fil 1 of those spots. I wouldnt use Calhanoglu as a winger. Younes of Ajax would be a good option to complete the wing area.

Erjon Dicci

It’s weird that he was let off by Lyon as a free agent. From my limited time watching him he was ok, reminded me of mahrez but still a bit too wasteful with opportunities. So if Milan get him then it would be a great free signing, I honestly valued him at at least 10 million euros if Lyon kept him.


Like suso… well.. he’s not completely free but he costs us almost nothing when we snatch him from pool..


His rating at whoscored is better than Borini’s.. waaay better.. let’s snatch him fast..


Milan do need a fast winger


go get a video clip online and see him Play… he is fast…


pls bring this guy, i like his style of play, according to what i have just seen about him, he is good. and besides he will cost us nothing, he plays like mahrez and way better than keita balde… forza milan…

Manga la figa

And free. What can be better


Free agent.
Decent player, we are short of pure wingers.
Get him if salary is reasonable.


I think we should go for jovetic from inter they want to sell him ..will be not expensive plus talented and young


Injury prone

Erjon Dicci

Jovetic is not young and talented anymore unfortunately


Thanks for the info guys..but i m not aware of ghezzal have seen him vs Roma and he was pretty good


This doesn’t make any sense at all… If this deal goes through I will really have my doubts about our tactical soundness next season.
Our purchases so far are suited to a formation more like 3-5-2 but the genius Montella is insisting on 4-3-3 and is trying to buy a probably average or maybe good winger. Then what if they succeed in landing Aubameyang?
Have we paid 40m€ for Silva to make him sit on the bench or are we going to continue our futile attempts to make players preform out of their natural positions?


…………………….Andre silva
Tell me this isn’t perfect for Milan. It can be so much better if Auba and biglia come


It is my friend, no doubt in that. A perfectly chosen 3-5-2 (3-5-1-1 maybe). This is good but where would this fast and good winger (lol) play then? Just like the formation you suggested shows, our squad is not built for 4-3-3 but best built for 3-5-2ish formations.


Correctamundo mate. Milan can switch to 3-4-1-2 with hakan as 3/4ista or even 3-4-3 if they want to be more offensive.
The problem with 4-3-3 is its very technically demanding for the mf. The mf have to master pass and move system and wide range of passing skills because theyre gonna be outnumbered. Only great teams like brazil ’70, ajax, barca, bayern and now madrid can pull that off. As for milan, hakan is nice addition but he’ll fail if montella plays him as cm in 4-3-3 formation


How about 4-4-1-1? So Suso and Bonaventura as wingers and Hakan behind the striker?
I don’t actually have a probleem with 4-3-3 but you Made some good points against it. I Hope to see Hakan as a CM in pre-season because it MIGHT turn out good.


That could work too. Or even 4-3-1-2 like lippi’s juve, considering suso and bona’s low defensive prowess/rate on the flanks.
Netherlands, in particular ajax, practically perfected 4-3-3 but even they knew better than to use it in wc 2010 and 2014. They knew their roster were not up to it


Lemme ask one simple question: if he’s decent enough player then why is he free agent in his prime time as an athlete? Wage demand too high? Too injury prone? Naive tactically like deulofeu? Attitude problem? Union problem? What is it?
The truth is this is Galliani signing like borini and most of us saw how bad borini was vs Lugano. If u want quality then put ur money where ur mouth is


i will have to disagree with you on this one bro. he was offered a new renewal by Lyon but turned them down because he wasn’t interested in playing for them anymore. we were linked to him even before his contract finally expired during the period we were trying to get tolisso(now bayerns’).
he may not be at suso’s level yet but he sure hell better than borini…..
Rachid Ghezzal has completed 488 passes last season(26 apps) with a pass accuracy of 77%, of which 69% were forward passes(Squawka stats).


fair enough. I cant say i know how ghezzal performs with lyon because ive only seen him vs roma and he didnt impress me. I dont even remember him playing vs ajax.
So milan shouldve bought this guy in the first place instead of borini?


Still can’t get why we signed borini makes no sense what so ever we could have given our youth a chance


Should try for Delay


if he is good, why lyon let him go for free?

perttu junnonaho

I would take him any day over too costly Kalinic!


I’m thinking Montella is looking to move to a 4231 formation assuming the transfers go through… Donna; RR, Roma, MM, Conti; Biglia, Kessie; Ghezzal, Hakan, Suso; Auba/Silva. With the acquisition of Bonucci a 3 man backline becomes a possibility also… If at all we complete these three (Bonucci, Ghezzal and Aubameyang) transfers we’re good to challenge for the scudetto

Uncle Tolu

I think this guy ‘ll be a good addition to the club, in our wing. I heard he’s fast and that’s what we need. He’s a free agent, he costs us nothing aside his wages. Let’s get him asap. Forza Milan.


In the recent season, he got 38 matches in Lyon as a right inverse winger, scored 3 times, had 7 assists, played less than 2000 minutes (1898), and collected a red card. In 2015-16: 38 games, 10 goals, 9 assists, 2082 minutes played.

He was an Okay substitute/second line winger as i see. If we want a backup, and his salary is reasonable, than okay. But we may find better.


All I want is the best for Milan because I want us back in the UCL as quick as possible lads


Comment: Pernell from Ghana : Did not know about this player but could sign him on a two year deal subject to further years to be added if he is a good player


Time for milan to start signing ready made players, enough of players with potential,except if we want to fail like dortmund,too many young and unproven players without having experienced and proven players isnt good for immediate success,we do need to get UCL spot next season dont we?

abba salman Ayagi

Ghezzal was good. We should sign him before joining somewhere Cuz he’ll reduce the burden on Suso’s shoulder