Reports: The list of nine investors in the Chinese consortium buying Milan is revealed, worth a total of over €1tr

Casa Milan (

The names of the Chinese in the consortium have been leaked to the press but it remains to be seen if that will be the final list as ‘SES’ claim and official one ‘will be provided by March 3rd 2017’.

The news agency ANSA broke the news on Friday and the findings were later confirmed by other media outlets, and it seems that the names of the Chinese, who will soon complete the acquisition of Silvio Berlusconi’s entire stake at Milan, are finally known to the public.

There are still some problems related to bureaucracy in transferring the money outside of China but La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that there is great optimism in the Sino-Europe Sports group regarding the positive conclusion of the operation and it’s only a matter of time.

il Corriere della Sera writes this morning that while 9 names have been revealed, it is not the final list and not everyone of the nine will be in the final group; they expect 2 of them to drop out. Sino-Europe Sports, as reported today by, is maintaining that “the list of investors will be provided with an official announcement by March 3rd, once their shares are established.”

Silvio Berlusconi with Han Li (left) and Yonghong Li (right)
Silvio Berlusconi with Han Li (left) and Yonghong Li (right)

There is little doubt, however, about the great financial strength of the consortium, who according to La Gazzetta, La Stampa, ANSA and others, have combined assets of over €1 trillion. One of the companies that is reportedly involved is Huangshi Zhongbang Sports Development, and it’s particularly interesting since it’s a company that belongs to the city of Huangshiand specializes in the construction of stadiums. This may indicate about the intention to build a new Milan stadium.

The other names are: Jilin Yongda Group, which operates in the field of industrial electronics, energy, chemistry, metallurgy and transport; one of its major shareholders is the the municipality of Guangzhou, through a private equity fund. China Industrial Bank Asset Management are also present and they are a part of China’s most-equitable bank, worth around €780bn, with revenues of almost €42 billion in 2015. There’s also China Huarong Asset Management, which has a capital of €14nb.

Bank of Guangzhou and China Zheshang Bank (revenues of over €3bn recorded in 2015 and assets worth €160 billion), Jinge Investment Management, Rentai Investment Changxing are also said to be part of the consortium, according to multiple sources on Saturday morning.

Those seven names join the already known Haixia Capital Management and ‘SES’ chairman Yonghong Li. Now we’re back to waiting for the ‘closing’ which will take a few more months.

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I dont care how rich they are, all I want is for them to pour money into Milan.


Ssshhhooowww mmmmeeee ttttthhhhhheeeee mmmmooonnnneeeeyyyyy..Lmao


I heard the first two signings are going to be Ronaldo AND Messi


for 1tr we can buy Badelj,Belotti and their respective countries


I think we might just be the next force in world football yet …


Just imagine if this is true and they actually spend…
I personally prefer them to establish a healthy organization and make us an elite club in every manner, a big, winning, profitable, and prestigious club!


Its great to have such financial muscle to compete with other “oil rich” clubs, but and its a big but, we will never again see the likes of Locitelli and Donarumma come through our youth ranks


If they invest in our academy, why not??


one needs to remember that one gets rich by NOT spending money …. because the proposed owners are rich does not mean that they will spend extravagantly… in fact the opposite it likely true…. the oil money is about pride and love of football, and I don’t think that the Chinese investors will be the same… sorry


Oh well. All investors are the same. Look at arabs in psg n man C. They haven’t been spending much this C have this target of balancing revenue against expenditure in 5 years and they have achieved it. So it is normal for investors to balance the book


1 trilion net worth, and took 6 months to come up with 200 mil? oh, ok. I think it’s bs.


They have the money. The issue is getting past chinese overseas spending regulations.


Black ink on white papers, please.. other than that it’s basically just bull craps..


I don’t really care how much dey worth bit wat am conscience of is who are dey or berlusconi buying .bcos even of we go to Europe is just a show case for us we need player’s to compete with juve of it stays like dis juve will still win it next season


there is a lot of bank involved in this. more than i expected. no wonder they are being cautious about sending money to europe.


More money more problem’s


Let’s just spend

Ricardo Leite

Let’s break the banks! Youth project my a**. All we wanted back is our big club milan. This comes in one of two ways; growin them slowly when there’s no money OR spending big, cautiously and on the right kind of players needed for your team n coach. Men i really think Montella is blessed, Fassone is blessed, Donnarumma is blessed, Locatelli will bcom rich, all Milan fans across the world who have remained faithful have now been blessed including me. I can now dream of seeing my real Milan again; A blend of quality youth players who would thrive… Read more »