Raiola: “Donnarumma the real victim in this affair, Mirabelli created hostility and what he does is close to mobbing, Milan lost Gigio, I didn’t take him away”

Milo Raiola at the PSG store on the Champs-Elysees avenue on July 18, 2012 in Paris. (GUILLAUME BAPTISTE/AFP/Getty Images)
Milo Raiola at the PSG store on the Champs-Elysees avenue on July 18, 2012 in Paris. (GUILLAUME BAPTISTE/AFP/Getty Images)

Mino Raiola spoke to a number of media outlets, and explained his side of the whole Gianluigi Donnarumma story, accusing Milan of not defending the player enough and not giving him the needed time to think his decision.

Last week it was confirmed that Gigio Donnarumma will not extend his contract with the club, refusing a five-year contract worth over €5m net per season.

Milan fans took the news rather hard, so much so that yesterday during Italy’s match against Denmark in the 2017 Under 21 European Championship (Italy won 2-0 with Locatelli and Calabria on the bench), Milan Club Poland made a banner with the writing ‘Dollarumma’, hang it behind the goalkeeper, and then proceeded to throw fake money into the pitch, causing the match to be suspended for a few minutes.

Mino Raiola, the agent of Donnarumma, who in the eyes of many is the main reason for the non-renewal, spoke to a large number of media outlets yesterday, making public his stand and side of the story. And while taking blame, the man who also represents Ignazio Abate, Rodrigo Ely and Giacomo Bonaventura, points the finger at Milan, insisting the management handled things poorly.

“I take all the blame, but leave Gigio alone. Even death threats have come to his family, incredible,” Raiola said to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I was wrong not to stop this infernal machine right away. Why all this hurry? This pressure? A decision by June 13? With that hammering we could not say yes.

“There was an offer of €50m gross for 5 years on the table [Milan confirmed the figure]? There were no conditions for an agreement. We had asked for time and discretion in order to keep Gigio serene. [But] Milan informed the press about every move. The results are there to be seen.

Donnarumma during Sampdoria-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on September 16, 2016 (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Donnarumma during Sampdoria-Milan at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on September 16, 2016 (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“The Rossoneri fans have something against Raiola? I’m used to it. Unfortunately, however, something else happened: some of the fans came up against Donnarumma and the club did not protect him. The banner under Casa Milan had not been removed and solidarity had never been expressed. And now Gigio is sad. He’s currently playing with the national team? I hope the FIGC will protect him at least. We are setting up a security service. It is up to us to set it in this general disinterest. It’s absurd.

“Few can manage to understand Donnarumma’s ‘no’? Gigio was initially convinced to stay at Milan. I remember that at the age of 14 he chose this color after having contacts with Inter, despite the fact that his family advised him against it following the disappointment regarding the sale of his brother.

“The last few days, however, have been terrible. In particular, [director of sport Massimiliano] Mirabelli’s phrase struck: ‘if you do not sign, you go to the stands’. Let’s see what happens now, but there’s a string of mobbing. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

“The belief is that we already have an agreement with Real Madrid? Absolutely not. In fact, so you know: to go to Madrid I don’t need Adriano Galliani [there were rumours that the former Milan CEO Galliani is working for his friend Florentino Perez to get Donnarumma to Real]. The truth is that many teams are interested in Donnarumma, just like when he was 16 and he preferred Milan.

“Why we didn’t renew when Galliani was here [they could’ve signed a three-year contract before Gigio turned 18]? Milan were negotiating a sale for two years with three different buyers. So already a year ago I had refused the dialogue with Galliani, and he respected me. It was my duty to take time because there was little clarity about the club’s fate. And I had to protect my client’s technical future.

“Many still suspect that Galliani and I are in agreement? I’m his friend outside of football, but in business we often clashed because he’s too much of a fan. The other day he called me after the break-up, he offered to help bring serenity back, but I abruptly told him ‘no’.

Adriano Galliani and Mino Raiola together in a car in Barcelona on the 26th of August 2010 (JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images)

“I never trusted the new owners? I don’t trust them now either. Like they don’t trust me. Is this Milan of Yonghong Li or of Elliott? Let’s say that I have a good relationship with Fassone, I’ve known in for a long time and he knows he can count on me, even though I don’t need to explain why.

“What didn’t work in these past few weeks? There were four games left to the end of the season and yet, Mirabelli started to stress Gigio. There was a time when the boy avoided him at Milanello. They treated him like an asset, not like a ‘bandiera’ [club symbol]. They didn’t leave him serene. In big clubs this doesn’t happen anymore, I remember these cases years ago, in small clubs in the south.

“I never hit it off with Mirabelli? I don’t discuss the person, but his methods. For example, no one notices that Andrea Conti has threatened to not show-up to Atalanta’s training retreat just to say ‘yes’ to the Rossoneri. Gigio, on the other hand, has always been in his place.

“Donnarumma never had economic demands. And then if you have a top player in your club like Gigio, why do you go and offer double or triple for Morata or Aubameyang? It makes no sense. Gigio is only 18-year-old? What does it even mean? Real Madrid are buying a 16-year-old Brazilian for €45m [Vinícius Júnior from Flamengo]… do you know what he’s earning? Quality is not of age.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (L) and Paul Pogba of France chat at the end of the international friendly match between Italy and France at Stadio San Nicola on September 1, 2016 in Bari, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma (L) and Paul Pogba of France chat at the end of the international friendly match between Italy and France at Stadio San Nicola on September 1, 2016 in Bari, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

“If Juventus are also in the running for Donnarumma? I didn’t talk to Gianluigi about this opportunity. Also, because I don’t open the door to anybody. Marotta has the duty given from his shareholders to look for the best, but I think Gigio, out of respect for Milan, does not have Juventus in his mind.

“How much is Donnarumma worth? He has no price, but I don’t set it anyways, it’s up to Milan. I know he’s the only goalkeeper that can win multiple Ballon d’Or. Looking ahead, I think he’s stronger than Buffon. In 30 years, no one will be stronger than him, it’s the evolution of the role.

“If it’s true that I had asked for a €10m release clause? We never really discussed it seriously. Milan provoked us with a €200m demand, I responded with €10m and €5m in case they fail making it to the Champions League. But it was ‘pourparler’ [an informal discussion].

“If it would be damaging to Italian calcio if Gigio goes abroad? Why? Verratti never played in Serie A and yet he shines at PSG. Ronaldo left Portugal immediately in his career but he gave his count a lot. And what about Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard and Netherlands? Emigration often helps to grow…

“I would earn more if that’s the case? Since I don’t sign contacts with my clients, everything is based on trust with them. Sure, I’m not a romantic anymore, but the more they earn, the more I gain… but I don’t calculate it. They said I earned €27m from Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United [transferred from Juventus]? I just say that it’s not the exact figure… maybe it was less, but maybe more.

“For sure, however, FIFA did not open any inquiry regarding Paul’s transfer to Man United. And in his case, however, Juventus were able to use the right manners: when Marotta asked us to stay in 2015, he did so in the right ways. It’s true that then the year after Pogba left, with everyone satisfaction. They said I earned €8m in commission from the transfer of Rodrigo Ely to Milan? I don’t think it’s true.

Gianluigi Donnarumma before Juventus-Milan at the Juventus Stadium on March 10, 2017. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma before Juventus-Milan at the Juventus Stadium on March 10, 2017. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“I take players where I find useful? Yes, where it’s useful to them. For example, we will soon renew Moise Kean’s contract with Juventus, it’s not been easy. Even in this case, his mother is involved and I’m confident that we will find together the best solution for the player. Lorenzo Pellegrini of Roma is also wanted by many teams but we don’t want to move. In the past 25 years, I’ve brought many important players to Italy: I quarreled with Barcelona to get Ibrahimović dressed in Red and Black. And let it be known that in so many great clubs I have more than one player because I have good relations with the executives. In the case of Milan… they have bought the brand but not the style.

“If the rapport is closed? I don’t make war with Milan. They’ve asked me for Blaise Matuidi, like Inter and Juventus did. Let’s see… the transfer to the Bianconeri last year skipped for political problems, maybe this time. Kenny Tete to Inter? It’s an opportunity we’ll talk about.

“Where will Ibrahimović go? He’s fine, he’s received so many offers, from the United States and beyond. Italy? He’s certainly not going to Napoli. Milan haven’t asked me about him. With Galliani, he’d already be here… The future of Balotelli? Tomorrow I have a meeting with Nice. It’d be right to stay with [Coach] Lucien Favre. If he scores 20 goals then he deserves to go to the World Cup, but I don’t know what’s going on inside Ventura’s head. For now, I don’t think he has great strikers.

Vincenzo Montella during Milan-Napoli at Stadio San Siro on the 21st of January 2017. (GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/Getty Images)

“[Coach Vincenzo] Montella and Gigio? I think he has a good relationship with Donnarumma. It would have been better if they spoke in private. I understand, however, that with the change of ownership Montella had to adapt, like a flag to the wind. Arrigo Sacchi said he was astonished by Donnarumma’s decision and it makes him question the player’s human integrity and future? I don’t understand certain moralisms. Did he talk to the boy? Ibrahimović was right, Arrigo talks too much.

“How does the story of Gigio end? The ball is in the court of Milan. If they call me, I have a duty to listen. [But] there are no conditions to continue [together], the ‘no’ remains. And what if someone asked Gigio for forgiveness? To forgive is divine… we are earthly,” concluded Raiola.

Alessio Romagnoli and Gianluigi Donnarumma (R) of Italy chat during the training session at the club’s training ground at Coverciano on August 29, 2016 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images)

Raiola also gave a long interview to today’s edition of il Corriere della Sera:

“I didn’t want to get to this point. It was not a problem of money. I asked Fassone, with whom I have a great relationship, for two things: time and serenity. It was never thought of giving him away on a free transfer, we just wished for time to understand what was best to do.

“I’m not a taxi-driver and I don’t take people away. The contract expires in a year and there was not much time at all? If we signed it in October or December? What was the rush? No real negotiation ever took place. Mirabelli immediately created hostility, there was a strong confrontation with him, a war. He threatened us with an unacceptable ultimatum. He has shown that he has no experience. But in these 25 years of my career, I’ve never kneeled. If I die, I do so on my feet.

“Milan offered him €50m gross in five years which is a lot considering he’s 18? What does it mean to be of that age? If one is 22 then would he make more? And what if he was 40? Gigio will become stronger than Buffon and will be the first goalkeeper to win multiple Ballon d’Or’s. But then, you say that you want Donnarumma as your symbol and then threaten to send him to the stands?

Buffon and Donnarumma at the end of Milan-Juventus at Stadio San Siro on the 22nd of October 2016 (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Buffon and Donnarumma at the end of Milan-Juventus at Stadio San Siro on the 22nd of October 2016 (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

“When did the final break arrived? 15 days ago, after the meeting here in Monte Carlo. They had already acted badly by calling Donnarumma’s family, talking to the newspapers… unacceptable things. Then they give us the ultimatum. It was over when Gigio, who believe me – up until then truly wanted to stay at Milan – told me: ‘Mino, I sincerely do not know if I can take it anymore’.

“I’m accused of ‘plagiarizing’ the boy? What do you mean by ‘plagiarizing’? Ah, brainwashing… I know what people say and I don’t care. If I made any mistakes? Yes, not having closed things right away. My instinct told me I should say things right away. If it would have been different with Galliani? He’s a friend, Galliani. But only outside of football, not on the field. At one point he also tried to mediate between the sides. I answered him in my own way… he was bitter, he’s a fan.

“Unfortunately, from the old Milan there remains the badge, but not the style. What I mean by that? There were enough little things with Gigio… for example the banner below Casa Milan. How did no one go to take it down? And no one defended him from criticism. How the boy is now? I fear that there are crazy people around, he has received death threats. And he’s sad, very sad.

Donnarumma before Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on February 19, 2017. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)
Donnarumma before Milan-Fiorentina at Stadio San Siro on February 19, 2017. (MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images)

“Donnarumma is the real victim in this affair. He has not betrayed anyone. What’s next? Milan lost him. I didn’t take him away. However, he stays a Milan player until June 30, 2018. We respect the contract and they should too. He’s off the market? Well, for sure I will be very attentive, I can already feel the small of mobbing. If he will be in the stands? Montella will decide it.

“If he’s ready for Real Madrid? I haven’t spoken to anyone, but he was born ready. Juventus? I think it would be difficult, due to respect. If it’s over with Milan? If they call me, I always answer. Only death is irreversible. But I think it’s better if Donnarumma leaves.”

Gianluigi Donnarumma (L) of AC Milan salutes the fans with team mate Fernandez Suso at the end of the Serie A match between FC Torino and AC Milan at Stadio Olimpico di Torino on January 16, 2017 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma and Suso thank the fans at the end of Torino-Milan at Stadio Olimpico di Turin on the 16th of January 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

In addition to the interviews with the newspapers, Raiola spoke to the TV stations Sky Italia, RAI Italia and Premium Sport. SportItalia were also invited to get an interview, but they declined Mino.

“The situation had become too violent and hostile, so there was no way out,” he said. “He was threatened, the family was threatened… there were threats that he won’t play, death threats, banners that were never removed by the club and a passive attitude towards him. It has never been an economic matter: if the parties want to find a [financial] solution then the solution will be found. Since they had a budget for a top player and a top player was already in house, I would’ve definitely found a way to please both parties, but we never got into those talks.

If the management did wrong with a top player like Donnarumma? In my opinion, yes, they were wrong. They were too exuberant; the tones were wrong and the relations were not right. If I wanted to know Milan’s project more gradually? Yes, but in any case, I had already guaranteed to the club that he would not leave on a free transfer. I always said it and I thought that it was enough to calm things down, but it was not understood. It was not a matter of stealing the player. But maybe I was wrong, maybe I wasn’t very convincing, I don’t know. For me, I think things were managed badly.

Marco Fassone, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli after the coach signed a renewal at Casa Milan on the 30th of May 2017. (@acmilan.com)
Marco Fassone, Vincenzo Montella and Massimiliano Mirabelli after the coach signed a renewal at Casa Milan on the 30th of May 2017. (@acmilan.com)

“We never even got to talk about money or release clauses, because we were not allowed to get that far, nor to think of what was best for Gigio. You talk about that when negotiations are 95 per cent there. He was ready to sign a new contract, there were no doubts in his mind. They forced us to abandon the negotiations because of the environment created around him.

“I take the responsibility. They forced us. It was Milan that lost Donnarumma. He said to me, honestly Mino, I don’t feel it is right to carry on negotiations when these people are insulting and threatening me and my family. For example, there was a banner in front of the club headquarters. A club should protect its players and remove the banner. A club should support a player and encourage his career, not threaten him with having to be left in the stands.

“I have not spoken to any big club. We do not have any agreement with any other team. He already had offers from Juventus, Real Madrid and big clubs when he was 14 years old or at 16 before he was the starter at Milan, so if he wanted to go, he would’ve done earlier. I can assure you there will be no rapid transfer. The problem is not economical, we could no longer accept certain threats, certain tensions, psychological stress and the company’s passivity toward Donnarumma.

Mino Raiola speaking to journalists on September 2, 2016 (VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)
Mino Raiola speaking to journalists on September 2, 2016 (VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

“The relationship with Mirabelli? I’m talking about Milan and then Mirabelli was the representative that conducted things, and so he will take up his responsibilities. If Mirabelli should’ve used other tones? I don’t want to reopen these speeches because it would reopen the circuit again and I don’t want to do it. I do not get along with Mirabelli at all. We are two completely different wavelengths. What he does is close to mobbing, if it isn’t already. I won’t put up with that behavior.

“I don’t have anything against Milan, the relations with Fassone are good and if we have to talk then we’ll talk, but now they’ve made their choice. I do not intend to wage war with Milan, but in these circumstances, I don’t see how the situation can be resolved. We had to decide until June 13; we did.

“If Donnarumma is at risk of being in the stands for a year? Yes, it’s a real risk. His quality makes that improbable but if there are other situations that force the coach to make certain decisions then maybe he will lose a year. For me, it’s mobbing if you threaten a player to stay a year in the stands.

“A new goalkeeper for Milan? They have the right to look for even seven more goalkeepers… it’s not a problem for us.” The Rossoneri are interested in Mattia Perin, Neto and Bernd Leno to replace Gigio.

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Oh shut up. I thought you take full responsibility based on the interview with sky?


We expected this from him. Typical Piggola.


Let’s move on. Fassone has been very professional with his interviews and mannerism since Thursday and his openness regarding the whole saga. The fans need to step away now. Raiola is to blame for the twist. Let’s just part ways with business with him. We’ve lost Donnarumma, I believe because of Raiola’s manipulation. He’s full of deceit, lies and slander. I don’t like how we’re being linked with Matuidi, another Raiola client. We should wash our hands of him. Abate and Bonaventura have been true Milanistas, let them be our last association with this greedy man. Bring in Perin, allow… Read more »


Sure, he is just making a fool of himself. If Donna wants to leave, why keep digging a hole for yourself? Unless the kid really wants to stay or Mino is too damn proud to accept that he was wrong and just apologise to the great club. Or he is trying to use Mirabelli as a scape goat for Donna’s exit. Nobody would blame Mirabelli or the Management. Mino has ran out of Alibis. Fassone, the good cup won’t sell you Mirabelli the bad cup. They make a good team. If Donna wants to leave who cares if he doesn’t… Read more »


If it went this way, Kovacic and some money (not much regarding Gigio’s situation) would be good. Kovacic along with Locatelli/Montolivo and Kessié would bring us a fair midfield, which we didn’t have since our senators gone.


Dollaromma should be benched. I know longer want Donnaromma to be Milan’s number 1. He has created chaos. As for Raiola Milan should stop dealing with that fat fu#k. He thinks he is bigger than Milan. Milan will get to the top eventually whether Donnaromma signs or not. We have lost in terms of finances due to this situation however we cannot be made to look weak and keep begging a player. Forza Milan from South Africa.

Baresis Dream

Can’t see a reason why we play him when next year he’s leaving. From a purely professional standpoint it


Thank you so much for sharing with us mr mino. Now, is there anyone else who wants to share his/her moneyholic problem too before we move on to hug therapy session?


Give us back our #99 and get your fat as out of Milanello!


The last #99 I remember was antonio cassano. Maybe dollarumma can keep that trash number with him.


I dont think a stay for Donna would be best right now as his heart seems divided already, yap, Mino is deceitful but i feel Mirabelli overstressed certain issues, from the way Mino talks, Fassone should be theone to negotiate with him.
Madrid wants Donna, we want James and Kovacic, why not give them this boy and offer them 30mil for James and Kova?
That way we have sent away a spoiler, who isnt loyal anymore and acquired two valuable midfielders?


Ist hard to judge the Detail of the Situation from outside. Yes, there is the fact, donnarumma didnt renew. But is still not clear, if it was his own decision. It is not clear if donnarumma is getting lies from his agent, because thats the only war to make profit with his clients. For example, raiola was furios about mirabelli, because He contacted donnarumma directly. Why? If all got the same information, there is no reason to be furios. After that, raiola said, Milan would try to create war between Client and agent. Maybe He was feared, that mirabelli would… Read more »


It is very clear Milan & Raiola were on different wavelength. Milan had no time to waste (because of prelim rounds of Europa League) and therefore desperate to get the squad list ready with Gigio most important member on it. However, Raiola did not believe entirely in the new Milan project and see no reason to hurry and accept Milan offer. To make the situation worst, Mirabelli (whom Raiola seems to dislike profusely) was leading Milan throughout. My candid verdict is that: 1. Milan did nothing wrong by desperately coarting Gigio to renew. 2. Railo went over the top by… Read more »


Are you saying you think the parties might change their minds?




I so much admire your contribution, so constructive, and matured. I wouldn’t be surprised if both parties make up at the end of the whole saga. Which is why I haven’t said anything on this matter. You know like the say that the best form of peace comes after quarrels. Mirabelli doesn’t seem to like Mino same with Mino,but there might be a common ground for them to meet and have every of this thrashed. Let’s be prepared for any out come in this matter for it is a soap opera. Finally let’s not throw away the child with the… Read more »


” wanted Milan but was afraid to go against his agent especially with a chance to go to Madrid a possibility”.

Then he should leave ASAP!

We hate him already!

#1Milan Fan South Africa

MIlan will be Milan with or without Donnarumma.I think Galliani should be givin an Honorary role at the Club.(dont let him make signings though).Lets face it he ran Milan for the past 30 odd years and will be a great asset.What vice president celebrates everytime when we score.Galliani you will be missed.


This guy is such a hypocrite it’s honestly embarrassing to hear him talk. He is a complete idiot. In one statement he says it wasn’t about the money or economic point of view, then in another statement he goes and says that milan were about to offer Morata and aubameyang double of gigio and that’s unacceptable. He says once again it’s probably in gigio best interest to leave, it’s so clear that this is all the wrong doing of that scum. Just to make profit off him. He contradicts himself time and again. There’s nothing wrong with milan pushing him… Read more »


Just shut up. Too much talk with no real substance. Milan remains, you can go to hell. I hope we don’t do business with him in future and his players are replaced gradually with other suitable players with sane agents. Because this man can start blackmailing you at any time. This fiasco has put the brakes on an otherwise wonderfully well planned and executed mercato. We have been stuck , instead of focusing on midfield, Conti and winger, we had to shift our attention to buying a new keeper and dealing with this situation. HOPE WE MOVE ON QUICKLY NOW… Read more »


I’m saddened and angry at donnarumma but I will still wait until after the world cup to hear what he has to say. If he has some decent words and says he always wanted to remain and we somehow can work out a deal I will take him back. I, like others can’t deny the fact we all thought he was our special one and those feelings can’t go away just like that. If he indeed does depart and is on the same wavelengths as the scum then we move on. We’re linked with perin who is fantastic let’s not… Read more »

am sadanandan

“Players come and go, we and Milan will always be there.”


This guy is a real drama queen. Raiola reminds me of Donald Trump. Their story changes all the time. I am over Donnaruma and Raiola. I wish Milan would sell him already and cut their losses. Perin, Scuffet, Merit, Neto or Leno are all just as good or better. Even if we lose Bonaventura there are plenty better quality replacement that are affordable and available for sale as Milan is also being linked to Konoplyanka and Forsberg. Conti will join Milan so losing Abate is no big deal since he can’t defend or cross a ball to save his life.… Read more »


“I dont understand certain moralism” yeah rat only know about money,,money will make u die soon..


ohhh….what a shame…..Mino Money Raiola….. You did many money things like these to Milan….
How about don’t buy any players under him?


This guy is actually making Milan guilty in a sense of trying to be a bigger person in this saga, while on the other hand blaming Milan. I think it would be best to forget about Donna and sign another GK, cut our ties with Raiola cause this guy now sees that he messed up and now is trying to cover his tracks. Now Mirabelli and Donna must come forward we want to hear their sides of the story. Then we can move forward to the hugging therapy as Milan10 suggested. We will renew with Donna even though I would… Read more »


Hugging like cute little teletubbies


Anyway how’s the search going for the creative Mid.


Honestly this is where the karma begins. People arent stupid, after this whole fiasco clubs will realise what raiola is really about and they won’t want to do business with him or his clients knowing at any time they will just move on for money. Also meaning that a lot less players will want him as their agent. The milan ultras just released a beautiful statement and I really hope it reaches donna’s ears. I’ll forgive the kid if he signs for us and fires that scum, that would be true karma for the pig.


We would be able to tempt that kid Dembele from Dortmund and he would be an upgrade to Suso and can play as a CAM also


5mill? If I’m 18 & get offered that by my boyhood club Idc if the devil will manage, I’m gonna sign & wouldn’t be a snake


He got it all wrong, purely from negotiations point of view, he played his cards surprisingly badly, almost like an amateur and ended up damaging his own client. It’s incredible that people believe that he is a good agent for his clients. In this case at least, he was not. And now? He trying to cause trouble in Milan internally. He keeps insulting the new owners and directors very badly (“they got the badge but not the style”). Especially his attitude against Mirabelli is shameful, totally unprofessional, even if we believe what Raiola claims. His interviews are in absolute contract… Read more »


I’m a milanista. This Mino is only a scumbag and a confused greedy agent. Cant imagine every of his interview contradicts one another. Imagine his insolence saying he’ll rather die standing and not on his kneels. Am glad fassone hasnt waste much time to reply the idiot as the clubs already said they are not going back on their words i.e donna being priceless anf getting another capable goalie! This egoistic piggy even have the guts galliani contacted him to intermediate in other to bring serenity buh he decline. Imagine? Its a pity this Lad(donna) is stalked in the under21… Read more »


All I want to say is that this guy (raiola) who is being hammered from all across the globe by footballing fans and players for being so unprofessional….now conti agent and curva sub Milano also crictizing him for being selfish putting his interest above that of player and club in general….dollurnam may be getting too much crictisim but it’s well deserved and he bought it upon himself just like curve said players come and leave milan will always be milan……so now raiola and dollaruma are in retrieving mood just for the sake of their face saving and coming up with… Read more »


Paska ukko tuo Raiola! Ahne paska!


hoy pizza boy… so this is the way you selling pizza… it’s not the first time you talk sh!t act sh!t…
your pizza stink btw… glad we don’t buy it…

maybe Mirabelli bit harsh to gigio… but that is job, gigio a grown up person… he has to know who is the bos & who is employer… in every job is always be like that… Taiola act like gigio’s girlfriend, he don’t care gigio’s work he just care gigio’s money…


It is so obvious to me that Raiola played Donnarumma and his family and they are ablivious. The kid is clueless and probably believe it is Milan’s fault.

I say we cut our losses and move on. Sign Perin, Sell Donnarumma if there is interest in him, otherwise bench him.

The only way out of this for me, is if Donnarumma fires Raiola and signs with Milan.


Totally agree. In a way i feel Bad for the boy because he is still only 18 and he is being pimped by his greedy agent.

Raiola might be using Donnaruma contract renewal as leverage to offload a crooked Ibrahimovic who Milan clearly doesn’t want.

Raiola said that if Galliani was at Milan we would have signed Ibra already.

Why did that come up in the Donnaruma saga?


I have not actually spoken about this Raiola/Donna’s saga since the contract rejection broke last Thursday… I intentionally dont want to talk even though i was badly hurt by the new, because i was being careful to over react to the new and wait maybe there will be another side to story from either Donna or Raiola but hearing Raiola side of the stories, i now realized that Milan Mgt has done nothing wrong so far. it very clear that, its a selfish interest on the part of Raiola and Donna’s ability not be able to decides what he actully… Read more »


FORZA ANDREA CONTI AGENT. FORZA MILAN ULTRAS. Milan ultras didnt even spared maldini . Who is this kid?


His manipulative ways could be felt in his statement as he waves up, down, back, forth all for money. I honestly feel for Donnaruma because manipulative individuals like this are hard to resist when they really get into one’s head, he has bough Gigio and his family plus their conscience, it’s a psychological thing. Nonetheless he sounds ready to sit around the table and agree, if its possible to reverse the situation it would be better for all parties because for future sake, I don’t want Gigio to leave Milan this way, he could end up leaving for mega dollars… Read more »


Why is it a problem for Milan to try and sign a striker that is worth more than Donnaruma there are plenty of strikers out there that are more expensive than he is, also can someone please inform Raiola that there is no more Galliani working at Milan, with all due respect to Uncle Fester this is a new Milan with a new management, no time wasters, strictly about business, strengthening the team, and making a great effort with putting Milan back in the spotlight. As far as I’m concerned it can be everyones fault from Milan pressuring Donna and… Read more »


It’s clear Raiola has problems with Mirabelli which I feel goes back a while. The question is; if it had been another person negotiating (not Mirabelli), would they have signed? If the answer is yes, then Raiola has acted unprofessional and against the best interest of his client.

I also don’t understand Raiola’s problem with the upper ownership of Milan, his business is with the directors meeting his clients need. All this talk about who the owners are is just unnecessary.


Lol I can’t stop laughing at such BS. What does he think of other people? Either he thinks he’s talking to children or that everyone is an idiot. Mobbing, threats, aggression, what the hell are you talking about? What a coward, putting the blame on Mirabelli. Why the pretend? Dude, just come out and say I’m a greedy money bitch and this is what I do, or better yet, just shut the fuck up, everybody already knows it. I mean, what’s the point in trying to explain the unexplainable? If he’s trying to save some face for Donnarumma, he’s just… Read more »

Ipadeola kolawole

Too much praise on 18year old goalkeeper made Raiola call him top player. Did I hear Raiola saying apology. Pls apologise to who? Milan should please not sign Donnaruma even if he says yes. He is of ego. Let him go to Madrid, I bet you Messi will mess you up. Ingrate

Baresis Dream

I guess Riola had to say something, but the nerve of some people … unbelievable. Hostile environment in Milan ? Family being threatened? Talk about spitting into the well that you drank from all these years …


Ohhh what a frame article Raiola i admire your good lies keep it up fasobelli is different from galliani both are synergy .


Too much fuss about this.even the best goalkeepers conceded goals, .Valdes was not the best yet he had more clean sheets and won the bobby zamora trophy meant for keepers in Spain than the great casillas.Forget Dona and Raiola.Milan much on.Lets focus on getting better midfielders and attackers and defenders.Keepers must be the last thing we worry about.

Rixardo Leite

Sell all of Raola’s players. We are tired

abba salman Ayagi

For me gigio was past let focused on perin n hope it turns good for milan. Because even if he renewed the problem continue with money raiola


Okay so now there are only three possibilities: 1. Sell The boy. Make everyones win by selling him (for above €30mil) and use the money to buy another GK + players. This will surelly going to happen if its still in Berlus era and Galliani still in commands for the transfers. 2. Don’t sell, be prepared to let him go for free but at the same time begging him to sign the contract. This way will make the boy getting higher offer from Milan and also from every clubs in the world, everytime the clock ticks to the end of… Read more »


with no 1, we became a feeder club, Mirabelli stated: milan wont sell their star Players, and im fine by that.


Milan is greater than any Mino or Gigio.
Forza Milan from Nigeria!


Raiola: Gigio always wanted to stay at Milan, It was never an economic problem
Raiola: And then if you have a top player in your club like Gigio, why do you go and offer double or triple for Morata or Aubameyang?
This simply sums everything up.


Absolutely ! Idiot couldn’t even keep his own crap story straight !


I think the whole thing has gone too far, and as I see it, there’s no going back for either part. It’s best to say goodbye and move on, even though it hurts as I always saw Donnarumma as a future bandiera. I never wanted him to leave, but how everything has turned out now, it’s best to move on in different directions.


i just feel really sympathy to gigio…
so talented but also so naive & fool… for beliving his dream career to poisonus leech agent…
i guess gigio only know from Taiola version since his agent never let our board speak directly, hope Fassone able to do that to tell him the truth…


No sympathy ! He’s 18, he has a mature brain. At that age you know whats right or wrong and should bear the consequences of your decisions.


why don’t someone silent this fat disease of an agent,this man grunts like a pig and someone shud offer him so plate of shit to eat…he is just a rhinoceros talking nonsense and not being truthful and straight forward ,my problem is the proud egoistic lousy goalie who does not appreciate who fed him,and made him a star ….I use to like donnarumma but if he wants to leave plsss let him go eat some shit with his agent Milan does not care abt such attitude


“Donnarumma never had economic demands. And then if you have a top player in your club like Gigio, why do you go and offer double or triple for Morata or Aubameyang? It makes no sense. Gigio is only 18-year-old? What does it even mean? Real Madrid are buying a 16-year-old Brazilian for €45m [Vinícius Júnior from Flamengo]… do you know what he’s doing? Quality is not of age.” Its all about more money Riaola ! You can’t even keep your stupid story straight ! You’re jealous that Milan was offering Morata and Auba more money then your puppet Donna !… Read more »


Ok sold him dont bench him, sold him and I can promise you this if he goes to MADRID he will never get number 1 goalkeeper trust me I see whant goals he get this year. Yeah he stop few nice balls he is just a kid

BUT DONNA YOU DONT DESERVES MILAN SHIRT sell ABATE fast and keep BONAVENTURA for now and dont ever sigh MINO players ever

FORZA MILAN DONNA in few years I will be glad to see you in ZARAGOSA on loan nice life from me keep it that way 🙂 🙂 🙂

Pa ibra

So Raiola think he can come out explaining real crap like this making it look like signing a million dollar contract for a club that you love can also be this hard? I mean even if Mirabelli is the worst dealer ever how could Donna possibly reject this offer is beyond me. Milan has done nothing, this is entirely your doings. Your so evil.


Raiola is the main problem here…….


You have a point Mino, Gigio is the real victim here. THe real culprit, however, is to be found in your bathroom mirror, not at Casa Milan. The question is, if Gigio is telling the truth when saying he never said he wanted to leave Milan, then this is nothing but another ploy from Mino to force Milans hand, and it will end with a renewal regardless of this allegedly definitive decision not to renew. SO that’s fine… now, ask yourself, after what Gigio and his family has been put through since it was publicly announced that this is the… Read more »