Bacca and Jack favorite over Lapadula and Niang to start, but could flight delays mean no Supercoppa Italiana?

Carlos Bacca and Suso during training at Milanello (
Carlos Bacca and Suso during training at Milanello (

Carlos Bacca is expected to return to the starting XI against Juventus while Niang is likely heading towards another bench.

Milan are scheduled to play the Supercoppa Italiana on Friday at 17:30 CET and Vincenzo Montella is considering his options as the Rossoneri are looking to win a trophy for the first time since lifting the Supercoppa in August 2011 in China.

Milan were supposed to leave for Doha today but their plane got stuck in London due to technical problems, so they won’t fly out until tomorrow. According to ANSA, if Wednesday’s flight will suffer a considerable delay then Milan will not go to Qatar at all and not play the final.

This has already been communicated to the Lega by Milan. “We’ve suffered a serious sporting damage,” CEO and VP Adriano Galliani told ANSA after the cancelation of the flight. “Juventus are already calmly in the warm, tomorrow they’ll train in temperatures which are 20 degrees higher than at Milanello. We’ll arrive at night and we’ll only be able to work the night before.”

According to Sky Italia’s Peppe Di Stefano – if the game does happen – then Montella will start Bacca against Juve. The Colombian returned from injury last week but hasn’t started since the Derby a month ago. He’s favored over Lapadula, who scored three times in Bacca’s absence.

Di Stefano adds that Giacomo Bonaventura is favorite over M’Baye Niang to start on the left wing of the attack alongside Bacca and Suso. If Jack will be in attack, one of Andrea Bertolacci and Pasalic will join Juraj Kucka and Manuel Locatelli in midfield. It seems that Montella is ready to reconfirm his trust in Bertolacci, who played the last 2 matches well after returning from a long injury.

The Diavolo are scheduled to leave for Doha tomorrow at 15:00 CET. Juventus were already strong favorites for the match and this delay in the flight is another disadvantage for Milan.

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Oh Milan!

olalekan mojeed

plz can any one tell me more about Hachim Mastour


We need to play 2 strikes because we have no right winger.Montella should stop being adamant and change his tactics.Revert to 4 – 3 – 1 – 2.WE ALL NO THAT BONNA IS BETTER IN THE MIDFIELD THAN PLAYING WINS. BACCA WILL PROVE HIS WORTH!


Bacca plays better with two strikers in front. Only few strikers in the world can play as single striker. But who will be the treaquartista ? Suso is promising but if we compare to Kaka, Suso is a slow player.


I get what you’re saying but comparing Suso with KAKA is really unfair. KAKA in his prime was one of the fastest players ever. It was impossible to catch him when he was running at full speed. The guy could cross half the pitch in the blink of an eye.


Not only that, he was one of few players who was as fast with the ball at his feet as he was without it, which is something really unique. I dont think Messi or Ronaldo have that same quality – Messi btw cant and couldnt catch him based on pace, only Ronaldo might compare.
A true natural talent!


From 0-100, messi speed is 80 but running with the ball at 80, ronaldo is 90 but 70 with balls at his feet, kaka is 85 and 80 with balls. Yeah i kinda agree with you about kaka


Yeah both Bacca and Niang, who is natural SS in my opinion, play better in formation of two in front, either 442 or 4312.

I would choose 442 as we saw last season with Mihajlovic we can make something of it


IMO 4-4-2 (flat) lines up nicely against a 4-3-3 (which a significant amount of teams play with)…not sure if we are built for it in the middle of the park which is where we can have some problems…but a 2 striker system would fit our current roster better. Niang, Bacca, Lap, Adriano all seem like they would work better with an attack partner. I think mainly because they all lack size(with the exception of Niang), strength and proper service.


I am certain Milan will lose


I am afraid so


the chance now below 50 as far as things are goes. and it so unlucky to had a problem with the plane. this things can happen but it better late than they never made it.


Our sponsor is Emirates and we have a problem with flight???


U guys never wish AC Milan goodluck,who told u guys we are going to lose the match can’t you guys for once wish Milan to win may be you guys are Inter or Juventus fan.


Sorry but i just cant see Milan winning this match not in a final Juve will be extra motivated


@pato, Wishful thinking does no one any good brother

P.s please if the match is going to take place, does anyone know if rai italia will show it?


Its their own fault and now they threaten to pull out of the match just because of their bad planning and now Uncle Fester has already started with excuses of why Milan will lose the game

milan 100

its not there fault guy, read the report from qatar football association, they are the one responsible for transporting both teams and galliani have every right to protest

Ricardo Leite

Exactly Mr C, and this is why I hate such a statement for a team made of youngsters n some few mediocres; they will go into the match with that mindset. Any small setback in the game and they’ll just relax on the excuse that team flew in late for the game
I really wish things didn’t turn out this way or even better still our boys prove me wrong n go all out for the win against all the odds


Rosso per vedere la partita forze RAi2


Per nostro che no vive a italia?


I am curious who will Montella trust to play as regista if Berto join the starting eleven ? I hope to see Loca plays as LCM, Berto as regista.


its not Milan’s fault, its the organisers. the plane booked for Milan is having technical issue so the had to postpone the trip


Please can anyone add me to the A c milan watsapp group +2347032343111


Oh really? Wow Montella, you must have a bachelor degree in coach engineering. Bacca and jack over niang and lapadula?

Wooow montella, you need to get a nobel price for that.

Whats next coach? Fererari over skoda? Hawaii over bangladesh??

Pleast montella, be my mentor, you have such good decision making abilities!


A bachelor degree in coach engineering, where do you come up with this shite


I also love d 4312 where suso can play behind d 2 strikers bacca n lapa. Niang n Luiz can serve as reserves, suso n bona can play as treq


Everybody over Sheva


FFS why are you complaining about Montella WTF do you want from the man?? Tell me if not Montella who would you hire as manager you genius lets hear it??


Ancelotti, Even ancelotti couldnt speak against milans SAD situation. If you believed carlo that he needed a “rest” before coaching, you are the same FOOL who believed berlusconi when he said he sold t.silva and ibra for FFP rules. Ancelotti and leonardo back to milan would be the GREATEST signing ever. Galliani messed things up so badly, even ancelotti didnt want to come to milan, leonardo or legend maldini should be technical director. There is a REASON why legend ancelotti and maldini didnt come to milan, there is a reason.. a reason you sheep dont and wont understand, not even… Read more »


Who said i believed him when Ancelotti said he needed a rest i know why he said no i am not dumb… But you are just have to like the situation because thats where Milan is right now because of Berlusconi Uncle Fester and co but you cant expect much better from this squad Montella has done what he can and atleist he is making some progress dont you agree?


Abate Paletta Romagonli Antonelli
Kucka Locatelli Bertolacci
Bonaventura Bacca Suso

Start with out best 11