Team news: Juventus were without the banned Juan Cuadrado as well as without Giorgio Chiellini, Paolo De Ceglie, Federico Mattiello, Rolando Mandragora, Stefano Sturaro and Mario Mandzukic. Milan had to do without Ignazio Abate, Giacomo Bonaventura, Riccardo Montolivo, Keisuke Honda, Patrick Cutrone as well as without Manuel Locatelli who was originally in the squad but in the end, due to a flu, is unable to play and isn’t even on the bench. Kickoff time was 20:45 CET.

Goals: Benatia (30′), Bacca (43′), Dybala (97′, pk).
Red card: Jose Sosa (92′).

Juventus F.C. (4-2-3-1) – Massimiliano Allegri
Gianluigi Buffon; Andrea Barzagli (46′ Stephan Lichtsteiner), Leonardo Bonucci, Medhi Benatia (78′ Daniele Rugani), Kwadwo Asamoah; Sami Khedira, Miralem Pjanic; Dani Alves, Paulo Dybala, Marko Pjaca (89′ Moise Kean); Gonzalo Higuain.
Unused: Neto, Audero, Alex Sandro, Marchisio, Lemina, Rincon.

AC Milan (4-3-3) – Vincenzo Montella
Gianluigi Donnarumma; Cristian Zapata, Gabriel Paletta, Alessio Romagnoli, Mattia De Sciglio; Mario Pasalic (70′ Andrea Poli), Jose Sosa, Andrea Bertolacci; Gerard Deulofeu, Carlos Bacca (54′ Juraj Kucka), Lucas Ocampos (90′ Leonel Vangioni).
Unused: Storari, Plizzari, Antonelli, Calabria, Gomez, Mati Fernandez, Lapadula, Suso.

Referee: Davide Massa.

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Apache i cant wait for u to do what u hav to do…. deal with that mother fucker


I swear I’m gonna do it bcos if I don’t they won’t stop cheating other clubs for Juve

Osama Bilal Gaddafi

Comment:Montella marked all Juventus player but forget to mark the reffere as wel


try to cool my heads but it seem impossible. the fact that it just moment away to get some short of result and milan just lost it to controversy. again at J stdm. snd thats stupid divebala comment just showering fire with gasoline. it not that milan love to protest against ref. it is a fact that juve always get the favor over the past 6 years at their home. and it never a small favor. It always a game changer and most of it always a ridiculous. So? juve can robe point all over serie A. but they’ll never… Read more »


How if all Italian team make new league without Jupe? Let Jupe stick alone in old serie A, so they could always be a champion all the time. For the good of Italian football.


Juve can win serie A title as many as they want by sucking up ref…. But they never win CL because barca has sucked it better ….. LOL


Calm down guys..i think our beloved milan is progressing really well in the term of playing, result will come with the times flowing..romagnoli, donnaruma,deulofeu(we must buy him), de sciglio,our main problem is still in the midfield, but I think montella is doing really well,he can become our ferguson, forza milan forever


With all these red cards and penalties, i think montella idolizes wenger more


Gutted after this result, despite not creating enough chances I think we definately deserved a draw, we rode or luck first 15 mins of both halves but we finished strongly in both halves, can any juve fan honestly tell us that we would have gotten a penalty if it happened to us even in the San Siro against them?! Not likely. Every decision they got tonite huguain dybala surrounding the ref for yellow cards. And dybala having the neck after the match for all teams to come up with a better excuse than refs helping them win leagues, well it’s… Read more »


Actually, I think Deulofeu deserves to be a starter in this team, not a backup. I’d say when bona returns, play him in midfield again, because for much of the night him and Bacca were our only goal threats. You’ve got to understand what this guy brings the team.


1) these senseless penalties and red cards are cold hard proofs that milan players dont have right mental approach to the game. Never mind technical and tactical aspects. Not even every barca or madrid matches are guaranteed to have penalties awarded.
2) milan are 3 players and bonadinho away to challenge juve, let alone competing in serious competition like ucl.
3) im sick of bacca scoring every match. I think i’d run over an orphan or kitten or puppy, whichever i find first, on the street if bacca ever scores again. Starting next match.


We are the side who has faced most penalties in the league this season.
This is sad 🙁

And yesssss sell Bacca! He is useless! I’ll kill some random dude on GTA V next time Bacca scores!


Yes..beside midfield..mental is another problem


1) oh no here we go again…
2) dunno maybe if we buy Deulofeu and bona returns we’ll be a midfielder away… I really don’t know (btw we also need our full backs healthy, despite Zapata actually having a solid match).
3) wat


If Gattuso was on the pitch, or even as the coach, the ref would have knife slashes on him. But that aside, loved that Donna kissed the Milan badge after the match in Juve Stadium. They can dream on about replacing Buffon with Donna, but that is not going to happen. Not after this. Also, his comments to the media, that it is always the Juve who get these decision. On another point, Pasalic had no damn clue about what to do on the pitch. I know many of you think I just hate Pasalic for no reason, but just… Read more »


Guys stop bashing Montella for playing for a draw. Let’s be realistic we were never going to out score the juve attack without worrying about defending.

And if ur going to blame our defense for the penalty u might as well blame Donna for the worst goal kick ever which gifted them possession in the 94th minute.


Juventus vs Donnarumma
The match is over. Let’s get to the next.


juventus are cheats,we were given an additional 4 minutes,but the ref refused to blow on the 94th minutes after buffon was to take a goal kick,which he eventually passed to one his defenders……..shouldn’t the ref have blown then………


“I didn’t sit here complaining about penalties against Udinese.” — Allegri. Right… the problem, Max, wasn’t just the non-existent penalty, it was the fact the match was over but we had to keep playing. Dybala says we’re still complaining about a “ghost goal” 6 years ago, well if Juventus had a “ghost whistle” like last night they’d be complaining for the next 12 years. Typical Jube though I guess. It’s 2006 all over again. Oh, and Allegri, you say we shouldn’t complain “this is football” but the difference is your sh**ty team are clear at the top of the table… Read more »


Some headless rats are just here to rant.

Montella had a Toyota to race against Ferrari and i still read some mischievous comments about playing for draw.

I’m no1 Juve hater since yesterday and i’ve gone hard on my Juve fan friend. Their bribery would still be exposed and demoted to Serie D where they belong. Bunkers!!!


Bits and pieces:
*Bacca is our best scorer, leave him one on one it’s a goal, unless we find someone who already scores as much as Bacca, irreplaceable.
*keep Deulofeu.
*wow! Zapata was solid! I mean, it’s expected from Palleta, but Zapata solid as left back?
*Donna man of the match.
*keep Deulofeu.
*Pasalic maybe is talented but nowhere near ready.
*I love Kucka and Sosa.
*keep Deulofeu.


Dipchan Bedasie

Its weird that this article did not mention Zapata foul on Dybala in the box and Bacca’s offside goal. I also hav one question, when you defend with your hand in the air, if the ball hits your hand is it not a freekick or penalty? if this is the case then what is the controversy here. If you go by the letter of the rule, the referee made the right decision. I could understand if his hand was by his side and they got angry for that, but De Scigio’s hand was in the air. He was also lucky… Read more »


Juve have been cheating for decades. I read book about history of serie a in 98 (superga tragedy etc) and even then there’re already plenty of cases of “money politics” by juve. And of course, 97/98 season (and so on) happened. Juve – inter match was the most blatant proof of juve cheating. Also, zeman of roma accused super fit juve of doping and guess what? Their doctors were sent to jail but figc didnt Take away their scudetti. I havent even mention what they did in ’70 and ’80. So yeah, juve cheats. Thats axiom every seria follower has… Read more »


There’s no point arguing with mindless Jube fans like Dipsh*t Bedasie who seem to think extra time needs more extra time if they haven’t scored yet.

King zion

What foul on diveala,Zapata didn’t touch him,diveala put his foot onto Zapata foot to try and get a pk…you blind Juventus fans will always be behind The Two clubs of Milan, Mark my words the next Italian club to win champions league is going to be a club from MILAN

King zion

Even the commentators on espn said that was not a Pk, you are a Juventus fan get the f*ck out of our blog SPY


Bacca’s offside goal?Men didn’t know a human being could stoop this low. Both goals from Juve were ref assisted, Benetia was clearly off and we know what happened with the imaginary penalty.
Having said that you may have gotten the points but our team will benefit from this in the long run, you will never win the UCL where there will be no ref assistance. I hope you now understand why you dominate in Italy but fall really short in Europe. We have nothing to be ashamed of.

solid the L-Giver

I saw nothing wrong with the match but I feel like that ball was going to the hand intentionally, no aim whatsoever from that right back!!!

Dipchan Bedasie

@Milan10, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. Listen son, it seems you are only but a few years old. I urge you to read up on totonero and then talk about cheating clubs. I have to say as a Juvefan I respect Milan a lot even their players, I loved watching the likes of Seedorf, Sheva, Pippo, Maldini, Costacurta, Boban, Kaka, Rikaard, Gullit, etc but the younger Milan fans show their age with the stupid comments they make. Ask any true Juventini or Milanista, we respect each other clubs the same way, and probably hate inter the same… Read more »


Yeah i know totonero scandal and milan had been punished severely for it. Problem is, juve almost never have to endure such punishment. If it wasnt for whistle blowers inter, juve wouldnt been gone unpunished for their disgraceful calciopoli. And only immature bunch use word “son” to call other to gain some sense of authority. Who are u kidding? U probably dont even know who moeller or kohler were without looking it up on internet.
Yes the penalty was penalty but it was awarded in 95-96th minute when the added time was only 4 min.
Its juventino not juventini btw


Hey hey @bedasie take it easy boy… can you ask your president why cameras on juve field only shows other teams in striaght lines when it comes to offside decisions!!! and when it comes to juve on benatia case it shows it from the back or from an angle? and not straight, one time they said it’s because the way they situated the cameras, well go ask who ordered that. you talking about milan in the 80’s when all teams used to cheat around the world. now you have all that technology you need in the world and still in… Read more »

Milan Boy

@ Dipchan Bedasie. I respect your opinion but it really feels bad if you are always on the other side of the referee’s decision. Allegri cried foul as our coach when he was denied the goal that gave juve the scudetto. to see them same team on the receiving end of a controversial penalty after added time had been exhausted raises more questions. It is hard to deny that referee love juve apparently because their colour is closest to their uniform, the only team that should enjoy as much preference as juve is Udinese but they don’t have so much… Read more »


Why are these rogue Juve fans here, why is the admin not deleting their statements? This isnt Serie A blog, this is For Us By Us (FUBU) so stop coming here.

Listen up,

You can always cheat ur ways out in Serie A and have more scudeto but you will never win the Champions League again, U can spend a billion euro but you will never win it bcos ur bribery wont work with Uefa. I lost every respects for you bandits since yesterday and get out if here fools. I hate you so much now.


let him stay and we hear what he has to say and we answer him back, any1 should be welcome here. even if they are juve fans. he doesn’t know that most teams around europe and not only italy does not like them because they cheat. and laugh at them because they cannot do it in europe when it comes to champions league. and the poor boy still wondering why it’s hard for juve to win that trophy. he’s lost and am sure he says to himself( is it bcz we cheat in italy or no!!! it cannot be!!! or… Read more »

Dipchan Bedasie

Hey Milan10, a few corrections: – it is not 4 minutes additional time, it is a minimum of 4 minutes additional time – The penalty was awarded in 94:19 minutes. You may see – The referee only added on the time that Sosa wasted when he received his second yellow card for a ridiculous challenge that he should not have made. He could have done what Poli did. – No one here have admitted that Dybala should have been awarded a penalty in the first half. I believe we should make our views without being ignorant and that is… Read more »


1) its 4 m max not 4 m min. So by ur logic the game couldve gone on until 120th min? Nah 2) so its beyond 4 min right? 3) dybala tried to make contact with zapata’s foot tripping himself neymar style not the other way around. I get ur point though; bad decisions happen, either we can accept it and move on or not. To be quite honest, i accept that better team on that day won. I didnt even complain about the handball itself. But one must be blindly subjective if he thinks juve, or italian football in… Read more »


DIPCHAN BEDASIE……..My God will punish you……..SURELY



Milan Boy

@Dipchan Bedasie. I like the quality of your presentations and you make valuable points, but the fact is that it is VERY difficult to accept as a Milan fan when calls like this go against you when playing juve, more so when in the same season you have similar calls virtually against all the big rivals. For once seria a is united against juve because Inter Roma etc suffered the same fate. I was surprised to see our perennial rival inter, identify with us, it was the height of it and it difficult to believe that juve does not influence… Read more »

Dipchan Bedasie

, very true just regarding the same season thing just like Pjanic’s perfectly good goal ruled out earlier this season. So we can agree on that point.

Dipchan Bedasie

BTW, Italy and Serie A needs a strong Milan and Juve, not one but both at the same time


Our run-in isn’t too bad. But we need to make our games against Shinter and Atalanta count. And hopefully compete with Roma at home

Shinter have a couple of tricky games yet: to us, Fiorentina, and Napoli in succession, then hopefully a heavy defeat to Lazio in the penultimate round.

Atalanta still have to play Roma and Juve before facing us

Lazio also have yet to play Napoli, Roma and Fiorentina before Shinter.


fans complaining about montella tactics & selections……..please what do you have on d bench? even that OCAMPOS is shitty and a SCAM…….if we had 2 to 3 solid high caliber players on d bench wud have said he fucked up but NO…….APACHE am behind u 100/100……….i only watch MILAN in serie A cos dats d only club i know….love & bleed for…….d league itself was dead & long gone over the years……….no TV right, Sponsorship……its not even Air anywhere than d low quality graphic display RAI Italia…….no one wants to waste time & resources showing a league with dilapidated stadiums…..some… Read more »