De Sciglio out for the remainder of the season after picking up a left thigh injury in the match against Atalanta

Mattia De Sciglio during Milan-Roma at Stadio San Siro on May 7, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)
Mattia De Sciglio during Milan-Roma at Stadio San Siro on May 7, 2017. (Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images)

Mattia De Sciglio is out for at least two weeks, meaning his season is over – the club confirmed on Monday.

De Sciglio was replaced in the 90th minute of the match against Atalanta by Leonel Vangioni and today’s tests revealed that the 24-year-old international picked up a muscular injury during the match.

“Milan announce that after today’s tests Mattia De Sciglio was diagnosed with a lesion to his left thigh adductor longus muscle. The player will be re-examined in two weeks,” a statement reads.

This obviously means that the season is over for Mattia, as there are just two more games to play – against Bologna on May 21st and against Bologna on May 28th.

De Sciglio, who grew up in Milan’s youth ranks and was promoted to the first team in 2011, is heavily linked with an exit in the summer (Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus, Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern Munich and others reportedly interested), so the match against Atalanta may have been his last in the Diavolo colors.

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Get well soon DeSciglio… so the club doesn’t have to postpone the negotiation to bring you out… I hate players that doesn’t have grit and passion for Milan, including this one


Well said


This guy doesn’t have grit and passion for Milan? Wow.


I really hope he doesn’t leave. Idk why but this reminds me of the pirlo saga


MDS will be a big blow when we lose him. You know his has got loads of potential and the talant he showed in the euros was world class. He will leave and grow in to a better player, just like SES.


Get well soon MDS.
Critics are going to be blind, but in current Milan defense, MDS is more solid as FB than anyone else.
I really hope he doesn’t leave. If Rodriguez comes in, we will still need another class LB as Antonelli might be sold as well. MDS can easily take that position and rotate with Rodriguez. Why spend unnecessary money there while we still have not been able to tie up Donnarumma’s contract.


Get well mds and thanks for your service! We move on.


Milan should ask for at least 15m or caldara/rugani in exchange for this mentally weak player


I wish him soonest recovery away from Milan.


Sure, “injured”. He might be injured, and I dont wish that upon anyone, but I wouldnt be surprised though if this is some shading from the club in which they want to hide the fact that he doesnt want to play for the club anymore – which is evident due to his performances and the rumours. I hope we see Antonelli prove his worth, he is desperately underplayed this season… While I do agree that De Sci is the best fullback we have – while he is on his best day – he hasnt performed well and due to the… Read more »


My thoughts exactly… How strange it is that he got injured now.


I feel that too, there was a fact that He were under medication for psycological problem few months ago in which made his performance declined in recent 2 or 3 years. He was too young to be called as next maldini. It gave him too much burden to bear as young player…


Once again unrelated but rumours man city after donnarumma in summer and he’s delaying contract. I’ll be awfully pissed if he leaves. Here I am thinking he will be a one team man for the team he loves. Only reason I put him up in question is because he has that pig mino raiola as an agent.


City have all but secured Benfica’s keeper from what I read.
But agreed, Mino is snakeing and whispering in Donnas ears. Honestly, Im dissapointed in his decision to hire Mino.
But Mino does often listen to his clients. So if Donna really wants a new Milan contract, he will get it. Mino will just make it be the best contract as possible that Milan can/is willing to offer.


I understand but we both know what mino really cares about and that’s money. He knows city has lots of it and if he can convince a vulnerable 18 year old that he will make top dollar then he’s going to go all out. Bet he’d include a % of next transfer if he were to be sold like he he did when he made 20m off pogba. Like you said he’s a snake and I hope donnarumma is loyal to us


Haha, you guys are talking like Mino controlls Donna, as if Donna has nothing to say in this?. Dont be silly, Donna is a reflected guy, mature for his age. He knows exactly what he is capable of buy asking his agent to do what he does best. Remember its the agent that works for the player. Not the other way around. He could have easily just signed the contract he was offered if he really loves the club that much. Mino cant force him not to sign.


“So if Donna really wants a new Milan contract, he will get it.”
It’s written right there.


The problem here is not donna, but the unrealistic contract proposal of Rhiola. There is not a 18 year old football player in the world with the salarys he is demanding.

The agent is controlling all aspect of the contract. The player have his say. but he is not the one who desides the contract. That is between the club and agent. then its up to the player to sign it or not.


Exactly @ Milanellofm and . Exactly like that.


@Pelle80, , @Jibola – agreed. We don’t need players who are so mentally weak that a few boos turn them into Daniele Bonera. Might be another sock in the jaw though if he goes to Juve and turns into Maldini.


Correctamundo mate. I can understand and tolerate clinically depressed men, even though its major disadvantage for pro athletes.(Sebastian deisler anyone?) I can even mildly tolerate mentally weak players who play half-assedly and tend to crumble at first sign of trouble. Maybe u either have it (ex: der kaizer) or u dont, although i believe it can be taught/conditioned What i cant tolerate are gold diggers who always try to find easiest ways to get what they want. Milan couldnt be patient with guys like pato, el sha or even balo but they stood by de scig through his worst times… Read more »


Yeah it would be terrible if he left for juve. Let’s not start jumping to conclusions though

Debjyoti Mustafi

Dont worry guys,if donna leaves milan,mino leaves the world,i have already told him on twitter that if he wants to stay alive he will make Donna sign the new contract without a word.If he doesn’t,i am going to turn him into a photoframe with flower garland around it


Lol. If I were Riola I’d be very scared now. Anyway, I seriously doubt Donna is going anywhere @ least not this season. Let’s hope his contract is signed soon and we can all calm down.
Wish DeSciglio a rapid recovery and all the best If he does eventually leave.

Ahmad A Y A

I advise you official to sing banador silva and mendy or lemar


This is the player that was pushing for a move away from us.
Now he is injured, i wish that never happened because now clubs (if they are still willing to get him) will probably pay less for him.
Call it a weird form of karma that he gets injured when he was hinting for a move away and not fighting for the club.


And to think they called him the new Maldini. More like the new Gobbo di merda


>>Donnaruma must stay at any cost
>>Suso, romagnoli, locateli our long term project
>>kuco, bona could be mentor for youngster
>>rest of the squad are rubish and must leave…!!!


Lol, limited kuco who also has the same dicipline level as a teen, should be used as a mentor?


So uhm, which muscular injury is de scig suffering from? Muscles of his achy breaky heart?


Mate is like Milan is pushing for belloti acording to the news this afternoon that Milan is offering kucko, antonieli and palleta for belotti, I wish Torino accept the offer.


Is the source reliable mate? As much as i’d like belotti’s arrival, i dont think its wise to let 3 of better performers of milan go just like that. Like it or not, those 3 have actually seen better days at milan


Correctamundo mate,before antonelli’s injury plagued season he was one of our most consistent performers, paletta had a fantastic first half of the season and will be needed as a bench player for depth. And kucka, we have nobody else on this team with his characteristics to bring a physical presence, poli is the closest thing to his characteristics. Apparently kessie is a done deal so we will have a young, strong physical presence in the midfield to compensate.


Kessie a done deal? Finally some good news. Musacchio, rodriguez AND kessie, pretty impressive if u ask me.
So maybe thats why kessie seemed to hold himself back when facing milan last weekend; he didnt want to humiliate his future employers haha


Definitely… Paletta should be the one remaining and Zapa should be sent away. Besides, wasnt it Mihajlovic who kept Zapata and loaned out Paletta….? I hope Antonelli stays with us, at least as a back up, dont know why he has played so little – sure he has been injured, but whenever he has been fit he should’ve played. Would be nice if Belotti joined and our pursuit for him is true.


Best news…Milan pushing for belloti and fabregas…. With kessie and another wing striker, we wld be solid…Get rid of paletta, Zapata, Honda, Poli or kucka, antonelli, mati, pasalic, deulofeu, ocampos, bacca…. I really have loved bacca to stay becos he is better Dan lapa but lapa shows more hunger and plays for d team on d field…I also think Milan can have 3strikers if we have to sell then let niang go! Montolivo shld stay, Sosa shld go… Locatelli can play behind monto…forza Milan

Rossonero yaw

Frank kessie is a done deal, huge prospect,now a Milan that can flex its muscles in serie A transfer


Nothing is done about Kessie deal I just read that Chelsea also joined the hunt for him and he many times expressed his desire to play in BPL. Regarding Bacca I believe once he’s out of Milan he’ll continue banging them on a regular. Who can blame the lad, he plays in a below average team with no character, creative spark or grit. I still believe he’s one of best predators out there but he needs certain support from the team or to play with a partner up front. Even Pippo wouldn’t be able to score as much as he… Read more »


Kessie done deal! Mirabelli going for badelj now, fiorentina demanding 10-12m. Am seeing a solid midfield finally, but i still need a playmaker like bernado silva. This midfield with a good playmaker can give even lord bentner 40 goals a season.


Now they are thinking of sending Locatelli out on loan to gain more playing time. Seems like an Aubameyang case all over again


But IMO i think it would be the right thing to do cos he is very young and after the aquisition of all these mdfs there would be less space for him and that alone can make him unhappy.


Sure and replace him with what? Montolivo now that he’s back? Average Badelj? Invisible Pašalić? No thank you, they do not represent an added value to this team in my opinion, Loca had a dip of form but when he comes on he changes the game, the boy has an impact and grit.


Exactly what I said brother! The grit and the passion he shows for this shirt is unique.


Smh… was doing great, had a dip in form, came in against Inter, changed the game. Want to send him out?? What’s wrong with them, if we were to lose Loca… wow. Especially if we were to buy Mati and Pasalic, I would be fuming. I seriously hope thats not true.

Indo Milan

Milan need a typical striker like our legend GEORGE WEAH which has good sprint, skill, dribble, passing & smart too.
I’m not sure which player in the market that have same characteristic like our legend.

Any Suggest ?


Where Mastalli ?