Milan brought in 3 new faces while they said good-bye to 4 players; loan deals all over the place.

Marco Storari (40, goalkeeper, Cagliari, six-month loan deal, swap)Gabriel Vasconcelos (24, goalkeeper, Cagliari, six-month loan deal, swap)
Gerard Deulofeu (22, forward, €0.75m, Everton, six-month loan deal)Luiz Adriano (29, forward, Spartak Moscow, undisclosed - believed to be a free.
Lucas Ocampos (22, forward, Genoa, €0.5m. six-month loan dealM'Baye Niang (22, forward, Watford, €0.75m six-month loan deal with option to buy rumoured to be €18m
Rodrigo Ely (23, defender, Alaves, six-month loan deal)

* Fee numbers are based on today’s La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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Great mercato. Don’t even bother to compare our mecato with Inter’s. We needed midfielder and we got none. Sad thing is, they didn’t even tried to sign anyone that can help us in midfield. Now we have to pray that Sosa,Bertolacci or even maybe Keisuke Honda add something to our poor midfield.


So true…Roma signed granier guy sorry for the spelling but yea..They got him for loan..I believe we were quoting him over the years and end up with mati.sosa 7million wow…Pallasic…Mr b n g jus..F…off


I used to like Grenier but he has declined in the recent years. Valbuena, fekir, ghezzal, ferri, tolisso are all ahead of him in Lyon. + He likes to stay further up the pitch, i dont see how he would fit in as a central midfielder


I believe he is still better than our current crop of midfield


But he cant play cm


Comment:how many competitions are we in this season?


Just one, competition with their own inner demons


Bit of a joke of a transfer window….the new Chinese owners left us in limbo that made us a laughing stock to other clubs. I hope they have a good project up their sleeve from the summer onwards; a new stadium plan, money to be competitive in the transfer market and most importantly nailing down our young superstars (and shut Raiola’s mouth). If the takeover fails I just hope Finnivest inject the deposit money into the club, wishful thinking perhaps. Anyway, lets back what we’ve got available and hope Montella can keep morale high, manage, rotate and adapt as we… Read more »


I don’t know what else people expected from this window. We have no money, so all we could hope for were loans. We’ve gotten rid of Adriano’s wages and his spot in the team has been taken up by Cutrone. Rodrigo and Gabriel will hopefully get some much needed game time. No one has shown Rodrigo any faith since the Napoli match, so hopefully this second have of the season he will get to start for Alaves. Yes we have Donna and Plizzari, and he wouldn’t have gotten any playing time, I would still like to see Gabriel do well.… Read more »


Hopefully we avoid serious injuries to key players for the next 6 months, and finish somewhere respectable on the table. It’s all Montella from here on, the success or failure will be on him.


Comment:which position does matias play?


Comment: is montella saying anything about trying new strategies? am not sure this defense should be left as it is cos we have just two players for each position after the injuries and loaning.


Comment: should not*


Bye bye Europe again. When the China deal was postponed, our chances were fast
on their way out and now with Bona’s injury, all hope is lost. We probably wouldn’t have made it anyway, yet now it is completely over.


Comment:so you think the game revolves around bona? it is the team that makes a player shine, messi n ronaldo r great players but most of the awards is a product of teams effort. pretty sure if we encounter a 5game winning streak, a lot of fans will thank God bona had an injury just like monti. The team is more than a player. i pray for his quick revovery and pray we will return to winning ways as from this weekend. lastly, as far as a player is still putting on Milan jersey, we shld appreciate him and encourage… Read more »


I question Donnarumma’s loyalty and love for this club. If Donnarumma really loves this club, why is he sticking with that fat swine and allowing him to mix shite in media, forcing abnormal wage for a 17 year old who did not prove anything yet, he is still a raw talent. Big talent but raw. We will evaluate him in 20 years time.


Would you destroy your own career for the love of your job? I said it before i say it again. The biggest argument for donnarumma leaving would be . “hey donna, if you want improve yourself, especially in your vital age, you must leave this confusing club, they dont know who is he owner right now, leave this club no matter how much u love milan for your own sake. Just look at the legends, how they get threated.. look at maldini, he gave his WHOLE life. look at him now.. he cant even get a decent place in milan..… Read more »


Baresi stayed with milan through thick and thin. And he never complained and blamed anyone like nagging wives either, he just went along with strong mentality. Thats why he’s biggest milan legend.


Please tell me in your mind Sheva the Milan team that would make you happy today please do? Because I only see you complain, I only see you post when we loose and when we win you are no where to be seen? I called you out on the thread when Milan beat Juve in the Coppa but no where on that blog? Why? Because you are just here to troll – not a real Milan fan at all. As Milan10 said Baresi was a true Milan legend and he wouldn’t even look twice at a fan like you –… Read more »


I am just wondering what Buffon would be if he had followed this logic. Richer? For sure yes. Won more trophies? Most probably yes. Better player? No. Legend? Definitely no.


Suracho gives a 20/10 ratings to the greatest DIRECTOR OF SPORTS and a true milanista Mr.Adriano Galliani . Europe here we come!


No matter how sad and pathetic this windows was, it was one of our BEST trasfer windows in a long time. Why? First of all, Niang is gone. What a useless striker, seriously. Okay we dont have many strikers to choose from, but niang has not shown anything at all. Nothing, just a long smal player who is young. No potetial, no improvments, too selfish on the ball, lose the ball more than the entire squad combined. Secondly, we didnt sign that giacherini. Oh thank god for that. We have under so long signed so many players of his “calibre”… Read more »


But..but..jill, what about jaaack?

Mathijs Savicevic

My thoughts eather.


The thing is, donna got too much hype that got into him, and on the other hand, Riola is beeing a good puppettier for donna. He’s got talent no doubt but he seems to have lost a bit of that commitment and concentration!


Mediocre window. Will struggle to finish in a desirable position.


Comment:every keeper has his ups n downs. casillas had,valdes had, bravo whc i had the feeling he wasn’t good initially is having. encourage ppl for no more buying n selling for the season. they need us, and we need them. forza Milan


What are ye guys talking about? Donnaruma broke into the starting 11 at age 16, did you think that wouldn’t go unnoticed around the world? A 16 year old goalkeeper playing in a tough league and showing incredible ability way above his years and ye think he’s just lapping it up without any substance? He’s without doubt the best young goalkeeper in the world and arguably in the top 5\6 regardless of age, he deserves every single bit of praise that comes his way and to question his loyalty and love for the club is total bullshit, hasn’t he proved… Read more »


Agreed with everything u said except donna being top 5 gk. He has potential to be future best gk and i really hope he will be but right now he’s not top 10, probably not even top 20 yet


You’ve said everything about donna mate…


Comment:some ppl don’t even care about the player, just results. how many days, they have started condemning dona,bacca,lapa n montella, it help like this. honda once said Something like this which is very bad, look at other leagues that stay with their teams through thick and thin. since we dont very big players, these ones to can do Something how? us, u and I helping,encouraging, not putting blame on anyone, though it hurts when we lose, but juve have lost 4 games this season in d league n we are part of that 4. if we can beat juve twice,… Read more »

Mathijs Savicevic

Now now guys, keep a bit ahead of yourselves. The players who left, are not better than the players who came in. Deulofeu is better than Niang. Ocampos is better than Luiz Adriano. Storari will educate donnarumma better than Gabriel. Offcourse I would rather have seen bernardeschi or badelj coming. Especially now Bonaventura is out for the rest of the season. But I think in the summer things will happen that way. And again. Here on this blog. There are a lot of people who just want to signings and think new signings will solve everything. And these same people… Read more »


Dont u see the problem mate? Deulofeu AND ocampos arent even milan players so it doesnt even matter whether they play well or not until the end of the season because they’ll be gone come next season.
And while i understand why milan loan ely and niang out, what if their current respective teams wont play them and worse yet, all CBs and CFs of milan ,god forbid, get injured like bonadinho? Milan squad is already paper thin as it is and i wonder if loaning players out is good decision

Mathijs Savicevic

Offcourse it matters if they play well this season. If the results will be better with them than the first half of the season then it matters. Milan will have the choice in the summer to keep them or to let them at their club. So yes it does matter. What if what if….. Niang is already playing for Watford. Uf they buy him, milan has transfer funds. Ely is just to have some experience. But I am still unsure if the deal goes through with the chinese. I wouldnt be surprised if Berlusconi stays. Hopefully he invests then in… Read more »


Dry loan, remember? Milan wont have any say regarding those players.
If those players really play well and then leave that means montella will have to start from scratch building the squad for next season

Mathijs Savicevic

Doesnt matter. At least the squad is now improved regarding the first half squad.


How do you its surely improved just because they add 2 rejects from small clubs? I dont see any improvement as of yet.
And what if niang pulls a henry/anelka in epl and watford trigger the release clause?

Mathijs Savicevic

But all in all, without Bonaventura and the results lately, I am afraid milan will have a tough second half ahead…..


Without bonadinho milan will be a turkey in thanksgiving, just like ajax without cruyff

Mathijs Savicevic

Like fortuna Sittard without mark van bommel.


Bona dis Bona dat……..i guess Milan shud be on top of the table by now during the periods Bona played…….dudes any player that cant win matches for me is jst as average as others……..just watch how milan will start picking up points starting sunday when we defeat sampdoria then u guys will realise Bona is just AVERAGE and has pulled d team behind more than he has taking them forward……the only injuries that will affect milan the most is injuries to the trio of SUSO……PALETTA & KUCKA……..and for Donnaruma… one is booing him cos av not seen any match where… Read more »


I think that milan’s Mercato wasn’t that bad now all we hopefully want is Monttela get the team all together once again the team spirit must be found until summer and then will see what the Chinese will manage Forza grande milan milanista forever


Comment: is Zapata that bad? or fans just don’t like him?


Zapata is not bad, I used to love him a lot b4 he came to Milan. D only diff is dat Milan is bigger Dan his previous club. All in all, I believe we shld give Honda a trial in d midfield, d guy’s work rate is very high Dan pasalic he covers more ground he cld be d gattuso. As for kucka, I don’t understand y everyone wants him in d team, he can’t pass shit!/and his shots are mostly misfired…. 433 is for ball handlers n passers,


So we lost Niang (who was brilliant for Watford yesterday) and got two loan players in. No cover for the midfield and no quality brought in anywhere?
Another disappointing window with nothing to show. Unfortunalty we’ve slipped into a place where players of real quality won’t want to join us.
We need the new owners to become promenant and start spending some big money.
Everyone around us strengthened and we did nothing. Frustrating times ahead my friends.