Donnarumma and Bacca furious at the end of the controversial defeat to Juve: “It’s not possible, it’s always them!”

Gianluigi Donnarumma reacting against the assistant referee at the end of Juventus-Milan at the Juventus Stadium on the 10th of March 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma reacting against the assistant referee at the end of Juventus-Milan at the Juventus Stadium on the 10th of March 2017. (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Carlos Bacca had to be physically stopped by coach Montella from attacking referee Davide Massa after the game while Gianluigi Donnarumma kissed the Milan crest at the Juventus Stadium and shouted ‘it is always them!’

Milan were seconds away from getting a draw at the Juventus Stadium but referee Davide Massa had other plans.

The Imperia-born referee awarded Juventus a very, very questionable penalty in the 97′ minute, which gave Paulo Dybala the opportunity to make it 2-1 and give Juve a 31st consecutive win at home, leaving Milan empty handed despite a good effort and in particular a stunning performance from Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Donnarumma didn’t take the loss easy and as he walked off the pitch, he yelled at the referees and after kissing the Milan badge on his shirt (see the YouTube video below) inside a stadium full of Bianconeri fans dreaming of him replacing Gigi Buffon in their goal in the future, he was caught on camera saying to himself: “It’s not possible. It’s always them!” referring to the fact that Juventus’ name has always been tied with questionable and controversial referring decisions.

Gigio was far from the only player angry at the referee but the one who took his anger the furthest is Carlos Bacca, who was replaced in the 54′ minute due to an injury. The Colombian tried to confront Massa but had to be physically stopped by Montella & Galliani; he cursed at the ref, as the video above shows, and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, he’s at risk of facing a ban for his actions.

It has to be said, however, that while the penalty in the last moment was non-existent, Juve deserved a penalty earlier when Zapata fouled Dybala (Montella addressed it in his post-match interviews) while Milan’s goal was scored from an offside position, although as La Gazzetta points out, it’s impossible, without using cameras, to see that Bacca’s foot was in fact offside.

Milan now have to move on and they face Genoa next Saturday at Stadio San Siro. The Rossoneri are currently in 7th place with 50 points and they will have to work extra hard to make Europe.

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F*** Italian Referees. Italian league the worst ever. Why always juve. Massa is dead. Juve cheat sent Lecce into relegation seasons ago. Am tired of juve winning with red card and penalty always. No wonder they can’t win the champions League bcos no Italian Referees for them. Forza Milan but why no suso last night?


Barca had some help the other day from the ref’s …lots of help. I don’t think it would be fair to say that Italian ref’s are the worst.


Suso injured


Well, at least its Nice to know donna and bacca are loyal and here to stay. No mercenaries would go bonkers attacking match officials like that.
Dont worry donna, u’ll get ur revenge like baresi did decades ago


exactly…..i see one very possitive from game….donnaruma kiss milan badge and show to juve fans where he belong… those cheaters can look somewhere else for new keeper
forza milan………donnaruma is our future captain…….


Comment:what is really happening in Italy y all this favourism.colina was really missed. I thank all Milan Fan’s things will be OK soon forza Milan

Mr mark

We did my well big up milan


is matter of time, they will never win the champion league, cos they re 11 on the pitch nd always they play with 12 players because referee is with them, stupid juve stupid italian officiating. Naturally milan re italian heroes not juve. shamed on them.


Comment:I love Milan up donna


Donnarumma thank you for the saves and thank you for kissing that shirt in front of all Rubentus stadium. You are a true leader and Milanista and I hope that I will see you with an armband very soon, you deserve it! Forza Gigio! Forza MILAN!

lawan milan

honestly speaking l don’t seen juve as a giant team because always they use reffery as a way of winning the big march that is why they can’t do anything in CL shame on you juve useless team


Is better now to look for favours in the champions league than serie a. .You still don’t learn from the relegation years back because of such things..Forza Milan. .Juve thumbs down..

lawan milan

Comment: l hate juve you can’t do anything in CL useless team Milan for life

Milanisti Indonesia

Donna kiss the crest in front of J stadium is the sweetest thing after the defeat.. Hope this is a sign that he will not go there and stay with us.. I love u even more Donnaaa…! Take number 1 shirt in Milan and make the club retire it on your name.. It would be a badass to retire number 1 in a mighty club like Milan! You will be remembered more than Buffon!


I Hope Donna is OUR future. And he will be one of the best Keepers in the World. I dont know if we can hold him forever but it would Marvellous. But no Bad words towards buffon. He is the greatest keeper italy has ever had and he won us the world Championship (remember his safe of zidanes header)

Forza Milan

Milanisti Indonesia

Buffon is the only player that I reapect in Juve… Previously, I respect Nedved and Del piero a lot… You know, the old days were the golden era of loyalty… Now, it’s all about money and the era for a gol digger like Raiola…

Milan Boy

Well done Donna and Bacca, please let us brace up and go eight match unbeaten run and book a place for Europe.


As much as everyone me included are furious with what seems to be an obvious favouritism towards Juventus I can’t help but feel a great deal of optimism going forward and I’d like to point out why we shouldn’t be dwelling on the fact we were robbed last night but instead look to the future What happened last night should give us a huge amount of courage to kick on and start believing in ourselves Donnaruma was a hero last night and showed to me that he’s the best keeper in the world and at only 18 years of age… Read more »


Comment:thank u @ nas


Italian Serie A referees are so embarrassing! juBe players act like they were winning champions league which they will never win champion league with this kind of mentality!


Donnarumma said it best “It’s not possible. It’s always them!” I love him even more after last night. Even Bacca’s growing on me with his passion after the “referee” finally decided to blow the whistle once Jube had scored.

For the love of the game

Honestly speaking, it’s not like a penalty hasn’t been given in similar circumstances. Arguably De Sciglio’s hand was in what was considered an unnatural position, and these types of penalties have been given before. If the shoe was on the other foot, and a penalty wasn’t given, we’d be complaining that a clear penalty wasn’t given, no?


I think most of us are complaining about the game going on after it should’ve been stopped. They got to have their final attack which most teams get, but after Donnas super save and Romagnoli cleared it, it should’ve been over, but the ref allowed them ANOTHER attack, and thats where the penalty came from. I didnt complain much about the hand ball, most that the game was already over. However, most experts in italy came to a general consensus that the penalty was incorrect and shouldnt have been given.


Er, no because not only should the whistle have been blown half an hour beforehand but it obviously wasn’t a penalty.


Juventus would always be the old lady while we are milansti and would always be. Matter of time the real Champs of Italian football would be back and stronger. Forza Milano


Grande Gigio and grande Bacca. Clearly understand their frustration. @Nas summed it up perfectly, and I want to think that after a game like this, it will serve as more of a fuel to the team, knit them more together and make them feel more attached to our shirt. More of an “us against the world”-feel, which will make it even sweeter when we get back on top.
We will bounce back hopefully, even stronger! Forza Milan!


Comment: I was damn sad last night not particularly cuz if the dubious penalty but cuz of some referees I had missed like Collina, and Roberto Rossetti. was also sad cuz the actions of Davide Massa and the rest of the officiating will make the rest of the world now see the Italian referees different as per the reputation they had some years ago as the best referees in the world. but in all cases, Milan till death.


There’s a good reason why every other team in Italy calls Juve ladri (Thieves). There’s also a big reason why these bastids cannot win anything in Europe… just look at how many pens they’ve won in Italy and how many they’ve conceded, there’s plenty to indicate that refs in Italy favor them over opponents.
With all the injustices they’ve gained over all other teams, the way I see it, unless Juve are able to trigger buyout clauses, no other serie A team will ever sell to these thieves ever again.


Comment:Juve are jst like barca….no doubt!!


At least barca are winning some matches with there strengths but juventus always win with referee help, f*** Italian ref and the league, I wish I could moved my darling Milan to other league