Poli to be released by Milan and is set to join Bologna on a free transfer, midfielder to sign a four-year contract

Andrea Poli during Trofeo TIM at Mapei Stadium - Citta' del Tricolore on August 10, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Andrea Poli during Trofeo TIM at Mapei Stadium – Citta’ del Tricolore on August 10, 2016. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Andrea Poli will soon join Bologna, with the Rossoneri getting nothing in return, as they’ve agreed to release him on a free transfer, Di Marzio reports.

It’s been in the air for weeks now, but today a final agreement was reached between all the parties and soon it will be official: Andrea Poli is leaving Milan.

As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio on Wednesday, the Rossoneri have agreed to release Poli of his contract without any compensation, and he will go to Bologna on a free transfer. Earlier reports suggested that the Diavolo would get €2m from the operation, but it seems that Massimiliano Mirabelli and Marco Fassone are willing to lose Poli for free.

Poli joined Milan from Sampdoria in 2013 and despite his arriving with some promise, the 27-year-old was a squad player for most of his tenure with the Rossoneri; his exit will be official soon.


  1. What stupidity …. We are to pay 20-25M for players in their last year and we release our players for free …. What is Fassobeli upto?? Make atleast 4-5M from his sale

  2. Hmmm ever since the drama with Donnaromma contract, Milan have not been as decisive as they first were. It has taken a while to get back on track, and today we get an update on transfers:
    Borini in – which is okay for 5 million
    Poli out – leaving for free whilst only 27 seems a bit wrong. Believe we could have used him for a trade or got around 3 million or so.
    Kucka for sale – would be bad to let him go, now that poli is leaving, he is the only true solid midfielder we have got and the only offer we have got for him is 4 million. So unless we get in the regin of 10 million, please keep him.

    Hakan Calhanoglu ??? – heavly linked with him in the past few days, but looks like he could cost around 25 million. A great free kick taker, but don’t know much more about him.
    Barkley ??? – has been linked to us a lot today, and he wouldn’t be a bad buy. However I wouldn’t pay more than 35 million for him.
    Forsberg ??? – not herd much about him since the drama, would have been a great addition with his passing and vision. He was keen on a move, so do hope we get it accross the line.
    Conte ??? – this deal is so close, yet seems to be dragging at the same time.

    Hopefully this and next week will be very interesting, with a lot more clarity on who’s in and out.

  3. Forza Fasobelli Magnifico shinterio gallilanio v2 freeio

    Good luck Poli. Thank you for giving you heart out on the pitch.

  4. This is ONE player that made me cringe to the core when ever I saw him in a starting lineup. His football ability was none and he didn’t cover the basics very well at all…..I really cud go on here. I wud gladly let him go for free !……..Please in future no such buys.

    • he was more of a player we could rely on to see out a game, i remember him playing the last 20 minutes of a game when we were down to 9 men and he had an injury but still put everything into the game for milan. plus last time i saw him play he was played as a right back by montella and he definitely doesn’t suit that position.

  5. I agree with most of the post.He’s one of the few mids I wouldve kept as back up given he’s Italian ,a good professonal, versatile, experienced and yet not that old plus wont be earning much. Besides if anything ,at least shouldnt be this desperate to getrid of him while Zapata and Berto are still around

  6. Farewell poli.
    Thank for your time at Milan.
    Your abilities were limited but you always ran your a** off when called upon.
    Good luck for the future.

  7. If we don’t mind signing borini for 5mil, then what’s the big deal in letting go poli for free. At Max we could have got 3 mil. If you play hardball, nobody will take him.

    You get money for players who are in demand, not for those you are trying to get rid of.

  8. While it’s true that we can “spend” 2-3 Euro for building good relationship with other clubs, it sickens that in the last years Milan almost always bought players for more money that other club could have spent and yet got almost nothing from their selling.

  9. Poli, like gattuso, is very limited player but he’s good at what he does best; man marking/closing down opponents and pressing/winning the ball back. The truth is, him and kessie are the only 2 milan mf with good defensive abilities and characteristics so unless milan are able to bring in biglia/krychowiak, poli sale would be a big mistake, especially for free. If any mf should leave its old sosa or useless berto

      • What r u asking mate? If ur asking whether he has defensive traits as box to box player then i’d say no, he’s actually rather bad at defending, a midfield paletta. If ur asking whether milan should sell him then i’d say not for less than 10-12m.

  10. I just want to say, if Poli is going, then we have to keep kucka, we need at least one of Dem to remain in d team….U need fighters with gattuso spirit n these 2 exemplifies that…

  11. Oh my dear! Why? If it’s a kind of an act of good will for future, they should know clubs are not grateful any longer, you help them and they spit in your face when ask them something.

  12. Goodbye Poli, I will miss you; you always gave your all, you bled red and black, you showed commitment and you were professional, you kept your head down and you did your best for the team, you caused no fuss, during the year, or now when they are pushing you out. I’m just disappointed that you aren’t going to a better team. I hope we get to look at you next season and you achieve great things with Bologna and hopefully some people here will say it was a mistake to let you go.

    Forza Andrea



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