Genoa interested in Lapadula and could offer €10-15 million for the striker, still no official bids for Bacca

Gianluca Lapadula celebrates during Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on March 4, 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)
Gianluca Lapadula celebrates during Milan-Chievo at Stadio San Siro on March 4, 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

Gianluca Lapadula is strongly wanted by Genoa and the Italian media suggests a bid in the region of €10-15m will arrive soon, while Bacca reportedly wants Sevilla return but has no offers yet.

With André Silva and probably another striker coming (Nikola Kalinić is still the target but dealing with Fiorentina proves to be difficult), as well as Fabio Borini joining as a back-up, it’s fair to assume that Gianluca Lapadula is on the way out.

According to Sportitalia and Sky Italia yesterday, as well as La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning, Genoa are showing strong interest in Lapadula, who only arrived last year from Pescara. Sportitalia believe the Grifone are ready to offer €13-15m, while GdS writes €10-15m.

In addition to Lapadula, Carlos Bacca is also leaving Milan. His agent opened the door to a Ligue 1 move but according to La Gazzetta, the player wants Sevilla. In any case, Sportitalia claims that there are no offers for the Colombian striker, who battled with Lapadula for a starting spot last season.

Today’s edition of GdS also links Milan again with Dortmund’s Aubameyang, as his move to China seems to have stalled due to the Chinese government. Two strikers are leaving, one more will arrive.

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No thanks. Borini is our backup for Suso and Bona. Lapadula will be given an attacking midfielder role. So…no thanks.


what r u trying to say mate?


Borini should be on the bench for the primavera… Lapadula is a great back up for Andre Silva. Kalinic is an option in case we ever use a two striker formation and because we’ll be playing in Europe. If we continue using a three man attack then sign a left winger. (Balde, Insigne, Deulofeu, etc.) A back up for Suso would be nice. We need to sign at least one more midfielder who is experienced, solid, and not too expensive. Biglia is a perfect option. Complete the Andre Conti deal. Even if we have three right backs, it won’t hurt.… Read more »


Good suggestions mate but like god said to moses, “thou shalt not party without thy holy playmaker”


I just can’t make any sense out of what you wrote mate.


Lapadula will stay with us. Thanks for the interest.


Are u our coach or sport director?


So unfortunate dat we had to sacrifice lapagoall….Fr me, I think I would retained lapa n bacca for one more season with borini since deulo n niang are leaving…. Anyway wish u all d best


Please don’t sell, he can outshine belloti in the league if u get a good passers


No he can’t. Beloti scored over 20 goals on a weak team, if he had good passers he would score 40. Plus Belotti is only 23 years old – I would take him over Lapa anyday.


Borini and kalinic arent better or younger than deulofeu and lapadula/bacca so whats the point? Also, if milan are going to let paletta and poli go then for gods sake dont let them go for free. I get galliani vibes from these transfer rumours. Like i said before, milan shouldnt let montella have full control over transfer activities/policies. Milan should hire great sporting director like how madrid used to hire sacchi as sp director so theres someone who can act as advisor/counterbalance to montella. Lets face it, montella isnt even serie a’s top 3 coach yet hence he doesnt have… Read more »


We’ll see about Montella’s credibility at the end of the season. Isn’t Mirabelli that person though?

Also, am I the only one who sees the point in selling Bacca, Lapadula and buying Silva, Kalinic?


They compliment each other a lot more then what Bacca-Lapadula would do.
Kalinic tall target man type who can hold on to the ball and build up play.
Andre Silva is energetic and supurb of the ball, will run around and exploit the space created by Kalinic and can feed of Kalinic’s Build up play. If we play the 4-3-3 Then the two wingers will get alot more from someone who can hold up the ball allowing them to move around him. Bacca and lapa cant do this.


Well, i think we’ve seen enough of montella’s credential; reasonably good coach with history of top 4 finishes, nothing fancy like ancelotti with parma or juve but not bad at all. But, people show their true characters when they are 1) having money problems, 2) deeply involved in games, 3) tangled up in hardships. We all know how bad montella was last season when shit hit the fan so i still have my reasonable doubt about him, though theres nothing i want more for milan than to be proven wrong come next season. Regarding silva and kalinic, yeah i get… Read more »


I think Montella did as good as possible with the terrible squad we have been having as of late.but with a 150 million euro budget it will really test Montella. If he fails i doubts any big clubs want him, but I have faith. We are still missing some key players but lets hope we got some luck in the transferwindow.

Kalinic isnt realy a upgrade, i’d rather try to do a Girurd swap for Bacca idk, its hard to find target men this days, Zlatan would be perfect.

Manga la figa

Nope, I see it too. Montella wants more passing, hold up play and creating up front. Barca is just a poacher and Laps is hot or cold but works hard.

Baresis Dream

I tend to agree with Milan10’s sentiment on Montella. The truth is he is great coach, with real talent and tactical understanding, but he is inexperienced in building a top team almost from scratch. All of us would be clearly feel more comfortable if it was Anchelotti making the decisions. But I don’t think Maldini – a true legend but with even less experience- could help. Also, I’m sure Mirabelli is playing buffer somewhat to Montella’s calls.


I feel sad for him. Some how I feel that he didn’t get enough opportunity at Milan, but he showed great heart when he was called upon.
For 15 million though, it’s a good deal. We can invest that somewhere else.

Bacca stays as no 2. And borini as 3rd choice.

the bird

Fact : Mastour is no longer AC MILAN player. He cant even find himself any suitors.


Has he tried cirque du soleil?


Why are we signing borini? I can’t think of one good reason. I’m just so confused.


@khalid am sure borini will do well in Milan shirt…he wud want to prove a point


But why should we assume that he will be able to prove a point when he’s never really been good. I hope he does prove a point and proves me wrong but I just don’t see it happening. He’s a hard worker but other than that I don’t see what he brings to the team.


I read about links with Isco. Is this real?


I dont get why people like lapa so much. In my opinion he is useless, and it remains a mystery How he misfired his mishits 27 times for Pescara last season. He has ok positioning and works Well off the Ball but his finishing is awful and Ball control/first touch not good enough for top teams.


Reports that we have reached an agreement with Thiago Maia. Great news

perttu junnonaho

Borini is not an upgrade! And we must not in any case sign Kalinic, cause he”s way too costly and too old, who is latter stages of his career! Instead off Kalinic, we must try really hard to sign Isco who can play as a winger, a holding midfield who i hope will be either Mateo Kovacic or Leandro Paredes, and Hakan Calhanoglu would be also a great upgrade to our midfield!


The mercato is now looking boring to me fasobelli please gear up and bring them on even aguero aubameyang etc


Especially Etc….I heard only good things ’bout him.


Boring? The transfer market haven’t even opened yet and we already made some great moves. You can’t expect to sign a new plater every other day.

Slimy sumo

Lacazette or aubamayang. Bacca lapadula out. Rodriguez calhanoglu biglia. Poli monty out.
Conti kjaer. Palletta ely loan out.


This guy will shine elsewhere and his value will rise again, Montella doesn’t see him as an ideal striker for his set up but i don’t think Kalinic is better because Lapa will score more goals if he was main striker at Fiorentina.


at times it seem as if I shouldn’t come into milan news.
why to sell this guy? he has the heart for this shirt which is one of the elements need here and they elsewhere.
if this guy would have the opportunity to be a starter over bacca 80% would score more and assist.
infact I can’t read his news leaving.


10- 15M for this guy?!?!?

SELL HIM!!! jeeeeez…


Problem is, if he goes to Genova for 10 mil and scores shit-ton of goals for them you are gonna be one of the guys who will bitch about selling him cheap.


Lapadula must’ve farted in Montella’s face or something because I really don’t understand this decision.


In other news:
1) suso wants tottenham move
2) borini still doesnt believe his transfer isnt one big practical joke
3) montella was having physical and psychological test too alongside borini before the borini deal could be completed


I read that Tottenham wants Suso and we arent letting him go. Nothing about him wanting the move

Milan10 Perhaps its just rumour but that site isnt unreliable as far as i know.
Anyway, i wanna know why suso hasnt signed his extension yet


Bullshit! Suso just said he wants to stay at Milan. Stop spreading false rumors.


Suso stated that he received 3 offers from champions league teams but he wants to stay at Milan and he agreed to a renewal back in December but he hasn’t heard back from Milan management yet.

He also said he played with Borini for 6months and he’s a good striker who will do well at Milan.

Borini will be used as a winger for sure as he did well at Roma on the wings. But we all know he’s no striker.

That means no Papu Gomez or Keita Balde.


Balde doesn’t want Milan so f… him – don’t want or need him.

Baresis Dream

I wouldn’t be so sure Montella + management would mind offloading him for the right price. If we’re going for a 3-5-2 then he doesn’t really fit in. Not saying I agree with selling him, or switching our main formation for that matter, but I suspect this might be the plan.


For those say we should buy isco, we all know that buying a player from Madrid is always difficult, look at morata, man utd are still finding it difficult to sign him, I think we shouldn’t slow down our transfers because of any Madrid player.


I so much believe in #lapagoal to #borin ,anyway who know what will happen in the end?,get us a PLAYMAKER please…

If this James R transfer only exist in my dreams…please don’t wake me ap,wake me when we have signed playmaker(s)


guys 15 million for Dani Ceballos


Comment: i wonder why player who come cheap perform well while players with big money flop at milan. If lapadula can manage to score 8 goals and provide assist with that limited play time, he is better than kalinic and bacca that cannot try volley goal, not good with head and single footed

#1Milan Fan South Africa