Paletta’s agent: “We met with Milan and they do not intend to renew Gabriel’s contract, so we asked to leave”

Gabriel Paletta during Pescara-Milan at Adriatico Stadium on April 2, 2017. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)
Gabriel Paletta during Pescara-Milan at Adriatico Stadium on April 2, 2017. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

Gabriel Paletta’s agent has confirmed his clients will leave Milan this summer and there a few clubs interested in him.

Paletta was an important piece of Vincenzo Montella’s defense in the last season, playing nearly 3000 minutes across all competitions (while picking up 5 red cards – the most in Serie A history).

Paletta’s contract expires in 2018, and today his agent revealed that the 31-year-old Argentine-born Italian, who joined Milan from Parma in January 2015, has asked for a transfer, as the club told him that his deal won’t be extended.

“We met with Milan and as things stand they do not intend to renew Paletta’s contract, so because of that, we asked to leave,” Paletta’s agent Martin Guastadisegno told “In agreement with the Rossoneri, with whom the rapport is excellent, we will find the best solution.

“We thank the Genoa directors, who stepped forward for Gabriel straight away and who I met last week in Milan, but so far we have been unable to give them a definitive response, because we are evaluating all the possible alternatives [he could be included in a possible deal for Mattia Perin]. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks, as many clubs are interested in Paletta.”

Milan have already signed a center back in this window – Mateo Musacchio. The futures of Cristian Zapata, Gustavo Gomez and Rodrigo Ely (returning from a loan) now need to be become clearer.

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farewell paletta,it has really been good doing business with u and am so sure this is the right time to part and I wish u goodbye

Manga la figa

The hell is up with Belusconi backing up the kid saying he would do the same if Real would of swooped in for him. This kind of crap doesn’t help the situation. Then he adds that he could of brought the sides together and signed the kid. Sure you could, you couldn’t even afford to pay him 5 mil a year you putz. Fact is he and fester sat on their ass waiting while they could of, with the blessings of the new owners, negotiated a contract extension with the kid. Then crazy Cassano chimed in that you just can’t… Read more »


Thanks Palleta you were good just that recklessness put you in the history books


Wow! You got to love the way the new Milan management are handling things from top to bottom. This means no more dead weights on payroll, only quality players arrive. This is a good message for the boys, if you aren’t good enough you can’t stick around.


yes, finally no more Zaccardos in our team!!


Gomez i think should be given a chance. Ely is weak. Zapata, well he’s Zapata. so i think loaning in or buying a CB would be beneficial. Maybe Rodrigo Caio he’s versatile, young and might easily come just under 10M. But ATM we only need to worry about how 3 deals will end. Hope Donna renews, some bad s*** happened but i think its forgivable if he apologises. Then there is Conti so excited about him energetic, aggressive, has good crosses, Italian(LOL). And finally, Biglia, i’m a bit sceptical about this one. he’s stably good but not what we are… Read more »


“some on like Fabregas, Veratti, Eriksen,…”

These are three completely different players


all 3 of them can create chances and assists our attacking players. besides there isn’t that big of a difference between Fabregas and Veratti


Is this one high or something? “completely different players”? you got his point i suppose so why trying to argue just for the sake of arguments? huh? all are central midfielders i suppose.


Honestly, I would be more than satisfied with:

Suso———-Kessie———James R.———-Bonaventura
———–Andre Silva———Bacca————–

btw James news: :))


It would have been great to have Bernardeschi behind Silva the lone striker.


Hey deadweights are players such as pasalic. Paletta may not be great or even good enough but he plays with his heart. You can see that he has the hunger and desire to give his best, just like kucka. Even at 31, he demonstrates more will and concentration than Pasalic so Paletta is not a deadweight.

Rikimaru Tenchu

This is how you leave a club. No disputes, no ambiguity, no confusion. Both sides are clear and then they can plan and make decisions. Imagine Milan stalling until the final week to tell Paletta that no renewal… that would Raiola-esque.

Thank you Gabriel. I am sure your performance last season will earn you a solid starting position somewhere.


Thanks pauletta you are a good symbol to milan i understand if you aint given a new contract it the best for milan i hope you unserstand i wish you farewell in your new adventure good great defender au revoir
pls Gomez too to be included


All the best to you Paletta never doubted you ability and you have done well for us despite the 5 red cards at least you made history lol. On the Donnaruma case everyone has heard from both his agent and Milan but i believe its best we hear from him as Fassone said they are two sides to the story. So at this time its best we hear from him and to have a better view as to what the situation is. I’m glad Milan is taking another shot at it and if they knew he really didnt want to… Read more »


We offered 60M for James and Real Madrid are willing to accept the offer.
James Rodriguez however wants to go to Manchester United.

Crossing my fingers


The source is?


check football-italia


The family of AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma are reportedly less than pleased with super-agent Mino Raiola over the way the 18-year-old’s contract situation has been handled.


According to Spanish reports, Real Madrid accepted Milan’s €60m bid for James Rodriguez, but the player is determined to join Manchester United.

The Colombia international wasn’t even given a spot on the bench in the Champions League Final against Juventus, confirming his desire to leave in order to get more playing time.
According to Don Balon, Real Madrid President Florentino Perez told Milan he’s prepared to accept the €60m offer on the table.


Its happening,the dream transfer is happening.OMG!!!I am sure once he steps into Casa Milan James would start loving Milan.For now he wants ManU though.With us he will start every match.Jose might not play him every match in Manu

Milan fan since 94

He’s a good defender. .who had some solid games! Just not quite what we need in our new project going forward. . Thanku for your service ..when you was actually on the field ha ..




No reply yet, his grandfather just passed away this weekend, so I don’t think we will have news very soon. First Conti announce


Yes! I’m soooo happy Paletta is leaving. Good bye, Au revoir, arrivederci, adios, ciao ciao. Peace! My nerves got really bad because of him. Smh!

Milan finally offloading some deadweight.

Poli and Bertolacci are also on their way out to Genoa or Torino.

Manga la figa

Yup and top of everything management has been sweet talking Gigio back into the fold.
Either way tho, Fassobeli have done great so far.


Yeah, I must lift my hat to Fassone and Maribelli. I am impressed with the work they have done so far.


Yes, and there are those ever-looming question marks over Sosa, Kucka and i wish Montolivo – at least one of them should leave if Biglia, or someone else comes in, that can put the spark behind passes like Montolivo did for Viola 8 seasons ago but hasn’t been close to for Milan. I’ll be excited to see how Bonaventura returns with better players behind him on the full backs when Conti joins Rodriguez, and more dynamic options ahead in Silva. Now imagine James on form alongside these guys and Suso. He could potentially also breathe some life into Bacca, if… Read more »


Totally agree! Bacca just needs a good playmaker behind him. Rumor has that we are in for Cuadrado as well.


Thanks for your time at Milan.

Solid but reckless. Too much of a risk to have this season.
he shattered the record for (red cards) in our colours and justified his sacking.
Inside the box he is as dangerous as the opposition striker , a red or a penalty waiting to happen. You sure kept us on the edge of our seats.

In any case wish you luck in your future. Bye for now.


Read about James . Sounds too good to be true. Hope it works out.
Add Conti, biglia, forsberg and our starting XI is all set.

Fasten your seatbelts. UCL here we come.


Comment: Comment: I have not read anything about Emil forsberg lately and i read that kalinic’s agent is around for negotiation meetings with Inter and Ac Milan.
I think we only need 2 or max of 4 more players to complete the transfer.
is biglia a creative midfielder? so far, I have not seen a midfielder that has these qualities: dribbling skill, passing skill, and energetic…


Milan has put a bit for James 60mill but the players wants manu..Milan is also interested in juan crocardo Columbian..
Juve want 25mill…I think Milan should go for jovetic from inter won’t cost too much still young n creative player


Hey you who are slotting Suso and Bunaventura at the two sides of the pitch,what will you do when one or both of them gets injured? I’ve been saying this forever, playmaker, wingers. Playmaker, wingers. But noooooooo, we get Conti and Silva as a priority signing. I will paste my answer about the bit you asked about Suso, @imdala ”Thank you Mr imdala, I am blushing a little now. Anyway, regarding Suso, I think we should not contemplate selling any wingers, because, we do not have enough wingers already. If Suso is gone, who can play in right wing? I… Read more »


So 4-4-1-1
Rr- musachio-romag-calabria/conti
Andre silva
How is that sounded?


That is a solid team, mate.
But I just can’t shake off the feeling of the lack of depth in terms of wingers/wide midfielders, and in central midfield.
Though I think central midfield would be fine because we have so many talented prospects, and Zanellato is supposed to be promoted, so he can get some game time too.

James or Pastore would be really awesome. My personal choice is Pastore though.


Oh and another point is Andre Silva. He is a very good player, but from what I saw of him, he seemed like a Lapadula type of player who runs around and works hard, but is he really very strong in terms of finishing? I don’t know about that. I have my doubts about him and I will reserve my judgement of him till the end of the season, but I don’t like the way the management went for buying him when we could try to invest that money into luring a quality playmaker. We need Bacca or if he… Read more »


Andre silva is llike strong pato mate..not lapadulla
I think its good movement we lure.him
If we have him and james at will be deadly duo..a fantasista striker and a fantasista play maker…james cam shoot from distance while andre roam from position.
or james make lovely pass andre finish elegantly….
Dont worry about money mate
We have cheat engine yonghong li after all
yes zanelatto should be promoted..


Talking about defenders. One thing the previous management failed at was managing our prospect. Teams like barca.. Madrid roma juventus (to add some local content) always manage dere youngsters properly…. Now we about to let players like vido filicoli go for virtually nothing… No buy back clauses etc…now most of you are screaming let gomez go… Let ely go… Forgetting that most defenders blossom late in dere careers…. In the past 3 seasons roma has loaned out young players dat have turned big stars… Our very own romagnoli and pellegrini… Who some milan fans here are craving for….. Now we… Read more »


You have a point. But Locatelli is going no where. Milan needs dept in quality. Loca is still quite young that’s why they are going for Biglia because Monty should be history while Loca learns. Kessie is a complement not a replacement for Loca. By the way, Montella will most likely promote Zanellato after the preseason. Montella likes Zanellato a lot. The kid is soooo good. He reminds me of a more technical Rakitic who needs to beef up a little. And there is Pessina who is something special. A complete CM with more taste than Pasallic. And there is… Read more »


As i see, Vangioni (SPAL), Poli (Bologna) and Paletta (Genoa) are all set to leave, Niang is in England to be bought by Everton (or maybe Arsenal). Honda, Ocampos, Mati Fernandez, Deulofeu, Pasalic doesn’t have contract from 2017. 06. 30. That’s 9 players out, while Rodrigo Ely, José Mauri and Gabriel returned from loan, and we’we already signed Kessié, Musacchio, André Silva and R. Rodriguez. That seems to be quality change. In the case Paletta and Zapata goes, i’d rather keep Rodrigo Ely along with Gustavo Gomez, he proved in Spain at the end of the season, for 4th choice… Read more »


Comment:Milan needs someone like Forsberg……..I will always push for him cos he has it all to help Milan in the right direction….Forsberg is my pick to solve our midfield problems………fassobelli dis guy is much cheaper and his assist is better than James.He regular for his team too…..forberg to Milan is what I’m dreaming about.


paletta thanks you. I wish you the best.


please bring back hachim mastour… we need him in our squad


As a mascot?


Neymar wannabe


I know Paletta doesn’t read this but I still want to thank him for his effort for the team the past season, although he picked up a decent amount of red cards on the way, he always played with his heart and I think we all saw that. So I want to thank him once again for all his services and hope he’ll find a club and has a lot of fun playing there too. Forza Gabriel! Off-topic; As I said few days ago Milan has been linked with James Rodriguez, Milan is rumoured to have offered 60m and Real… Read more »


When you have the opportunity to dream and still pick bonaventura and lapadulla. #iwillneverbecomesomebodyinmylife


If milan cant get at least 8-10m from paletta’s sale then theres no point in selling him. He will only cost milan <600k if he stays but milan can have solid back up for when musacchio and/or roma (god forbid) inevitably get injured. Gomez is solid albeit a bit clumsy but i read that he might be sold. Ely can be a surprise next season but theres no way to know for sure, and he might be sold too. Zapata, well, yeah. If milan sell paletta for peanuts then they would have to target yet another cb which wouldnt be… Read more »

Baresis Dream

Yes to Paletta, yes to Pastore. Biglia I’m slightly less confident about, but only because of his age. He is definitely world class.

Why are there no inquiries about William Carvalho from Porto? He’s a top DM that should be playing outside of Portugal by now.


Donna is staying apparently..I don’t know about this after all the fiasco


Talking about a creative midfielder, people want James or Pastore but I don’t think they’re suited to play in a three-man midfield. They are at their best when playing “in the hole” or on the wing.

A player in the mold of Modric, Kovacic and Fabregas would be a suitable player for the role though.

Baresis Dream

I can see Pastore playing in a 3 man mid, like Jack did last season. But I agree about James – he’s no midfielder in my book.


Forza milan,thank god we are getting d folish players away from milan,i thank dis milan management for d good work they are doing at milan,i pray dona stay with us.
I had a dream that raiola is dead,i pray dat man die in a plane crash so he should leave dona for us
Forza milan


Man. That’s sick. No matter how bad Milan fans don’t go that far.

Baresis Dream

I think Paletta should stay. He was quite solid in the first half of the season, and could still contribute from the Bench. Is Zapatta now our number 1 sub cb?


Better days ahead.