Official: Donnarumma signs contract extension to 2021

Massimiliano Mirabelli, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Marco Fassone at Casa Milan on the 11th of July, 2017. (
Massimiliano Mirabelli, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Marco Fassone at Casa Milan on the 11th of July, 2017. (

Gianluigi Donnarumma has changed his ‘definitive decision’ and today signed a new contract with Milan, becoming the highest paid Italian in the league.

On June 15, Milan released an official statement claiming that goalkeeper Donnarumma will not renew his contract with Milan, but today, a month later, the club confirmed that ‘Gigio’ has extended his deal, which was due to expire in 2018.

“Milan and Gianluigi Donnarumma have reached an agreement to extend the goalkeeper’s contract through to 2021,” the Rossoneri wrote on their website. “In the end, the Club and the goalkeeper have reached an agreement to extend Donnarumma’s contract. Surely positive news for Milan who have worked hard to renew the keeper’s contract, for the player and the fans.

“Therefore, Gigio’s experience in the Red and Black continues. Milan will be holding tight on one of the most talented players in the squad with the class of ’99 who will be part of the backbone of the Red and Blacks in the new season. Pure class and talent that will continue to defend Milan’s goal ready to help the Rossoneri in the race for the Champions League [they need to finish in 4th place].”

Gianluigi Donnarumma at the end of Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 21, 2017. (
Gianluigi Donnarumma at the end of Milan-Bologna at Stadio San Siro on May 21, 2017. (

This new four-year contract sees Donnarumma becoming the highest paid Italian in Serie A, and third overall after Pipita Higuain and Paulo Dybala, as the 18-year-old, who made his debut at 16 under coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, will be earning €6 million net per season. There is also a buy-out clause in this contract, the exact amount has yet to be leaked but it’s most likely around €80 million.

After annoying the club, the fans and some Italian politicians, Donnarumma returned today from his vacation in Ibiza (where he spent time with his girlfriend Alessia and with one of his agents, Enzo Raiola) and put pen to paper, finally ending this saga. His 27-year-old brother, Antonio, underwent medical check-ups over the past two days and he also signed a contract at Casa Milan on Tuesday, joining the club from Asteras Tripoli; he will act as a second-choice goalkeeper next season.

Milan will continue with Donnarumma, perhaps until 2021, even though no one will be surprised if the player leaves next year. Gigio will now look to win titles, and also win the hearts of the fans back.

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Excellent news!!! I’m glad you came to your senses Gigio!!!


U should have done this earlier….. Anyways, u have to earn back my respect with performance on the pitch


Comment:nice one


As modern sports fans, we all have to realize that we follow these situations too closely. We scour the web for news on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day, and there are plenty of sites that report every bit of gossip and blow up small
matters into huge stories. Instead of just letting things play out, fans get emotional and react to tiny bits of nothing, time after time.
All I care about is that he will play next season for Milan, period.


Right on bro! People already saying that he is a trader, or cheater like he slept with someone’s wife or something LMFAO. It’s sad and funny at the same time LOL

Go ahead and thumb me down, the more the better, I LOVE IT. LOL


He is


Here we go Milan10 with another iseless post. Why don’t you contribute something here instead of just taking up space with your senseless posts?


Joe..joe..why does ur avatar often change colors, changing the tone of ur comments accordingly too? Is it emotion related? The purple joe is the lol-ing joker joe and the green joe is angry hulk joe, like that movie inside out? I know its tough being milanisti but dont let urself slide mate


“.. and also win the hearts of the fans back.

Its always feel better to know that u no longer being parts of this Nu Milan. Hated always being hated, whatever u do.
Just go in December, please…


I forgive you


For your parents’ impact on this decision, i wholeheartedly forgive you (even though you will end up leaving in coming seasons), and i wish you a great 2017/18 seasons. Big up to the management and Montella too for his visit to the boy’s family, hid parents ended up standing the way of Mino and got Milan what they want. My advise to fellow fans is…. Its time to move on. He offended us? YES, He let us down? YES, but let us remember that he has NEVER made his own decision as its always Mino but fortunately we got his… Read more »


Now sign Enzo Raiola. He will be making Donnarumas bed. Give him a package of 2m it will be fine.


I don’t really see a reason for overreacting especially now when all is over. Let him do his job and turn all your meaningless hate towards Raiola.


No player ever has my heart, what the hell does that mean anyway? AC Milan is my team and I love to observe the game. The players are important, but at the same time they are just like the pieces on a chess board, nothing to get emotionally attached to. I preserve that for family, friends and such.


I liked the sporting fashion sense dollarumma is showing. His T-shirt sums up all his nonsense garbage acts he has done past few months. He is still a boy and will always remain a boy.


Good. No we can get a good deal when he leaves next summer or the next + we’ll have time time to find a replacement or see if Plizzari is the real deal.

Baresis Dream


Great news. Our best signing so far. Now we all need to put all this contract story behind us, and get ready for a tough season.

We have one world class player to build on for years, and a decent number of quite talented youngsters to compliment. If we can tie up Delu, and maybe an extra mid, we have our top 3 seria squad.


Naw mate, plizz aint ready yet.

Baresis Dream

Yes, of course, Pilzarri. And you are Milan’s next SD in that imaginary little world of yours …


I didnt write “i love u donna like a son”, “just mention a number u want and milan will gladly pay u”, “milan will gladly let u go if they fail to qualify for ucl but please stay”, “ur extension is best thing in this mercato, i’d rather have u than isco or even messi” though. Creepy. I bet u would gladly attempt shooting president if donna told u to.

Baresis Dream

What I said was offer him what he wants, and that’s what Fassobelli did more less.

That’s called reality. Say hello Milan10.

As opposed to your fantasy world where we are next year’s champions and you are married to Nuer.


In what alternate reality is donna more preferable to messi AND isco mate?

Baresis Dream

In what alternate reality is Bonnaventura a god? It’s a figure of speech. Of course, if I had Messi on my squad, I could sell him and sign Donna, and still be left with a lot of change. So for the same price, Messi is preferable without a doubt.

But in terms of building a team around someone, identity, continuation, the signature of Donna is more important than the signing of just a world class GK. Of course, it could all backfire if this issue with the fans continue.


Obviously ur new to this blog so its understandable that u dont know why i mention bonad10nho a lot and honestly ur better off not knowing.
However, u make it sounds like donna is really a maradona of gk, not some easily replaceable young gk. Milan could buy young gk who’s at least as good as donna for <30m anytime. Not to mention its senseless to build a team around a static gk. It will be much more reasonable to build a team around locatelli, zanellato or even goddamn belotti


Good, saved us a quick 50 mill at least that we were close to losing. I have no hopes that he will stay and become our Buffon after this childish drama, but at least our rebuilding project was made much simpler by his signing. No need for alternative goalkeepers, all the money goes towards Aubameyang.

Ross Oneri

So his brother is 25 years old… where is this guy coming from? What position does he play?


Gk too. Didnt u read the news mate?

Ross Oneri

I wonder why they signed this guy wen we already have other goalkeepers. Big mistake. Thanks I didnt know.


its same moment when we signed kaka included digao (his brother)…


I Want to know, from his mouth, Why did he refuse the first time? $5m was not enough for him, wrong approach, whatever it was. Show us fans respect, man up and tell us why you did it!


The management saying He is not for sale got this deal for us. We were ready to bench him all season and he knew dt will affect his world cup bid. Even if dis season doesn’t go well(hard to see reason y anyway) thos management has impressed me. Thanks fossabelli and hope Riola u’v learnt ur lesson

Kwabena Adu

The boy is unfaithful,you can not built a project around a guy like that,Management has made a huge mistake by succumbing to him and his agent.They’ve just open the gates for rebellion in the club.players like this never reach their potential


He’s a teenager and he made mistake, he tried to fix it, just give another chance. Even criminals deserves that.


One thing is for sure: we won’t have quiet summers until his (unfortunately) inevitable transfer. It will be like Pogba and Juve. Rumors, secret meetings, strange statements, mysterious Instagram posts. Or simply Raiola.
The sooner we cash on him the better.


Milan should have let him go instead of holding onto him, he stays not because he love Milan but because of of the money, imagine an 18 year old lad earning such amount only because he want to prove his loyalty can we call that true loyalty ? Is just a waste of money, the money that should have spent on another more experienced goalkeeper at lesser amount and still have something valuable to spend the rest on is now wasted on Dollarrumma. He should not think that he is better than those that are not earning up to that… Read more »


I wonder how much wages he want when we win serie a and cl..
Well whatever, wish all the best for AC Milan. Forza Milan


Does he still get the captain armband or was that taken out of the deal? I hope they still don’t give to him


Donna’s side wanted 44m release clause while milan wanted 88m, They settled for 62m. If thats not win – win solution then i dont know what is. Now i hope donna’ll play well for 1-3 seasons before plizzari takes over. 62m will take milan far


Let’s see how you justify that salary dollarumma..


I don’t think he’ll ever perform great in the near future like he used to, everything has changed around him.


Teams change and players adapt


A traitor is always a traitor


You got your deal Donna .

Now we want our standout performances.
Protect the goal like your life depends on it.

After all the drama on renewal and a 6 mil salary don’t expect anyone to come to your rescue if you are not up to the task.


Meanwhile, here’s bundesliga channel’s compilation of, uhm, saves:
Please compare it to what milan have and be envious. Enlightened, but envious.
Word has it that trump abandoned his “immigrant wall project” after he saw this video. Now he wants to put this gk on the border instead because this gk doesnt let anyone in

Baresis Dream

While I know this forum isn’t represented by curva sud, I really hope that our fans don’t make the same mistake as Inter fans did with Icardi. Inter fans were also concerned about something Icardi wrote and said, an issue about pride, and they booed him regardless of his performance on the pitch. Like so many people here, Inter fans had their precious feelings hurt, and like a little girl crying for attention, they had to express themselves on every opportunity. Look at what a fine place it got them. They were so concerned about their pride, they became the… Read more »


Because milan were in fact ahead of atalanta with donna the maradona of gk between the post?

Baresis Dream

Ecause we sucked for the last 4 seasons. Can we at least agree about that?


And milan main gk of the last 2 seasons is..

Baresis Dream

… the only bright spot on the roster (more or less).


too bad he’s on the bright spot for all the wrong reasons


This was Riaolas master plan to give his agent a much better contract. It was revealed later on that neither Madrid nor PSG made any concrete offers to Milan for Donarumma. Riaola successfully tricked Milan into offering Donna one of the most lucrative contracts in Italy. All Donarumma had to do was just remain silent because he knew Milan were desperate for him and the plan worked spectacularly.

Baresis Dream

Exactly. Good for Donna. Now it’s his job to show he deserves it.


@ baresisdream, I don’t understand ur preaching, it’s obvious dollaruma doesn’t love Milan, if u don’t get it, he refused d 5m initial offer becos he wanted more money, d decision not to sign was taken by dollaruma n fatiolla…He was very rude, whilst d fans were waiting for his innocent reply, all he said was he’ll talk after d euros yet he was able to defend fatiolla during d euros…D plan was dat he will play very well at d euros n be able to increase his appeal n market price but unfortunately he flopped n had to make… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Here is a summary of my “preaching”: I don’t give a f@*k whether Donna loves Milan, all I care about is whether he contributes to Milan’s goals. If he takes me to CL he can support ISIS for all I care. On the other hand, if your heart is as pure as Mother Theresa, but you can’t deliver the goods – your getting no love for me. All I care (in the context of this blog, I have other passions obviously) about is getting Milan back to where they belong. Everything else is noise. We don’t have the luxury for… Read more »



Baresis Dream

Hell yeah

Baresis Dream

Quick question to everyone here: What is Fassobelli’s main goal? 1. To build a squad that can compete for a CL spot. 2. To build a squad of loyal players who will love Milan unconditionally. If you choose 2, then first ask yourself whether you prefer being the president of N. Korea instead of in the football business. If you still choose football, you can hire 22 people from this forum rather cheaply. I’m sure it won’t be too hard finding ultra loyal fans amongst us. If you choose 1, Donna is the best GK signing you can do. Period.… Read more »


this contract means 80% he will be at milan until 2021 because….
1. only a few clubs can buy and pay donna
2. almost famous football club already has a good goalkeeper… juve?? i dont think juve will buy him next year (high price and high salary)…