Montella considering to switch to 3-5-2 against Atalanta, with Montolivo in midfield and Gustavo Gomez in defense

Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello (
Vincenzo Montella during training at Milanello (

Vincenzo Montella has been working on a change of formation and is expected to test it tomorrow night in the crucial match against Atalanta – Riccardo Montolivo will play from the start.

Milan have not won a game since beating Palermo 4-0 on the 9th of April, and tomorrow (Saturday at 20:45 CET) they have a very important match against Atalanta, which is critical for the Rossoneri’s hopes to finish in a EL spot.

The side of Montella has not looked good recently and according to Sky Italia, La Gazzetta dello Sport and others, the coach is planning a change in formation for the match with Gian Piero Gasperini’s Atalanta, who are sitting one spot ahead of Milan, with 65 points earned in 35 matches.

After starting with a 4-3-3 since the first day of the season, Montella is expected to use 3-5-2. Alessio Romagnoli is still a big doubt for tomorrow, but if he’s fit then he would play alongside Cristian Zapata and Gustavo Gomez (Gabriel Paletta is suspended). If Romagnoli doesn’t make it, then La Gazzetta expects fullback Mattia De Sciglio to take one of the center back roles.

Riccardo Montolivo during training at Milanello (
Riccardo Montolivo during training at Milanello (

In midfield, Montella is planning a surprise and is ready to give Riccardo Montolivo a starting role. The captain was out of action from October to April and has yet to make an appearance since recovering from his left knee injury. Jose Sosa was disappointing in the last games and so Vincenzo is going to entrust Montolivo with the keys to the midfield. Suso, Mario Pasalic, Juraj Kucka and Leonel Vangioni will join Monto in the middle of the pitch, with the Argentine and the Slovak as wingbacks.

In attack, Montella has to choose between Carlos Bacca and Gianluca Lapadula. In the last three games Lapadula was chosen ahead of the Colombian and is currently still the favourite to play in Bergamo tomorrow night. Alongside them, in a second striker position, Gerard Deulofeu is set to play.

Probable XI (GdS): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Gustavo Gomez, Cristian Zapata, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka, Suso, Riccardo Montolivo, Mario Pasalic, Leonel Vangioni; Gianluca Lapadula, Gerard Deulofeu.

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Good but little too late


Comment:And u think it can work out with the current squad ??


That whole Probable XI backline (apart from Donnarumma) needs to find employment elsewhere. For Zapata I recommend driving the Pescara team bus.


+1 , but cause his awarness I’d say bottle boy, he will drive them into a wall

Milanisti Indonesia

For the first time in history, I fear Atalanta this much…


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

King James

I fear all teams Milan play against… even a serie D team

kwabena Adu

This coach has nothing to offer,if the new management are really willing to bring Milan to the top then I advice they go in for a high level experienced coach.


Thank you but my happiness is that your submission ends without getting into casa Milan premises


Im not a pessimistic person, but in this case I expect a loss against Atalanta, I don’t have much faith in this formation with the current players.

I hope I am wrong and that we win.
Forza Milan

Musa kalamulai

Guys we are going to wipe them no matter what. More vim


Let’s bounce back, plus I would field Locatelli for his grit defensive skills. At least montella changed his mind. Hope for a win though not easy against Atalanta. for a milan


Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha just imagine Montella? This guy is a fool not Milan coach standard. Few matches just very few and he’s changing formation honestly this guy knows nothing. He used the same formation against smaller teams and bigger teams all through the entire campaign. Let him go away he can’t be Milan coach. Even give him all the best players in this world he will still fumble. He’s major wickedness is formation.

King James

but u guys were complaining that he doesnt change formation

Al-ansar milano

Comment:yep, they should go for mancini or Emery. this line up is very very mediocre.

King James

whats so special abt Mancini? Emery is flopping at PSG….. Dont see how he’s better dan Montella


While I dont have a problem with the formation, I have a problem with the players. Kucka as a wingback? Montolivo who hasnt played a game in six months in an important game like this? Pasalic who is invisble…? What has Locatelli done wrong? Seriously if we were to lose him… he plays the passion of Poli, but obviously with great technique etc. I hope Montella is just being cautious with Loca since he is young and his body might not entirely be ready, while Pasalic is a Chelsea player so he doesnt care about his physical future – that… Read more »

King James

u guys always use Pasalic as ur scape goat…. have not seen us dominating games in his absence…. atleast he contributes goals… 5 goals already… he is just 22, he still has enuf time to grow in other areas. niang was rated world class, locatelli, and calabria and dis guys dont consistently dominate games but u dont criticize dem. locatelli and calabria flopped in dia last games yet no one said a thing but its always pasalic


Honestly, yeah he score goals,but he doesnt contribute in midfield, our midfield gets dominated since he is a midfielder who keeps attacking the box.
Yeah Loca and Calabria flopped lately, but Pasalic CONSISTENTLY flops – yet he gets to play.
Locatelli had a huge impact in the derby when he came on, what happened the next game? Benched again. So yes, it’s always Pasalic because he always starts no matter how, yet Loca doesnt. That is my problem.


Suso-Locatelli-Kucka-Montolivo-De sciglio


Is Montella trying to do a big favour on Atlanta by trying to field Montolivo!!!??? Seriously, that guy is a complete accident….I am sure Atlanta would receive this news in a positive way as they will have 12 players instead of 11 and Milan will have 10 instead of 11


So yeah change was needed. But why do it like this? I was thrilled to hear about a new formation even I would prefer to see 3-4-3 more than 3-5-2 especially now when I see Montella’s attempts of change. Deulofeu in attack is a gamble. We have two deadly strikers and we don’t want to field them together . And this midfield with Pasalic and Montolivo could be slowest one yet. I am eager to see Suso who will play behind strikers. He could be badass if only he finds himself in that position. Hopefully Montella did this so that… Read more »


Yeah, but I mean fine, Pasalic is fit, but how can both Pasalic AND Monto be ahead of Loca?? Like i’ve said many times before, Pasalic have had five good games and 15-20 poor games, while Locatelli is the opposite, yet Loca is getting punished. And people keep on whining about us – an Italian team – favouring Italian players, smh… Absolutely agreed that even Berto should be ahead of him, at least he gets involved.


I gave up commenting about Pasalic.


Good morning montella!


1) had montella been brave enough to try 3-5-2 earlier this season, niang, ely and mauri would still be at milan and jokers like ocampos wouldnt have to come. Niang/lapapin (2nd st) – bacca combo, what a missed opportunity 2) why is he trying 3-5-2 now, when 3 outta 5 of his CBs and 1 of his ST arent available? De scig made some important goalsaving blocks vs roma but if anything in life is certain its that playing average milan player outta position is recipe for disaster. 3) lets see if kessie can live up to the hype. Is… Read more »


why do some milan coaches wait so late to change a formation and above all else you are going to put Montolivo on the field? I rather take my chances with Poli. I cant wait to see what happens in the transfer window. Forza Milan


Even if we don’t get to Europe I’ll still say we stick with Montella and not do the whole ‘Year zero’ thing over again. On the match, well can’t know until at least half time tomorrow if this will be a good or horrible idea. So until then…*fingers crossed


When it comes to formation i believes pep gradiolla is one of the best. A great coach knows changing formation make u unpredictable and that is good against your opponent’s. I not one but i know every coach must at least three formation in his book. 1 Attacking 2 defensive 3containment

King James

Guardiola would have done worse dan Montella with this squad


When it comes to formation i believes pep gradiolla is one of the best. A great coach knows changing formation make u unpredictable and that is good against your opponent’s. I not one but i know every coach must at least three formation in his book. 1 Attacking 2 defensive 3 containment.
I like Montella ALOT but he needs to step up. FORZA MILAN


Well the players that he has chosen doesn’t fit for that line up and I am praying we are not screwed up like we did while playing Roma……let’s hope for the best but to be honest I am expecting a point or a loss….let’s keep our fingers crossed… far as montella is concerned it’s better we give him another year than judge him with new players in next season line up……forza Milan….. but new management really have to spend and spend wisely……to many over rated players not worth that much are being sold for crazy money…..


Pff….Montolivo, my favorite player of all, with his lateral genius passes…


Comment:that midfield is what I am more concerned about; can’t he play
kuco,montolivo/sosa, loca
suso del
lapa bacca? or

kuco ,loca
suso/honda montolivo/sosa/suso pasalic/del

honda/lapa bacca


Comment:Even 4132/4231,
honda/lapa,bacca OR


Forza Milan
We can agree that Montella has limited options due to injuries and suspension, changing formation is not a bad idea but im concerned about players playing in different roles could lead to costly mistakes

kwabena Adu

What happened to Pioli at Inter will surely happened to Montella.Technically he’s bankrupt and incompetent. How can a coach continue to repeat the same mistake over and over.After all these months he doesn’t even have his starting line up…look at how As Roma humiliated us last week


sacking him solves nothing. We ve sacked coaches more than a woman changes underwear but we are still shit


So much for your technical knowledge of the game. @ kwabena


For all who said, they fear Atalanta:
Fearing someone before an incoming fight, makes you loose before an incoming fight.
We will have our chances. 1 Point is the minimum.
3 Points for the self-confidence.


Is that from Attack on Titan haha?


I dont remember. I watched it and i liked it, but primary it was only my opinion ;D.


I remember saying it now during season two… well I wont spoil anything, but it was powerful when he said it, and it’s very true 😉 Hopefully the players will go in with that attitude, a lot of grinta is needed!


On another note let’s hope Mino Raiola gets s***ed by FIFA over Pogba deal and Donnarumma finds another agent.


Look at this atalanta team. It has three of our academy graduates in it. This says something about how easily and foolishly we let our talents go.


He sticks 2 one formation,we want him 2 change, he changes d formation,we want him 2 use a diff lineup and if he uses a diff lineup now, pple will stil find sumfin 2 say like: he shuld hav used lapa n bacca 2geda, he shuld av used anoda lineup or its too late 2 change anyfin so y did he change and all dat but d truth z dat even if he do lyk we said over n over again it wunt still b easy…..this man z our coach, a good coach at dat with a good record wit… Read more »

King James

dude u r the only wise guy here… others just drop comments for the sake of it… they just complain abt everything the coach does. december last year dey were singing montella praise, calling him world class…. last year dey claimed niang was world class, even better dan el sharaawy dat we wont miss el… etc now they r saying the opposite. the coach doesnt use locatelli dey claim we lost cuz of dat, he uses him dey claim he shld hv benched bacca for lapadula, they just keep thinking of ways to criticize the coach


Montella is a very annoying person for his stubbornness and i hope he learns before its too late because getting the 6th place is still in our hand. I wont feel sorry for him if he gets sacked though because you can’t continue to play Pasalic ahead of Loca and expect some consolation.

King James

so dat’s the reason we have been struggling? last game pasalic was benched for locatelli we still struggled and locatelli was woeful in dat game so u guys shld stop dis unnecessary hatred on pasalic


Would rather see Gabbia ahead of Zap zap.
Would be interesting to see Vangioni though. I think he could be decent if he did not play as FB because his defensive skills are mad. In a bad way.


I hope we won’t sign “Pasalic-The-Vanishing-Cream” in the summer that guy should go straight back to Chelsea. That’s Locatelli’s spot that Montella is giving. I hope we won’t sign Kessie but rather Baselli, Badelj or Tielemens. We need a Regista not another box-to-box


It would be better if Locatelli would focus on dictating play then cutting, tackling let’s just get a defensive mid to do that for him or rather play him as a Mezzala (Pasalic position) then that’s when we will see his best attributes.


Comment: Every one has turned to a coach overnight. Now there are so many suggestions and I don’t know what to report to him(Montella). Well even if Nicklas Bendtner plays and we get 3 points, i’ll be super happy Forza milan

Ahmad A Y A

I suport montella and i hope this change formation to lead a 3 point a hade atlanta and others but player like pasalic poli ocampos i don’t like

Shehu mustapha

Seriously some Milan fans are annoying, how can you guys want the club to sack montella?, every coach has his troubles but the guy is perfect for Milan, if Milan sack him and he goes to juve or Roma, I bet u all will blame Milan for sacking him,just look at allegri and mihajlovic, they are doing a wonderful job at their respective club

King James

even Inzaghi


Montella changes formation ???

Maybe our coach finally spending all dis week to read


Whats wrong with Prandelli. Why milan not take him?


Back to 433 lol