Team news: Milan were without Ignazio Abate, Andrea Bertolacci, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo and Patrick Cutrone. Palermo had to do without the banned Alessandro Gazzi as well as without Slobodan Rajković Carlos Embaló and Stefan Silva. Kickoff time was 15:00 CET.

Goals: Suso (6′), Pasalic (19′), Bacca (37′), Deulofeu (70′).
Red card: González (83′).

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Davide Calabria, Cristian Zapata, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Juraj Kucka, Jose Sosa (59′ Manuel Locatelli), Mario Pasalic; Suso (72′ Luca Antonelli), Carlos Bacca, Gerard Deulofeu (75′ Gianluca Lapadula).
Unused: Storari, Plizzari, Honda, Ocampos, M. Fernandez, G. Gomez, Poli, Vangioni, Paletta.

U.S. Città di Palermo (3-4-1-1) – Diego López
Andrea Fulignati; Edoardo Goldaniga (67′ Aleksandar Trajkovski), Giancarlo González, Siniša Anđelković; Andrea Rispoli, Mato Jajalo, Bruno Henrique (54′ Roland Sallai), Ivaylo Chochev, Giuseppe Pezzella; Alessandro Diamanti; Ilija Nestorovski.
Unused: Posavec, Marson, Vitiello, Cionek, Aleesami, Balogh, Sunjic, Ruggiero, Morganella, Lo Faso.

Referee: Marco Di Bello.

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Great lineup but only thing that I can’t understand is why is Pasalic getting so many minutes?? Locatelli should play instead of him…

Not to mention Loca is our player, homegrown and he is better than Pasalic.


Pasalic has montella’s sextape with galliani. Thats the most logical reason why he keeps on playing

Mathijs Savicevic



I don’t get why we play Pasalic either, its not like he’s a match winner or someone of importance to the team, all we’re doing is bringing him along for Chelsea at the expense of our own players mostly Loca


He keeps loca for the upcoming derby i guess


What does Montella see in Pasalic? I really don’t understand. This has gone really too far. And I’m Croatian like he is.


You too?
Od kud si? :)


Zg. Suso ubija. :)


Takoder :)
Ma falio nam je jako.

(Yes, we have missed Suso a lot)


samo jako…i ostavi se pašalića, nije Loca ništa bolji. Druga stvar što bi svi to željeli jer je domaći i mlad…Treba bit realan


Hey Croatians, did you liked your last national game? :D (Estonian here)


Problem je sto Pasalic nije nas igrac a Locatelli je. Milan nije klub za razijanje tudih igraca.

That was grrat performance by Estonia but a shamefull from Croatia – our national team is similar to Netherlands – we both have great players but as a team we are 0.

Mathijs Savicevic

The Netherlands havent got by far the quality like the Croatians do.

Netherlands have an overrated team.


Cant have party without DJ bonadinho


How come milan struggle against all dis relegation teams! As for pasalic, I think montella just likes d boy becos he’s not half as gud as locatelli but d coach knows best. One reason though is dat locatelli n Sosa can’t play on d left side MF, day leaves us with just mati n pasalic in bonna’s absence…Dats y pasalic is getting more playing time n mati is just returning to action….lets hope with suso back n Calabria on d right we can strike a balance to win dis match. Forza milan


Comment:Lets just see what the scoreline will be after 90minutes




Thank god Suso is back


Suso is really having fun!


Comment:are u seeing what i am seeing?


Finally Pasalic pays the trust he got


By doing…… what? Tapping in a great ball from Suso. And even fumbling at that.

Suso is vital for us, he seems to have been rejuvesomething (forgot the word). We should tie up his contract fast else he will leave.


Comment:inter is two goals down so our 6th spot should be sure for this week


…and Pasalic says, ‘Hi’ to you…


I say hi back.
Go back to Chelsea you vanishing kid


Any streaming link?


meanwhile Crotone 2-0 Inter


Calabria is really explosive player and can cross. One of better performes until now


Calabria has better crossing than Abate




Wow 3:0…
Suprising… Keep it up!!


Great first 45 minutes, this is how it should look. Energetic, full of running, creative.
Suso and Calabria are combining to great effect on the flank, and are both the best players on the pitch. Deulofeu is looking mediocre so far, which hasn’t much to do with him, only the fact that the team as a whole is looking great so far.
Let’s keep it up!


To all the pasalic haters he might not be one of our better players but he does score and he covered the most distance of all players so no need for all the hate! He actually been pretty good today


I actually like him, he makes alot of good attacking runs, he is in the box for crosses BUT he needs to be more involved in midefield.


I say hi.

He covered the most distance in one game in the whole season?
How wonderful.
Seen Loca? He just stands around? Loca covers many times the ground Pasalic does.
Occasional lucky goals does not make you a starter. It makes you a sub.


For me Loca should definitely start over Pašalic, and I actually would like to see Locatelli as mezzala. But I think that Pašalic has promise to “explode” but he really does disapear in games. Altough he has been very good today.


I cannot disagree to that. That is also my main problem with Pasalic. He does not deserve to start with one good game.
Such players should be super-sub and used when there is no other option.
Definitely should not start over Loca.


yes I agree too I prefer locatelli.. but hey pasalic isn’t that bad as many of you make him to be and he actually scores important goals remember the 1 he scored when we were with 9 men against I forgot who.. and the penalty against juve? theres no need to bash this guy hes not one of our best but cmon hes not that bad either lol


crotone vs inter 2:0 :D


It’s a good performance. I see only Deulofeu underperform, but the right wing is more attacking-minded with Calabria and Suso. Great assist by the young talent (Calabria). The 2nd half will be a save of energy i think, but i want one more goal. This round seems really good for us.


Calabria should teach de sciglio how to cross the ball


Comment:i think we can bring in hond and lapa to rest suso and del


Yes cos the next is inter merda


Herh Bacca.This guy should be sold in the Summer.Lapadula innnnnn


I did not expect this scoreline at the start of the match.
We must continue like this, not shut off in the next match.

Hopefully Crotone will hold the lead.


Comment:del and msd just answered y’all
calabria+suso del+msd


Comment:i was expecting lapa and honda not antonelli


By the way, I will take a moment off from my Pasalic-bashing and ask a question.
Doesn’t the 6th spot stay open this year for Europa playoffs if A CL team (Rube) wins the Coppa?


it does, but we would have to start our season really early because we would be in the payoffs before we can go to the group stages.


Thanks mate.


even if lazio wins the coppa, if they still hold europa league qualification via the league table… we still go to europa via 6th position…
but i see us going all the way to 4th position come end of season….
anyone else think this too??


if don’t slip then I belive in that


It’s only 3 points off, with a game against Atalanta.

Bring on the derby!


Think Montella did the right substitutions today, got it spot-on. Pasalic was good in this game, despite his goal which is nice. Expect Loca to start next though with Pasalic missing due to suspension. Nice to see Antonelli back, and Bacca and Lapa seemed to combine nicely with each other. It’s funny that for once when we win by a big margin, I feel that we could’ve scored much more, especially Bacca, but he didnt really have his scoring boots on. Hopefully they will be on for our next big game.
Keep it up ragazzi, andiamo! Forza Milan!


Made sweeter by Crotone beating shinter.
If Crotone can beat them, we must thrash them :D


yes!!!….for the First time this season,we won by that goal margin……..forza milan!!!…..
i see us in Europe already!!!!!


A good win that I can’t remember when last we won by this margin. I hope Montella realises on time that Kucka is an essential ingredient of this team. Forza Milan!


Comment: I am so happy today
but i wanted honda to play as a sub for suso
lapa+bacca gets my 100%


First game I miss in weeks and we win 4-0. Anyway, great victory AND Intermerde lost to Crotone – what a day :)


Maybe u ought to start missing more matches. For the sake of Milan.

Mathijs Savicevic

Whahahahahahahaha same here hahahahaha


With what Milan diplayed today, win against inter for next match will surely happen.


Pasalic should be sign permanently. He got 4goals already if am right

Carlo Gambino

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We won and guess WHAT!

I still think this is a pathetic TEAM, disgusting team.

What? One win? And eveyrthing is good again? We will LOSE NEXT GAME. MARK MY WORDS, thumb down as MUCH as you can, just MARK MY WORDS we will lose next game. So dont hype this win.

Still disgusting players, disgusting coach, disgusting management!



If only i could down vote you more than one time, smh…


U have too many personal issues son. For that kind of negativity


You want them to lose. Gives you reasons to come here and rant and rave without every making any sense. Montella is staying Sheva. Its time to start saying your goodbyes.


Forza milan, kindly add me on 07081220177, nigeria! Not a bad game! One thing I’m enjoying abt dis even when it doesn’t work fine is dat we start d game from d goalkeeper, no useless or senseless long balls, with some little more effort, 4th place is not out of reach


Footballitalia said *Bacca nodded one in, though could’ve had a hat-trick with chances he wasted*

Nothing stop him to score 5 goals today if he’s a sharp striker,, but I weep for montella with his stubbornness by not benching the mother fucker

Coach Seedorf

Great win by Milan today. First really convincing win this season and for a long time now. I hope we win all our remaining games this season so that Sheva won’t have to make any negative comments again on this blog


New owners need to do the following:
– extend contracts with:
– Donnarumma
– Suso
– Romagnoli
Buy Deulfeuo and Aubemeyang

King James

yeah, aubameyang instead of benzema or we can go for morata instead

Mathijs Savicevic

Good result. Tanked some self confidence and Inter lost confidence.

John richie

Comment:Forza millan


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Comment:+2348170673423….well played guys!


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