Sneijder to be offered to Milan, Diavolo still in for Aubameyang but want fee and salary demands to be lowered

Wesley Sneijder during the Netherlands-Luxembourg FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier at Stadion Feijenoord on June 9, 2017. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Wesley Sneijder during the Netherlands-Luxembourg FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier at Stadion Feijenoord on June 9, 2017. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is still an option for Milan – but not at the current prices – while it’s believed that Wesley Sniejder will be offered to the Rossoneri.

The road that leads Milan to Nikola Kalinić appears difficult as Fiorentina keep demanding €30m for the 29-year-old striker, which is way above the Rossoneri’s valuation, so talks are said to be stagnant.

But the Diavolo are keeping their options open and according to Gianluca Di Marzio, Milan still have their eyes on BVB’s Aubameyang. Milan, however, are not willing to meet Dortmund’s asking price, or the salary demands of the Gabonese’s agent/father, and are waiting to see if those demands will be lowered soon, so they can make a deal.

Meanwhile, Sportitalia’s Alfredo Pedullà claims that Wesley Sneijder will be offered to Milan today. The Dutchman wants to leave Galatasaray and return to Italy. Pedullà says that if everything goes as planned, there will be a meeting with Sneijder’s agent and then the club will make a decision.

The former Inter man said in the past that if he returns to the peninsula then he’d like to play at Milan. The 33-year-old, who seemed close to Samp, scored 5 goals and made 17 assists last season.

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Kalinić for 30million & he 29?? Bad deal.


Yes! I wouldnt mind Sneijder! He has the willingness to play for Milan, i’ll bet he will equally show his gratitude on the pitch for us!

And Aubameyang? If Milan can offer €6M for Donnarumma as salary, i’m sure they can figure out something similar with Pierre. If both these moves somehow go through and we land them, consider this the best Summer mercato ever!


We don’t need Snejider.

He is too old and not in form, he is being kicked out from Galatasaray couse he is not fit enough and cause he lacks respect.

We don’t need another overpriced star and other clubs rejects.


Not in form? 5 goals and 17 assists last season. And en offers himself to Milan willing to take a huge cut on salary. I wouldn’t think twice about this and just take him if he turns out to be a failure it won’t be an expansive one. Hell he is worth more the ‘risk’ then Borini who, i think, also deserves a chance.


Forget Kallinic. As for Sneijder, Milan is not an old people’s home anymore. If Auba wants to wear the Milan shirt and have a real chance of winning the CL and becoming a Red Black legend, he should lower his wage demands. Milan can offer no more than 10 Million. Ibra earned 12 Million in Milan. Auba is not at Ibras level yet. I’m sure once agreement is reached with Auba, Dortmund would be willing to sell for 60 million (not 70) that Milan can afford.


Best mercato ever was when milan bought van basten, gullit and ancelotti and called back costacurta in summer 87


It depends on how old he is – if he was born after 1987, this would be best Mercato ever for him. Keep things in perspective and respect other opinions.


If he’s born after 87 then he should consider mercato of ’92, ’95, ’98, ’02, ’03, 2010 better summer mercato, especially if milanisti dont think milan will win scudetto this year. The results speak for themselves


Dude, like I said, it’s opinion and you shouldn’t question it. I think you contribute nothing to this forum but no one cares – see how that works?


The best mercato in this century was in 01. We weakened our rivals (Juve&Fio) and bought Pirlo. Juve thought we overpaid for Inzaghi, but little did they know, that unlike Del Piero. Inzaghi shows up on big occasions. The best mercato, or should I say, the most important mercato. It sounds more reasonable that way. Was in 87, the beginning of a new era.


@joe: well, ur precisely right. No one cares about ur opinion about me


Sign Sneijder and with our midfield we can fully utilise Bacca’s world class finishing abilities.


Sniedjer will be very good signing for we rosseneri fan please don’t because of Andrea Silva sell bacca both can work 2gather WE ARE ALWAYS ACMILAN


please snieder still plays football?


I’m sceptical about Bacca too. let him be part of the depth, if he regains his form, ahh! Milan will be on fire!

yung tino

Comment:instead of auba Celtic dembele is better and younger. he can still improve and comes at a cheaper price than auba. if Milan wanna sign a proven goalscorer fine but auba is in his prime while belotti, dembele, frosberg, goretzka, blade keita,inaki William are younger and have bright future. experience matters but I will prefer Milan to buy Bayern Costa. dream team Donna defense Ricardo, mus, kjaer, conti, mild- kessie, biglia/kovacic, calh, att, belo, Andre, frosberg or belo Andre dembele. or belo Andre inaki William or blade keita belo Andre. Milan will have enviably the most dynamic attack only barça… Read more »


Sneijder is a good addition he can bring experience to the team

Abubakar Opeyemi

I concour


Sneijder…mmmh….sounds interesting but something just puts me off about this…. I dont know but i guess its his age… But his experience(serie a)… Willingness… And leadership qualities will come good… He has virtually 1 or 2 solid season…. And dats enough time to find a young replacement or tutor locatelli to take over.. But one of sosa or montolivo has to go…


Yeah request Sneijder to tutor Locatelli. And then Locatelli’s ‘determination’ stats will be level with Sneijder.
Maybe you can even ask him to tutor some of his traits to Locatelli too from the first option. Will be nice if Locatelli manages to learn some useful traits.


”Tutoring” hardly ever works in real life.


Because baresi – maldini, cruyff – van basten, baggio – del piero, romario – ronaldo, obi wan – anakin master – padawan relationships didnt exist?


They weren’t professor and student.
It is always ultimately down to the player himself.


And how would it work? Montella: Hey Sneijder, can you tutor Locatelli and teach him how to make passes? Sneijder: Err, boss, how do you teach anyone how to make passes? And Locatellli can already pass pretty well. M: Hmm true, can you please just, you know, hang around with him during training and later maybe take him to dinner or something? S: …… It is always down to the player himself to keep practicing and slowly perfect his trade, I don’t believe you can ‘teach’ or ‘tutor’ those. I doubt Baresi ‘taught’ Maldini’s positional sense. You acquire them through… Read more »


Sneijder shld come to Milan, he is most likely coming for free n d wages wont be too high… We don’t need kalinic, let’s keep bacca please…sell one of lapa or niang….Sell bertolacci to bring in sneijder… Let vangioni go so dat Calabria can get more time during rotation, more importantly give locatelli more playing time…. Please fassobelli shld not loan out plizzari, let him play d cup games n some of d league games for him to grow too…

alan little

well said mate got great signings got some great young ones play them in cup games like all the leading teams here in england do to bring them on


Instead of buying abaumeyang why dont we develop niang into abaumeyang


you can’t just make a horse form a donkey…


Why not? Niang might never be as good as auba but he has potential and is still very young. Everton’s mercato is almost as good as milan and they want niang. Do u think theyre that dumb?


Niang lacks discipline and commitment and he won’t flourish this way.


Niang cannot be developed, niang is niang


Hell yeah…bye niang


Niang for Aubamenyang? You must be out of your mind!




Niang is another mental case like Balotelli and once your brain is fried, it is fried lol. No going back to normal from there.


Sneijder can be what A.pirlo became after he left us for juventus,welsley is class,assist,dangerous on long shots and creating chances…I believe he’s had 3 good years remaining in him,please management get this #dealdone asap 🙂


IMO, I prefer we retain bacca than buying aubameyang…Returning players most often fail in d second attempt…Auba has moved fwd n so also has Milan, let’s look fwd with belotti…It’s better Dan wasting so much to bring back auba and paying a huge wage for him…I bet he will be difficult to sell if he flops at Milan, d risk is too high… Rather retain bacca n plan belotti move either for dis season loan n buy later or straight swap with Torino for player + cash, lapa or niang in d equation. But no aubameyang, no kalinic please


Let me also reply some monto haters here, montolivo shld stay…At least for dis season..He deserves it…I like his spirit…He came back from 2career threatening injuries n still made it back to d national team, what else do u guys want…He is relentless n ready to make sacrifices go Milan whilst people like dollaruma are giving us shit…We shld appreciate loyalty n not just d loyalty, he is a good player but he can’t do more than his whole team..Even Messi cannot singlehandedly give Argentina d world cup…Now dat we have an improved team let wish our captain all d… Read more »


Im just affraid that niang will be like abaumeyang case 2


Niang is gonna be good player. Henry 2.0 he wont be but he’ll be decent nonetheless, much better than borini at least (just compare their half seasons in last epl). Just wait and see


yeah amd just few people in this blog realize that


Niang will thrive if Montella use 2 strikers system, which he has indicated through the mercato.


agreed… I want Niang in our team


sneijder can be a good pick but not as a starter..if u wanna be a good team you should have qualitiy players on the bench because you can be dealing with injuries..we need a centerback,one midfielder,one attacker and andrea conti and we go for serie A title..niang sosa vangioni antonelli zapata paletta out..forza milan


We don’t need sneijer,all we need is a youthful team


Signing Sneijder at 33 yrs old who is way past his best would be a bad investment.

Any Milan fans in favor of this is still suffering from the Galliani disease.

It’s waste of time to even talk about this bs! We should spend our time on getting Forsberg which makes way more sense.


yea, this made sense 3 years ago.
If we could get him on a 1 year deal with reasonable wages I wouldnt mind, but Forsberg would make alot more sense


Except forsberg wont come for less than 25-30m. Please dont talk as if milan’s transfer fund is limitless


its limitless yonghonh li cheat engine mate


yet milan are about to sign conti for 25mill and Biglia for 20mill. Please dont talk like milan dont have money,


I didnt say milan dont have money, i said the money is not limitless. If milan were really that rich then forsberg, biglia, james, belotti would have come last month


Yea, but both belotti and james cost close to 100 mill. Foseberg is in another realm. I think we will spend the money needed to buy him in wages alone for sneijder. But like i said id be happy to sign him as long as we are not stuck with im for 3-4 yrs. Get him on a one year deal with a possibility to extend a further year, that would be a good deal. He is still very creative with 17 assist. Its impressive even if its in greece


Milan can afford to spend 25-30mil on Forsberg. These contract payments are spread out so it’s not like all of the signing Milan are doing will be paid in full at once. Sneijder is unfit, pass his prime and not worth it. If he comes to Milan it should be only be on a loan deal as we will not be able to sell him to anyone. You guys complain about Milan signing 29yr old Kallinic who is better than Niang and Lapadula but have no issue signing 33yr old Sneijder? Milan is moving forward with quality players not backwards.… Read more »


Sneijder would cost milan next to nothing, unlike kalinic or forsberg. If its not problem for milan to splash 30m on kalinic and forsberg they wouldve done it already. If no one complained about borini, who’s worse than niang in epl, then why should anyone complain about sneijder? Sneijder would be much better reserve than sosa, berto and borini. Sneijder unfit? Thats why he’s still regular for holland right? He’s much fitter than berto and monto, thats for damn sure. Dont get me wrong, i really like forsberg and i already said i wanted him at milan but lets not… Read more »


If we want Sneijder, might as well get back Kaka from MLS!




Sneijder good signing more depth for Milan,more experience, youthful team alone can’t take us anywhere, Milan achievement so far is combination of youth with experience old players, I think he coming on free agent and ready accept pay cut…forza milan

Gbenga Milan

Comment:up Milan good business please don’t sell bacca is good striker


If milanisti are ok with borini the average at best player, pepe, sosa, monto or even abbiati/storari as back up players then i dont see any reason why they wont accept sneijder, aging player but a still world class one nonetheless. Ive seen his performances for holland and i think he’s not that far from sneijder who won treble. Sneijder would be perfect back up player; a hardworking playmaker who can make defense splitting assists on regular basis. He’s also tactically sound and can play as cm, am, even lw thus he’s very suitable for 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and 3-5-2 formations.… Read more »


@addz, you are very correct, I’ll rather get Kaka back from MLS than bringing Sneijder.


I would prefer to keep Bacca, sign Dembele and Sneijder rather investing 60-70 M + 10M salary in Aub.


Are you guys want a team with out Italian, never mentioned one good once ,
Montolivo can be best with Hakan, Kessie, all those news guys, he played very well in Italy team, enless they’re need the arm barn to give to the 18years old who’s not qualify to it

B Hutama

With free transfer and not an expensive salary, sneijder will be good for making our team more depth (He could be mentor for locatelli and hakan calhanoglu). He also has more experience than other for fight in europe and serie-a.


No, you all don’t have the right word. Wesley Sneijder, in this moment, even he is at the end of his career, is much better than any other midfielder on his profile from our team and he will be an excellent add to AC Milan, very experienced and good player, a player that we need in this position, much better than Montolivo, Locatelli, Kuco, Bertolacci and who can easily help the offensive with good passes and create chances of scoring. He is just 33 years and he can play at good level 2-3 years from now on and for this… Read more »


Who said we don’t need sneijder? And who said he’s too old?
How old is our captain moto and J.Sosa we bought for 7million last season the mati.F combine with Paselic how many assist did they produce last season…..? Come on guys think again you might realize we are making same mistake like the one of A.Pirlo this man still has about 2/3 years of magic to produce…..5Goals And 17assist for free with about 50% Pay cut….. Think it over guys…..


Come on!sneijder is a free transfer and is ready to cut his salary ton2milion,will be one of our best signings,he is stil dangerous and the reason is because of his wife yolanthe,we must sign him,still one of the best and can improve our midfield,it was somedays ago i said if we could sogn him instead of sampdoria,thanks god!❤️


If we get Sneijder then we can forget about Forsberg or James Rodriguez. Bad investment.


Because milan already have many fullbacks but still try to buy conti anyway?


The only decent right fullback is Abate. De Sciglio was a disappointment last season, a mediocre player and Calabria is still developping but is not a certainty. Conti is a player who helps the attack with goals and assists and we need him. Sneijder in this moment is cheaper and more useful to the team than James Rodriguez ( who wants MU ). After we get Champions league ( a very realistic objective ), we will bring top class players, but not now. In my oppinion we should have signed Jesus Navas as a free agent, because we need a… Read more »


Conti is a versatile player who Montella will also deploy in a 3-5-2.
Also, Abate is old and pass his prime and Calabria is just not good enough to be a starter.

Hence, Milan need for a young talented fullback.


Exactly. So why shouldnt milan get forsberg or james after getting sneijder when they have no problems whatsoever collecting fullbacks?


I actually don’t want Aubumeyang. He is great. And better than all of our current strikers but paying so much money for one player is not a smart move right now. We have Bacca, Lapadula, Silva, Niang and even Borini who can play on that position. Montella wants 2 strikers in 3-5-2? Then he have to get rid of Suso which was one of our best players last season. And we would have to change our team completely. If we stop now and buy one CB and some depth players of which Sneijder could be one of them, I am… Read more »


U ppl re not even talkin abt fabrigas he still make beter sence than sneijder I dnt want sneijder


Just imagine Silva and Auba up front together!!! It would be a deadly combination.


I won’t mind a player like Sneijder if it’s free. He might be way past his best, but the need for a champion with experience could do a lot. I would prefer someone younger, but every quality midfielder is seriously overpriced.

We don’t need Auba, we need a fast winger who can play on both sides.


Auba CAN be fast winger

Associazione Calcio Milan

i hope we can get auba! i think he fit perfect in a 4-4-2! So forget kalinic
I prefer this 11

Conti – Romagnoli – Musacchio – Rodriguez
Locatelli/Bonaventura – Suso/Bonaventura
Aubameyang – André Silva


Kalinic and sjnieder – No thanks, you are both not required here.

Aubamayeng – for around 45-50 mil is ok.
He can have that immediate impact​ and also give us good 3-4 seasons.


fassobelli please we need snijder he is creative and experienced ,he wud be a real solid add if we can seal this but I wud prefer a free transfer or loan deal but go all out for him


bacca will be getting sold, which is a pitty as i really like the guy. The only plus is that he should fetch over 20 million.
However, I believe that he couldn’t shine properly at milan as we never had the right squad to support him, and now that we do, we decide to sell him.


go for sneijder,he has a lot to offer and good backup for calhanoglu



We want sneijder….Whoever says we don’t need sneijder does not understand football…D guy is good n matured…Dats how Milan lost pirlo n juve just enjoyed our loss….He can be a good substitute n with 17 assists , who in our squad can boast a better ratio….He is a champion n u need people like dat…Don’t forget even man UTD had to recall schools for d 20th premier league fight…IMO, we don’t need auba… Sincerely he is just an overload on d budget…How come no other big club has bidded for auba, even Liverpool has withdrawn from d chase……I’ll rather pursue… Read more »


free & pay cut 33yo Sneijder is way better option than 30m 31yo Biglia…
Montella need those kind of player, Locatelli isn’t ready yet…

if it’s not because FFP, we may sign Messi & CR already…
remember our credit payment, profit lost, our financial position, club market value, we bought 6 players for me is miracle… dreaming is beautiful but we life in reality… think fellas…