Atalanta reject Milan’s €20 million bid for Conti, Inter reportedly offer €28m but the player only wants the Diavolo

Andrea Conti during Atalanta-Sampdoria at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia on January 22, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Andrea Conti during Atalanta-Sampdoria at Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on January 22, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Andrea Conti’s agent has reiterated that the player only wants Milan and his time at Atalanta is over but the Bergamo club is proving hard to deal with.

Milan want Conti and Conti wants Milan, but Atalanta’s demand a lot of money for the 23-year-old Italian right back.

As reported by Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, last Monday Atalanta communicated to the Rossoneri that they reject their €20m offer for Conti, and Di Marzio claims that Atalanta want Milan to add about €10m to their current offer.

There is also talk of adding one of Milan’s youth products Matteo Pessina and Gian Filippo Felicioli to the deal, while Luca Vido is very close to joining Atalanta in a transfer that is separate from Conti.

Yesterday there was a meeting between Conti’s agent, Mario Giuffredi, and Atalanta President Antonio Percassi to discuss the situation Andrea, who is currently with the U21 squad for the 2017 Euro’s.

“It was a calm meeting but we were clear,” Giuffredi told SportItalia after a meeting. “Andrea will not return to Bergamo and he won’t go to the pre-season training camp with Atalanta. I also think [Coach Gian Piero] Gasperini’s behavior is unacceptable, as Andrea only wants Milan.

“Next week there will be a meeting between Atalanta and Milan. Percassi was also present at the meeting and he told me about ‘another super-offer’ but we want the Rossoneri. The player wants Milan, it’s finished in Bergamo.” According to SportItalia, the ‘super-offer’ is from Inter – €28m in cash.

After the initial blitz with 4 quick signings (Musacchio, Kessié, Rodriguez and André Silva), Milan are now finding things a bit harder and they will have to improve their offer to sign Conti this summer.

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Wait for you conti


At this point I would pay even more for Conti who loves mIlan unlike some hypocrites who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.


Get this Deal done Already!!!


Comment: Milan will be successful with or without the so called betrayal….


I love players who reject others to play for us. Conti will 100% give his best seeing his personal interest to come to Milan but this agent needs to be more diplomatic as clubs have rights over their players.


I once said it, that this agent will end up making things difficult. I know that Conti will come eventually but with his agent being flippant Atalanta officials will definitely play hard ballls. Fassobelli should meet with Atalanta like morata of juve did with Lotito concerning Keita make peace and have the deal consummated.


Well said both of you. I’m sure if you two were the diplomats involved in the deal it would have been a done deal already.


So f donnarumma cause he betrayed us, but conti who is also disrespecting his homegrown team is an amazing guy, cause he’s doing it to join Milan. Hypocrites…


Mr. Holy Holy. Conti was never off the market. The only problem here’s that he wants to play for Milan and not any other team. And as a true Milanista intermerda is a no no for him. You get it?


the difference is that conti has made his intentions clear from the beginning where as donnarumma was just teasing and messing with our emotions for months just to screw the club over


Whats the point? Bcause we support Milan not other. Its not hypocrite, its irony. If i want to say someone else hypocrite, than the first name in my mind is donnarumma


No it’s hypocritical if you don’t know the language it not my fault.


You don’t even know what hypocrite means I guess… are applying it in a wrong sense….conti and dollaruma cases are miles apart from each respected clubs….you simply can’t put it in a way like just conti rebel against Atalanta so dollaruma was right against milan…..atleast conti is saying from beginning they want to join milan where as what did our so call called innocent mr dollaruma did……I guess before commenting just check conti contract signing and what Atlanta agreed then……forza milan


hypocrite is some one that says that some sort of action is bad/unforgivable but does the same thing. when i wrote hypocrite i meant fans that raged about Donnarumma but like Conti’s action. so yeah i know what that word means


Conti and his agent had a deal with atalanta last year, that Conti would renew his contract so atalanta would get some cash from him. Now its time for Atalanta to respect that deal and let him go for 20 mill as that is much more then they would have got if he dident renew. Donna on the other hand are completly different. because he have been saying all along that he want to renew. And that he loves milan. But when it comes to it he leaves without us getting shit. All in all. Conti did a good thing… Read more »


@ DEKU…..totally agree with MISUND, se this is exactly what i meant as far dollaruma is concerned that chapter is closed time to move forward world doesnt stop at one person……Since 1899 milan seen many ups and down and at 2017 we are still MILAN……


Definition of hypocrite
1 a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

2 a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.(donna)


Need some good news now.
Sign him asap. He walks straight into the first eleven.

Then we switch our attention to the midfield and a winger. ( And yeah forgot to mention that we need a goalkeeper too). Hope for perin/leno.


is always like this, something look to be good is not easy to get, but I believe milan will understand his love eagerness to play for us then go for him.
yes, his agent need to be very very careful for the deal to be done.
I love him for his passion and his qualities.

Anti Donacagarina

Snakearumma hopefully Messi and co embarrass him and he warms the bench and cuts the oranges . Our other youth keeper deserves a chance . He seems loyal


give Donna a release clause (reasonable release clause) I sincerely don’t want the lad to leave ac Milan ….I want us to convince Mino Riola and Donnarumma… since we r sure we will do well he will stay and we can remove the clause later ,,,I like the kid and with him I feel Milan is set and let don’t make this any worse


You are mad. Reasonable release clause???? We are Milan. If you want a reasonable release clause, get it from Atalanta, Saussuolo etc. Now that we have new owners, release clause my ass.

Anyway, he is staying with us
“For the moment, nothing will happen. The input we got from the owners is not to accept offers. He is priceless and we will not sell him. For now.”

Fat Mino

Sadly it’s too late the piece of caga agent has brainwashed him . It’s a pity we can send Mino to Sicily to visit the family . Agents are killing this beautiful game .


Trust once breached is impossible to rebuild.
Now there is no looking back. Donna’s got to go.
Case closed.


Conti know playing for Ac milan will give all access to football game in general instance
winning Laurels
playing in the world cup
champions league
consistent in the itallia national team
world club cup
super cup etc
he knows his Onions and milan worth

mike milan

Comment:this are the kind of player we want not player that has a mental problem….switching sides…


Bench him! let him rot on stands, we’ll see if his agent won’t come back begging.


About conti. Atlanta and him at reach agreement of leaving this summer since last year and is well known to all the fans and club and now he choose Milan among different offer that comes his way. Pls f & M complete this deal for us.


Hope Milan eventually secured the player


Milan is also trying to rebuild their global image for marketing appeal because that will help drive up our revenues.

Therefore, Milanistas, keep calm. This Donnaruma betrayal now means Milan must sign a marquee player like James Rodriguez.

Perin, Neto or Leno are all good replacements but their marketability is not at the same level as Donnaruma.

This kid is damaging Milan market appeal in so many ways which is why Milan did everything they could to keep him.

What a shame after all we have done for him to make him a star. Donnarum behavior is a disgrace. Smh


Well in my whole life watching people wearing sport clothes from their teams never seen anyone with the numbers of the goalkeepers of the teams they support in their back they always have 9, 11, 10’s… So if you are talking about merchandise Honda was the biggest because of the Asian Market there rest no one from actual AC Milan are material to write at home about…


If you love Milan you have to prove it with more than just words


looks like he will cost around 25m, that the issue when trying to get italians in to your team. You tend to pay a lot more than what is reasonable.
But 25m is still okay in todays market, RR was just a bargain. So lets get this deal over the line next week and also try to get Forsberg before arsenal steal him away from us.


I wonder if this deal will push out Abate since his agent is Raiola? I bet Ignia will do the right thing and get rid of him and stay with us. Same goes for Abate.


I mean, same goes for Bona*


I would love to see Milan spending 80 mil to buy a player like Mbappe, wanted by Real, meanwhile after signing Conti, I believe they have a team that can beat anybody in the world.
forget about Ronaldo, he’s 31 year old, not worth the money.
Bona is slow and has no defense strength, if we play 4-4-2, with Suso as a midfield attacking from right, Kesse left attacking midfield, and 2 strong central midfielders, with Locatelli who I believe will be a future star, will have a team that can dominate the next 10 years.

perttu junnonaho

Just simply sign him already!


buddy we lost our championship to Pak and this week is turning worst to me