Galliani: “Donnarumma’s birthday gift? I’ll give him a pen…”, Raiola: “A renewal? I want to see what Milan will become”

Gianluigi Donnarumma during Torino-Milan at Stadio Olimpico di Turin on the 16th of January 2017 (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)
Gianluigi Donnarumma during Torino-Milan at Stadio Olimpico di Turin on the 16th of January 2017 (Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images)

Mino Raiola refuses to say whether Gianluigi Donnarumma will sign a new contract or not while Adriano Galliani says he will ‘give him a pen and see what happens’ after the boy turned 18.

Donnarumma turned 18-years-old on Saturday and after celebrating on the pitch with three points at the Mapei Stadium, he also had a celebration at the Pulley Grill & Club in Milano.

His teammates, friends and family were all present as were Milan CEO Adriano Galliani and Donnarumma’s agent Mino Raiola. And so naturally, the press asked the most pressing question when it comes to Gigio: will the Italy international extend his contract with Milan?

“I’m happy for Gigio who celebrates his birthday and it’s also Kucka’s birthday,” Galliani, who is still in charge of things at Milan, told the press. “If Donnarumma is one of the most beautiful things in recent years? Oh absolutely. He is a great kid and he has given a lot to Milan. A gift for him? He made us so many gifts and so many saves… I will give him a Cartier pen and see what happens…”

Raiola, meanwhile, once again said that he doesn’t know what the future holds for Donnarumma, who has announced his love for Milan on multiple occasions, saying it depends on the new Milan.

“A most beautiful birthday for Gigio? Who am I to contradict Galliani? I believe he spoke from the heart,” Raiola said to the journalists. “Surely this guy has important values from the human point of view. Did I expect this growth? Let’s say that in Italy it is difficult that a guy could make his debut at his age. I know many things, but it’s hard to predict the future. We do not know.

“We made a pact to leave him in peace, indeed, not to talk about it, and we will put this rule in place. Is he staying in Milan? I have not heard anything from the new Milan, for me Milan is represented by Galliani so I have nothing to talk about with the new Milan. If he wants to stay? The boy goes his way and I go mine, these are clear agreements, so I have to look to the future and its possibilities, then the choice is made by the players themselves. I think it is only right for me to see what Milan will be.

Adriano Galliani and Mino Raiola together in a car in Barcelona on the 26th of August 2010 (JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images)
Adriano Galliani and Mino Raiola together in a car in Barcelona on the 26th of August 2010 (JOSEP LAGO/AFP/Getty Images)

“It is the most important question that you have not asked, you are focusing on renewal and you don’t know what Milan will be. No one will be able to tell, much less me than Milan themselves, if indeed the deal comes through. Until you see the new ownership and I begin to talk to them I cannot have a clear idea. Does he deserve a great Milan? No, he deserves a great team.

“I’m not married to anyone; my job is not to be a fan of a team. I was a while ago because my family is from Naples and they forced ne but then I met Corrado Ferlaino [the former Napoli owner who ripped him off] and I removed this habit…” concluded Raiola, who also represents Balotelli and Ibra.

Every now and then there are rumours in the press about alleged demands that Raiola has made for Donna’s new contract but so far official negotiations haven’t started; it’s the Chinese’s first mission.

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Don’t just try your nonsense tricks with us because you are full of games. Leave Milanrumma in peace to enjoy his career in Milan.


You dont make sense. On the other hand, you want poli, bertolacci, bonaventura, mati and all the other crap on the team, and you simple think, praying to god is the road for success, and at the same you want a potenial world class goalkeeper to stick with a team where bonaventura poli and bertolacci is supposed to lead the way. LMAO, are you for real? Would you stay at your job, if you got half the salary you get now? (I dont even think you have a job, considering your solution to everything is ” god, god, god, god… Read more »


I don’t know who is worse – Galianni or Raiola…


“Does he deserve a great Milan? No, he deserves a great team.” u my dear sir are fat scumbag


Seriously UEFA and FIFA governing body should come up with some rules and regulations to stop these greedy agents from blackmailing……these agents have and are destroying the beautiful game we called football…..with so much money these days, comes uninvited attentions and pressures on young lads hence affecting their growth and performances….


Niang already kicked him out….. next, donnaruma!


Seriously, Donnarumma, with all his heart and commitment to our shirt, he shouldn’t have Mino as his agent. However, Mino tends to listen to his clients, so if Donnarumma wants the contract, he will get it. I hope that Galliani and Berlu will give him the contract as a great parting gift, just as Sir Alex Ferguson made De Gea one of the best goalkeepers in the world, before he retired, who has saved them on multiple occasions during their transition period. I hope the same will happen with Donnarumma. Well, with our without Berlu and Galliani, I hope he… Read more »


Mino got his point. If Gigio is not in the great team, which of course meant by team that play in Champions or at least Europa, how can He becomes Italia’s no.1 GK that play at World Cup or Euro. He should get use to face up in the match with player like Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Lewandowski, etc. I think if Gigio doesn’t move to Inter or Juve, i will still support that boy. However i believe that He is staying at Milan till end of his carreer, just like Maldini


really agree with your’s opinion

Daniel Pramudita

Though we don’t like his opinion, as an agent Raiola’s doing what he should. He works for Gigio, not for Milan, so he chooses what he think the best for Gigio. In the end he will let Gigio choose.
Let’s hope Gigio choose Maldini’s path..


It is obvious that Donnarumma’s heart is with Milan. Agents are like cancer. I mean Donna getting 2.5 millions is more than fair for an 18 year old. He still has a 20 year playing career ahead of him and will make a lot of money. I am sure Donna will remain with Milan though.


money is not the problem my friend, but winnings are the problem. He needs achievment as a proffesional player


I read that Raiola wanted to get Donna 5 millions a season and that Milan are willing to offer 2.5 millions. I am not sure how accurate that report is.


yes sure, that fat agent thought he could get that amount of salary from madrid or city, and take 60-75% of it to his pocket. That’s his job, he got rich by doing it. Anyway, Gigio is not that type of person that can be lure away that easy with money. He is surely 1000% stays at Milan, if Milan reinforces.


Raiola is a cunning bag of diabetis. Even so, truth is that he provides his players best terms. After all it all depends on Gigio. Pogba wanted ManU and he got it, if Gigio wants to stay, he will stay. It would be a sad day for football if Gigio leave Milan.


Holy…wood!!! They should make a movie about mino…. like jerry maguire kind of things, i mean… this guy is marvelous…. marvelous full of sh*t !


donnaruma is exceptional but that paparazzi agent of his is too greedy.if Donna wanna stay he will…minalista for life

Muhammad Khairulizat

Up to you to choose, whether is it good or not? But think of it clearly ok?! I support Ac Milan


raiola is truly a scumbag leave our legend alone


I remember the story about Inzaghi’s renewal one time. His agent was blackmailing Milan in order to squeeze more from them. So Pippo went himself to Galliani and signed new contract without his agent knowing. After that Pippo sacked his agent.

That is what I miss these days in players. If you love this shirt, why you hesitate and let you slimebag agent blackmail. Kick his arse


This is a bad omen… Pirlo got a pen from Galliani too…


Pirlo is a snake

Mathijs Savicevic

Wow wow wow go easy


Yea… pirlo is … in some moment… the most brilliant player played for Milan… but he choose his own path, which is take some grudge to Milan management, and when i heard that he will be juve’s ambassador, i realized that he is not Milan legend anymore…. not one bit

Mathijs Savicevic

I can still not believe why donnarumma thinks he needs raiola? If he wants to stay at milan like he says then he should break with raiola. A contract at milan is just a formality.


If he really loves milan, then he stays with or without a ambitious project. He is just 18, he can survive without european cups for 2-3 years. He is already Italy’s no. 2 without even playing in a euro cup. Also remember that a player is under contract so of course he will speak positive about his club to the media, and then go to his agent and say other things. Players aren’t really die hard fans of the club they play for anymore like in the old days.

Mathijs Savicevic

But if he signs for another club, millions of people will blame him. Then, milan gave him already so much that he actually can not sign for another club.


Surprise surprise and now there is more problems with the take over economic problems i read today…As everyday passes and the take over is closer i get the feeling that the take over is a hoax created by Berlusconi


Donnaruma has to think about his future first and the way I see it, Milan future is unclear. Therefore, if Donnaruma or any of our top players leave I will respect their decision.

Until the so called Chinese take over is completed I will have doubts about this clubs future.

Inter didn’t go through this mess. So something looks dubious here at Milan.

Maybe Milan want their money in bitcoins to evade taxes.

Berlusconi up to his usual dirty politics.

Berlusconi and Galliani are full of trix. Just finish reading the best selling book called the Panama papers. Smh


Closing of the deal slips again as the Chinese dont have the money. The most ridiculous and shameful sporting transaction in history.


Now Sky Sport Italia and Mediaset Premium, among others, are suggesting the closing could be postponed by another 30 days with the payment of €100m.

The problem seems to be that the other investors have pulled out, so Yonghong Li remains the sole backer of Sino-Europe Sports (the holding company that is buying Milan).

Haha, I always knew they were full of sht.


Closing is scr***d.


What have i missed? Milan officially went out today and said that the closing is due to happen this saturday?
Anything happened after that?


As I said two months ago, there are no Chinese….at Milan. Selling the club is just another Berlusconi’s bs. Remember when Berlusca said he’ll make an Italian Milan with young players? Well…we have an Italian Milan. Remember January when we didn’t take Orsolini…well, he’s Italian and young, but it costs money, and that excuse that Chinese didn’t agree to buy the player it’s just hilarious. Remember when Maldini didn’t want to get involved, guess why? Why do you think that Raiola fat is pushing and threatening the club with Donnarumma? Well because he smells something fishy. Chinese are buying players… Read more »


20 years approaching as a Milan fan and I’ve never being as worried as regards this takeover. It hasn’t a notion of happening because if it was we played fiorentina at home and sassuolo away and no word from either G&B about either being their last home or away game in 30years in charge they’d have being a big celebration or something, why are we surprised about this?? It’s not gonna happen


How have we come to this as a club? The most feared team in the world 10 years ago and now we are a mediocre club who are struggling to get into the Europa league. I’m from Ireland but I do wonder how do fans in Italy not get sick of the bullshit they’re telling us last 5 years it’s being nothing but shit, I’d have them assacintated at this stage. I go and watch them 3 times a year and support thrm through thick and thin but it’s gone beyond a joke now


As fans people what are we following now? Are we just gonna be a selling club and strive for mid table? I’m running out of answers, fuck Atalanta have better answers than us


I have to agree with dubfire all this buyout is just a fake thing to ignore the real problem the management of Milan. The management is hopeless and the way are working I am pretty sure we will loose our whatever identity we have as a club.p
No club in the world have any problem with the Chinese. it’s always Milan transfer problem Milan high salary problem Milan injury problem Milan coach problem Milan debt problem Milan…I blame all the above problems we face is due to mismanagment of the club by the directors etc


Hi, what did Surachoo told yall mere milanistis. Haha. Yes come and abuse me more but that wont change the fact that Suracho predicted it right last year because I know about the inside running of the company. Goodluck yall watching Milan made in china, I will enjoy and watch my father fulfill the all italian milan dream haha.


When the news that this take over has collapsed is official all that remains is that Donnarumma and all our other young stars leaves that day will be the day my love for Milan and the sport overall is gone then im done forever


It’s reported that two of investors changed their minds last moment now they need to find new.

My concern is, what if Chinese consortium buy this club and someday one of investors just pulls out.

What then?

I rather see a Chinese company such as Suning takes over and not bunch of different investors with different plans, especially banks in this case