Milan in talks to sign 19-year-old Palermo forward Lo Faso, could loan him out to SPAL if the transfer happens

Simone Lo Faso and Manuel Locatelli during Palermo-Milan at Stadio Renzo Barbera on November 6, 2016. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)
Simone Lo Faso and Manuel Locatelli during Palermo-Milan at Stadio Renzo Barbera on November 6, 2016. (Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images)

Simone Lo Faso could be signed by Milan and then immediately sent on loan, today’s reports in Italy suggest.

Milan have already got Musacchio, Kessié, Ricardo Rodriguez, André Silva, Borini, Çalhanoğlu and Conti, and are also looking to close the deal for Lucas Biglia and trying to bring Aubameyang.

But Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli are also looking further ahead in the future and according to Gianluca Di Marzio, there are concrete talks with Palermo over the 19-year-old Lo Faso.

The Italian made 12 appearances last season with the Rosanero, who were relegated to Serie B after finishing in 19th place. His debut was on November 6th, against Milan: he came on as a sub for Carlos Apna Embaló in the 57′ minute as the Rossoneri managed to get a 2-1 win at the Barbera.

“I’ve given the mandate for this mercato situation to an agent,” Carmelo Lo Faso, the father of the second striker / winger, told today. “Milan is always Milan, they’ve made the history of Italian football and we would be proud [to move] and I think the boy would be happy as well. We are proud of the interest of Milan, and the boy would be happy but we don’t know much.

“There are negotiations underway.” claims that if Milan manage to sign the player then it’s likely they send him on loan to Leonardo Semplici and his newly-promoted SPAL 2013.

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Great.another talent to help us lift the 8th UCL crown.


I swear to God: I watched this kid against Milan. He came on as a late sub but in little time he got he tormented Milan’s defense, I said to myself we have to get this kid. He has a potential for sure, just he has to keep his foot on the ground and not become another Mastour


Almost every player last season tormented Milan defense – that’s what happens when your defense is like Swiss cheese LOL


@Joe. our defense was quite good. Our weakness was in midfield.


last season milan defense like statue…


good prospect… & please dont sell Cutrone, send him on loan or give more game time, a wonderkid modern striker, a bully strong, fast & sharp…


If he got the talent bring him on so we wount lose another dybala of parlemo
i see he is eager for a move to Milan and family support milan a household name
Forza Milan

Rabiu idris

signed him and sent him to spal. is a good idea.


He looks promising. The new Franco Vazquez.


Buying young potential players while theyre cheap (buy, not goddamn dry loan) is always a good idea, especially considering mirabelli’s reputation as master talent scout.
Kaka, del piero, batigol, figo, pastore are examples of young potential players turn great. Sure there are no guarantees that all young players will turn out great but hey, if u want a guarantee, buy a toaster.


Lets sell Cutrone and Vigolo please, they suck.
Only other team’s youngsters got potential. Our ones are extremely bad.


lol why the dislikes? It’s obviously sarcasm… Have to say though, it’s even better if we can get other team high potential youngsters and keep ours, so they’ll compete among themselves. Don’t you think ink?


Hehe thanks for getting it, ZeR0W1.
Maybe I should start putting sarcasm in brackets again.
I agree that it might be a good idea to take away other team’s future stars. But the problem arises when we play a high about of money – in millions – for them.
If we pay so high for them, then they should be expected to play in the first team. And that can be detrimental to our own players.
Maybe if we buy them for 200/300k or something, fine. But paying more would bring the expectation.


Good investment for the future. Hope so.


Not being negative but I remember how excited we were for Jose Mauri and etc. in the past but later just for releasing at very low sales to get rid of them… of course it is always gamble to try the young prospects..


Can anyone enlighten me why when its the youngster from another team most of the fans on here goes ”oooooooooooh he’s awesome we must buy him, he is a future legend, he has so much potential” ”another future legend to get us 8th cl” ”i swear i saw him against milan and his potential poked my eyes” etc etc bla bla bla And when it is our own product you go ”eh man, who knows if he will realise his potential or now. He is definitely not up to the task. Too much of a risk. He has so many… Read more »


Ink don’t b like this everytime,I remember back in 2015 I came on this blog and everyone was talking about donnarumma,and how he was going to b a star,that was even b4 his debut,OK wat about this season wen this Donna drama startedwere most people not asking for plizzari to be made 1st choice?and some naturally were sceptical,and Calabria same thing only in Calabrias case he’s not ready to b starting rb just yet,he has d potential just not dere yet and that’s why everyone wanted conti,same with locatelli dey have been given chances but dey are not just ready… Read more »


”Calabria same thing only in Calabrias case he’s not ready to b starting rb just yet,he has d potential just not dere yet”
”same with locatelli dey have been given chances but dey are not just ready yet”

Thank you for proving my point 🙂

And no, most people were not asking for Plizz to be #1, they were asking for Perin, Leno etc etc etc

Baresis Dream

Yeah, you got a point Ink. It’s strange.

I personally think we have enough young prospects, and don’t care very much for these future talents.

Unless you’re name is Donna (or a handful of other players), if you are 19 no one knows how you’ll play in your 20s


Looking forward to see Gabbia, Zanellato and Cutrone tonight 🙂

Baresis Dream

Actually, I’m also quite curious about Zanello. Another Locatelli?


Possibly. He seems to be a more traditional central midfielder.
And he is tall, so he can provide some physical presence in the midfield too and help out with set pieces. He played really well for primavera last season.

Him and Gabbia have the ability to break into the team and get a few minutes this season I believe.
Also need to keep an eye on the progress of Bellanova, Vigolo, Sportelli and Iglio

We have many potential superstars.

And ofc, always hoping for the Maldini kid 😀


Comparing Mirabelli and Galliani
Mirabell is young while Galliani is old you can compare the strenght of Mirabelli to Galliani
during Galliani young age at Milan he bring the best not only a star but world best as to Miraelli let wait and see never judge
Age play important role likewise strenght Also

#1Milan Fan South Africa

What is Vergara still doing at Milan ?ill buy him for Inter Lmao


Always a wise move to keep the best prospect near but we must not forget about our very own youngsters. Let them play or send them somewhere they lack of playing time washes the talent away.


Agree. Also, I always like if we can grow our one man club without loan in the man career haha

Baresis Dream

Who ?! The guy isn’t even top 5 Italian striker for his age bracket.

If you want to bring a young prospect striker get Chiesa from Fiorentina.