1. This signing is still making me angry. If we needed dept we should have kept those we had. This dude has noting to offer. A lone would have been better. Next season we will starting begging clubs to take him onnloan y we pay his salary.

    • Dude, chill out! He’s just a loan player. Signed as a back up player. You can’t expect Milan to sign big players with multi million dollars cost. Some players signed to fill the back up options. While Milan sell all the deadwood players. And harvesting the youth to fill the first team squad in the future. Borini signing is a great vision as Milan is on its way to rebuild the squad. So sit back and enjoy the new Milan, or go supporting inter!

      • You have a point but many players like him for example Eden dzeko were flop in premier league and good Seria A,so we should pray for him and cheer him up

  2. It’s not all gloomy bro! Borini was not so bad at Liverpool, he may not be a great striker but he sure is a gud cover for d wings particularly when u notice dat series a teams have found a way to neutralize suso on d wings, u need a winger with another characteristics to fill in atimes. Not bad though I wld have loved us to keep bacca n use d money we have somewhere else like a playmaker in d mould of isco/forsberg/hakan… If we get Conti n an AM…I think dis mercato can be declared nice..

  3. Comment:training starts next week as pre-season is about to … let us Hope he becomes useful and proves us wrong

  4. This signing is worse than the Matri signing.They should’ve paid Milan to take him on loan.Waste of space and resources,what a shame.Now we are the laughing stock on the Internet

  5. @Weah. Dude u didnt just post dis – or go and support inter. All fans have d right to be critical about dere players and management. It shows d passion for d club. Some of us have already saved for next season subscription. If it were easy to leave Milan would have done dt say 3-5yrs ago but have noticed sth, when u are in love with dis club u can’t break dt love bond. Have enjoyed d high and cried during d low. All I need now is a gud high b/c next season me and my family(wife and son) would still cheer for dis club.

    • Sorry dude. I just can’t stand when people start complaining about the player signing, in this case, borini,when we don’t even see him play in rossoneri shirt. People always ask the club to sign more and more marquee signings, and complaint when we sign a back up player, without us being realized that milan now is one of the very few club that very active in transfer, even when the summer transfer windows haven’t started yet. Like i said before, just enjoy the ride. We all been in this rollercoaster ride for some time right..

  6. I can’t believe we just signed him,. If we want a back-up winger, just sign someone with good skills, may be like Sassuolo’s Politano

  7. so typical, the same fans hear a name being mentioned, they follow suit & echo for the player without even watching them play & start complaining about some players that they’ve not monitored. I remember when ALL clamoured for bertolacci, he came & fumbled, they all started complaining, same with torres, cerci,poli etc, the ones they complained about their signings eventually did well, suso,sosa, vinkel, Alex, nocerino, bonaventura. fans wud always be fans, they go with the tide



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