Milan reportedly cool interest in Real’s Morata and consider Aubameyang, Belotti said to be a secondary option

Alvaro Morata celebrates during Sporting Gijon-Real Madrid at Estadio El Molinon on April 15, 2017. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)
Alvaro Morata celebrates during Sporting Gijon-Real Madrid at Estadio El Molinon on April 15, 2017. (Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images)

Alvaro Morata seemed like the top target for the Milan attack but something apparently changed after the Champions League final, as the eyes are reportedly now on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

After officially signing Mateo Musacchio and Franck Kessié, and securing the services Ricardo Rodriguez (and also Lucas Biglia according to some reports), Marco Fassone and Massimiliano Mirabelli are now focusing on getting a striker to lead the front-line of coach Vincenzo Montella.

Before the Champions League final on Saturday, in which Real Madrid defeated Juventus 4-1 to win the trophy for the second consecutive year, Fassone confirmed that the Blancos’ striker Alvaro Morata is a player Milan ‘like’.

However, after the match, the 24-year-old ex-Vecchia Signora man, who scored 20 goals in the past season, said that “I certainly won’t be in Italy [next season]. I like Italy, but I am happy here. Madrid is my team and my city. I always said Juve is my second home. You never know.”

According to Sky Italia, due to those statements and the understanding that bringing Morata will be more difficult than they thought, Milan have decided – at least for the time being – to freeze their interest in the Spaniard. The planned blitz of Fassone and Mirabelli in Madrid has been put in standby and some of the actions that Milan planned on doing in the next 48 hours have been cancelled.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates during Bayern Munich-Borussia Dortmund at the Allianz Arenaon April 26, 2017. (CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images)
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates during Bayern Munich-Borussia Dortmund at the Allianz Arenaon April 26, 2017. (CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Sky claims that Morata remains at the top of the list of Milan, but the deal is going slow. Mediaset’s Carlo Pellegatti meanwhile claims that the Rossoneri were ‘irritated’ by Morata’s words after the final, and are now dropping the interest in him – despite the fact that they seemed ready for a ‘final assault’ after working on this angle for five months, and having Montella talk directly to the player.

Pellegatti claims that the first alternative to Morata is Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The Gabonese, who will turn 28 later this month, spent several years during his youth at Milan, and Fassone and Mirabelli would like to see him coming back through the front door.

FIFA agent Giacomo Petralito is said to be willing to help Milan intensify the contacts with Aubameyang and try to bring down his salary request from €10m to €8m, which is the amount they are also willing to offer Morata. Auba is also wanted by PSG but Mediaset claims that he’s not convinced of this option due to the presence of Edinson Cavani who is the Parisian’s main striker.

Andrea Belotti celebrates at the end of Torino-Sassuolo at Stadio Olimpico di Torino on May 28, 2017. (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)
Andrea Belotti celebrates at the end of Torino-Sassuolo at Stadio Olimpico di Torino on May 28, 2017. (Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images)

The newspapers are also linking Milan with a move for Andrea Belotti but for now he’s not considered a top target, but only an alternative should the chase after Morata and Aubameyang fail. Torino are asking a very high price (close to €100m) for the 24-year-old striker, who’s known to be a Milanista.

Celtic’s Moussa Dembélé and Porto’s André Silva are also mentioned as targets and Milan have made inquiries for them but Mediaset believes that like Belotti they are just secondary targets.

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Nice transfer,but truly I will love us to sign belotti beacuse he is use to italia football than aubamyang


We will be playing in Europe whic is more crucial and Belotti has not europe experience when it comes to football… remember Aubam came from our youth sector…..


Pls spell me all dis europe inexperince my friend .so belotti get d ball he will surely net in dat when he has good ball supply


Great to see the ambition, management want Milan back where we belong! If it’s true about Morata’s interview then I think it’s best we leave him. I wouldn’t be opposed to Aubameyang but I’m not convinced either. Belotti is a Milanista and we could definitely lower the asking price. If it’s between Belotti and Auba I would pick Belotti. Andre Silva is a great player but a huge risk to lead the line, for what would be a large sum of money too! By the sounds of things I think Montella is hoping to shape up like Conte’s Chelsea…? Donnarumma… Read more »

Milan Boy

Please sign Belotti instead since he is also very good and has psssion to play for us. Then we focus on an attacking midfielder and Conti.


A striker is only as good as the team behind him. It’s would have been nice to have a big name like Morata leading the line but there are fine hungry strikers across Europe that are cheaper. Weiner of Leipzig, Tolliso of Lyon, even Sheick of Sampdoria.
My main concern is the midfield which I believe needs at least 50-60 million investment before season starts. I read somewhere Modric might be considering leaving Madrid, Milan could try with him.


Tolisso is not a striker though and he sure as hell is not cheap.


Also I read that Modric is a Milan fan and liked the new jersey of Milan which was worn by his countryman, Pasalic during an advertisement … He would be the perfect buy to start our revolution

Ricardo Leite

Happy to be back here @ d blog Happy for the breakdown of this move as i’m one of those who would not want Morata over the other options. My pick though seems not to b the main target: Belotti 1. Good finisher too 2. Young 3. Prototype of Shevchenko 4. A regular starter for his side 5. Captain for a side that did fairly well 6. An Azzuri 7. A Milanista Would be a delight for me if interest is turned toward this great striker. Belotti is the real deal and with a bit more interest shown that price… Read more »


I like all the qualities your pointed out but beg to disagree with point 6 and 7. Asides Belotti no one fits the bill. Right now


Forget Morata if that’s his attitude – still dreaming of Jube… If it were up to me I’d go for a proper Milanista like Belotti or Dzeko.


i never liked the idea of signing morata in the first place ,i will prefer belotti though he is costly only for clubs outside italy a deal can be reach to get he rose from a rank of torino which was never noticed in seria A and europe so he is a score and a good huslter.alternative should not even be abumenyang if the midlfield is good then the striker will never fail.


I also heard rumours about Diego Costa. I am note sure what is the best option for Milan. Spending 60M on a single players can be very rewarding if that player delivers. But if that player flops, is injured, is not in form… then you are stuck. An example that gets to mind is Torres at chelsea. Who would’ve thought Torres would flop when he was in top form with Liverpool. Other examples, Shevchenko at Chelsea, to some extend Kaka at Real Madrid… I would rather spend the 60M on 2 players… At the same time 60M on Belotti… I… Read more »


This doesn’t add up. Why would it be Morata’s comments that deter them? He was speaking in public right after winning the CL, I don’t think anyone should expect him to be completely honest. Why wouldn’t they contact his agent for more info? I don’t trust these reports at all, a couple of days ago according to Sky we had an agreement with him, and he wanted to return to Italy. Hopefully there will be a clearer idea of whats happening this week. I’d be happy with any of these guys, Belotti is proven Seria A, plays with lots of… Read more »


Reports probably conjured by Man United to eliminate us as contenders to his signature


Why do you trust (possibly) fake news sky more than what the player says?


Comment: I wish we get morata because he is good on air, volley ball, solo shot (R2). but if we can’t get him Milan should go for aubameyang.
because the clause on belotti is for foreign teams, Milan should not bid above 60m.
am very sure if Milan offer 70m for icardi inter will sell with 7m/year


What is this? Did you just mention Icardi?


Diego Costa? can do! Read on Milan news about Lucas alario…said to have a release clause of 18m or so. Why go for morata for 60m. I never did understand it, him being a fan of juve/conte..Aubameyang? Painful! Shows how dim witted Milan management were before!! Sold for 750k, now about to pay 70m for him. God help us. Mixed feelings about dzeko. He should have come to Milan before ever moving to mancity for money, despite expressing his desire for Milan severally. Belloti = 70m +niang+ kucka….kucka might be the catch! Miha wanted him badly. Signing belloti on… Read more »


Galliani already made it clear in a previous interview that they(the managment), New the potential aumba has, buh milan had the like of regular starter in top form then. Also i agree wiv yhu on the stance that we shouldnt gt diego costa, i’ll rather love us kip bacca instead. Every other top target are fine by me, buh a gud playmaker/regista is really needed


If he don’t want joining our “NU MILAN”, so let him back. Yes, agreed with @ricardo,but belotti its so expensive, remain that Milan main problem is in midfield. We can use that money to building our midfield, with Modric maybe, like @mansa said. We all know that Bacca is goal machine, same as Lapagoal. But it happened in their old club. Its doesn’t work at Milan, coz our midfield not good enough to service them with good passing. Anyway, Fassone and Mirabelli have their target to rebuild Milan, and brings us to d top and showing all the Italian club,… Read more »


Milan should try Modest from the Bundesliga


Sign Belotti then because if Aubameyang returns to Milan i think he will flop because he doesnt suit Serie A and he want very high wages


And ur cocksure aubameyang will flop because…


Auba is a world class player proven in bundesliga, europaleague and ucl for many years. He is a predator, a goalmachine who can score +25 goals on a regular basis. At almost 28 y he can play top level at least 3-4 y and even then he could sign another 3 y contract. With his skills i think he can suit in any league or planet u want in this universe because he is so skillfull and complet that he doesnt have weaknesses. I do like belotti but after his 1st season +20 goals i still think he is not… Read more »

Vlad Zeus

You have said it all my friend

Vlad Zeus

You have said it all my friend. You are a genius


?????? Belotti? seriously? 80M + players for just one player and a CF? no thanks

I would use that money to buy players for other positions.. 10 players at least.


Is that you Galliani??


Lol..yeah,galliani is back…lol i just fell off my bed laughing…lol


I prefer Belloti all day if Fasobelli can pull out a good deal with Cairo. He’s a guarantee 25+ goals scorer with an average midfield at Torino, imagine what he does at Milan in a quality attacking set up being built by d management.

Thesyar Pratama

+1 with this..


You mean he’s done it for at least 3 seasons in a row?


As the great band “Snow patrol” says my dear friend: It’s hard to argue when you won’t stop making sense!


Well, “just say yes” then mate. Thats my jam


I prefer belloti to morata anyday.


If not morata, then Belotti is d next thing, I don’t think auba is good for Milan…Dzeko is gud but old, belotti is Young n loves Milan….With 60m + kucka, Torino will sell and he has lower wages Dan morata n auba…And with lapa, suso, niang n bona with cutrone…D front is ok, we can concentrate on d MF


I never liked Morata as the prime target. His goal stats is not very impressive and he is still improving. Milan need a target man who is ripe and already made as a short term investment. Like PSG did with Zlatan and T.Silva. I believe Milan has found a better defender in Musacchio (who is injury prone because of his clean tackles and hard way of play). He is more like Nesta in action than Romagnoli who looks more like the Italian by positional sense and looks. But Milan are yet to find DA ZLATAN. Aubamenyang is the perfect short… Read more »


Belotti is nice st in the mold of vieri/vialli (the day belotti scores from distance or make fast overlapping run while linking up with his teammates i will call him sheva 2.0) but: 1) no serie a players, not even pogba or dybala, is worth >60m. Just because some clubs are stupid enough to overpay (hello higuain) doesnt mean milan have to follow their footsteps, especially since they have limited budget and other more crucial things to handle. 2) belotti isnt a st who can create for himself and others like ibra/baggio/rooney so it’s pointless to add expensive st without… Read more »


Very true.

The comparisons with Sheva specially is very premature. It’s also true that Belotti can’t really create for himself, while Morata and Aubameyang certainly can.


I totally agree with u. Even if we stick with bacca and lapadula i dont mind. We need at least 1 real playmaker and even if we have suso, bonaventura or niang, if he stays with us, we still need 1 winger. Rodrieguez can be our central man if someone injured and If conti comes, we still lack winger if we are down in a game and we need man power in front, just like cuadrado does for juve. Thats all in case milan use 3-5-2. If we stick with 4-3-3 then we need 1-2 wingers.


I love “Belotti the Milanista” like all of you, but I gotta agree with Fassone and Mirabelli that out of this bunch, Morata is probably the best. I know he has a past with Juventus, but I was already appreciating him when he was playing for Juve. He’s young and deadly in front of the goal, and he has two years of great experience in Serie A. I think this is a unique opportunity for Milan to steal one of the best, most proven strikers in Europe, as maybe Real Madrid is the only team that he can’t be in… Read more »


Damn, I hit the dislike accidentally. Your comment is gold mate.


You all keep complaining about beloti having just one good season…dybala of juventus also had one good season at palermo before juventus clinched him from milan…. Get belotti now before its too late…. Dybala scored 29 goals in over 80 matches and he is performing for juve


Anything more than 40M for Belloti is not a good business. I know lots of people will not agree with me. Belloti is not yet proven to worth 70M. It is very risky business. There is no good track record of italian strikers in recent past and he has just played a good season which does not prove his 70-80M price tag. In a team rebuilding phase it is not a good sense of business to purchase a unproven player with more than half of your transfer budget.


No top striker is going to cost less than 60mil. Might as well we keep Bacca and Lapadula and spend that 70 mil on James and Fabergas.

I’m not certain Milan will get everyone they want in one transfer window as it will take at least 2 seasons to build a strong team.

We are off to a good start though so there is hope.


I think Auba should be the priority, if not, then go for Belotti… Although Belotti would be very nice with him being a Milanista, he had a solid season and followed it up with this great season so apparently he is on the right path and being better… if he has the big club mentality and can keep it up… only time will tell. I say forget Morata with his Juve past – Auba or Belotti would be perfect. Belotti is stronger and can hold on to the ball, and tracks back like crazy, while Auba a pretty unmatched pace… Read more »


Guys,Auba is too good,no doubt,but he will be 28 in a few months.Look at the bigger picture.We need a future proof player.Like Belotti or Morata.A young talent who will play for good 10 years. Belotti damn!!!So pricey.But he would be the best option.A Milanista and young.He will surely be the best signing.


We are playing Europa next season so cant Kaka be convinced back.He sure has a couple of years left in him.That would address our trequa issue.We will have a solid attacking mideo.Upfront belotti or dembele will have dozens of balls to score.


I believe that to make milan great again we ought to go back to 4-3-1-2…Its so fluid that very easily it can become 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 holding…or even a 4-1-3-2 while attacking…and a 4-2-3-1 while defending…


loving the positive news flowing in, and glad we not getting morata, as the price for the guy was too much in my eyes.
loving the 2 other options though, would take any off them.
One offers pace and the other great work rate, both of them are deadly finishers.


I gotta ask, what do you guys think about pairing Balotelli with Belotti/Morata? Would be the perfect foil. He’s free this summer I guess. The only downside being his agent is Raiola. Upside is Raiola will be happy and will get Donna to sign soon, Balo is proven in Serie A and has generally been pretty good for us, and he has that X factor to change a game on its head. He can provide all the technical skills Belotti can’t! Can be our best dead ball specialist too. Just put Jack/Suso/New CAM behind Balo and Belotti/Morata. What do you… Read more »


Please let let the ghost of Balotelli go


I wish. The ‘what-if’ moments of Balo keeps haunting me!


Well, better u than me mate


ffs just forget chasing a striker.
Will no management ever learn?
Splash that cash on a creative playmaker instead of a new striker every season (and superstar pirlobigila) dammit, and keep Bacca if he can be convinced to stay and then just watch what happens.
They are hardly better than Galliani if they keep doing the same thing every damn season.

#1Milan Fan South Africa

I would go for Belotti and sign Giovanni Simeone or Lacazette and Modest of Koln

#1Milan Fan South Africa

What Happened to Hachim Mastour ?Im sure Montella can get the best out of him

yusuf toheeb ayinde

Comment:hello’to all Milan fans we thank god 4 bring us fasone and mirabeli to milan does 2 men are a gud CEO and sporting director dey give Milan wat we want imidiately an I will advice Dem 2 go 4 anoder striker like,FC koln striker,hoffenheim striker,Leipzig striker or werder Bremen in bundesliga(Germany). OR u move 2 south america league u will see many striker there. so avalro morata is not special at all b/cos when Milan is Milan there is no player Milan purchase DAT will refuse to come 2milan or maybe we should give Torino 2 players plus 50-60million… Read more »


I wouldn’t cry over not buying any of them and building team behind strikers instead. Like for example buying good wingers and midfielders and why not, ond more good centre-back. Spend those 80 milions in good playmaker and Bacca it Lapadula would look like Shevchenko and Inzaghi next season. I would welcome one of them indeed, but strikers are least of our problems.

kamba milan

for me I think we should sign belotti


28 is still very young,christiano Is 32 and still scoring.pls Aubo is best among d three of them


From what am hearing about biglia…. I think that might be d only news i dont like so far…. But we can get pastore from psg… Paredes from roma… For the same price or a little bit more than what we are paying for biglia… I will take belotti anyday anytime…. But i will just wait and see what fassobelli hmand morata have planned out


Comment: do we really tink striker is d main problem? come to think of it! wat about d midfield, who are we getting to deliver d final passes to d striker? a striker is as good as his midfielders. forza milano