Bacca spotted in the stands of Sevilla on Saturday night, Montella: “Carlos was authorized by me & by the club”

Carlos Bacca during Milan-Torino on the 21st of August 2016 at Stadio San Siro (
Bacca during Milan-Torino on the 21st of August 2016 at Stadio San Siro (

Carlos Bacca was in Spain last night while his teammates were playing Empoli, but Montella says that he knew about it.

For the first time since joining Milan, Bacca was left out of the squad due to an injury and he didn’t travel with the squad for the match against Empoli (4-1 win).

The Colombian striker, therefore, used his day to travel to Sevilla to watch a game of his former side against Valencia from the stands of the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium. A picture of Bacca was posted on social media during the Milan match, getting some fans upset with the 29-year-old, who was watching Sevilla instead of his Rossoneri teammates on TV.

“Bacca was in Seville on Saturday night? I knew it,” coach Vincenzo Montella said at the end of the game. “He asked for permission and he was authorized by me and by the club. On free days, the player can go where he wants and I hope he enjoyed it… we had a blast. There is no problem.”

The future of Bacca remains a question mark as many feel that he would seek a move out of the club but all the speculations will be either confirmed or denied in the upcoming January transfer window.

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You are still useful to the team when we play counter attack.


Well, what do you have to say now about the despicable thing Bacca did by watching Sevilla, RKaY, Nino, ck, Jibola, fiz, ColmC, Suso817, Rosso? I’ll just paste something I posted in the other article – “”Exactly. Bacca won Europa with Sevilla, obviously his favourite team is Sevilla. What do you expect him to answer if someone asks him which team he has the most fond memories with? So what the f is the problem if he is watching the match of his favourite team? Do you honestly thing that every single one of our squad’s favourite ever team is… Read more »


To you ink I will say it again. With such attitude and when being benched, i cannot imagine what kind of problems he will give. Just subbing him out at the 80th min when we were defending our lead and he was already giving Montella wtf body language. If he is benched permanently, he maybe even more disruptive than Balotelli. If a player doesn’t give 100% after being demoralized or frustrated after being relegated to bench, he is not worth keeping. I remember some players refusing to come off the bench with 10 mins left to play. U expect such… Read more »


We cannot afford to demand selling people by ”imagining” what type of attitude our key players might show or might not show. If Bacca is not happy with being benched, he will ask for a transfer himself, we do not need to make a fuss about it. And Bacca more disruptive than Balotelli? Seriously? If there is one player with professional attitude in our squad, Bacca it is. And Honda. And Suso. And Bona. And Poli. Okay, list goes on. Of course he is frustrated when he does not score, of course he is not happy when he is subbed,… Read more »


And we immediately need a midfielder who can be physical in the midfield to back up for Kucka, and a winger for back up for Suso/Niang. Why the hell would we want to sell one of our proven strikers in January without strengthening the areas we need to strengthen? You might say we need the money from Bacca’s transfer for buying mid and wing, so who covers the striker role with Lapa? Adriano? Replace Bacca with…… Adriano :’)
Or maybe our lethal finisher Niang?


Agreed mate. Some of the best men in their particular fields like steve jobs, thom yorke, john lennon, maradona, michael jordan are/were complete a**hats but why should we care about their personal lives. What matters to us is what they do and achieve in their professional lives


A player who can’t even take it when being subbed in the closing stages of the game can stomach the fact that he will start from the bench if Montella prefers to start Lapadula. Montella had given him a chance to explain his behavior but he did not do so for the entire week. He doesn’t even have the decency to have a man to man clarification clear the air talk. Disrespecting your manager and if no disciplinary action is taken, it will cause other players to disrespect Montella as well and this will causing dressing room unrest. Getting rid… Read more »


And how exactly did you learn that he did not explain his action to Montella in the week you mention?
He cleared it with coach and club, so why should he not go to Sevilla game? He should just sulk around in hotel room?
Bacca is a cancer for the squad? Wow.
Okay. you have your opinion.
Good day.


Before the start of the subsequent match, montella was asked if Bacca had spoken to him. Montella replied that he was still waiting for bacca to speak out.

Nobody will believe Milan granted him permission to watch Sevilla’s match. What he has done has already surpassed Menez and equal Balotelli.

Not cancerous??????


Ck you trying to push your opinion by clearly overlooking the fact that without bacca and his 6 goals we wudn’t be this high on the table, and you lot prolly wud be bitchin about 10 other different things the team done wrong, IS a cancer that must be eradicated.


Even scoring 30 goals doesn’t give you the right to disrespect your manager club and fellow teammates


Cantona and romario say hi.
Also if u think luiz adriano is more useful player than bacca then u must be some sick masochist who enjoys inter and juve lifting trophies


Any players who disrupt team unity have to go. No player is more important than teamwork. If you don’t understand this simple logic after years on this planet i have nothing to say. Mourinho’s sacking at Madrid and Chelsea were 2 examples even though they had a strong squad


Menez refused to play when called upon. Balo, well, does balo all the time, though not recently. So how can you compare those clowns to bacca. Did he ever refuse to coming on from the bench? Did he ever explicitly say he wanted to leave? Big no


During this delicate time, after that substitution and you choose to do something that you know will further strain relationship. What is he trying to prove?

When Balo was with Man C, he traveled to watch our game.


Aah ck and his tendency to ignore facts/points others make. Earlier this season cr7 got mad when zidane substituted him in a match between madrid – some lowly la liga team. Literally countless other examples like messi in xavi’s last season at barca comes to mind. Its normal for competitive players to show their objections being substituted. cantona even bullied his own coach. So what? How is bacca showing attitude yet still playing and contributing anyway worse than menez refusing to play? Balo had already wanted to come to milan ever since his inter days. He’s mad clown whose anecdotes… Read more »


The fact we signed Bacca doesn’t make him our slave, a striker who is hungry for goals will give attitude for sure when subbed during a game he wasn’t able to score in. Bacca is free to travel to watch his old team mates play after all they were once his family. It’s not like he went to watch inter or Roma.. leave him be


Screw everybody who want player out because of these kind of things.

I remember fans was upset becaouse pato went out with ronaldinho. SO WHAT??? they are human!!!

Screw everybody who say menez had a bad attitude, screw those who said balo was mad. Screw you all…

you want a team with BUNCH of boneras, bunch of POLI’s BUNCH of bertolacci..

nice, gentelemans but WITHOUT ANY FOOTBALL SKILLS WHATSOEVER. Screw those fans.. why are you even watching football??

Go and watch disciplinary schools for girls


Here we are talking about discipline and what are you talking about bonera and bertolacci. Pato befriending Ronaldinho is fine as long he doesn’t stay out late and not be ready for training. Ronaldinho is the best example. Abundance of talent but wasted it as he was quite a washed up player at 28 years old. A discipline Maldini who goes to bed at 9 or 10pm everyday can play till 38 years old. Here i am talking about respecting your manager. Bacca’s actions, and with so many young players around is cancerous. If Montella loses control of the dressing… Read more »


Of course every Milan player has a favourite team outside of Milan and going to watch a football match of your beloved team isn’t a big deal but we have to get some things clearly. 1. Bacca had previous unprofessional issues with Milan (Relating to his substitution) last seasons and this season. A coach is not answerable to any player when substituted but Bacca misbehaved and the media picked and blew it even though its still not as big as blown up by the media because it happens. 2. Bacca lately hasn’t been scoring and the media noise about his… Read more »


To understand what’s happening, we need to go back to preseason. No one was sure if Bacca was going to stay. It seemed like he wanted to leave, but somehow ended up staying. The truth is, had Emery made a bid for Bacca to come to PSG, he would have jumped ship. But the only club that made an offer was West Ham. Even though they were offering him a better salary, Bacca stayed because well Milan has a better pedigree. That’s the truth. Montella said Bacca asked for permission which was granted. Fine, but in truth Bacca has shown… Read more »


I sometimes wonder, do these guys who want bacca out actually watch football? Because if they did they would know tales of bad boys like cantona, romario, effenberg and so on. Hell, even van basten (who was courted by barca coach cruyff like theyre lovers) messed with legendary coach sacchi, or even with knvb. Did berlu sell him because of it? No, he actually sacked sacchi. Did alex ferguson sell cantona after all he did? No, he actually made him captain. Did cruyff sell romario after romario asked him to let him go to brazil to attend local carnival DURING… Read more »