Report: Milan and Donnarumma agree on a renewal – €6m a year for the player, 2 exit clauses to be included

Gianluigi Donnarumma during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on November 20, 2016. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma during Milan-Inter at Stadio San Siro on November 20, 2016. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

An agreement has been reached between the Donnarumma family and Milan who will also sign Gigio’s brother Antonio and give him €1m a year.

The saga appears close to being over and the Donnarumma family will be a lot richer because of it, as both Gianluigi and his brother Antonio are ready to sign contracts at Milan with improved wages.

According to Sky Italia, an agreement between Milan and Mino Raiola & the Donnarumma’s has been reached: the 18-year-old will sign a five-year contract worth €6 million per season, while Antonio will get a contract worth €1 million net per season and will be a part of the Milan squad as a second or third goalkeeper.

Gianluca Di Marzio suggests that there will also be 2 exit clauses in the deal: one for €50m in the event that Milan don’t reach the Champions League next season, and one for €100m in the event that they do. That would allow Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli to not lose him for free. The thought is that the clause is also for clubs in Italy, so for instance Juventus can get him next year.

This new contract would make Donnarumma the third highest paid footballer in Italy, just behind Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala, according to Sky reports that before saying ‘yes’ to Milan, he rejected an offer from Paris Saint-Germain who were willing to give him €13m a year.

It remains to be seen when the signing will take place as the teenager is going to be busy over the next days with his final exams. Milan pay a heavy price to keep him, but won’t lose him for nothing.

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I am rather sure we will qualify for CPL. Selling him for 100M is very good business. Good job Fassobelli. Can’t stand RM. Tried to get De Gea to run down his final year of contract and now doing the same to Donnaruma. If you want a good keeper, pay for it. Idiot. Anyway Donnaruma can go anywhere he wants for 100M. The money can be reinvested. Good job Fassobelli


Honestly, i am not very happy… What about the salaries and the feelings of the rest of the squad? They might feel treated unfairly and like fools. They offer their all without asking crazy wages, since they have signed contracts with the previous owners (e.g. bonna, roma, suso etc)

Manga la figa

I think we’re gonna sell him for sure next year hence the very generous offer. Even conceding a lot to the whale and the kid but there’s a purpose here
Next year comes the hefty pay off. If Real wants then pay up sucker or Juve or anyone else for that matter.
Management has impressed me a whole lot so far. Everything has been measured and well thought thru.


Rest of the squad? Most of them are new players that we have just signed haha. They have just agreed on salary before joining us. The players of last season doesn’t have much bargaining chip as they are more likely to be bench warmers.


Donnarumma rejected 13 million and 1 million bonuses from PSG who also offered 3 luxury villas and some super cars. But Donna declined the offer. Got to admire the Kid although I had been angry at him lately, I always thought he deserved to be the highest paid in the squad at least. Neymar at age 18 would earn as much. But Donna has more potential than Neymar. He is indeed the Maradona of Goalkeepers. He just needs to keep on improving with his feet on the ground. He could trump Lev Yashin.


“But Donna has more potential than Neymar. He is indeed the Maradona of Goalkeepers. He just needs to keep on improving with his feet on the ground. He could trump Lev Yashin.” lemme guess, ayahuasca + mdma?



mike milan

I don’t like this idea I think it’s better we sell him next season…..that means he is ready to leave if Milan don’t qualify for champions league……that deal is not of A true heart of a Rossoneri player and as a fan

Milanisti Indonesia

I just hope he performs well and help the club.

More than that, honestly, he is not the same player for me.
Forza MILAN!


Good he stays, buh why sign is brother?


To be his bodyguard i thing


Ball boy….


That’s indeed the worst thing, it’s embarrassing. Just to understand, Antonio played for a greek team which avoided the relegation the last minute (finished 3rd from the bottom). We are talking about semi-professional level, something between Primavera and Serie C level – no exaggeration. I refuse to accept that a semi-pro keeper will be paid 1m!?! Something must be wrong in the news.


It is clear that he is going to leave Milan anyways. Buyout clause means no love but “set me free” so that fat koala can cash him anytime… its like a wolf who feeds its tiny lam only to dine him later on…


Buyout clause also means Milan makes shitload of money! It’s a win win – if he stays for a long time, we have a great goalie for years to come. If he wants to leave, Milan makes 100 million – win win! This management is smart and knows how to make money. Signinging his brother is pretty much a waste of a million but that just tells me Milan owner doesn’t mind spending.


Who cares if he signs or not? Why give him 6m? Is he god? I got an advice for Donna…. Never kiss our badge again till the day you leave for Real Madrid.


no love , just money


At last the drama is all over. Now we need one more defender together with conti, a midfielder James or Frosberg and please keep bacca then all comes to montella to deliver, there is no excuse this time round


It’s a shame Milan can sign his brother but cannot increase Suso’s wages from 2 to 2.5 M.


Alright that’s good news. I have no problems with the salary, when other teams are offering so much and the player has only 1 year in his contract left, it puts you in a very hard place to negotiate. I know the salary is high, but if we sell him at those release clause levels, it’s a lot better than losing him for free after not renewing. The one thing that bothers me is the release clause in case we don’t make the CL. That would be a huge loss, there’s no need to have such a huge gap. What’s… Read more »


But why is there a release clause? What difference did it make turning down psg money for us but including a release clause. Its as good as leaving milan. Totally disappointed by the management. Moreover he is the one protecting our goal. If he decides to let in easy goals for the opponents just so that his departure will get easier i.e psg man city will have to pay less money and in return they will give him much higher salary.  Of course if he decides to do this stupidity he will have to face the wrath of curva sud… Read more »


Hahahaha your father Berlusconi tried to tie him to a 3 years contract but your father failed. Raiola wouldn’t even negotiate with your father. If your father had been successful, we wouldn’t be in this situation now. Gypsy? Hahahaha. Look at your Venky. What has he done to Blackburn. Big promises of Beckham Ronaldinho but no money to back up promises. Empty vessels make the most noise. Given much more time, 70 years of independence yet still no match against Chinese’s 40 years modernisation. Glad that Chinese tookover. If an Indian took over will cause us to be relegated like… Read more »


blackburn is now clouded in darkness and only teeth can be seen at night


I’m confused , how does me being an indian or Blackburn fc has anything to do with snakes renewal? Blackburn was shiet when venkys bought it , but does Valencia rings a bell in your head? Valencia had such a good youth academy while they were competitive in la liga too. But catastrophe strucked valenicia when Singaporean businessman peter lim bought it. They turned gold into shiet.


Even i am an Indian and i was wishing Mukesh Ambani would buy Milan but its true.Indian businessmen don’t have the balls to invest in a different kind of venture.And about that release clause i think its perfect.You wanna go?Return our investment and go.And no one is going to pay 100 mil for a goal keeper,even if thats Zeus himself in a goalkeeper incarnation.You get strikers like Belotti for that kind of money.So the 100 mil release clause was just to fill the page.However,if you do have money to spend on Donna’s big brother then i think Suso’s contract should… Read more »


Donnaruma’s renewal is a no brainer. Player’s capability and ability has nothing to do with his character. The clause???? whats the big deal???? Messi, Neymar etc all have unreasonable clauses. 100M for a keeper is just as ridiculous but if any clubs are willing to pay a 100M its good business to let him go. if you are an immature emotional chimpanzee, go n cry under your bed. Now i understand why China is so far ahead of India. Chinese are pure businessman not tied to emotions. Donnaruma’s renewal is the best business decision and solution for everybody. if he… Read more »


@Suracho. All that racism and paranoia about Donna deliberately letting in cheap goals is uncalled for. Relax!

Baresis Dream

It’s a different brother; they one with the twit was his brother in law.

The realease clause is annoying, but even with one, would be able to force someone to play for us if he is really determined to leave ?


I totally can not understand why directors need to guarantee that the club would be in cl nxt season!
They should have a good signings and make team more powerful that they did it!!
So after that, standing in high rank in the table is depends on players like donnarumma. Do not reach to cl is the players mistake and they should be punish for that not release for teams with higher payments.


For me, dollaruma is a snake, he can’t be trusted, Milan shld start developing plizzari, it’s very important n for me we shld still sell him now dat d transfer market if officially open…PSG offered 35m,, fatiolla shld apprach PSG for d release clause of 50m n we let him go…Dis whole drama was all about money n not love for Milan…It’s a marriage of convenience..We even had to sign his brother to placate him, dis is bullshit….We can buy perin for 15m


My take is simple. Put him back in the market, now u can get minimum of 50mil. He embarrassed d club and her fans. Bench him until He is sold. Get another keeper. Nobody should ever hold a club to Ransome dis way. How can we pay him 6mil and b forced to buy his brother. He is lucky am not fossabelli he would have run back to my office with tears in his eyes begging for forgiveness. The truth is He has d potential to b world class but currently he is not in d top 3 in seria… Read more »


Well said brother, just sold him immediately as soon as he sign…fasobelli indeed act smartly


I also think we will sign a gk this summer..and we will force him to be sold

Abubakar Opeyemi

It’s now clear that donna is no longer a milan fan but rather is after is career

Kwabena Adu

The management have really set a bad precedent.This is a ransom at the highest level,this will encourage other players to follow the same cue.The boy is very good but 6M is too much,Am afraid in the near future some players will rebel against the club.And bringing his brother back to the club is a slap to the face.


For me he has lost my respect for him ,my advice is to donnaruma stop kissing our badge .I know we will qualify for UCL then we can sell him for 100m the Chinese are not stupid either to give him a double clause.I know for sure if he leaves plizarri will take his place after signing his contract when he turns 18yr that is my viewb.though that’s one reason we are really active in the transfer market to make it happen.


Big mistake. So Raiola wins, 6 mil plus 1 for his brother that’s 7 mil net a year!! When you have Plizarri, Rodrigues and other young super talents that really want to be in Milan. First big mistake for me that fasobelli make!! I don’t care how good he is I don’t want him at milan.


”I don’t care how good he is I don’t want him at milan.”


Coach Seedorf

What nonsense is this? Anyway, as soon as he signs the contract put him on the market. Make sure he is sold between this summer and next summer at most. I’m complaining that 5 million is too much and then it is increased again to 6million? For the fact that he is keeping his agent and earning so much, I don’t see him having the support of the fans anymore. Donna can’t be the same player anymore, like what he did in the euros, he will become a liability this season and most likely cost us some points along the… Read more »


@Coach Seedorf. We actually know his brother very well, he came through our youth ranks.


And that’s why we didn’t bother keeping him. 100% trash.


Milan will be in CL.100M to balance the book, Donna in Madrid,Raiola get the commission.


Everyone happy


God bless u


This is mad! He’s not even worth a salary of 6 million..


its a lot money boy,,,

Chris K.

I really don’t believe some of these comments and I don’t think anything will make you guys happy.. For me this is one of the bravest things I have seen an 18 year old kid do in a long time. Yes the whole drama was horrible. Yes money got to his head, yes his agents played everyone like a puppet and yes the contract is astonishing for an 18 year old. But the truth is this. He created a massive pr disaster with the initial start of negotiations. Which made fans turn against him in a predictable manner. As an… Read more »


I agree with u there’s so many issues involved here. Most of the people here sound really dumb at times. Football is part business. And they don’t get it.
Agreed the salary seems a little too high so soon. But the other conditions sound legit.
Eden hazard had similar conditions when he joined Chelsea and. Nobody had any problems. Our Milan fans on this blog don’t seem too smart smh


He could’ve gotten 5 Millions and remained a Fan favorite…
1 additional million a year for an 18 year old will not make a difference in his career. He hurt his image and this will definitely cost him more than 1 million a year in the long run.

I would understand your arguments if Milan had offered him 2M and he wanted 6M. But Milan offered him 5M in the first place. Was it worth all the fuss?


As I said on the Calhanoglu post, this is nonsense. It gives other people the thought that they can act crazy and get better contracts… Just wait for it


Heyyyyy I am backkkkkkk! Who missed me!?!?

Anyway, this is the best news of this is the best news of this mercto.


Its u who missed this magical clip mate:


Lol yeah Neuer is awesome, I never countered that.
But hey, ‘someone’ is bound to be better than him eventually in the history of football! xD

Baresis Dream

Our most important signing so far.


Couldn’t agree more. A guaranteed 10-15 points at least.
No idea why would anyone hate that as we are trying to fight to get to the top again.


He better not conceed a goal next season.


I think the kid & the management are only trying to satisfy raiola one way or the other. One thing donna should realize that he has to be at his best in every game, because no mistake can no longer be tolerated in chipping in goals. Now is an adult and he should know that there are consequence coming with the signature, not forgetting the saga surrounded by this deal, however, him & raiola has been able to panthom out a deal. They should know it comes with heavy criticism and boo at the pitch when ever he fails.


Honestly, I think Donna is Milan fan and that all of this came from Raiola. Donna never wanted to leave as he stated on numerous occasions. Raiola just played a game off chess and made a bluff which Fasobelli called. And talk that he will leave for Real Madrid – pure bluff to get his wages up. You gotta hand it to Raiola, he is a snake but he is damn good at his job. The bad thing is that Donna has dropped in the eyes of fans and that cannot be solved with money. You get what you want,… Read more »


Signing his brother is a good move for us. It’s given him another reason to stay for the foreseeable future


And how would you explain me the release clause and the donna loves milan fiasco?


Release clause – Raiola’s tool for another bluff in few years – example: “give Donna 15m pay or we will sell him for 50/100m”

Im not sure what you mean with Donna loves Milan fiasco… You must realise that media massively overbloated the whole thing. Nowdays one like on facebook means worlds end…


Fassobelli are confident that Milan will be in CPL. Madrid won’t even pay 70M for De Gea (world class keeper who is better than Donnaruma) so 100M for Donnaruma is out of the question. If someone comes up with 100M, we will be happy to sell.

Love Milan????? Why does he need to love Milan. Costacurta is a spurs fan and weah is a juve fan. What love are you talking about???? They are professional soccer players.


Comment: borini’s deal is far better than this, we also sign his bro. I think the management are not fool, if he concede silly goal he will be fine heavily.
All the way better day ahead of milan and the fans forza milan


As far as im concerned, This is the best possible win – win solution for both parties because 1) milan get to play donna, maradona of gk (does mino mean donna’s on crack too?) for at least 1 season more and if madrid/psg come knocking in the future, milan will get respectable amount of money from his sale. Meanwhile, plizzari can develop his gameplay in peace too at ternana, free from unreasonable expectations from milan and milanisti that he should be milan’s #1 when the truth is he’s still just giggling teenager who needs to be protected from cruel football… Read more »


3rd one is gold hahahaha


Well.. now he has to justify his wages. Otherwise, even with 50M release clause, nobody want to sign him. To be honest with you, U21 performance doesn’t worth 5M per year. What? He’s under pressure from fans and well, everybody? Everybody whose received that amount of money always able to thrive under pressure, e.g.: Messi, Ronaldo, Iniesta, Xavi.


Italy’s best ever gk dino zoff’s insightful comment regarding donnadrama: “That kid is not calm, you can see it a mile away, I think he has got himself involved in a bigger mess than he can handle, just look at what he did in the Euros. He was not good for the whole Euros. Unfortunately, I expected it, because after the storm that erupted around him in the media I would have been agitated when I was 40 years old, so imagine it for him. He should just be focused on playing, growing and improving. Massimiliano Allegri was right when… Read more »


In other words: that kid needs to grow some pairs of he want that amount of money..


Or, grow into full grown neuer *wink


Well, I didn’t like what happened with this telenovela, I am sure that Donna doesn’t deserve 6m per year, but I am also sure that he is one of the best promising young goalkeepers since Buffon made his debut at Parma, at 17 years, maybe the best ! The clause of 100 or 50 m ?? It’s ok, I think, because there are a lot of money for a GK, even 50 milions, if we don’t get CL, but if everything goes fine, and the team will play football, he can reject even if a team pay the release clause,… Read more »


We’ll see about that mate. Im not sure donna is 100% clean on this


Raiola made the ” game of thrones ” in this telenovela, he told Donna ” let me do all this job, trust in me, I will earn you more money, you just shut your mouth up and let me speak” … Donna was pleased with the money ( every player wants to earn much more money, even Maldini, Totti or Gerrard, or Messi ), but he wanted to renew with Milan and here it was a problem with Raiola… because he let his agent to do what he did, because he trusted in him that he wants all the best… Read more »


You spelled fat piggy wrong there, mate.

Baresis Dream

Best possible outcome indeed. If Milan reach CL next season, this whole story will be a distant memory.


Some good news surrounding this mess finally. All that’s missing is Raiola getting fired.


Here comes business Donna sign another contract we will give you 6m with any other club come for you next season will pay 100m,no club will risk such on goal keeper of his age then take wage cut to initial 4m stay at milan or look for who will pay the buy out clause.Then Donna strategise with his brother being part of Milan to avoid intimidation from any angle think his brother is more mature…..I hope to have club that will be able to pay that buy out clause next season anyway Chinese super league will do it.For a milano


Good move because donarumma knows that if he wants a PSG or Madrid move then he has to perform. So win for Milan, both in a financial and in terms of CL aim.


Just recently read about Aubameyang-Milan resistance on wages and Fiorentina keep asking for 30m for Kalinic. This. This is what happen when we let some kid ransom the club for his own coffers. Other players who will be linked to Milan or already in the squad will start insist ridiculous wage and contract. Ac Milan just recently got some positive cash injection from the Chinese and we are on the way building back our squad for European competition. We have been struggling for cash for so long and manage only sub par players surviving Serie A, we are so used… Read more »


Forcing us to sign his brother is really an insult.
This has never happened in the history of the Serie A before. I know of none.
This is insult… His brother who isn’t even better than the worse keeper in the league.
I am pissed


Pretty sure we signed Kaka’s brother Digao, but under different circumstances of course.


Jose mauri’s brother and Kaka’s brother I believe?


And a lot more. dodoz needs a history lesson.


I never claim to know everything. And I never say what I don’t know.
Thank you


When Milan signed Kaka his agent made us sign his brother Digao as well. So this happened before in Serie A and at Milan.

What’s worst is that Digao was just as worthless as Donnaruma’s brother.


U r absolutely right guys we signed brothers in past. We never paid them 1m though. If this is true, I think it’s going to be a record low value-for-money salary.


He doesn’t fire fat piggy. From now on, I don’t see Dollarumma as Milan’s homeboy. He’s just another player who has to justify his salary.


I now consider Calabria and Locatelli as Milan’s homeboy. I’m more inclined to Loca, though. His goal celebration vs Sassuolo still fresh in my memory.


So it’s true, it was all about money after all. Talking about mobbing and threats, gimme a break. The first word that comes to mind after seeing certain numbers in this deal is “absurd”. But I guess if those crazy people at PSG really offered him that salary then we shouldn’t really complain. This is for the best though. The management did as well as they could, as they had their back against the wall and had to tie him to a contract otherwise the financial loss from this scenario would have been huge. So they had to pay him… Read more »


Fasobelli once again doing very smart business. Donna will be sold for great profits to be reinvested. Im loving the vision of this management.

Aussie Bogan

Aubamayang james rodriguez biglia conti


No more arm barn for him he got what he wants.if Montolivo gone give it to Hakan a responsible person or Romagnoli

Baresis Dream

Welcome back home Gigio. Our most important signing this merkato, and our top player.

Now you need a press conference to address the fans, and make everyone fall in love with you again. And make sure you stay on top of your game throughout the season – everyone will have their eyes on you, waiting for you to fail.


i dont want see him ever again! he failed miserabely… he bow to his fat agent and betrayed love of fans!

Baresis Dream

He basically did what every professional athlete does, he made sure he and his family benefit the most of his abilities. The really annoying thing is that he did it better than anyone else.

Baresis Dream

If anybody is wondering why Riola is considered the best agent in the world, he should study Donna’s story.

He managed to improve on Fassobelli’s best offer, and to get the release clause he always wanted. Basically he got the maximum deal we can offer, perhaps even slightly more than that.

All this, with about 2-3 meetings, and one press conference.

Not saying Fassobelli were at fault here, but they got a valuable lesson from Riola. Anyone calling Riola names, should remember he works for Donna and not us; as such, he did an amazing job.


Im glad donna renewed with da team + da team fasobelli are handing montella im pretty optimistic will qualify for champ leag then after that donna isnt gonna want to leave even if with snake of an agent he has..


I think he deserve the 4.5/5 m$ ….considering Dybala, Montolivo, Edin Dzeko, Bacca (even Luis Adriano) wages.
but considering rejecting a 13 m$ from PSG (or maybe Real Madrid) i think it’s a good deal for now. hope we reach champions league next season and he has a year to prove himself if he is worthy of this jersey and wage…


Because he proved himself to be worthless and unworthy of this jersey by the past two season’s performance, and nobody wants him in their team.


Apparently Gigio’s family is very upset with Raiola. So I dont see him lasting much longer. Especially after Fassone and Mirabelli sit him and his family down in private face to face.


This situation just feels like donnarumma is an ex girlfriend. You had a fight, she left you because she was talking to a guy who has more money than you. Then she comes crawling back after you send her some nasty texts and tell her you still love her. You think of the good times, but things just won’t be the same the second time around and you know she’s going to eventually leave you again for the rich guy. If donnarumma loved milan he would be against a release clause, because any top club these days can toss 50-100… Read more »


More like the rich guy isnt that interested with this money grubbing W**** (rhymes with ‘shore’) because she just aint worth it so she has to come crawling back to you and half-assedly beg for forgiveness. Now u get to enjoy her meat but u both know that spark is long gone and its only a matter of time before she starts flirting again once she becomes even more beautiful.
The silver lining is that she’s easily replacable as there are so many beauties in the world, the prettiest being neuer *wink


Well done

Baresis Dream

We will all love him if he takes us to the CL. Let’s not make this more than it is. He wears the Milan shirt and plays accordingly, we support him. Otherwise, we don’t. Simple.

Ed Mohamad

I expect Dollarumma akaa Raiola’s pet to get us 50 clean sheets next season for that amount of money otherwise he’s a fk head.

Lapadula yan

Is too much for 18 years kid but if we qualify to the champion league next season we can sell him €100M


I don’t know why so many people are against this. It’s either he stays and is loyal or we sell him for 50-100m. It’s a win win, yea I know this whole saga was wrong and stupid but we’re going to hold a grudge over this? I bet the first game he’s in goal curva sud will be singing his name again. Let’s not be bitter cause even if he chooses to leave we’ll make a hefty profit off a gk. The bonus would be if he fired raiola

Baresis Dream

Spot on. Makes sense on every level.

And I also don’t think we should obsess about the release clause too much; even without one, it’s very hard to keep a player who wants to go to Real or Barca (and Real/Barca etc … are determined to get him).


Well, Plizzari will go on loan, gain some more experience and playing time, Donanrumma will play now, and then probably get sold next summer… maybe not, but sooner or later he will probably leave. His reputation has gotten so tainted, and his new deal is so disgusting to me. And signing his new brother? We owe the brothers nothing to please them as we are doing right now. Would rather sell him right now though, get the 50 million and sign Perin. No one is bigger than the club. This has nothing to do with his talent, just the way… Read more »


The problem is, no one, not even psg, is stupid enough to splash that kind of money on him. Not with his perfomances in euro u21 AND his expiring contract.


Yeah he was woeful in the Euros. We’ll see how and if he will be able to pick himself up after it.
We’ll see what happens next year :)