De Sciglio’s representative met with Milan, the fullback is expected to leave the Rossoneri in this summer window

Mattia De Sciglio during training at Milanello. (
Mattia De Sciglio during training at Milanello. (

Mattia De Sciglio’s representative, Giovanni Branchini, was at Casa Milan on Friday and an exit seems inevitable.

The contract of De Sciglio expires in 2018 and reports in Italy are today suggesting that the player will most likely leave Milan in this transfer market.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio and, there was a meeting today between the red and black leadership and one of De Sciglio’s agents, Giovanni Branchini. claims that it’s been communicated to Milan that Mattia’s decision is to leave Milan and the player, who grew up in the Rossoneri youth sector, won’t consider a renewal.

There will be more meetings in the near future to define the transfer of De Sciglio, who could find himself with Allegri at Juventus. The 24-year-old and Milan, after many years, will part ways.

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Very sad but we could all see it coming. Juve or Chelsea possible destinations?


Chelsea squad player I hope




Trade him for one of Rugani, Cuadrado, Asamoah or Lemina. That kid looks promising. One thing is for sure. I will not miss De Sciglio.


Thank you for everything but u did make me angry so bye


Treading him for asamoah will be the best move


Comment:let him go. now we only need players who really and truly love MILAN from their heart ….FORZAN MILAN


Comment: All those who will leave MILAN because of money will regret it at the end of the season…..we gonna win europa league and the serie a… me…from major of Kumawu, Ghana


Trade him… Caldara/Rugani or Cuadrado.

I won’t miss him for sure.

prince kola

Comment: sure I will nt miss him, he s too soft for my liking,a defender should b rugged.bye bye jare


I really do love this player De Scigloi is one of my best players in the world please let us try as much as we can to keep him


Damn, you must like some shitty players if De Sciglio is one of your best player in the world. He is not even close to top 100.


Comment:he should him with asamoah will be a great deal.he’s not playing well.there are a lot of players to fill his space

norah parker

We have to trade him to pave way for more reliable players to come in.


My annoyance will be, if he ends up not leaving.. Someone that doesn’t contribute in any department of the field.. He can’t even deliver a decent cross to the box and to think he once wore the captains handband.. Smh, thank God for the Chinese.


Rumours say that we wont accept anything less than 20 million, that would be fantastic imo. Even 15 million would be decent.


I don’t think it’s about money for DeSciglio. I think he just became unmotivated after spending many years in Milan. He needs probably needs a new environment to be motivated. As a fan, I won’t be happy if he goes to Juventus, but it seems the only obvious solution.


i disagree with you my friend,de sciglio is leaving because of the interaction he had with a milan fan after the argument he handed his transfer .i know his destination is juve but i dont give a s**t nor f**k .he is too soft in the first palce and he maybe thinking that milan can win only juve are the favourite but this new season seria A will set ablaze for milan to take the stage ,all those players kissing the badge and turning the back on the club later are traitors including de sciglio


He has been through several really shifty years, but he also never stepped his game up and lifted the team. I would prefer him being sold abroad and not to juve, but either way I think he will be around for years, making us think about what could have been…


After poli..another handsome player leave..bye2 mds..wish u all d best.
So you rather choose become the next de ceglie than the next maldini..


To you who been watching Acmilan for long time, Colombo was better than him. Bye, bye


colombo was a mf mate

milan hugo

Comment:dat right mds shld leave in peace bye


I really fail to understand why we keep losing our promising youth products of recent. Pentagna cristante now mds.
If I’m not wrong mds too said he wanted to stay at Milan and become captain. Shame


trade him with one of Rugani / Caldara / Spinazzola / Pol Liora…
still i hope he stay, he’s not a super player but he play stable & cover some positions, kind like Costacurta


Costacurta WAS super player. Better penalty taker than maldini too


I don’t have anything against him even if he joins juve. At least he spoke his mind about making a move things season and I respect that. 15 mil would be fine.


Yeah judas was actually cool guy too. Its all just matter of perspective


Oh man this aint gonna sit well with my mate silver *wink


Mds plus 5mn for cuadrado would be just perfect…


I think I prefer an exchange of MDS with k ashamoah

Baresis Dream

We all know why it’s a good idea to sell MDS. He’s just not good enough, in almost any aspect of the game.

However, the fact that he can play on both sides makes him a valuable sub. Also, I believe he plays an important part socially, in the locker room and in training.

If it were up to me, I would hold on to him for another season, and fill that RB position next year. But replacing him with Conti is an upgrade, no doubt about it, so it can’t be a bad move.


Let him leave. Milan wo always be Milan


It’s better for him to leave, his heart & concentration isn’t with milan anymore, it would also allow financial fair play as we’ve been spening big without selling “big”, it would give antonelli playing time & in my opinion, he offers better chances up in attack than MDS


He should go if he want to go. Milan is bigger than any player. Milan should trade him with Cuadrado, MDS is not rugged enough for my liking. I have watched little of that Conti matches and trust me I can say that guy is rugged. He should look forward to the likes of Maldini, Cafu, or just watch Dani Alves play. Milan ain’t an average team so he should go if he wants to.


The guy is really of no importance to Milan team. He should leave… Conti would do just fine


Please sell the ingrate and bring on the lively ones who want to do the job for Acmilan


Let him go to Juventus but make them pay up. It doesn’t matter if they are rivals, he will only make their team worse instead of better. Sandro and Alves leaving and De Sceglio is no where near their skill level.


Scared player acting important. Milan can give him for free for all i care, he’s an absolute overhyped Maldini wannabe garbage.